Hello World my name is Jabril Akeeem and I am a visual artist and photographer from NJ. My art is at its best at my lowest moments and my photos represent the world through my eyes. I speak my emotions through my images and captions. Street photography and Portraits are my favorites. I have big dreams and I always encourage people to never stop dreaming. I shoot with a nikon D7000 and an iPhone 6. This is behind my lens on the Brooklyn Bridge for my 1st time!

God is a girl and she tastes like milk so I suck up heaven through a straw. My whole world is vanilla and pie and brown eyes with french braids in my hair.  Wearing my harley davidson t shirt and holding my pink bb gun I’m queen of it all. I’m a blues and honey girl so of course I think about running away like dancing in an airport or singing in a shiny hotel room shower.

The World Through My Eyes || Mark & Audrey

      ♛ A night out with Mark? What in all hell was Audrey thinking? The man who so easily caught her attention, but continuously enjoyed toying with her every thought and action? Now that was a definite disaster waiting to happen. But did Audrey care? Not a chance. She enjoyed playing with fire. She loved the idea of going out and proving to the world something that she is underestimated in - and with Mark she was underestimated about everything. But this was her chance to prove herself. It wasn’t that she wanted him to think highly of her, but because she wanted to show that she was more than just the pretty face and bitchy girl that people painted her to be. Granted, she was dying to fix the unwanted tension between the two, especially since she hadn’t a clue where it came from. From the beginning the two had butt heads, and after everything that had happened in the past with Jay, she couldn’t stand having the feeling that there was a giant elephant in the room every time she spoke to the raven man. It was unwanted, and ruined the way she felt about him, which was something she didn’t want, because there was no denying the fact that there was indeed a little bit of a crush forming over the guy. Not that the feeling would ever be mutual, for she believed there was no way he would fall for her, not matter how hard she tried.

           And she did. Try that is. She surprisingly tried really hard to gain his approval and a positive opinion of her from him. Perhaps because Jay had tore her down so much that she felt the need to be accepted by all guys, and when they weren’t she needed to fix it. It was a silly feeling, and way of living, but it was hard shaking the idea from the brunette’s mind. Thus, she did her best a being everything that Mark would like - which was why she had invited him out. She was a bit hesitant about it, especially since she wanted it to be perfect. Impressing him was going to be hard, that was for sure, so she had to make it worth his while. She had to come up with something that he would enjoy doing. The only problem was, she had no idea what it was that he actually enjoyed. He was broody and closed off, so there was little way to find out. Thus, he was stuck seeing the world through her eyes. Audrey was going to take him to a place she enjoyed. A place she rarely showed anyone, but it was the one place she would be herself. And that’s what tonight was about - showing Mark just how likable the brunette could be. 

           After the girl readied herself for the night to come, she headed slowly down the stairs and waited for him. She was surprisingly early to getting done, but that didn’t mean she wasn’t going to make him wait. He was coming to her place - meaning the moment he knocked on the big white, french doors, he was going to stand outside until she felt it was an appropriate time to actually see him. It was probably a childish thing to do, but he played dirty, and if that was how it was going to be at the beginning of their friendship, then she was going to play dirty as well. After waiting for a few minutes, Audrey finally heard that knock she was waiting for. And like she planned on doing, she stayed seated in her chair, and waited. It wasn’t until after a few minutes passed that she found herself getting up, and making her way to the foyer. As she opened the door, a devilish smirk tip toed across her face, and shot straight in the direction of the raven-haired man. “Well look what we have here.” She said as she stepped outside into the brisk air. “Aren’t you looking dashing tonight? I suspect you’re ready for a night of fun, correct?" 

070615. Visiting one of the most wonderful women in my entire life; Kak Nur!

She took care of us for seven years when I was still a tiny annoying kid and today’s reunion after 5 years was surely an emotional one 😭 Allah knows how much we missed each other. I am greatly indebted to her for being part of my childhood and taught me to be good by pretty much being the coolest maid in the world; cooks our fav meals, kicks the football back into the court (like a pro), treats us like her own kids and oh man don’t make me start over her endurance and strength. When she cried meeting us, it totally breaks my heart because this woman is the one who patiently took us under her care despite our childish antics, immature tantrums and other things foolish children would do. And she missed us, remembering each of us and that is the one of the most touching moments in my life.

Thank you Kak Nur for the influence you have in our lives. May Allah bless you and your family till Jannah. Always know that we love you ❤

Hey look I’m taller haha. #ukhwahfillah (at World’s best housemaid)