How do you want the world to see you?

Photo taken by me on my FUJIFILM XF1

Frankfurt - seen from its highest tower! 

Date: July 2011

Place: Frankfurt, Germany

Story: Like Berlin and Munich, Frankfurt was also destroyed completely in World War II; but unlike the other two big cities, Frankfurt choose to create its new identity by building sky scrapers and new buildings. It is the financial capital of Germany and a city which creates most wealth. I had a a great time in this city and I’ll always remember this place!

The picture captures a part of city which was either rebuilt the way it was or did not get destroyed (like the cathedral) after the World War II. The river seen in the picture is called Main.

Companions: Leon

Sand dunes are one nature’s ways of displaying the passage of time. Each layer portraits a point in the past, its climate and conditions over usually unknown and immeasurable periods.
Moroccans say the dunes piled up outside the Merzouga desert, a small village where some of the most mesmerizing dunes have formed, to teach them a lesson so that they would never refuse to help tired travelers. Preceding legend says the most noted Merzougan sand dunes, Erg Chebbi, where more remote villages arose, were a punishment cast by God for turning away a tired traveler from Morocco’s Sahara desert.

These radiant seas of sand were really formed by wind, creating permanent structures made of soft, shifting sand. Here, the deserts are rarely empty- the horizons scattered with tents and trotting human and camel figures. Deserts are extremely susceptible to damage via trash, so embrace but leave no trace, travelers. CK


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