Meet Fionn Whitehead, the Lead of Christopher Nolan’s Highly Anticipated Battle Epic ‘Dunkirk’

Bale. DiCaprio. McConaughey. And now, Fionn Whitehead.

The 19-year-old Brit (whose Irish first name is pronounced “Finn”) joins elite ranks as the lead actor in a Christopher Nolan joint, headlining the acclaimed filmmaker’s upcoming ensemble war, Dunkirk.

At this point Whitehead doesn’t have clearance to say anything about his character, Tommy. But if you happened to catch the intense seven-minute tease Warner Bros. unspooled on Imax screens in front of Rogue One, you’ll recognize him as one of the two poor chaps charged with hauling a stretcher over a decimated dock as enemy warplanes whiz by overhead. (While plot details on the film are also scant, we have WWII history to tell us the film is about the 1940 rescue of Allied soldiers cornered by the German army on a French beach.)

“It’s a suspense thriller,” Whitehead told Yahoo Movies. “It takes you there and you see this world through my character’s eyes and ears. And it kind of explores what it would’ve been like to be there at that time, on sea, land, and air. It’s all about survival, and the human urge to survive.” Whitehead was in Los Angeles this week where we got to know the fresh-faced star of Nolan’s fiercely intense-looking battle film. Here’s what we learned:

Dunkirk will mark Whitehead’s movie debut. The actor, who grew up in an artistic household (his dad is jazz musician Tim Whitehead) on the southwest edge of London in Richmond, performed on stage at the National Youth Theatre and Orange Tree Theatre, and was in the process of applying to drama school when he booked the lead role in Him, a three-part U.K. miniseries about a teen with supernatural powers. The casting director for Him referred Whitehead to agent Sophie Holden, who put him in contention for Dunkirk.

His hair almost got in the way of his dream role. Whitehead auditioned for Dunkirk over an extensive three-month period, with Nolan present at every tryout after the first. “For Him, they made me grow my hair out, and then they’d straighten it out every day because I’ve got quite curly hair when it grows out,” Whitehead explained. “And I remember turning up to do one of these auditions and I had this straight long hair, it just looked so ridiculous. And they’re like, ‘Um, Chris has asked if you could push your hair out of your face this audition.’ So they gave me a tub of wax and I’m slicking my hair out of my face in this ridiculous fashion.”

He was put through the ringer before production even started. “I was quite scrawny when I started out, so they saw that and realized that they might injure me in the whole process of shooting,” Whitehead laughed. So the upstart was dispatched to Dunkirk (where the majority of filming would be completed on location) two weeks early to work with the stunt team. Along with costars Harry Styles and Aneurin Barnard, Whitehead was put through a boot camp of sorts. “I did a lot of circuit training, did a little bit of boxing, did some weapons training. Then I went to the beaches and I was swimming in full war gear, which once it got waterlogged was about 60, 80 pounds. Running up the beach with stretchers with weighted dummies on them. It was quite a lot.”

Speaking of Mr. Styles… The One Direction singer also makes his film debut in Dunkirk, and Whitehead had nothing but props for the pop star-turned-actor. “He’s a lovely guy. Really hard working. There was no preferential treatment, and he didn’t ask for any. He was just a great asset to the team, one of the crew, no differentiation.”

The grueling shoot put things in perspective for the young actors. “Physically it was quite demanding,” Whitehead said of the five-month production. “So the toughest part was just keeping the energy up. Every night, as soon as my head hit the pillow, I was out… But that made it easier to step into the shoes of these people, knowing what they had to deal with and how they kept going.” Despite somber subject material, the cast tried to keep things light by riding bikes around set and playing the occasional game of rugby. They also learned quickly, though, not to pull any woe-is-me moves. “Any time any of us complained, somebody would say, ‘Well, at least you’re not actually there.’ And then everyone would feel so guilty and be like, ‘Oh yeah, sorry. I’m just going to crawl into a hole.'”

Whitehead abstained from fanning out over Nolan. Make no mistake, the actor was over the moon to work with the director of Memento, the Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, and Interstellar. “He’s so present as a director,” Whitehead said. “He’s behind every shot and he creates this family-like vibe on set which really puts you at ease. It’s a very collaborative environment. I was quite apprehensive going in but that was gone straightaway because you’re in this safe space where you feel comfortable to try different things, and encouraged.” But he made it a point not to geek out over the filmmaker. “Nah, I kept it in,” he said. “I tried to play it cool.”


Unprodigal Daughter | an Ophelia Mayer fanmix

01. I can get a little drunk, I get into all the don'ts, but on good days I am charming as fuck / 02. some days I try hard to watch my mouth, to say the right things, but the wrong just slip right out / 03. everybody’s doing it so why the hell should I / 04. so come back when I’m good and old, I got drinks to drink, and men to hold, I got good things to do with my life / 05. I had disengaged to avoid being totaled, I would run away and say good riddance, soon enough, I had grown disgusted by your small-minded ceiling, imagine myself bolting had not been difficult / 06. who was the genius that brought me to life? well you’re such a hypocrite, to think me so unwise, I’m just trying to see the world through my own eyes / 07. I was used to standing in the shadow of a damaged heart, learning all I know now, losing all I did, I never used to feel like I’d be standing so far ahead / 08. I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo, what the hell am I doing here? I don’t belong here / 09. everybody’s hurting, there’s nothing more human than that, see the pieces of heart’s missing, but watch how the light fills the cracks

[ L I S T E N ]

Daffodil | Minhyuk Chapter 2

Genre: fluff / angst
Synopsis: “I want to explore the world. Discover new things, Meet new people. See the world through my eyes, I’m a tower princess”
Authors note: I’ve been having major Minhyuk feels recently. So here’s a fic. home you enjoy. Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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His second visit was when came in with a digital camera. “What’s that for?” I asked confused.

“Do you mind if I take some pictures of your shop?” He asked. Picking up his camera up to his eyes to show me, asking for permission. “I don’t mind” I reply slowly, still not knowing why he has such interest in my shop’s interior.

He took pictures, here and there in angles that I didn’t even know pictures were taken in. I watched him quietly while I made customers their orders.

Later he told me he’s a photographer and his shop is actually gallery. He said he collects pictures of interior of shops he thought were pretty. I didn’t understand anything but I liked having him here. Before he went out, he said to come over to his shop two days later to see how the pictures came out.

And two days later I stood in his gallery. His gallery’s breathtaking. A lot bigger than it looks from the outside.Photographs and paintings hung on grey painted walls. “You paint too?” I asked staring at painting that has his name written on golden plate at the bottom.

“Few of them” He replied taking me to a back room. I followed him while taking in all the displays.

“They are so nicely taken Minhyuk!” I chimed as I flipped through the photographs. “You’re so talented” I say giving him a toothy smile, Minhyuk who was standing on the other side of the table, chuckled and he thanked me. I smiles at sound of his chuckle. I was cute. As I flipped through to see the next photo, I froze,

I was a photo of me. Standing at the counter arranging a bouquet of roses. My brown locks falling on the other side of my face and there was a gentle smile on my lips. I flipped through the next one and it was me watering orchid plants outside the shop.  And the next one was me again, sitting on the stairs next to sunflowers,

I slowly lift my head to look at Minhyuk. He was biting on his lower lip as leaned forward in the table, looking at me nervously.  

“Did you mistake me for decoration piece in my shop?” I ask him.

Minhyuk gave me a sheepish smile “It wasn’t my intention. But you” He paused rubbing his palms against his face.

“But I?”

“But you looked really pretty so I clicked a few unintentionally” He confessed, rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment “I’m sorry” He looked at me with guilty eyes. So I decided to tease him a little.

“Taking picture of someone without them knowing is against social norm” I say with my eyebrows raised at him. Minhyuk quickly ran over to me “I’ll make it up to you!” He said almost immediately “I’ll take you out for lunch?”

I grinned “I like that idea”

My words always fall short to the one person I truly care most for. I want to show you the world through my eyes, please don’t be sad.
Daffodil | Minhyuk Chapter 1

Genre: fluff / angst 
Synopsis: “I want to explore the world. Discover new things, Meet new people. See the world through my eyes, I’m a tower princess”
Authors note: I’ve been having major Minhyuk feels recently. So here’s a fic. home you enjoy. Part 1| Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

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Daffodil -symbolizes a new beginning or a new life

I stared at the shop across the street. It’s small but it looked so different from all the other stores in the same line.

I was tired of doing nothing at home so my parents opened a business for me to run as a time pass. Because of my knowledge in flowers I decided to run a flower shop. The only condition I had was for my shop to be in the middle class area of the city and not among the wealthy part.

When my parents asked my why I wanted such a thing, clearly not pleased with my decision, I said that I wanted to explore and discover new people. It didn’t convince them but they let me have my condition if I followed their rules. That’s how it has always been for me. Do what mummy and daddy tells me to do. Follow their rules, do what they want and be who they want me to be. There’s no concept of freedom in my life or of anyone who was born in the same social class as me,

I wanted to break through the shell they always kept me in, Saying it’s only for my good. To protect me from the cruel outside world. But I wanted to see the world. From my own eyes.  

And that’s when I met him.

Shabby reddish brown hair and iced americano always in his left hand, when he comes every morning to open his small store which was right across the street from mine. His hood was always up so I never got to see his face. But he always got my attention. With his tall and lean physique. He always looked so mysterious.

I felt like my heart has caught up in my throat when I saw him come into my flower shop one day. So early. Right after I had stocked fresh new flowers.

I saw his face that day. He’s quite a looker. Scratch that he’s gorgeous. Stunning. I was so lost in his beauty while staring at him shamelessly, that I didn’t notice that he had said something.

“Sorry. What?” I squeaked and awkwardly cleared my throat right after.

“Can I get an arrangement of lilies?” His voice is raspy yet sweet. It’s different.

I smiled politely “Sure. How many do you want?”

“A dozen”

I come out of the back room with lilies in my hand ready to arrange them. As I carefully chop the ends of the stem, I notice him looking around the shop.

“Nice interior you got here” He complimented.

“Thank you” I smile while I start to wrap the lilies with brown decorative paper “I just recently opened” I quickly added.

He turns his head to me “Yeah. I noticed” He said walking over to the counter towards me. He placed the exact amount for his order next on the cash register. “I’m glad I finally had a chance to come. My shop is right in front of yours” He pointed at his small store.

I know.

“Oh! Really?” I pretended not to know. “I guess we’ll be seeing each other more often then?” I say softly handing him the bouquet. There was a brief eye contact. Just when he was about to leave the shop, words slipped out of my mouth without even me releasing it.

“What’s your name?” I say out loud.

He turned around and gave the most beautiful smile I’ve seen.


I died a little.


George RedHawk The World Through My Eyes

Media-structured dreams

Does anyone else have dream structures built by media structures? Like. I have dreams all the time that are not from my native perspective.

I have third person adventure dreams, where I don’t see the world through my eyes as me, but I see me move through the scene.

And I have movie adventure dreams where I have a narrator perspective, following the protagonist (still me) through a scene, but I (narrator) know things that I (character) do not know - like, who’s lurking behind the corner or what the people in the room I haven’t reached yet are saying. So I (character) can’t, and won’t, react to it.

It’s awesome. I love those - I never have nightmares, because the fact that I (narrator/tp-controller) am removed from the character makes everything nonimmediate. It’s totally safe.

Anyone else have those?
Full translation of Kai’s NYLON Interview

Q: Are there any immediate mountains (obstacles) you need to jump over/surpass right now?

K: I always have to surpass myself. Yesterday’s me, no matter what good things happen, I forget them and want to do great things again. Instead of materialistic or physical outcomes, I want to spend time personally accepting, understanding myself. Activities are fun and make me happy, but I’m also happy seeing myself growing day by day. I would like for the me of today to sing better and dance better than the me of yesterday.

Q: Is there an image you want to try today?

K: I really like doing photoshoots. There aren’t any particular “images” I want, but I just think that I need to have fun while taking pictures. I like diverse of concepts and like, whatever pictures need to be taken, so I want to take a variety of shoots. I don’t do many photoshoots in a year, so I think it’d be fun to keep a record by doing shoots like “22-year-old Kai” - “23-year-old Kai”, or capture my everyday life like a photoshoot.

Q: What about a homage to someone you respect? Have you ever thought of becoming something else?

K: I haven’t ever thought about that. I like being comfortable. Just Kai, I like being myself. Because I’m always doing strong and intense things on stage.

Q:  Would you want to be Kai even if you were born again?

K: Yes, because it’s fun. Since I did ballet when I was younger, I also want to be a ballerino, but I think I’d have to be Kai. But I’d like to be born as a better Kai.

Q: Since you’re alone, should we praise the other members or talk badly about them?

K: My first thought was, “This is fun!”. Compared to the loud and chaotic photoshoots with the members, shooting by myself was comfortable. But on the other hand, I missed the loud chaos and quickly began to miss the members.

Q: What do you often observe, and from what do you gain influance?

K: I don’t discriminate and take influance from a lot of things. Even from simply passing by a river, or just now, when I was changing during the shoot, my mask fell. I thought of a lot of things just from that. I valuably consider thoughts when I listen to music or when I’m alone.

Q: Do you watch and read books often?

K: I mostly read fictional novels, but not self-improvement books. They’re boring. I like the fun of imagining when reading fictions. You watch movies, you see the story and what’s visually pre-planned, but you can imagine things while reading books. Even if the same characters are portrayed in a novel, I like that each reader sees a different image. I think that’s why I read a lot of books. Especially mystery, fantasy and image stirring novels. As for movies, I watch them often, but I don’t watch melodramas or romance. 

Q: Is there a special reason (why you can’t watch melodramas)? 

K: I just can’t watch them. (laughs). They’re boring. I get sleepy. But no matter what movie I watch, there’s something to be gaines. When I look at the clothes from medieval times, I relate it to my stage clothes. Or when I see a character’s situation or setting, I gain influence to try and make choreography.

Q: What about seasons and weather? (Is there any influance?)

K: There is. Not too much of a difference, because I don’t typically have a huge emotional fluctuation. I like winter more than summer.

Q: Why do you like winter more?

K: I was born in January. Since winter is cold, you layer on clothes. There’s that warm feeling. A warmth, different from what you feel in hot weather. I like seeing people in the streets dressed warmly.

Q: Don’t people often tell you that you’re mature?

K: I hear that often. I like hanging out with friends my age, but because I started training at a young age, I think there are more things that I learned than friends my age. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll force my thoughts on them or have any reason to say “You have to do it this way” or “This is the right way”.

Q: But not everyone who lives a group life matures/grows up.

K: I was a very quiet kid. I didn’t say much but when I entered the company, I became brighter. There were a lot of fun friends and people around me, so as I shared stories and talked with them to fit in, my personality changed. Still, I have large sensitivity, feel guilt a lot, and think so much to the point that some days I can’t sleep.

Q: On what days can’t you sleep?

K: When I make choreography mistakes at important events, I continuously blame myself and feel guilty. And at some point, I forget that and fall deep into the thought of something else, like “Why was I born?”. In grade school, seeing the world through my eyes was fascinating. In middle school I thought “Out of the many people, not this or that person but me, why?” “Why am I seeing the world through my eyes?”. In high school I thought “Isn’t there a reason why I was born?”. And now I’m absorbed with thoughts of why I dance, why I sing. I think that these are the thoughts that bite my tail and keep me up at night.

Q: Is ‘You’re sexy” another thing you hear often?

K: Surprisingly, I actually hear people say that I’m bright and nice. Not because I’m actually nice, but rather because I look fierce and cold, but when they get to know me, I’m not like that. People don’t outright tell me that I’m sexy, but I think it’s a good thing to hear.

Q: How alike and different is the image people see of you and the image you see of yourself? 

K: Every person sees me differently. It’s my dance, but some focus on lines, some focus on my emotions and some focus on my strenght. I want to be the Kai that everyone thinks of. I want to freely leave the thoughts of the people who watch me.

Q: Is there anything unexpected about you to share?

K: I’m shabby/lax. I often lose my belongings and when I eat I spill food down my chin like there’s a hole. And I have an instinct to be funny. I make people laugh by forcefully pushing words that don’t make sense in a ridiculous situation. It comes naturally with people I’m close to, but I can’t do it when someone forces me to.

Q: It seems like Kai is always thinking about being on stage even off-stage.

K: I get stressed because I think about it too much. The more I think about it, the more unsatisfied I become and go astray. And then I tell myself not to worry and dance and sing withouth any thoughts. I can’t mess up. I used to strictly pay attention to every little thing, but now that I don’t think and just have fun, I think things work out better.

Q: Does the stage always feel new? Or is it a completely familiar place?

K: Both. Overall, I feel comfortable and free on stage. Moving my body is the comfortable part, but the emotions I feel are new every time. There are choreographies that I dance happily and have fun, and there are choreographies that I dance to relay a message or feelings. 

Q: Kai’s dance seems special, because it seems like there’s something you want to pass on to the audience.

K: For concert performances, I consider the mood and lyrics of a song, and for my solo stages I put in my own emotions. Title tracks have distinct choreography and pairing with other members. If there’s an importance to lyrics, there are no limitations of solo stages. If it’s sad, the dance gets sad too. But even if it’s sad, you dance in a way that makes you feel good, so the people watching will recieve the emotion and also feel good.

Q: It must be control/command of the stage.

K: Dance is fun because it’s like the assembly of a well put together puzzle. You don’t simply dance because you memorize choreography, but because there’s a reason behind every lift and drop of your arm. It’s probably because I think of that.

Q: Do you have the greed to learn all types of dance?

K: I don’t want to dance with the heart of just gaining information. But it’d be nice to be able to pull out bits of each (genre of dance) as a tool to use if there’s something I want to express.

Q: Do you also go to see other artists’ performances?

K: I don’t have much time. But when I was younger, I saw a lot of ballet performances.

Q: There’s YouTube.

K: Right. I watch things on YouTube. I really go there every day. Not just dance videos, but a lot of funny videos too. But I watch a huge amount of dance videos. Not just famous dancers, but even small performances, musicals, dance scenes from old movies like Singing In The Rain. I like videos of foreigners doing funny dances and singing in videos.

Q: I’m curious of your song playlist.

K: I listen to EXO songs, haha. Lately, I’ve been practising singing a lot. Since the past month, I’ve been listening to songs of our land’s (Korea’s) musicians. G.Soul, Na Yoon Kwon, Kim Yeon Woo sunbaenim’s songs. But I also like John Legend, Travis Garland and Boyz II Men.

Q: Is there a period when your interest in music over dance increases?

K: Recently I’ve bought audio cards and a mic at Nakwon Shopping District and now I’m recordind using Logic (an audio recording/editing software). I can’t make perfect songs yet, I just straighten out my voice to sound nice and do volume checks. I’m having fun with it, it’s like a game without getting stressed.

Q: Your birthday is on the 14th. Do you know what day that is?

K: Diary day? I have no idea. White day or what else? Valentine’s day? I’ve never celebrated things like that. I’ve never tried.

Q: Do you tend not to celebrate important days, anniversaries?

K: If someone remembers my birthday, I try to look out for theirs. But it’s okay if they don’t care for mine, I don’t think it’s so important.

Q: As of late, where is the place you want to go to?

K: Originally, if I hadn’t had schedules between August 1-11, I would have gone to Poland. I realized all the famous dancers go there and perform. I thought I could learn from dance workshops, but I ended up being unable to go.

Q: Would it be better to travel with family or friends?

K: I’d like both. I think it’d be fun with friends and comfortable with family. I think I’ll go to vacation spots with family and fun places with friends. It’d be fun to go to a deserted house and have a scary experience.

Translation by aiolosh, FULL CREDIT GOES TO HER!!

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Tell us your favorite quotes from your character. Give us an idea of who they are by five things they’ve said. Then tag your friends.
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• “Men are all the same. Learn their ambition, and you have them by the-  Oho…~”

• “Gods know a sad, manipulative vixen like me is unlikely to meet a pretty end.“

• “But remember—a woman can disarm some men with no weapon at all.”

• “I don’t expect you to see the world through my eyes, Prince. But I won’t pretend to understand how things look through yours.“

• "Now this is my kind of day! It’s like the whole world dances in the palm of my hand.”