All hands
On deck, boys
This ship
Wasn’t made to sink
We’re going fast
No time to think
Of the past
Look forward
Up and out
Looking back
Will kill you
No time to
Scream and shout
Done is done
Over too
Save yourselves
I’ll remember you
On cold days
Lonely and
Filled with pain
I’ll bring you out
Talk with you
Thanks a lot
For all you’ve
Said and done
Life’s not for losers
Its all for one
And done before
We had begun

All the World’s a Stage (Part 4 - Early)

Summary (loosely from prompt):   Kurt has been waiting his whole life to get to college, to NYC, to a place where he isn’t the only out gay kid in the world. His friend, Santana, is apparently excited for him too because she sneaks handfuls of condoms into his bag as a joke right before he leaves. Whatever Santana. He’d just like to kiss a boy. Or maybe go out on a date.

Kurt’s in his new dorm room, a freshman at NYADA, unpacking when his new roommate, Blaine, arrives. Hot. Ego. But nice. Okay. Then Kurt accidentally knocks his bag off the bed and Santana’s condoms spill all over the floor. You never get a second chance to make a first impression…

Klaine advent prompt: Early (Blaine POV)

This is a continuous story, so please read first - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Words: 1418 

All the World’s a Stage (Part 4- Early)

“You’re home early.” Kurt glances up from the suit he’s working on for his men’s fashion design elective as Blaine tiptoes in at 11:30pm, hours earlier than his usual Saturday night shenanigans. But, Blaine notes, he always comes home these days. Waking up next to a not-as-cute-in-the-morning stranger in a leaky apartment seems so much less appealing than their own well decorated dorm room. And besides, he’s on a meal plan. Which means a nice, free, hot breakfast in the morning.

“You’re up late,” Blaine muses back and clicks the door shut, tossing his jacket over his desk chair. 

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If Only

There are so many things I want to say to you but I am too afraid
Even behind the protection of my cell phone my words run away and hide from you
If only, if only
I was able to lend you part of my soul without worrying about you dropping it
Then my words could fly freely toward you
If only, if only
My cell phone barrier could hide me more
Better, give me the strength to share my words with you
Shout them loudly
For you and everyone else to hear
If only, if only
I was brave enough to tell you
You may very well be my world
But for now my words
And I
Are hiding
Just wait until I tell you
Oh what a glorious day
If only
If only

From Hope, Eternity Will Be Born  

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by KenmaNyan (NarryEm)

It’s the moment that Yuuri has been looking forward to and dreading. Tonight’s performance will determine if his and Viktor’s love has come to a full fruition.

He just has to show the world that love can change the world.

Words: 3815, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 22 of Yaoi on Ice!!!

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A Practiced Craft

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by Stormfet

Set in a modern day alternate universe at Arkadia University, Dr. Lexa Woods, accomplished practiced lawyer, young up and coming head of the political science department seems to have her life together…until the new young art professor Clarke Griffin flips her world upside down.

Words: 2592, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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SANVERS at the bar a few days after the second kiss

OK, I tried myself on a little Sanvers fanfic. It’s the first time I’ve ever done this, so please be nice with me ;) Also, please excuse any spelling, grammar or other language mistakes. English is not my mother tongue. 

Alex looks up and right into Maggie’s eyes.
These beautiful, deep and hypnotizing eyes. She breaks into a wide smile, without really noticing, because she’s still lost in those eyes.

“What’s up Danvers? You gonna play or what?“
Alex snaps out of her thoughts. Maggie is looking at her, awaiting her next move.

They are at the bar, playing pool as usual. About a week has past since Maggie has told her she wants to be with her. They have been in their own world ever since just enjoying each other. The words are still whirling around in Alex’ mind.
„We should kiss the girls we wanna kiss. And I just. I really want to kiss you.“ Alex is drifting of to that moment again, but Maggie interrupts her.

“Don’t you wanna win your money back Danvers, or what?“ Alex oviously has been a little off her game tonight.
“Oh don’t worry. I’m about to.“ she replies.

Alex leans down, concentrating on the game, trying to figure out her next move.
She feels Maggie’s arms wrapping around her waist from behind, and can’t hold back a small and silent moan.

She gets up, turns around, and there they are. Those beautiful eyes again. She puts her cue stick away and pulls Maggie in for a kiss.
Softly their lips meet. As the kiss deepens, Alex brushes her hands through Maggie’s soft hair. She still can’t believe that this is gonna be her new normal. For a long moment the world around them vanishes. The noises of the bar get really silent and there are only their body, entangling more and more while the kiss lasts.

Then suddenly Maggie pulls away a bit, and Alex is slightly taken aback.
„So when are we telling the others?“ she asks.
„I don’t know. I don’t want to, yet. I just want to have you by myself a little longer.“

Maggie starts smiling and pulls her in for a kiss again.
„Ok, for a while. How about you have me by yourself at home then?“

Alex can’t hold back another moan. Maggie steals her breath every minute they are together. They both start laughing, out of pure joy and happiness.

Then they practically ran out of the bar together, holding hands and smiling in anticipation about what’s next.

Admittedly I have never been an Anne Rice fan at all either as a writer or as a person. So when I was browsing books and came across her new one, ‘Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis’  there was nothing at all to temper my disdain for that title. As Herc would say, “What a ridiculous book… This is better than I dared hope.”

But enough random author bashing.

Tonight is the night I finish fucking ABI. By all that is good and right in the world (which isn’t too much I concede) I am going to be done with that story ere the sun rises again. I have three drinks, carrot cake (’cause cream cheese frosting rules the world), and three candles lit. Muses I beseech you, give me the words, make ABI a story worth reading…

anonymous asked:

with proper credit, would we be potentially allowed to make a fanfic placed in the redux!clans, and spread the word of your revision of the warriors world? of course, id link credit back to you on the fic and show you too, but i love your recreation of the warriors world so much -- id gladly read a whole series based around it! you give the warriors world the true justice and creativity it needed by the original authors in my opinion!!!!

d uDE







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[komaeda voice] "the amount of good luck in the world is fixed, i think. in other words, as i'm being unlucky somebody's becoming lucky, right?" if that's the case then i thank you all for being my komaeda. your sacrifices will not be in vain! *grinds like mad in the current event*

092- Comilasite (Poison/Bug)

The mythical one itself, Comilasite. Its story: This Pokemon was born of a human’s foolish attempts to tamper with the Missingno. virus, attempting to decode its true form and purpose. In his hubris, Comilasite was born after accumilating 1000 computer viruses into its central core virus, Missingno., and it escaped into the real world via the Pokemon Storage system. It is currently seeking it’s mother source to reunite with it and cause a global crash of all human technology, which would throw the world into chaos and usher in the second Dark Age…

((Its actually based on the old Y2K scare from long ago, so it is a living computer virus whose sole purpose is to crash systems it comes into contact with. I figured screwing around with Missingno. like that would cause something like this to appear in the Pokemon world. It may not make sense how I worded it, but you just know there’s a more fleshed out story behind this bugger that I have in mind))

Concieved December 2012

( My activity may still be slower than usual while I struggle with things, but I’d like to say thank you to @davosshorthand, @secxndstark, @winterfellswolfqueen, @vengefulhonor, @handofhonor and especially @worshipsonlydeath and @slysmiles for your kind words last night. It honestly meant the world and helps more than you know.  ♥ ♥ ♥ I won’t post any more personal stuff for a while, I promise, but these awesome people deserved a shoutout for being great human beings.)

Fun Festive Games w/ Dan and Phil

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by umathurmanjustwatchedmehavesex

It’s December 2017, Dan and Phil have gotten married and come out the closet, and Felix uploads a video of him, Marzia, and Dan and Phil playing Christmas party games. Set in a universe where Pewdiepie does not delete his channel after 50 million suscribers.

Feat: innundoes, Dan and Felix wearing lipstick, Marzia being adorable, sex jokes at Phil’s expense, duckface, whipped cream, and even more innuendo. We live in a post-baking world universe, my friends.

Words: 3517, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 7 of Days in the Married Life of Dan and Phil

read it on the AO3 at

rajuthepanda  asked:

Hi hi, I don't mean to pester or bother you but, I wrote a novel and just posted the link to my book and I need all the help I can get trying to spread the word about it, it has so much Queer and POC representation and it would mean the world if you can reblog it to help spread the word

congratulations and this sounds great! for people interested, weird people is the book and here’s a description

Weird People is a fictional piece involving mostly POC characters ranging in the LGBT community, involving issues and topics such as coming out/acceptance, star-crossed lovers, racism, homophobia, biphobia/bi-erasure, transphobia, internalized homophobia, queer families, body-positivity, and friendship.

sounds like something that is much needed. all the best 💖

one minute i held the key,
next the walls were closed on me
and i discovered that my castles stand
upon pillars of salt and pillars of sand

i hear jersualem bells a-ringin’
roman cavalry chores are singin’
be my mirror, my sword, and shield
my missionaries in a foreign field
for some reason i can’t explain
once you were gone there was never
never an honest word

and that was when i ruled the world.

- coldplay


Hubcab Diamond Star Halo

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by WetSammyWinchester

Jensen isn’t sure what to think about this street kid hawking mixtapes in front of his Uncle Jeff’s record store. He’s gorgeous and charming but there’s just something about him that seems out of this world.

Words: 4005, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

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