okay but fitz with a rubix cube headcannons

  • his mom bought him one when he was really young and carried it in her purse everywhere so whenever they went out or had to wait in line she would pull it out when he was getting antsy
  • (eventually jemma picks up on his antsyness and starts keeping one in her purse for trips to the boiler room and sci-ops events)
  • as a result the time it takes him to solve it after a couple shots or when drunk is folklore at the academy
  • fitz keeping one in his backpack and using it in class when he’s not sketching up new projects or sleeping bc he was up too late
  • he designs some of his earliest projects based off of the mechanics of the cube
  • jemma buys him a different cube for christmas every year (4x4, 2x2, 11x11, weird shaped ones, oddly proportioned ones, themed ones, etc.) and sometimes when he’s really stressed
  • he takes a few with him when they leave for the bus
  • skye teases him about it when she finds two or three of them in the lab but shuts up when he solves it in just over 10 seconds. they spent the next hour or so with skye messing them up and passing them back to him in awe every time until he gives one to practive with
  • after the pod he can’t solve the standard 3x3 cube the first time he tries since his fingers aren’t working the way he wants them to and he can’t figure out what he did wrong because he thinks that it was his mind that’s causing his struggles (”the data in my head is scrambled” like a rubix cube)
  • he gets the 3x3 cube in under a minute again and he is so frustrated wih himself because “a minute simmons! a minute!” but she just reshuffles it and hands it back to him with tears in her eyes
  • jemma takes one from the box she had his mom send over and takes it with her to hydra
  • before the bus goes down she grabs the cube that he gave skye from next to the hula girl
  • fitz and skye use the rubix cube in their respective training, fitz to train his mobility and skye to practice the control of her powers, the difference is that fitz solves the cube whereas skye makes it shake until it falls apart (and then he has to put it back together again - for extra training)
  • fitz sits outside of the box and solves rubix cubes while tying to figure out where simmons went
Christian Version Of Ask Me!

I’ve seen these posted down my timeline and I thought I’d join in and do one myself.

1. Favorite Bible Verse?
- Though you have not seen him, you love him; and even though you do not see him now, you believe in him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy.
~1 Peter 1:8

2. Favorite Book of Bible? 
- Peter 

3. Favorite Christian Artist?
- Ernie Haase & Michael W. Smith.

4. Hardest Commandment to follow for yourself? 
- Staying faithful.

5. In one sentence, describe your relationship with Christ: 
- Growing but I’ve heard the story hundreds of times that I still don’t understand how You could die and love an old sinner like me.

6. Favorite highlighter color for marking Bible?
- Yellow and Orange. 

7. Favorite Worship song? 
- Healing Rain - Michael W. Smith

8. Prayer Request? 
- To have more of God.

9. What is your favorite miracle Jesus performed? 
- Healing.

 10. Favorite Biblical quote? 
- For I am the LORD, who heals you.
~Exodus 15:20

 11. Favorite Bible character? 
- Jesus.

 12. Which do you prefer to read? Old or New Testament? 
- New Testament.

 13. Biggest thing God did for you? 
- He saved me when I was at my lowest point of my life.

 14. What’s one question you’d like to ask God when you get to Heaven? 
- Why me?

15. Favorite Christian holiday? 
- Christmas

16. Favorite Book written by a Christ follower? 
- Any Billy Graham or Franklin Graham Books All of them are great plus they are great people to learn from.

17. One thing you don’t like about the Christian religion? 
- Self-righteousness.

18. One thing Christ delivered you from?
- Myself

19. Which would you rather do: hug or high five Jesus? 
- Hug

20. Favorite Christian Quote?
- “My home is in Heaven im just traveling through this world.” - Billy Graham (My other favorites are in my Bio)

Bonus Question:
21: Who is your favorite Christ follower and why?
- Lately it’s been Rev. Franklin Graham.
There’s just something about him that I want to be like. He has such a strong faith and love for God that I can’t even describe. His knowledge is outstanding. I’d love to meet him and learn and hear all his stories. He seems like a pretty cool guy, and he’s Billy Graham’s son!

You turn - Erase my answers and fill in your own! Make sure you put (#Christian Version Of Ask Me) in the hashtags.

I have dark brown eyes
But it wasn’t enough
To make you fall in love with me
It made me wish it was green or blue
So that when the sun hits me
The light would reflect its color
And let you see inside

No, I have dark brown eyes
It’s like a window curtained
That you cannot slip aside
So you can look
A hidden beauty
But beauty nonetheless
It takes effort to reveal it

Are you brave enough
To look into my eyes?
To unleash the love that’s waiting
Will you choose to decipher it?
To connect the puzzle pieces
And unveil the portrait of my heart

I have dark brown eyes
Not dominant in the light
But they are my eyes
I have every reason to rejoice
It is a God given gift
No longer do I wish

It is the soil where green trees grow
It is under the blue ocean
It holds together roots
It blankets them
It protects them
They keep everything steady
That’s what I can be to you

Yes I have dark brown eyes
Thank God I have dark brown eyes
What I see is me in them
The mirror is ever the constant friend
I can never be anything else

I see you with mine
Can you see me as I am?

—  Dark brown eyes // Pablo Verzosa

PC: Have you heard LOVE NEVER DIES? You should play the Phantom. It’s Lloyd Webber’s best score since EVITA.

RE: Really? I have not heard. I know Glenn wrote the lyrics. But, to hear you say that - now, I really have to hear it. But, no I don’t know it… yet.

PC: There’s a really hard rocker in that show, “The Beauty Underneath”. I’d kill to hear you sing it. It could be a great show with you in it.

RE: Yeah, I definitely am going to listen to the score now - just to hear it. Lloyd Webber has some great songs that I have always liked. Some great stuff. I think EVITA is a perfect piece of musical theatre writing. And SUPERSTAR - just “Gethsemane” is worth the price of admission alone!


So I kind of had a fabulous time in NOLA with faeriesandbrimstone these past few days!

I am in shock. Tonight a really bad fight broke out at the bar, people had glasses smashed on their face, the owner was shoved to the floor and had his head kicked in when trying to stop it, blood all over the floors and walls, the front doors smashed in, and I stupidly tried to stop it and ended up with blood all over me too. Police came and took statements, and we cant clean anything as its an official crime scene. 

anonymous asked:

2 questions: How much of her previous life does Keisuke remember outside of Naruto anymore? and How did you come up with Honoka and Ensui, and do you have any headcanons about them?

Kei remembers things she has strong emotional attachment to, for the most part. Her family, and the knowledge she integrated into her thought processes at the time of her “death.” There’s some skill carry-over, but she wasn’t ever a martial artist or a cook. But she was a psychology major, which affects how she views the other characters even outside of the Naruto series context.

Honoka Uchiha was born of my frustration with the fact that no woman in Kishimoto’s manga has ever displayed the Sharingan (as opposed to the Sharinnegan thing that Kaguya has). There was a single Uchiha woman with the Mangekyo in the anime, Naori, but she only existed to justify the existence of the Izanami technique. Combine that with the androgyny that most major male Uchiha characters seem to be born to, and you get Honoka. Her personality is rather closer to Tsume Inuzuka, though.

Stuff that won’t make it into the story:

  • Honoka has been an ANBU captain for three years total, despite being about twenty-seven at the time of the story. She’s been in ANBU since she was sixteen.
  • She gained her Mangekyo Sharingan on a mission where every team member aside from her was slaughtered by Iwa-nin, at which point she massacred them back.
  • She dislikes Kei not because she’s a jinchuriki, but because Kei injured her teammates in a possibly-irrecoverable way. (Even then, though, the Three-Tails is supposedly owned by Kirigakure and any attempts by Kiri to recover Isobu will result in ANBU being deployed to counter them. Which puts Honoka’s team on the front lines of a team designed to suppress Tailed Beasts.)
  • Honoka’s been on the outs with the Uchiha clan since her early teens.
  • She’s actually a special jonin. Ranks mean less in ANBU.
  • She may or may not have something to do with ROOT.
  • Honoka’s least favorite food is natto. She will eat nearly anything else in bulk, tasteless ration bars included.
  • She talks mostly in sentence fragments, and dislikes using personal pronouns.

Ensui’s a canon character. In this story, he’s more of a consultant to the ANBU captain Honoka. He’s more inclined to work with Intelligence rather than ANBU proper, but he and Honoka are friends.

He got the green eyeliner on a dare and hasn’t looked back since.

It kills me how Kiri (KIRIGAKURE! LAND OF THE FUCKED UP SHIT) was home to the two chillest tails beasts. You’d think hanging out in the Bloody Mist for years would have some sort of negative impact on them but nope.

Saiken actually goes out of its way to save Utakata from harm on multiple occasions and shows no interest in hijacking his body. It could have just allowed itself to be extracted from Utakata and let the kid die but instead it acted in order to save him.

Then Isobu is just a little baby that just wants to be left alone in a lake somewhere, far far away from Uchiha bullshit, but alas. And that was even after it was the one tails beast to experience dying.

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hey, the word of the day is "legs". wanna go back to my place and spread the word?

OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CHOKED OHMYGOD It’s too late for this!!!!! I’m BLUSHING SO MUCH