I think one of the more entertaining and confusing things in animation school is, like every school, each prof thinks they teach the most important class and is the most important in the field

for instance my storyboard prof and layout prof this year constantly have a lot of opposite ideas. layout prof says memorizing perspective and layout mechanics is the number one thing in successful boards, meanwhile storyboard prof will sort of disregard it and say it’s not the most important thing. layout prof says you always need establishing shots, storyboard prof says she’s exhausted of regularly seeing them, etc

it just goes to show that literally everyone has their own opinions on what’s ‘right’, including two professionals who both worked for Disney

The God who has kept you to this very hour will be the God who will keep you in every hour of the future.

can my mom please stop telling me that the bruising on my face from having my wisdom teeth out is “barely noticeable”??

my cheeks are green rn, i look like i got in a fight, and yes i’m getting up early before class tomorrow so that i can make sure i have enough makeup on before i go out

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You never know, you could turn a cold dislikeable heart, into a warm and loving heart molding that individual into one who desires to serve God, because of your example.
—  Living The Word

🌠 innerstellar theme (1)

hey whats up i decided to try to figure out how to code tumblr themes and see how they’re put together and stuff and this was the fruit of my efforts

live preview | code

you can edit the heck out of it, use it as a base code, just like keep credit somewhere that would be real swell. 

check out these cool features under the cut:

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