So whenever we are in need,
we should come bravely before the throne of our merciful God.
There we will be treated with undeserved kindness, and we will find help.
—  ​Hebrews 4:16
Across The Multiverse, 4.

Genre | Greek Mythology AU.

Pairing | Kim Taehyung / Reader.

Words | 2,529 words.

Conspectus | Not even a God can save her. But oh, does he try his best.

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i’m re-reading the artemis fowl series, and i’m about to get sappy for a hot second so bear with me but? it’s crazy how much i loved this series (and still do), and how formative it was for me. i remember getting the first book when i was six, i remember not understanding half of the technology and struggling through the first chapter because it scared me, i remember staring at each cover of each book as it came out and being in awe at how shiny they were and how funny the blurbs were. i remember reading and re-reading desperately over and over again, when i was bored, upset, or even just for fun, and never once any of the books got old or tiresome. 

and now that i’m rereading it, for the first time since tlg came out, there’s this weird layering of nostalgia, like i know all the lines and all the characters. and this series followed me from when i was a kid to a pre-teen and onwards into adolescence, but even now, at 20, the jokes are still funny, and i’m still laughing out loud, even though there’s all this history on top of it. 

like? i’m trying to articulate how much this series meant - and still does mean - to me. and it’s incredible because even with this nostalgia, this series isn’t any less good - like the plot twists still gets me and it’s still hilarious and fantastic, and even though t i know these books inside out - from the characters, to the story, to the little activities in the back and the notes eoin colfer would leave pretending to have met the characters - and even though it’s from a place of personal history i’m just so eternally grateful just to have had these books mean something in this way? 

what i’m trying to say is, i’m so grateful to know them, to have so much meaning attributed to them, to feelings like they really do know me back. as sappy as it sounds, reading this series each time feels like i’m rediscovering it all over again, but to a further extent, like i’m rediscovering both my younger and present self again as well, and i don’t know how to put into words how much more that adds to my love for this series.  

“you’ll regret killing my mom and breaking my walkman” and i am paraphrasing because i don’t remember the actual quote word for word 

god when peter quill said this, i cringed. like, they aren’t even the same thing and i know this probably reeks of james gunn because saying you’re mad at your dad for killing your mom and in the same fucking sentence tacking on how pissed you are that he destroyed your walkman. like wtf was i watching. i can imagine the script originally probably said just his walkman and someone said what about him mom? and it got added. i am just done

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I was just wondering how to pronounce Rivaille? (Sorry if I'm writing this wrong I haven't read the manga and I had hard time catching up with the name thing) also , someone wrote this on a question and I wanted to know if it's tru - " Rivaille" came from the romanization of his name, リヴァイ, which is "Rivai". So without word of god the name could have really been Revi, Levi, Rivaille, Livai and so on. But yes, Isayama has confirmed that he intended the name to be Levi"

Haha you already answered your question. Isayama has confirmed that his name is Levi. But since this combination of letters is not working in Japanese, they say Ribai which is closest to Levi, the ‘someone’ was right

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Can you pppllleeeeease write something with Finny summoning Sebastian? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

He sat quietly as his eyes crawled around the familiar, blank walls. This was the entirety of his world, although he knew there was place beyond here. He had heard the whispers and rumors. Occasionally a doctor would talk about his home or family, and there was even another subject like himself who had lived in that outer place. Still, it seemed to be little more than a fantasy or some fantastic story that could never be real. Words like mother, father, God floated about his head, but they all had little meaning.

With a soft sigh, his eyes fell upon the windows upstairs, and he immediately saw the commotion. Although no sound could travel through the windows, he could tell the doctors were shouting and yelling as they rushed about. They appeared to be quite frightened, and he couldn’t help but wonder what had happened.

One of the others apparently noticed he was staring. “What is it?” he asked.

“Upstairs,” he replied.

Even as the two subjects by his side looked up, the heavy metal door opened. “Doctor?” asked one of the others.

Before anything else could be said, he saw the doctor raise a strange device up and a tremendous boom filled the small space. He he had no idea what was happening, but he saw the subject to his side fall. Death was no stranger in this world, and he knew that the one they called subject 10 was dead. Another boom and his other companion fell. There was nothing he could do as he watched the doctor point the weapon at him.

Time seemingly stopped. He knew he was about to die, and his few hopes shattered. There was nothing to believe in. He had lost of faith in humanity and anything beyond humanity. He just wanted a way to escape and to live a real life.

There was another loud boom, but he never felt any pain nor did he fall. A dark figure shrouded in black had appeared before him, and it had seemingly swallowed the death intended for him. He looked up, but he could see few features of the one who had saved him. There were glowing eyes, a fanged smile peering from the darkness.

“You have summoned me,” a voice stated, “and that can never be changed. Now, tell me. Do you wish to make a contract?”

“Contract?” he repeated. He had no context for that word.

There was a low laugh. “A deal,” the voice clarified, “I will give you whatever it is you want, and you will give me your soul in return. So, do you wish to make a contract?”

He nodded, although he still had little comprehension. Soul was simply a word, but he was willing to give up anything.

“Very well,” it said, and he saw a ebony hand reach for him. He took the hand, and felt immediate pain in his chest. It didn’t hurt as bad as what the doctors would do, so he only held on.

“That is our seal,” it added, “Now, allow us to leave this place so we can work out all the details.”

There was a rush of hot, searing air, and he distantly could hear other doctors screaming. Although he had no idea how, he knew they were all dead. He only wanted to escape this place, and the strange figure seemed to understand as it enveloped him and carried him outside.

The sun was so beautiful and he could only stare as the figure waited nearby. “So, let us work out our ‘deal’,” it said, “What is it you want?”

“Can you be my father?” he asked. Tears came to his eyes, but he knew the doctors wouldn’t punish him this time for his emotion. “Love me and never leave me?”

There was an odd pause. “I cannot love,” it said, “Although I can stay by your side. Your entire life is little more than a second of my existence.”

“But can you be a father?” he asked again.

“I can act in a manner befitting a father,” it replied, as the foggy form began to take on a solid shape. Soon a handsome, dark-haired man stood in it’s place. The stranger smiled.

He couldn’t seem to stop himself as he ran forward to hug the man. “Father,” he said, “Father, what’s my name?”

Father seemed to pause. “I am not accustomed to giving names,” he said, “Usually I ask that those who contract me to give me a name.”

“Okay,” he said, “Then I shall call you Father and you call me Son.”

Feeling free and happy for the first time that he could remember, Son took Father’s hand and they started to walk away.

King Hiryuu/Yona, King Il, Yu hon and Soo Won

King Il was a very religious person, who might have even thought he had divine protection (when you think about it, that his daughter was the reincarnation of King Hiryuu and he knew that).

Now the big question:

How did he know this? Who told him that little info?

Just the fact that Yona has red hair…is not a sufficient evidence for that claim.

a) King Il is able to hear the words of the gods himself.

King Il seems to think of himself as a sort of high priest anyway…earnestly praying for the wellbeing of a country, he should rather protect with deeds…

b) There was another prophecy by the priests 20-25 years ago

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You take God and clean him, put him in the heavens
And you promise me his tears are gray as clouds and that they stick to his rib cage
You take God and you wash him
So people would want to put him in their mouths, ‘amen’.
You take God
You take God
You take God
And you leave your fingerprints all over him
And you call how that makes me feel faith
It is
You only missed the shape on my crosses
You only missed the pictures in my shrines
You only missed the syllable where prayers end
You only missed that “in the beginning was the Word”
And it was written with the letters in your name
—  but he still tastes like blood on my tongue | calpurnia

i keep trying to make a post abt how i feel but i cant even put it into words. God im so overwhelemd is this even real Is anything real

If you were blessed enough to open your eyes this morning; there’s still more to see, there’s more to do, more to show, more to live. God has you in His hand, let Him show you the beauty of being alive.
PSA to all kids and adults who feel like bad people or who are questioning themselves because of the manipulative shit they see on this site on a daily basis

go outside. seriously just go outside. that’s all it takes. take a break from this site. they don’t control you. they are faceless assholes on the internet screaming at you from behind a computer screen to try and make you live YOUR life THEIR way, and then try to convince you you’re a bad person if you don’t. doesn’t it sound ridiculous when you put it like that? well that’s exactly what it is, ridiculous.

it’s easy to become dependent on something like this site. but don’t let that stop you from getting away from it. even if you feel alone and don’t have friends and are by yourself, just go out and find something to do, surround yourself with other things. or if you aren’t confident enough to do that, just do something other than this site. there are other, happier, nicer options. get out of this world. stay out of the discourse. stay away from the poison, at least until you’re feeling detoxed enough to come back to it. it’s not worth it. you’re still a good person, even if you decide to scroll past that post that says “IF YOU SUPPORT (BASIC HUMAN RIGHT HERE) STOP SCROLLING!!!! THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!” or the one that says “all my followers better reblog this because x/y/z or else unfollow” because, yes, even if you choose to ignore those types of posts, you can still be a good person.

they don’t control you.

I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.
—  Psalm 27:13 - 14 NIV

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Yo anons, chill it with the strap on judgements. A girl liking strap on action is not synonymous to liking or preferring men. It does not invalidate your lesbian status to the *gasp* dreaded bisexual status. It just means you've found something that really fucking gets you off. If you don't like it, fine, get a partner who doesn't like it either. Outside of that, what women choose to do in their sexual life is none of your business to judge. I CANNOT believe this needs to be addressed.