We fell the same way asteroids and meteors do.

You were the sun, and I was the angel,
- maybe that’s what went wrong-
and I sought freedom. You gave it to me
in the form of wings.

So I went to the sky, wanting to reach the stars,
grasping them in my hand and become one with them.
I dance amidst the light covered in stardust, as I get
higher, higher, higher.
(I just wanted to touch you)
(You wanted the same)

My skin burns as I feel your hot breath,
my wings are scorching and I’m screaming,
you try to save me. I hear your heart beating
at the same time as mine,
(blood rushing fast, red and gold mixing)
I’m terrestrial,
and you are celestial, you belong among the stars,
(every desire comes with a price)
-maybe that’s what went wrong…

Let me be remembered in the ashes and the stone,
let them say, here it is,
here is where the angel fell.

—  Of Icarus and how he loved something he couldn’t have / by @elysiantragedy
Don't worry about others' opinions of you. God never told you to impress people; only to love them.

anonymous asked:

Your bangs and eyes look a lot like Larcade's....

❝ I don’t know if I should be more offended by the fact that you elevated Rahkeid to my status by comparing us, or that you just pointed out that I look similar to a Dragneel.  As you can see, we totally do not look similar in any way, shape, or form.  Like, first off, he has stupidly thick under-eyelashes.  Like, he layers up on eyeliner down there tryna look like something out of a 100 Layers of Makeup video.  Secondly, as you can see very clearly, his bangs are comprised of split ends, hence why they’re so thick and off-point.  Do you think that a God like me would ever allow his hair to have split ends? Ever? Also! Notice the hairlines.  The thinness of his hairline means it’s receding.  Mine is thick.  And full.  And flowing.  And healthy. ❞

❝ There are zero physical similarities between Rahkeid and myself! As a God, I am totally unique! He’s a weak, trashy imitation. ❞

/anon is right, you two do have similar bangs and eyes!/

❝ Heathen! ❞     

‘Don’t you find, Monsieur, that woods are like churches?’
'Why is that, Planchet?’
'Because you don’t dare speak aloud in either of them.’
'Why don’t you dare speak aloud […] Because you are afraid?’
'Afraid of being heard, yes.’
—  the three musketeers, alexandre dumas
You can be as close to God as you want to be. It all depends on how much time you're willing to put into it.

Hebrews 4:16

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Your God is a joke and you are a fool for worshiping him. Give in to temptation, worship Satan, our true lord and master.

I’ve been on here 24 hours and I keep getting these. So. Here we go:

1.) I’m here to share the Word and to talk about God, and I think this one is honestly more a joke than anything because it takes it so far (though I’m sure the person who wrote it is most likely an atheist). Anyway, I respect your choices and I hope you’ll respect mine. No judgment, either way. (I’ll leave that to God.)

2.) Imma love you and pray for you.

3.) I hope you are having a beautiful day, anon.