Being a woman sometimes can be a pain in the ovaries… like mother nature FUCK OFF already!

Anyway my mood is not in the best of places right now, all I want to do is to eat pizza and drink some stupid alcohol so I can forget for a moment the bad mood.

The worst? My so called ex classmates are having a party tonight, they invited me, yay for free alcohol which is all I want right now, and yet I can’t go because with the mood I have I would use my favorite curse all too often (Avada Kedavra)

So I’m stuck at home with pizza and coke.

Ps: guys don’t drink, drinking is bad for your health (not that I drink too often either but) also don’t murder people, not in the real world at least, in your mind you’re allowed (I have killed a lot in my mind at this point)

Just ignore this.


Does anyone else wish they’d just dedicate a whole episode to Sam and Dean shopping for their disguises? How does it work exactly? Dean driving around, looking for a store in whatever random ass town they’re in, with a scowl, “What the hell does a social worker even wear?”  

Sam shrugging, “I don’t know, man, cardigans?” 

Really, Sam? Cardigans? What am I, Mr. Rogers?” 

“Kids like Mr. Rogers.” 

You liked Mr. Rogers,” Dean huffs, squinting as he looks for any sign of a store. “Where the fuck are we supposed to get cardigans?”

“How the hell should I know? Woolworths? Is that still a thing?” 

Dean muttering as they walk around the mall, dodging teenagers, and trying to find anything that resembles a cardigan, “I’m too old for this bullshit.” 

My Credence was so productive tonight, I’m so proud of my boy.

Tomorrow Graves may continue working on his replies.

I have to pause right now because I just found out that other one of the missing girls in my country has been found murdered with only 12 years old by a taxi driver who was an abuser.

I feel so sick because this happens here and everywhere due to the patriarchy, because somehow men had taken everything, and they are drowing us, we may have more voice to speak up what’s happening, and yet… yet the change is not happening, it’s just a slow process… I wonder how many more 8 or 12 years old girls needs to be killed for people to understand.

I’m so sorry for this rant I know it’s not the place, but I needed to take it out of my chest. The world needs to change asap.

Salted peanut butter and chocolate nice cream bowl 💛 Topped with dark roasted crunchy PB, the creamiest coconut yoghurt (discovered a new brand), my favourite store bought granola (I normally do not like store bought granola because it’s too sweet but I’ve had this one for ages and it’s the only one I like to buy!), raw cacao sauce and roasted cashews 👌

#optomstudies here to stop your 💸💸💸 from flying away! This is to answer an ask I received from @psychblr (thank you for asking!!). For some pointers on how to make money, please also check out my 7 Part Time Work post. This first part will cover food, transport and entertainment. The next part will cover textbooks, tax, and scholarships

Detailing all your income and all your expenses for the month, sort it into categories like food, rent, entertainment, etc. then circle everything you could’ve cut down on. 


  • Don’t buy coffee on campus. One cup is $3-4. Bring your own coffee if you must in a thermos. 
  • Plan your meals. Make a list so that you don’t overbuy or get duped by instant microwavable meals (which taste kinda gross anyway). 
  • Bulk buy at supermarkets. Make meals with multiple servings that you can store in the fridge for the next week. 
    • Stick to home brands. Compare the unit price ($/kg) on items so that you know you’re getting the best deals. 
    • Buy fresh fruit and veggies at markets
    • Also, if you can find an Asian grocery near you, they usually sell meat at a much cheaper price than you can find at Coles or Woolworths. 
    • Buy at ALDI if you have one near you. 
  • Bring your own bottle and refill from the water stations on campus, rather than buying bottled water and soft drinks. 
  • Join free food pages on Facebook. There’s usually sausage sizzles that sell lunch for $2.50 at least once a week, and occasionally they’ll be free!
  • Consider eating lunch off campus. If you don’t mind the trek, you can look for places off-campus. Around our uni there’s many cheap eateries that sell different cultural foods, usually catering for international students. 
  • At places like Starbucks and other places that sell coffee, ask for “hot water”, they charge $0.43 and you can bring your own tea bag or instant coffee, thanks @bambooboss
  • Asking for “a glass of water” is legally free anywhere in Australia. So save yourself from spending money on $3.99 bottled Mount Franklin water :)


  • Travel during off-peak hours. Most full time students are eligible for a concession Opal card, but you can also get an additional 30% off the travel fee outside 7-9am and 4-6:30pm weekdays. 
    • Arrange your classes later so that you start at 11am and finish around 6-7pm. 
  • Use public transport instead of driving. Saves you petrol, speeding fines and parking fees. 
  • If you live close enough, try cycling or bike loans. Our uni has bikes available for rent that are provided with helmets a lock and a light. 


  • Use your student discounts. Discounts on movie tickets and local shops can be attained just by flashing your student card. 
  • Use your uni WiFi - Library is open pretty much all day, so if you ever have a free day, just lounge around and watch Youtube to your hearts content. 
  • For parties, your uni usually holds a beginning of semester and end of semester events that are super cheap to attend if you’re looking for that kind of entertainment. Faculties will also hold cruises with free drinks and formals once a year, but those are a bit pricey. 
  • For outings, do something that doesn’t break the bank, e.g. hiking, stargazing, visit to the art museum, bike riding, perusing the flea market, watching uni sports events, cooking dessert with friends, etc. 
  • Avoid any unnecessary purchases. Do you really need that third set of highlighters? No. To avoid impulse purchases, just sleep on your decision. When you wake up in the morning with a fresh mind, most likely you’ll realise that you don’t need it after all.