I asked my gran to get me a can of coke from the local supermarket

20 or something minutes later, she comes back with a ten-can pack of Pepsi

I shit you not, there were no cans of coke left in Woolworths, just in bottles


I need a proper explanation

if you have $45, you need to partake in a 90-minute tour of the woolworth building lobby and mezzanine. you may be thinking “um, a lobby? no” but you’d miss out on turn-of-the-century architecture of near-pornographic proportions. make sure renz, the in-house archivist, is your guide. she works on tuesdays and saturdays. thank me later.

  • location: 233 broadway
  • buy tickets: here

WORTH THE HYPE: Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips

Klara Cosmetics Kiss Proof Lips Review. I’m a huge lover of lip products, especially lip lacquers & creams and these have simply reconfirmed my love for them. These lip creams are amazing. They apply evenly with the uttermost ease and are full on pigmented, the colour you see is exactly what you get. The finish isn’t semi matte just full on pure matte goodness, the same kind of matte effect you can only get when you set your lip colour with a matching powder blush or eyeshadow. The staying power = perfect, I can apply these in the morning and they last until I’m ready to remove them (in which case they are tricky to remove so you need to use a really good makeup remover) My only gripe is that they are drying (which is what one comes to expect in a matte lipstick) so it’s essential to use a really good lip balm underneath. Overall I love these and think they are some of the best matte lip creams I have tried, the colour range is fabulous (firey oranges, vintage reds, watermelon pinks and perfect purples)

*This product was sent to me for consideration disclosure policy.

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