Percival Graves in every scene 6/??

The Woolworth Building looms ahead. Credence glances toward it with a hint of longing. Graves stands outside, watching Credence intently. Credence spots him, hope flickering across his face. Utterly enthralled, Credence moves across the street toward Graves, barely looking where he’s going—everything else is forgotten. 


It’s not “Black Friday.”   It is the day after Thanksgiving.

Instead of a Throwback Thursday, I am in the mood for a Soapbox Friday.   So, do you remember when stores were closed on Thanksgiving Day and salespeople were home with family and friends?  It was an era where working in retail could mean a fulltime job with a living wage and benefits.  The day after Thanksgiving was also the first time you saw any Christmas decorations in a store.  And, if you did buy something, there was a much better chance it was made in the U.S. 

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This fic has gotten so much attention. All y’all need Jesus. So do I for that matter but shhhhhh. Enjoy the sin while you can.

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all woolworths are valid. woolworths in shopping malls are valid, stand-alone woolworths are valid. safeways are valid. caltexes are valid. woolworth’s online shopping is valid. all woolworths are valid. i see you and i love you


This stunning Phantom I is to be auctioned at Bonhams. It was commissioned in 1926 by the Woolworths financial director Clarence Gasque as a gift for his wife. The car took three times the normal amount of time to build and is a mini palace on wheels. An Aubusson tapestry covers the rear seats. There is a drinks cabinet, an ormolu carriage clock and satinwood panelling. The chassis cost £1,600 from Rolls Royce and the coachbuild, by Charles Clark of Wolverhampton, cost another £5,000. The equivalent cost today would be £365,000 and it took 10 months to build. It’s expected to make at least £700,000 .


Title: Woolworth Manor (Chapter 3 - His Lordship Returns)

Pairing: Tutor!Credence/Lord!Graves

Rating: Explicit (slow burn)


It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a son, must be in want of a tutor.

When Credence took on the temporary position of tutor at Woolworth Manor, he wasn’t expecting to fall in love with the grand estate, its household staff or his young pupil… never mind the boy’s father.

Chapter Three: Credence misplaces his charge and the elder Master Graves returns to Woolworth Manor.

(Playlist || A regency/victorian AU inspired by this post)

Inspired by Elenothar’s fic where Graves became the designated creature sitter for Newt but they follow him to work and he secretly loves it even though he grumps and huffs about it. Yes its as good as it sounds now go read it and squeal. I also notice the occamy scarf thing as a rather popular inclusion in fics so I decided to see if an occamy can actually pass off as a rather colourful scarf. As you can see I guess it is possible if you don’t mind the shining purple glittering hissing of fabulous. I also thought wouldn’t an occamy just expand inside the Woolworth building and just about bring the whole thing down and then I remembered Newt saying they only do that when stressed so there you go Graves feel stressless he emits calmness his aura is so peaceful an occamy stayed in its small coil. That’s because these are by extension his babies as well Graves is so head over heels for Newt at this point and I think I better stop here I’m beginning to sound maniacal. Again people do not stay up till 2am to draw.