March 13, 2017 - White-collared Yuhina (Yuhina diademata)

These yuhinas are found in open broadleaf forests in parts of China, Myanmar, and Vietnam. Foraging in pairs or small flocks, they eat mostly insects, including beetles, as well as seeds and rhododendron nectar. Their cup-shaped nests are constructed from leaves, grass, and roots combined with spiderwebs or moss. Females incubate two to three eggs and both parents feed the chicks.
Credit is where Credit is Due--If you can read.
The Children of Middle-Earth: Fantastic Kids and Where to Find Them (Before someone sends me a message having a cow over credits, scroll to the end of the article–that’s where I put them at the most...

For anyone still thinking I do not give credit to anyone, clearly you never read anything because all links and credits appear at the bottom of ALL 243 blog posts. 919 followers can’t be wrong and now, 2,081 readers never ONCE said a word. I would expect them to if I had forgotten or ASKED (as I often do).

There is either a literacy problem or just a lot a noice for whatever reason–I don’t care, I have a meeting tomorrow that will decide what day I (and no one else that think they know the truth without even reading) have to decide when will officially fill out the Tolkien Estate Papers–something hard to get without a referral. It will be the first time in 60+ years that a story written for consideration has been given by recommendation. It is up in the air what will happen on the day Book II: The Saga of Thranduil will go to England before me and no one has a clue what the son of J.R.R. Tolkien will say or do. Whatever comes of it, in the coming days, there will not be many that will not be watching and that includes the production company that is under contract with Martin Freeman.

If you are this person, congratulations. You could be the next official Middle-Earth Novel since The Lord of the Rings. If it’s not you, then it is the one that was accused of such things that have yet affected the production company with contracts with Martin Freeman, BBC, The History Channel and The Weinstein Company. They do not like liars and neither do I and I doubt Christopher Tolkien does either.

What am I waiting for? Nothing. Thranduil just fought his last battle in Middle Earth. I’m getting ready for Book I. People are WAiTING for me to decide when I fill out the paperwork from the Tolkien Estate (they are worth $100million–yeah, you better respect them). I’ve had them for almost a year. Just seeing how the story is going. The minute that paperwork and stuff is done, Whether or not Lee Pace reads my book is the last thing you need to worry about. I can’t say he will read it, but there is 0% chance he won’t know about it, @fortunatelyclevercandy, @leepacesweetfantasy, @lasimo74allmyworld, @earrinde-lancaeriel, @mystarlightblr, @storytimeteller1, @mrseinsteingrooving, @littletesla, @emitis17, @kelcipher, @kerstin1864, @gedebe.

Tomorrow I decide the completion date. You will have over 400 (maybe 500) pages of the first complete life of Thranduil, Elvenking of the Woodland Realm. Gee, I should be sleeping. BIG DAY. And it is all up to me. I hope no one upsets me. Right now, that is improbable. I’m about to choose my publicist.