“Ada,” I heard Legolas say. I straightened myself and found my composure, wiping my face with my sleeve.

“Yes, Legolas,” I asked sternly. “Why are you out of your room so late? Is there something you need?”

“Yes,” he said looking directly at me. His eyes were older than his face. In his youth, he seemed to know more than even the wisest of elves. “I want to be with my Father.”

He walked over to me and climbed on my lap, leaning his head on my chest. He was growing, but he was still a child. I wished he could have stayed this way because every moment I held him, I remembered the day he was born. Êlúriel was alive. I had my family with me then.

“Ada,” he began. “Why are you so sad? Do you miss my mother?”

“Yes, I do,” I said. I knew to say otherwise would be a lie with which I could not live. “I miss her very much. You should not worry for me. I will be fine.”

“Did you love my mother,” he asked.

“I loved her very much, yes.”

“Why?” I could not help but smile. He knew his father well—as much as his mother.

“There are many reasons, Legolas. But there is only one I could think of that I love as much as I loved her.”

“What is that, Ada?”

“You. She gave me you. Which means, she remains with us both. Forever.” He sat up and looked at me then smiled.

“Then you should not be sad because I do not think she would want you to be,” he said astutely and settled back down and lay his head against my chest. Such wisdom from a child.

“You are right, Legolas. She would not want me to be sad.” I kissed him on his head and realized he had begun to fall asleep.

“I love you, Ada,” he said drifting off.

“I love you, Legolas.” When I felt he was sleeping, I carried him out of my study and to his room. The guards opened his doors and I placed him in his bed. I could not help but wonder what his mother would think to see how her son was growing. I hope that I was doing what she would have wanted for our son. I left his room and walked to mine. Once inside, I lay down and cried for the rest of that night.“–Excerpt from KWR:BII by JMM (Father and Son) 9-1-15

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Liquidambar, Small Sweet Gum Tree Leaf Tree - Real Botanical Leaf Pendant in Fine Silver by Quintessential Arts

A tiny baby leaf of the lovely sweet gum.  This was made by pressing the leaf into the clay and then cutting it out.  It is the only piece made like this with this leaf, completely unique.