This fall, two dear friends got married under this tree. I did this painting to commemorate their wedding. As the tree has gotten old, a large branch fell and made a heart right through the tree. To tie this piece together, I charred a piece of wood from the tree and made pigment that I used in painting the tree. “Weeding Tree” egg tempera 4 ft x 3 ft


Good thing Thranduil looks like his grandfather Orothôn—or so I’m told. 😏…

…So I guess I won’t miss Thranduil too much. I love what I do. 😁

Did I mentioned that though this is a trilogy, it actually has four books instead of three. It technically is a tetralogy. Well, LOTR is actually six books. Semantics. Could have saved Amazon 250 million dollars and a lot of suits if PJ had shot six films for LOTR rather than three. The Hobbit could have been one and he’d have a “Harry Potter”, so to speak. But what do I know?

Not that I’m stating the obvious or anything. But if he had done it that way, he could have gotten what I put into Book II: The Saga of Thranduil without missing a beat. Providing, of course, he actually read the appendix.

Oh well. I saved everyone the trouble—until Amazon finds time between sexual harassment issues and reading the complete history of Middle Earth, writing a script, learning elvish and figuring out what the heck Amroth and Nimrodel have to do with the LOTR (not much, but if you have to like reading foot notes with a magnifying glass and a lot of inconsequential blather to figure out it has to do with the War of the Last Alliance) to make a series with backstories they know nothing about. Life’s a pip. 🍩

I also just learned Nimrodel has more to do with the Woodland Realm than anyone ever knew. I also learned why Sauron went to Dol Guldur and it has something to do with some rings and a rumor or something…let’s just say there’s a reason why Greenwood is called “The Great”, @mewardy.

I get so emotional nearing the end of a’s like I lost myself and won’t get myself back. I shouldn’t worry, though. Thranduil will return–he’s born in Book I and Legolas has to deal with him again in Book III. It’s just different when I’m not going to be Thranduil anymore. I have to be Iarûr, Orothôn, Oropher and Legolas now. Oh, and Fângil. But there is the editing..and maybe even more adventures? The Roads go ever on…

Five more weeks, and 1000 pages later…Thranduil’s story was told by him. No one—not even Amazon—can take that from anyone. The Saga of Thranduil is the first book written outside Middle Earth based entirely on Tolkien’s Middle Earth about The Elvenking. This was his story, now I prepare for Orothôn, father of Oropher, and Legolas, son of Thranduil. Iarûr, he’s in Book II, but he is the chronicler of Eryn Galen and when he’s don, his son, Súriar takes his place (if you read that last excerpt from @extendedtkwrtrilogyend. Fângil, The Minstrel of the Rhovanion is another character whose identity will be known in the end.

Don’t worry, though. There will be a whole lot of time to read Book II before the end of this. It isn’t done—not all secrets are told quite yet. Meanwhile, catch up @tkwrtrilogy where Elrond and Thranduil meet and Erestor and Glorfindel and Gil-galad and Círdan even Amdir and Amroth with Nimrodel make their debut. Don’t forget Celeborn and Galadriel. Arwen is in Book III.

This is only the beginning….