The first two prints in my new ‘Horror Classics’ series, inspired by classic movie monsters of yesteryear.

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The Margaret Herrick Library’s Graphic Arts Collection encompasses posters and production art. 

The poster collection includes more than 42,000 items representing the cinema from some of its earliest attractions to current theatrical releases, and consists primarily of one-sheet posters from Hollywood films as well as examples from independent and foreign productions. 

Are there any posters you’d like to see here on our wall? Say so in the comments and we will see what we can do in the next day or two.


Universal’s Frankenstein series. Just looking at the posters, it’s easy to see the decline as the series went along. The first 3 are classics, and while nowhere near as good, The rest are a lot of fun. Besides, the Wolf man is my second favorite classic monster and it’s cool to see his story continue into the Frankenstein series.