aAHHAAAAAAAAAAAA… You probably thought I didn’t think of anything for Gabe and Jack huh?? Welp, YOURE WRONG!! Whoop whoop…

Gabe here is a black timber wolf that adopted McCree when he was just a pup. He lost his daughter a few days before he found McCree, but that’s a story for another time.

They were formerly in a pack called Talon, but Gabe left because he didn’t think it was safe for Jesse. He was known as reaper in the previous pack.

I’m still trying to find who else would be in his pack, but for a couple of years, it’s only been him and McCree.

Okay, but like camp counselor throbb au??

  • Like Theon and Robb both have their own little troop of campers and Theon and Robb have this deadly rivalry (perhaps dating back to their own camping days but is definitely underlined with sexual tension). 
  • But it’s just a known thing at the camp and everyone has their theory on how it spurred up and no one knows the truth. (Robb and Theon give a different story every time they are asked).
  • Robb’s troop is the Wolf Pack and he calls all his campers his ‘pups’ and it is really cute.
  • Meanwhile Theon has his own troop that is called the Squid Kids and they call him Kraken Mom.
  • Theon and Robb are super competitive but the campers are like “will they just kiss and get it over with??? I just wanna go hiking???”
  • Don’t tell me they won’t rope their campers into it and their campers get really into it.
  • Bonus point if one of Robb’s siblings (it could be Rickon, Bran or Arya. OR ALL THREE) goes to the camp and are put in the ‘squid kids’ and Robb just feels utterly betrayed when he sees them wearing the little squid shirts. Theon counts it as a win (they have a score board in the mess hall).
  • Robb’s siblings are like “Don’t worry, bro, Imma help you tap that” and Robb is just “Dude, you’re 12!…and I don’t need your help.”
  • In the end, he needs their help and chaos ensures. (they are successful though!)

marshmellow-dinosaur  asked:

Imagine it's Wolffes job of always greeting the new shiny's that are joining the wolf pack but usually ends up intimidating them with his gruff and sassy attitude. That is until they see him act like a puppy following Plo Koon around. Just you know... got to make sure the general is safe at all times. Not at all attached or anything...

Plo-Koon would feel the same way. He honestly doesn’t care what the council thinks, because he just loves his wolf pups. They all love him, but no one loves him more than Wolffe. The shiny troopers would tease him for it, if it wasn’t for the fact that he would probably murder them in cold blood.

So, can we all just take a moment to picture Sevro doing his thing at the Institute - killing a wolf and taking its pelt - when all the sudden little wolf pups emerge from somewhere he hadn’t seen (because let’s be real, can you really picture Sevro killing a mother with pups?) and he makes a quick and final decision to claim them and raise the pups on his own? Our little Sevro with wolf pups, claiming to be mom, and naming them, and cuddling them, and hunting for them, and feeding them, and the Howlers as aunts and uncles of Sevro’s wolf pups - and Darrow, the pups dad!

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I don't know why but the post of Christopher meditating made me think "The black wolf stands guard protecting his sleeping pup staying vigilant and ready for any prey that might harm" i dont know im weird:/

That’s actually a kinda cool thought :) you’re not weird.


Based on:

this from @imaginethorin​, 
this from @imaginexhobbit​ 
this from @thereandbackagainimagines​

Thorin X Wife!OC 

Warnings: character missing? OC has issues with her parents.

Erebor, Post Botfa

“Fine! I’m leaving! And don’t bother following me!” Those were her last words when she stormed off, shutting the door behind her with a loud bang.
Thorin paced on the rug before the dying fire that flickered as the only source of light in the King’s quarters. His footsteps quick, he looked to the floor and repeated the argument in his mind, agitatedly muttering to himself.

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Pup Finds A Wolf

Nagisa was just with his owners Makoto and Haru until he smelled something and he rushed into the woods. He completely lost the yells from his owners as he got deeper into the woods. He lost the scent and he was unable to find anything familiar to find anything and it became dark. The small pup continued to walk until he saw someone looking out on the land and at the moon

“Hey!” Nagisa ran over to the other, but then became intimated…. It was a wolf….


Garrosh hoped he didn’t look as uncomfortable as he felt. He couldn’t remember the last time he had worn robes, and these were particularly ill-fitting. Their previous owner had been larger around the waist, but several inches shorter– the hem swished around his calves, blown by the ocean air, and probably would have slipped down if he were not straddling a Skyreaver. But at least the sash concealed his more distinguishable tattoos; the wolf-faced mask had even been convincing enough to get him through an Azerothian encampment and onto their flight path.

And the wolf pup, curled up in his lap as he flew, helped soothe his nerves. 

Soon he was on the ground. The settlement around him popped and flashed with all the gaudy materialism he had come to expect from the goblins. A machine to his left puffed steam into the air– as always, the mechanics’ tricks worked to his advantage, clouding him with its incidental veil. But he reached for his axes nonetheless: enchanted with agility spells though they were, he was sure he could make them do some damage if the occasion called for it. Satisfied, he gave the pup a nudge and headed into the inn.

“I’m meeting someone,” he didn’t wait for the receptionist’s greeting. Trying to keep his accent as Azerothian as possible, he distracted himself with the hilt of his weapon, avoiding her gaze. “Human.”

“Yes, sir. He’s already here.” 

A generous coin pouch sealed the unspoken agreement between them; taking the key from the desk, he made a turn into the hallway and headed towards the stairs. His breath caught in his throat, heart racing, paradoxically, as soon as he felt safe enough to let down his guard. 

Raised By Wolves : Open

Joey woke up to howling, loud and ear piercing right near to his window, on the second floor? He got out of bed looking around dazed. “Storm? Wolf?” He looked around, almost starting to panic until he heard the howl again. He looked to his window, seeing a paw and snout peeking up over the edge of the roof outside his window. He threw open the window and crawled onto the roof. They were waiting for him, two great wolfs, must have stood almost seven feet tall, thick fur just like his beloved pups. “Wolf? Storm?” They both looked at him, he could just feel the answer, feel a yes, he couldn’t rationalize it. He couldn’t rationalize walking right off the roof either, but he did glide to the earth and land softly on his feet in the grass. He reached out to pet Wolf, but Storm howled, so he did too. Joey covered his ears, it was so loud! “Boys! Quiet down! You’ll get daddy in trouble!” Joey was pretty sure he was dreaming, but still thought letting them howl like this was a bad idea, but they didn’t stop.

Continued from X

If even so much as his brother found out he was harboring a young wolf pup in his room, now in his bed, Izuna was certain that he would end up grounded. He had gone out, undone a trap and brought, in his father’s words, a wild beast into the house. Being only nine, the young boy had heard it all before, how you could never trust a wolf.

Well, that had obviously been wrong. Though, he would need to check the bandages around the pup’s leg again sometime today. But really, even with those red eyes, the wolf pup was just all around cute! He even let Izuna pet him, if anything, the pup seemed to enjoy it too. “I’ll need to change your bandages again soon puppy, but we have to be quiet okay?” Unfortunately for Izuna, his father would, eventually, discover the pup. For now however, the boy was content snuggling with the fluffy puppy.

“You’re so cute you know.” The boy is fawning over Tobirama however, and certainly intends to spoil him. Curious, his fingers hunker down into the thick fur, scratching, looking for that one spot every dog or puppy had that would make them melt. 

Wolfmen [littleeustasskid & ask-supernova-eustasskidd]

–Kidd stretched out his arms and legs as he woke up, a yawn escaping his lips. He sat up, sniffling slightly as he moved the blankets off of him. He crawled out of their make-shift nest of blankets, pillows, and other soft things he had found over the years, padding towards the exit of his little room.

He walked through the maze of underground caves and passageways that were passed down from generation to generation of his people. Now though, only he and his little brother remained.

Kidd walked to the small cave his little brother had claimed as his room, attempting to find him. After all, if he wasn’t cuddled up to Kidd, then he was in his own room, doing something. But, when the elder peered in, there was no small wolf-pup to greet him. Strange..

“Oi, Kiddo!” He called, his voice echoing, bouncing off of the cave walls. “Where are ya?”