The old house I lived in had pigeons in the wall.
It was both soothing and unsettling.
To wake up to the cooing of hungry things in the night,
breathe into the walls, the soft vibration of,
to me,
alien vocal cords strumming through my head.
It was the year I started building more and more elaborate nests,
it was the year I envied them their feathers, but not their broken bones.
We eat scraps of this city, we crawl up against the wall and coo ourselves asleep.
—  Pigeon Princess - Cecilie K

Humble Bundle currently has all of the RPG Maker Series on sale for the next 3 days.  Now’s a time to pick one up if you’ve never tried RPG Maker before, or have pirated a copy due to the price.

RPG Maker is an easy to use engine that requires no programming knowledge to make a game with.  While the engine’s main focus is on traditional RPG Making (Think Final Fantasy and ) adventure games like Pocket Mirror, The Witch’s House, Pom Gets Wifi, Ib, & Yume Nikki.  Visual novels can also be made with the engine as well.

So who can name every character and game these characters are from? 

Edit: Okay so there’s the source of this image and the Artist said not to distribute it across websites. But I originally had no idea of where it came from and I just wanted to find out all the games’ names so that I could play them. 


Movies that should happen.

Another hetalia movie

Ib the movie/anime

Mad father the movie/anime


Lesbian chick flicks.

Movie about a guy goin’ off to war, but instead if killin’ the innocent people, ends up falling for one of them.

Markiplier the movie. An inspirational tale.

Tumblr the movie. A horror film.

A movie about cats saving a cat world.