Haunted Grounds: The Ropes Mansion, Salem, Massachusetts

Place: The Ropes Mansion

Location: Salem, Massachusetts 

The Ropes Mansion (also known as the Ropes Memorial) is a public museum located in the Chestnut Street District of Salem, Massachusetts. The mansion was once the home of Nathaniel & Abigail Ropes. Nathaniel was a judge and key figure during the infamous Salem Witch Trials.

According to legend, the mansion is haunted by the ghost of Abigail who died after her nightgown caught on fire in one of the upstairs fireplaces. It is said that she was so prone to outbursts that people ignored her screams, believing she was just yelling at the servants.

To this day her spirit is still said to roam the halls of the Ropes Mansion.

The Ropes Mansion is located at 318 Essex Street in Salem, Massachusetts and is open to the public.

TRIVIA: The exterior of the Ropes Mansion was used as the exterior of Allison’s house in Hocus Pocus.

Things that should have happened on Penny Dreadful 2x04 #6
  • Vanessa:Gosh
  • Vanessa:I am so VERY glad that Joan Clayton, my wise old mentor, taught me that spell to create a barrier to keep evil things and whatnot out
  • Vanessa:Otherwise I'd have witches hiding in my room
  • Vanessa:Blending in with the wallpaper
  • Vanessa:Stealing my hair for their nefarious purposes
  • Vanessa:But nope
  • Vanessa:This house is WITCH FREE
  • Vanessa:Thanks for that one, Joan!
  • Ethan:...
  • Ethan:...
  • Ethan:...yeah, god rest her soul, and so on.
  • Ethan:*Edges away*
Witch House
  • Glass teapot with floral scented tea, with three glass teacups
  • Mismatched floral teacups, some half full of tea
  • Rain spattered windowpanes
  • Candles placed haphazardly around a cluttered space
  • Bird skulls neatly arranged by size on a dark wooden shelf
  • Immense books with well-thumbed pages with cracked leather covers and several silk bookmarks filling a bookshelf
  • Small green shoots sprouting from glass jars and bottles, budding
  • The scent of herbs drying as the hang from the ceiling
  • Tiny bottles and flasks labeled absinthe in elaborate but unsteady handwriting
  • Minutely detailed renderings of human anatomy plastered to one wall
  • Dusty and faded lace curtains tied back with a length of ribbon
  • A closet that presents outfits depending on your mood
  • The scent of wood smoke and wax
  • Books laying half open and scattered across the room
  • A worn oval rug that retains its bright colors
  • Crystals clustered on a desk, some rough, some polished

    Note: This is not meant to be dismissive of pagan culture or modern magic practitioners! Please feel free to let me know if there’s a way I can be more respectful!
PLEASE let them mention witch bottles in ‘Above the vaulted Sky’

or making marks above the doorway and chimney spaces, the ‘liminal’ spaces, to keep witches out

or the fact that people used to wall up cats alive to protect the house against witches

(I took a course on witchcraft studies in my third year - my university was awesome - and I’ve never quite been able to get it out of my system since)

So who can name every character and game these characters are from? 

Edit: Okay so there’s the source of this image and the Artist said not to distribute it across websites. But I originally had no idea of where it came from and I just wanted to find out all the games’ names so that I could play them. 


Movies that should happen.

Another hetalia movie

Ib the movie/anime

Mad father the movie/anime


Lesbian chick flicks.

Movie about a guy goin’ off to war, but instead if killin’ the innocent people, ends up falling for one of them.

Markiplier the movie. An inspirational tale.

Tumblr the movie. A horror film.

A movie about cats saving a cat world.