all quotes following the opening sequence from The Wire

…when it’s not your turn - McNulty

You cannot lose, if you do not play. - Marla Daniels

The king stay the king. - D'Angelo

Thin line ‘tween heaven and here. - Bubbles

…a little slow, a little late. - Avon Barksdale

…and all the pieces matter. - Freamon

A man must have a code. - Bunk

Come at the king, you best not miss. - Omar

Maybe we won. - Herc

And then he dropped the bracelets… - Greggs

Dope on the damn table. - Daniels

This is me, yo, right here. - Wallace

all in the game… - Traditional West Baltimore

Ain’t never gonna be what it was. - Little Big Roy

They can chew you up, but they gotta spit you out. - McNulty

What they need is a union. - Russell

If I hear the music, Im gonna dance. - Greggs

They used to make steel there, no? - Spiros Vondas

It don’t matter that some fool say he different… - D'Angelo

Don’t worry kid. You’re still on the clock. - Horseface

How come they don’t fly away? - Ziggy

The world is a smaller place now. - The Greek

It pays to go with the union card every time. - Ziggy

I need to get clean. -  Sobotka

Business. Always Business. - The Greek

Don’t matter how many times you get burnt, you just keep doin the same. - Bodie

There’s never been a paper bag. - Colvin

The gods will not save you. - Burrell

Why you got to go and fuck with the program? - Fruit

I had such fuckin’ hopes for us. - McNulty

Just a gangster, I suppose. - Avon Barksdale

Conscience do cost. - Butchie

Crawl, walk and then run. - Clay Davis

…while you’re waiting for moments that never come. - Freamon

Call it a crisis of leadership. - Proposition Joe

We ain’t gotta dream no more, man. - Stringer Bell

…we fight on that lie. - Slim Charles

Lambs to the slaughter here. - Marcia Donnelly

I still wake up white in a city that ain’t. - Corcetti

I love the first day, man. Everybody all friendly an’ shit. -  Namond Brice

No one wins. One side just loses more slowly. - Prez

If you with us, you with us. - Chris Partlow

Don’t try this shit at home. - Norman Wilson

Aw yeah. That golden rule. - The Bunk

We got our thing, but it’s just part of the big thing. - Zenobia

Might as well dump 'em, get another. - Proposition Joe

World goin’ one way, people another. - Poot

You play in dirt, you get dirty. - McNulty

That all there is to it? - Bubbles

If animal trapped call 410-844-6286. - Baltimore, traditional

The bigger the lie, the more they believe. - Bunk

This ain’t Aruba, bitch. - Bunk

They’re dead where it doesn’t count. - Fletcher

Buyer’s market out there. - Templeton

Just 'cause they’re in the street doesn’t mean that they lack opinions. - Haynes

If you have a problem with this, I understand completely. - Freamon

They don’t teach it in Law School. - Pearlman

A lie ain’t a side of a story, it’s just a lie. - Terry Hanning

Deserve got nuthin’ to do with it. - Snoop

…the life of kings. - H.L. Mencken

Here’s to the great characters that were created and brought on screen as well as the great thinkers behind the words and the images.