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(based on gav's wife swap comment in the latest minecraft) new rt doc idea: michael and gavin swap significant others for a week so meg/michael live together and have fun hanging out and then lindsay/gavin live together and they just have to try and not burn the house down

skdkd they’d have completely different goals like meg and michael are like “we’ll consider it a success if we have fewer than five legitimate disagreements the entire week” and gavin and lindsay are like “if the house doesn’t look like someone threw a frat party in it by the end of the week we’re calling it a win”

meg after a week: yeah, michael fixed a couple of problems we were having with the house that gavin was responsible for calling and getting fixed for the last three months but didn’t–what? no, michael didn’t call about them he just fixed them himself–and we set up an equal schedule for laundry/dishes/sweeping/cooking/etc and learned how to work around michael being an early riser while i sleep in and all in all michael got me hooked on mountain monsters and i think we did good.

lindsay after a week: we got fast food every night and michael is gonna have to do the dishes when he gets back but. this house? still standing. team spouse-swap? winning.

hardcut to michael facepalming and saying “YOU CAN’T JUST NAME YOURSELF AFTER WHAT YOU’RE DOING. THAT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. JUST ACCEPT YOU’RE TEAM LOSERS. YOU WERE TEAM LOSERS WHEN YOU CALLED YOURSELF TEAM BOAT RACE FOR ONE ROUND OF MARIO PARTY. YOU WERE TEAM LOSERS WHEN YOU CALLED YOURSELF TEAM LINGUISTICS FOR A ROUND OF ON THE SPOT. YOU’RE TEAM LOSERS NOW. and me and meg? well uh, to no one’s surprise, team winners won. by a pretty large margin, actually. did lindsay and gavin exceed my expectations for them? absolutely. were the expectations they exceeded the absolute bare minimum of functional? yes.“

mino; cheesy mishaps

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Summary: Who would’ve thought that a sudden case of burst pipes would lead to a cheesecake date by the stairwell?

neigbour! Mino, fluff, scenario of 2k words.

“How bad is it?” Minho furrowed his brows in fear, eyeing the same man that came by just two weeks ago.

Pretty bad.” The technician scrunched his nose, eyes narrowed as he nodded slowly. “I wouldn’t go there if I were you.”

“That bad, huh?” Minho sighed warily while he stepped aside to let the man in. The box of tools clanged against his thighs and Minho watched him pad towards the kitchen.

“She’ll murder you, I know the look.” He muttered without looking at Minho, kneeling down to further inspect the kitchen sink. “Trust me. I’m married.”

Minho rolled his tongue inside his cheek, contemplating if he should pay the person below his apartment a visit. Considering how the last time didn’t go so well.

“Her place is practically flooded.”

“What?” The information had him throwing both arms up in exasperation over the back of his neck.

“It’s like the monsoon in there, man.”

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