Congratulations to @betaruga for winning not once, not twice, but thrice in the 2017 GoChi Awards!! I was asked by @maiikawriter to write a gift fic for the piece she won in the “Favorite AU” category and I was like hells yeah cuz I’ve been wanting to write a Tarzan au since seeing this and it was the perfect opportunity to do so! Plus, who better to give it to than to one of my favorite people in this fandom? Here’s a link to her original work as well (I hope the link works)

Consider this more of a prequel to this particular scene. Also, I’m lewd so there’s mature-ish (immature-ish depending on who you ask lmao) content involved (no smut though, sorry)

The monkey man was sniffing her, his nose inhaling the air around her with audible sniffs as if he were a primate. As his head dipped lower and lower and closer to that intimate dip between her thighs, ChiChi recovered her ability to breathe and kicked out her leg, barely missing his shin. The looked he gave her was almost as offended as hers.

“Look, I’m grateful that you saved me but don’t think that gives you the right to- OH GOOD HEAVENS.”

While ChiChi had not missed the fact that the wild man was starkly and utterly in the nude, it was an observation that hardly mattered at the time while being witness to a savage fight between a man and an ape twice his size.

Indeed, were it not for this wild man that was said to be raised by the rare Great Saiyan apes specific to this region, her blood would currently be soaking the trees’ roots. What remained of her scattered about for the earth to absorb and mammals to devour.

In any case, it was not the sight of his unabashed nudity that set her face aflame and her nerves to sizzle. It wasn’t even the tail that seemed to curl itself into a question mark as he stared at her with incredulity- That’s right, a tail. Like that of a monkey’s sprouting from his lower back, right above his bare buttocks.

It was something entirely more mundane and entirely more alarming to her.

His member, red and engorged and bigger than she thought a man could grow, twitched at her as if waving hello.  

“You stay right there,” she warned, keeping any advancement on his part at bay with her ruined yellow parasol, knowing perfectly well that the item wouldn’t do much against him should she need to use it. To his credit, he made no further attempt to reach her, while she made every effort to keep her gaze away from the swollen thing that was poised in the air like a second, smaller tail, but her eyes betrayed her and she caught sight of his hand wrapping around his shaft, a soft groan escaping him. The confusion and frustration in his expression, like a boy reaching puberty for the first time, shocked her almost as much as the act itself.

“How-how dare you. What kind of creature…”  ChiChi took several more steps back.

While the rest of him appeared to be human, there was still the matter of the tail that no ordinary human could possibly ever possess. On top of that evident physical abnormality, no ordinary human would come out of a bare-handed fight with an ape with anything less than fractured bones and torn ligaments. It was entirely possible that he’d suffered internal injuries, but to be certain of that she’d have to bring him back for her father, a physician, to assess. She owed him that much, at least. Now if only he’d stop touching himself.

Though she was still frightened to think he may try to mount her like any other non-human mammal did by their instincts, the scholarly part of her brain was far too curious to learn more of this breathing enigma with bad posture and impressive pectorals.

Was he part ape, part human? Or something else entirely?

“Goku,” she said, calling him by the name the locals had given him. Recognition flickered across his (objectively comely) face at the sound of the name, and the clumsy, lewd ministrations on himself ceased.

Aha! So he was familiar with that title, and perhaps he even knew his attachment to it.

“ChiChi,” she said, pointing at herself as she introduced herself to him. Then, she called out his name again, pointing at him this time.

As she repeated this form of signaling and communicating, like one would when teaching a baby, there was something intelligent behind the focused gaze he studied her gesticulations with, and ChiChi soon found her attention being ripped away from all other parts of his anatomy to stare at his eyes. Human eyes, dark brown and filled with a longing that reminded ChiChi of her father’s when discovering something new to study.

Though they had traveled here to study the jungle and in particular, the very apes that Goku was rumored to be raised by, there was no good reason as to why she should pass up an opportunity to learn more about an even rarer specimen. Well, other than the fact the she had unintentionally aroused him and that he was probably very dangerous man if pummeling an ape to near death was any indication. But if he had really wanted to hurt her, he would have already done so, and he would not have endangered his own life to protect hers.

Besides, with her map being torn up by the ape that tried to kill her, she was lost, and she was going to find a way to make him understand that she needed his help to find her way back.

Perhaps once they reached camp, she could convince him to stay, and he could be taught to be civilized, maybe even eventually persuaded to lead her to his pack.  

She ignored the part of brain that told her she wanted to bring him back for reasons besides scientific purposes

๐ŸŽ„ December 13th ๐ŸŽ„

A/N: Happy December! I decided to make a kpop-scenarios-advent-calendar for all of you! I will post at least every second day up until Christmas! They will either be fluff or smut, sometimes only small drabbles, sometimes long scenarios. And all my scenarios will be optional bias (male, at least in the smuts) so all of you can enjoy them! x

genre: smut, male!dom (this is actualla really kinky I almost died writing this rip me)

~3.8k words

here’s my jungkook advent calendar I did last year!


(F/N = friend’s name) (H/N = his name)

It was one of both your boyfriend and your free days. Now and then, you decided to spend them alone, staying at home, doing whatever came to your head. It meant blanket forts, playing hide and seek or simply binge watching your favorite TV show all day.

Today however, had been quite productive. Your boyfriend and you had been baking Christmas cookies all day. You were filling up box after box. A good amount of the sweets had also landed in your mouths, of course. Right now you were waiting, the last tray of cookies in the oven. Your boyfriend came up to you, wrapping his arms around your waist from behind. His chest pressed against your back, warm and comforting. Your sweater had ridden up as he toyed with the skin that was exposed. His lips ghosted over your neck, tickling you softly. You chuckled and said his name, signaling him to stop. He had been this way since the morning. Teasing touches, fleeting kisses on your neck and lips, hugging you at any given chance. There had been moments when you had almost given in to him. You had kissed for a few minutes, and after a while he had began playing with your sweater. That’s when you realized your cookies were long finished. After almost burning that tray, you decided to postpone the making out until after the baking. To his dismay.

“Can we make the gingerbread houses now?” he asked into your ear. You had completely forgotten about those. After making gingerbread figures your had drawn faces onto them, making them look like your friends, making you both laugh. He had made one that looked like you and you had decorated one to make it look like him. Then, you had looked up which pieces you needed for a gingerbread house. And because one wasn’t enough, you had baked gingerbread walls and roofs for two houses. To this point you had no idea who was going to eat all of this, but that was something to think about later.

“Why did we decide to make two again?” you asked, turning to the tray with the cookie walls. It had cooled down by now, ready to be made into a beautiful house. You had bought pre-made icing and lots of sugar decoration, the bowls already covering every surface of the kitchen from decorating the previous kinds of cookies.

“I have an idea!” he suddenly exclaimed. His eyes were glowing in excitement, like every time he was happy about something. “Let’s have a gingerbread house contest!”

“That’s impossible! We can’t choose a winner when it’s just us two,” you noted.

“Of course we can! We will both know that mine is the best,” he said, cheekily smiling at you. His eyes woke up the combative spirit inside of you, so you started to think about his idea.

“What about taking pictures of our houses and sending them to a friend, asking them to be the judge?” you thought out loud. He grinned.

“Let’s send them to F/N!” he requested. “He always replies right away.”

You weren’t sure if sending them to his best friend was going to ensure your win, but you agreed nonetheless.

“What does the winner get?” he asked, getting more enthusiastic by the second. You thought.

“What about…the loser has to grant the winner a wish,” you said.

“Anything?” he asked. You nodded.

“Anything,” you agreed, knowing that if his request was too crazy you could always talk your way out of it. He loved you too much to argue, anyway. And you loved him too much to say no, which meant you might as well grant him any crazy wish in the world. That is, in case he won. Which you were going to prevent.

Two minutes later you had cleared out a small space and transferred the gingerbread pieces in front of you.

At least you knew you were at an advantage, having done this before. You began, trying to figure out how to place the pieces in the most efficient position. Then, you started putting the icing into a piping bag, careful not to drop any. The way he eyed your side, taking in your actions, worried you.

“Don’t you dare touch my masterpiece,” you said, giving him a stern look. He smiled sweetly.

Around ten minutes later your warning seemed like it had never been serious. After you had began building your houses, the teasing had begun.

“Mine will look like a billion dollar mansion,” he had said. “Yours will be ugly.”

That’s when you had playfully thrown smarties onto his house. It was a mistake. Motivated by your actions, he impulsively grabbed one of your walls and before you could even yell in surprise, he took a bite from it. It was still usable, but you were outraged nonetheless. You got him back by eating some of his decorative candy, making him push you off his side, hands already messy with icing. You fought him off, trying not to get any of the white, sticky icing onto you. With all the energetic yelling, you seriously hoped your neighbors weren’t at home to hear. While you were both focused on your own houses for a few seconds, trying to make them stand up, you swore and nagged.

“This will never stay together!” he exclaimed. You were too focused to answer, holding your roof parts together, not daring to blink. After a few seconds, he quieted down too. When you had carefully let go of your house, icing was covering your hands just as much as your boyfriend’s. Grinning mischievously, you let your eyes divert to his side. He was supporting his “future mansion” with his hands, biting his lip. You took the opportunity. Suddenly, you grabbed his shoulders, yelling a loud “Boo!”. Startled, he jumped, shouting in frustration. You had avoided getting any icing onto his clothes, now eying your hands. Unluckily, his house was still standing. When he turned your way you knew you were in trouble. Instantly you braced yourself, holding your sticky hands up in front of you. He had other plans. Quickly, he came forward, reaching for your wrist, his grip iron tight. He pushed your own hand towards your face, wanting to smash the icing onto your skin. You giggled as you tried hard to stop him, but it was no use. Your laughter mixed with his when you felt the sugary substance on your skin, still struggling wildly to keep him away. In the end, the icing landed not only on both of your faces, but also your clothes. You were still laughing when he was backing away, glaring at you playfully.

“Stop!” you shouted as he reached for some more of the icing. “We haven’t even decorated them yet! Let’s bury the hatchet.”

He eyed you, probably not really trusting your sudden idea. But then, he agreed. For a solid five minutes you managed not to sabotage the other’s work. When he began again, throwing sweets at you, you decided to ignore him.

Your creative spirit had taken over, making you finish the gingerbread house feeling rather confident. To be honest, neither of your houses were particularly beautiful. But taking into consideration the chaotic fighting that had happened during it all, they were a solid ten out of ten. Your boyfriend took photos whilst you advised him on the perfect angle for your masterpiece.

“Mine’s so gonna win,” you said, marveling at your house proudly. Your boyfriend clicked the send-button on his phone, shaking his head.

“No way,” he answered, putting his phone down on the counter. “The prize is mine.”

“What would you even wish for, in case you won,” you asked. “Which, you won’t.”

“I don’t know yet,” he said. “But I’m gonna come up with something.”

You chuckled, still confident of your victory. Then, your eyes flew over the kitchen and the mess that was it.

“Maybe we should start cleaning this up,” you requested. He sighed, but agreed. Better now than later when you would be even more tired. The sun had gone closer to the horizon, dawn breaking in slowly. For a few minutes you cleaned up in comfortable silence. You were standing by the sink, warm water running into the many used bowls.

“We’ll have to let this sit for a while, so the dough comes off easier,” you thought out loud. He mumbled something undefinable and before you knew it, his arms were around you again. His chest was against your back, his head resting on your shoulder. You couldn’t help but smile. Sweetly, he kissed your cheek, the entire playful fighting from before completely forgotten.

“Why are you so needy today?” you asked. “Not that I’m complaining.”

He didn’t get time to answer, because you turned around in his arms and pressed your lips to his. You felt him smile into the kiss. He finally had what he wanted. Your hands went around his neck, playing with his hair while his tongue slipped past your lips. His hands were eager, pushing up your sweater and running over your sides. Pressing himself closer to you, you found yourself leaning against the nearest kitchen counter, almost bending backward from how hungry his kisses were. He groaned into the kiss when you pulled his hair softly, knowing it was his weakness. You felt yourself getting more turned on by every inch his hands moved higher beneath your sweater. He didn’t make a move to take it off you, he simply loved teasing you until you were putty in his hands. But what he could, you could do better.

You let your hands move from his hair lazily, over his sensitive neck to his chest. Your fingers pressing against the fabric, you let your hands run down his front seductively. He groaned again, this time even pulling away to watch your actions for a moment. Your fingers stopped by the waistband of his sweatpants, playing with the fabric teasingly. You pulled him closer, his crotch grinding against yours. You could feel how his bulge was growing. You thought about pulling him to the bedroom, but he was too forceful, having you sandwiched between the counter and his body.

“H/N, not here,” you breathed. “Let’s go to the bedroom.”

He didn’t seem to listen, now bending to your neck and peppering kisses all over it. He had grabbed your sweater and was pulling it upward, but you weren’t having it.

“Babe, let’s go,” you said again. Suddenly, a noise interrupted you. Your boyfriend’s phone. He pulled away shortly, reaching for the device behind him. You wish you could have wiped the grin off his face as he checked the screen. You knew what it meant.

“I won. My gingerbread house is the best,” he triumphed. You rolled your eyes, admitting his victory. At the moment, you were too sexually frustrated to care. You were sure, later you would be bothered, but not now.

“Fine,” you let out. “Can we go to the bedroom now?”

“I won,” he said again. “I get a free wish. And I want to stay here, in the kitchen. And you’ll do anything I say.”

His eyes had changed completely. You had expected his wish to be something silly and funny, not this. But you didn’t mind. Even if outside the bedroom he was a child, you loved his dominant side that came out in times like these. If he wanted to have his way with you, you were more than willing to do that.

While you still thought about what was about to happen, he had approached you again, this time not wasting another moment. His hands went straight to your sweater, pulling upwards. Smiling happily, you lifted your arms. You hadn’t had much time to have sex lately, leaving you frustrated and missing him. Missing the shape of his body, his hands on your skin and his perfect lips sending you straight to heaven.

“I missed this,” he mumbled, as if he had read your mind. While he was pressing his lips against your skin you hummed in agreement, watching his soft mouth nibble at your chest. His hands were already fumbling with your bra as your fingers tangled in his locks again. As soon as the piece of clothing came off, his fingers went to your boobs. His head appeared in front of yours again, lips wet and red. You tasted sugar when he kissed you again, his tongue taking dominance over yours right away. Your skin felt on fire where his hands touched you. They wandered down your curves, over your hips and then grabbing fistfuls of your ass. He pushed you towards him, pressing his bulge into your front. Oh, how easily this boy got turned on.

The comfortable sweatpants you had been wearing were shed off you quickly, his eager eyes eying your almost naked body. As he was still fully dressed in front of you. You felt like changing that. But as he noticed your attempt to reach for his shirt, his hands were faster. With one quick move he grabbed the material at the back of his neck and pulled. You had always wondered how men took off their shirts so easily and sexily. Your boyfriend did it best. You had barely any time to admire his body before he lowered his head to yours again. His lips ghosted above yours, heavy breaths mixing. His stare was intense, as if he was observing your eyes.

Then, he grinned cutely. You flinched when you realized why. He had dipped his fingers in the bowl of the icing and was now smearing it onto your chest. His name left your mouth in surprise but he was already licking his lips. If you had seen this in a movie, you would have laughed. Now, you were in no mood to laugh. Your breath was stuck in your throat as his hungry lips kissed around your nipples. His tongue nipped at your sensitive skin, making sure to leave purple marks. You moaned softly, closing your eyes for a few seconds. You wanted more, but you knew begging was no use. You had tried many times before, but he was stubborn. If he wanted to make you wait, he would do just that.

Suddenly, you felt his finger at your lip. On instinct, you parted them. His thumb tasted of sugary icing and you swirled your tongue around it, making sure to leave no last bit behind. He watched you intently and you knew just what to do to drive him crazy. You blinked sweetly, making sure to look extra innocent in front of him.

“Fuck,” he breathed as he pulled his thumb from your mouth. Even though he had lost his patience for a while, he caught himself quickly. He held your waist tightly as he dipped his head to the valley of your breasts. He loved kissing your body. But now, he didn’t stop at your boobs. His tender kisses traveled down your waist to your belly, his hot breath fanning over your skin, making your head spin. His fingers were already linked into the material of your underwear, but he made no move to actually take them off. His eyes looked up at you for a moment, almost making your heart stop.

Then, he kissed over your still clothed center, with just slight pressure. After all this time you had no other chance than to whimper weakly, finally getting a small release. He licked a small stripe over the cotton, your wetness probably leaking through it by now. Your heart was racing, your breaths were shallow. If he didn’t do anything to you soon, you were convinced you would go insane. But then he finally did. His fingers slid down your underwear, cool air hitting your center. Involuntarily, you pressed your legs together for more friction.

“You’re gorgeous, angel,” he muttered, his hands gently caressing your thighs. He picked up one of them, making you put one of your legs around his shoulder. You were about to tell him to hurry, when he spoke.

“Always so patient for me,” he praised you, “Good girl.”

Then, his lips finally touched you. He knew you well, knew your most sensitive spots and weaknesses. But he wasn’t going for that just yet. With small kitten licks he made you whimper, your hands instantly burying in his hair again. You wanted to urge his face closer to you, to find more release, but his hands found your wrists first. Gently, he took your hands, holding them on either side of you, by the kitchen counter you were leaning against. He wanted you to be good for him whilst he continued his sweet torture. But you weren’t sure if you would be able to. For a few seconds, his lips closed around your clit, sucking softly. You let out a shaky breath, followed by a moan when he found another spot right away. He was playing a bittersweet game. He knew he would have to quicken his actions if he wanted you to come. But that wasn’t what he wanted. He took his time, while your legs trembled beneath his kisses and your head was full of pleasure and eagerness.

If only he hadn’t won the stupid contest. You could be having sex right now. Instead you felt as if you were hanging on the edge of your orgasm, but not able to find your release. You whimpered, hoping he would understand your silent begs.

“Baby, you can’t come yet,” he said, sternly but with a gentleness in his voice that you couldn’t resist. You nodded, humming a ‘yes’, while you had trouble keeping your eyes open. His tongue was licking small figure eights onto your sweet spot, but they were so slow. Too slow. You had goosebumps from where his hands gently brushed over your wrists and your legs felt as if they were going to give in any second. You needed to come. You needed to.

“H/N, please,” you cried, your hands forming fists in frustration. In response, you realized he slowed down his small licks even more. You groaned quietly, your eyes fixed on his soft hair between your legs.

“You know I don’t like it when you beg,” he muttered against your clit. “I won, so be good for me.”

You mumbled a yes, expecting him to continue his actions. To your surprise, he stopped, looking up at you. Then, he gently took your leg from around his shoulder and got up. The sweet boy you had fought with over the gingerbread house was gone. His gaze on you almost intimidated you as he got closer, his breath on your lips. The burning between your legs was almost unbearable, but you forgot about it for a moment when he kissed you. This time, you didn’t care about his warnings. Your hands went to the front of his sweatpants, palming his member through the material. His groan in your mouth sounded almost agonized. You knew he was a giver, but his low moans were the most beautiful sound in the world to you.

“Wait here, don’t move,” he ordered before kissing you one more time. Then, he left the kitchen. Your legs pressed together involuntarily, the anticipation almost too much to handle. When he finally came back, he had a condom in his hand and the smile he gave you reminded you of his normally cheerful character. You watched him remove his pants while you tried to calm your unsteady breath.

“Turn around for me, will you?” he asked. You wasted no second to do so. Behind you, you heard the sound of the condom wrapper. The cold of the kitchen counter gave you a sudden shiver, your hands laying flat on the surface. The warmth of his body as he bent over you was a stark contrast. He placed a kiss on your shoulder, just as his fingers came to slip between your legs again. By now you were dripping wet, your entire body responding to every small pressure on your swollen clit. You let out a dragged out whimper, your fingernails digging into your palms in utter frustration.

“Is my baby sensitive?” he asked, his breath fanning your ear. Not answering, you simply nodded, a shaky breath escaping your lips as his fingers pressed tightly against your sweet spot. You felt his other hand run over your sides, down to your ass. A moment later he pushed the tip of his cock against your folds. After all this time you had no more control over your response. You moaned weakly when he thrust all the way into you, sharply before pulling almost all the way out. He had straightened up, holding your hips as he picked up pace quickly. You were finally getting the release you had waited for, making you close your eyes in bliss. The sound of his hips slamming against your ass, mixed with both of your moans filled the room. His name fell from your lips, knowing he loved it when you said it. His thrusts were hard, his fingers digging into your skin, hands all over you. For a moment you wished you could have seen him that moment. You knew you were nearing your high, your eyes barely able to stay open and focused. As if he knew, he suddenly slowed down his thrusts down until he was fucking you gently and way to slow for your liking. You whimpered again, your eyes weakly blinking as he bent over you again. His pink lips almost brushed your ear.

“Do you wanna come now, angel?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” you begged, nodding eagerly. His cock brushed over your g-spot so slowly, you thought you were seeing stars.

“You’re so hot like this,” he breathed into your ear. For a couple seconds, he watched you, as you submit to his teasing, your mouth hanging open in pleasure.  Suddenly, he snapped his hips forward, instantly quickening his thrusts again. At the same time, his hand found its way to your front again, rubbing your clit in quick circles. You knew you weren’t gonna last long, as your wall tightened around his member, making him curse under his breath. His voice was raw and raspy, leaving your stomach turning in excitement. You knew he was allowing you to come now. Although even if he hadn’t, you wouldn’t have been able to hold it back any longer. As your orgasm washed over you, your legs shook, and you were glad your upper body was on the counter, holding you up. He rode out your high, removing his fingers from your center only after a while, as his thrusts became sloppy. You were still feeling complete bliss as he too, found his high. His fingers on your skin must have left marks from how tightly he was holding you. He moaned your name, before slowing down and carefully pulling out fully.

Your chest heaved against the cold counter, but your skin was burning hot. Your boyfriend came beside you, bending down to your face. Gently, he brushed away your hair and kissed your cheek.

“I love you,” he said. Your lips crinkled into a smile, eyes still closed in happiness. 

My Top 10 Title Tracks of the Year(Boy Groups)

10. UP10TION - Runner

Originally posted by agunu

I don’t know about everyone else but to me, Up10tion did not get appreciated enough this year. going crazy and Runner were both bop comebacks especially Runner. I literally have the video downloaded to watch it outside because I love it so much. if you don’t like Runner then what have you been listening to this year? actually, if you don’t like up10tion then what have you been listening to period?

9. Wanna one - Beautiful

Originally posted by defsouldanik

I actually don’t have much to say about Beautiful but that the song is so beautiful(no pun intended) it’s just, I don’t know what it is but it just makes me so happy when I hear it. so in my book its Wanna One’s best song at the moment and I didn’t even know anything would’ve been better then Energetic since I am Hui trash and he was apart of it  

8. Astro - Baby

Originally posted by hoe-ssi

Choreography amazing, Vocals amazing, Stage presence amazing, Visuals amazing, every single thing about Baby was amazing. honestly, in my heart, Astro could have come back just once this year with only Baby and they still would’ve had this year in the palm of their hands and still had one the best comebacks of the entire year don’t fight me on this. give my babies the credit they are due 

7. A.C.E - Callin’

Originally posted by ace-kingdom

Do I listen to this song every single day? Yes, Yes I do I am obsessed with this song I watch the video and dance ver all the time I actually have the dance ver downloaded I sing it randomly at least once every day and does my sister get annoyed with me, yes, yes she does do I care? No, no I do not. A.C.E are a group of 5 talented human beings that probably smell like talent and hard work. please support them and watch them on the unit(Jun and Chan) and mix nine(Jason, Wow and Donghan) Lol that promotion though

6. N.Flying - The Real

Originally posted by ceohan

I have absolutely nothing to say about this song other than the fact that this song is just a straight up bop and I want to go to everyone’s house that has slept on N.flying and ask them why the hell are they sleeping on gems like this

5. VICTON - Unbelievable

Originally posted by agunu

Let me tell you something I am a ride or die for this song right here if I had a friend and they said this song was trash you’re getting dropped. it’s over, our friendship is cancelled, you’re cancelled, were cancelled, everything is over because this song was and is pure gold don’t come for me 

4. PENTAGON - Runaway

Originally posted by pentagayy

I don’t have anything really to say about this song I literally love every single pentagon title track and non-title track, Critical beauty and Like This were both Bops but Runaway, in my opinion, takes the cake for Pentagon this year I don’t know what it is but Runaway just really hypes me up and makes me happy when I listen to it and honey Hui in the MV…I swear I bias a magical being

3. Winner - Island

Originally posted by hebemino

If you don’t think that Winner did amazing this year despite basically being forgotten by their snake CEO aka YG then you’ve been under a rock the entire year. Really Really, Fool, Love me love me and Island were all bops not one fell in comparison but this is Winner were talking about all they do is drop hits not to be cheesy or anything but read their name(Just saying)

2. Super Junior - Black Suit

Originally posted by chanmi-n-yunnie

Super Junior was gone for quite a while but they came back and slapped us in the face with this comeback and I swear everything about this song is amazing the vocals,Yesung’s ad-libs, especially that “ooh baby” at 2:46 in the song, Donghae, Eunhyuk, it’s just this song and comeback was just so amazing and to the “fans” that were mad at Heechul because he couldn’t be on stage the entire time you can go somewhere because you know he slayed each and everytime hunty

1. BTS - Spring Day

Originally posted by certifiedtaehyung

Ok I’m not gonna get all emotional on you guys but this song just means so much to me I could cry but I won’t talk about that. seriously though guys isn’t Spring Day just one of their best title tracks? I feel like this song hasn’t been appreciated enough. but just know I’ll appreciate it for all of us. I’ll appreciate the amazing vocals, the beautiful choreography, the beautiful music video and everything about the comeback period 

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[킹갓제너럴어쩌구도랸님] 어제 사진에 대한 박인서 반응이 넘 좋았으니까 #ㄹㄹㄹㄹ 찍으러 #라 갔던 그때의 기억들과 외장하드를 끄집어 내며, 모두들 자연스럽게 #ㄹㄹㄹㄹ 를 두 번 들을 수 있도록 해보려고 합니다🎧 에헤헷 원래 릴리릴리의 매력은 추울 때 ‘여기 내 새로 산 신발을 좀 봐’ 춤이 절로 나올 수 있게 하는 구성진 가락에 있는거 아시죠!! 어쨋든 간에 춥든 덥든, 지금 야근을 해가지고 졸리든 안 졸리든.. 도랸님이 너무 잘 생겼으니까 의식의 흐름대로 외장하드를 싹싹 털어서 박인서에게 보여줄 사진을 더 열심히 모으도록 하겠습니다👀 #괴도팀위너 #박인서만보여줄꺼야 #하고싶은게많은팀위너 #과거여행중 #비주얼✨로는이미천억벌어버린 #도련님의10개월전 #JINU #진우 #WINNER #WINNERCITY #TEAMWINNER

Day 9/30: Top 2 songs from 15 groups

1) SEVENTEEN: Highlight and Don’t Wanna Cry

2) EXO: Lightsaber and Black Pearl

3) GOT7: Hard Carry and A

4) INFINITE: Bad and Back

5) WINNER: Really Really and Sentimental

6) B.A.P: Skydive and Wake Me Up

7) IKON: Rhythm Ta and Bling Bling

8) BEAST/HIGHLIGHT: PLZ Don’t Be Sad and Yey

9) BIG BANG: Sober and Bang Bang Bang

10) NU'EST: Face and Love Paint

11) MONSTA X: Beautiful and Dramarama

12) BLOCK B: Shall We Dance? and Nalina

13) GFRIEND: Rough and Summer Rain

14) KARD: Oh Na Na and Hola Hola

15) PENTAGON: Can You Feel It and Like This

YG&TS groups: *doesn’t get good promotion in the current comeback*

YG&TS groups stans: Oh… well… we will hope for the future! :D

Also, YG&TS groups stans:



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