heathers songs ft. alternate titles
  • beautiful: Teen Angst™
  • candy store: the mean girls are Petty And Pretty
  • fight for me: dude in trench coat punches a guy and now veronica is scared and horny
  • freeze your brain: 7/11 worship
  • big fun: dang dang diggity danga dang
  • dead girl walking: veronica fucks trench coat guy because she's angry
  • the me inside of me: steamy scene is over now time to murder a pretty girl
  • blue: drunk teenagers want to get laid and fail miserably
  • our love is god: drunk teenagers want to get laid and fail miserably, this time featuring murder
  • my dead gay son: gay dads mourn their gay sons
  • seventeen: jd you done fucked up
  • shine a light: why hasn't this teacher been fired yet
  • lifeboat: heather mac deserves better
  • shine a light (reprise): heather duke deserves to be punched in the face
  • kindergarten boyfriend: laughing and sobbing at the same time
  • yo girl: this song on an infinite loop describes anxiety pretty well
  • meant to be yours: jd doesn't know how to count to three
  • dead girl walking (reprise): congratulations, you played yourself
  • i am damaged: boom boom motherfucker
  • seventeen (reprise): the evil has been banished
hamilton characters as things i've done

warning: dumb shit ahead
hamilton: stayed up the entire month of January to finish culminatings and to prove a point
burr: clamped someone’s lips together and told them to shut the fuck up
laurens: held a grudge for two years (even after she apologized i will never forget)
mulligan: sewed a pair of shorts out of pure spite
lafayette: went up to a french transfer and said hon hon hon oui oui baguette
angelica: punched a guy who used a racist pick up line on me
eliza: got cheated on and destroyed his car with an egg, some jolly ranchers, and a knife
peggy: got left in the middle of toronto’s financial district by my school
king george iii: unironically called someone a peasant
washington: led a class of kindergarteners who literally just wanted to fight each other
jefferson: panicked and made box mac and cheese
madison: got sick and wrote 3 page essay about it for math because the doctor didn’t give me a note
philip: avenged my friend by head-butting some guy

ask me about these and i shall respond
it’s really a wonder i haven’t been suspended yet

Angus Macgyver x Reader: Christmas Exchange

A/N: You and your friends exchange gifts on Christmas and you knitted Mac a sweater. I dreamt this until the wasps came and made it into a nightmare.

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Riley seemed more excited about Christmas than you and the others. But, nevertheless, you went Christmas shopping with her. You made something special for Mac or as Riley called it, your imaginary boyfriend before punching her in the arm. “He’s not my boyfriend, Riley.” You always say to her before she could get the last word in. “Yes, you do. I ship you two.” She said, showing you multiple pictures she took of you and Mac together.

Like the time you had to share a motel bed together, where Mac carried you bridal style on time because you injured your foot or the time where you and Mac had to be a fake bride and groom for undercover work. You rolled your eyes. “You gonna give it to him?” She asked you. She was, of course, talking about the sweater you made him months before Christmas.

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