Decided to make it a separate post so here you go, my Elyza Lex (head)canons:

- Elyza Lex is a foster kid

- she knows how to handle a gun and a knife because one time when she was in-between foster houses, a police office Adyna Cane took her in and taught her basic things about self defense (and much more)

- she loves Fleetwood Mac. Like, she loves Fleetwood Mac. I don’t think u understand

- “she was a troublemaker at school but she’s got a heart of gold” trope except she got into trouble only when kids picked on her which wasn’t a lot after she punched a bully once

- she’s a bit of a hothead and a bit of an ass sometimes

- she’s HELLA GAY

- she has a hunting knife and she loves that thing almost as much as she loves Fleetwood Mac

- she’s got five tattoos. After she meets Alicia Clark, she gets a sixth. It’s an infinity sign.

- she dreams of her past lives and Alicia is always there, under different names, but she never sees her face. When she finally meets her in person, the dreams stop; now, she only dreams of her.

- she doesn’t revel in killing zombies (they’re called walkers in FTWD universe I think). She does it out of necessity. One time, a walker attacks Alicia and gets really close to biting her, and Elyza ABSOLUTELY LOSES HER SHIT because she knows she just can’t lose her. The walker is basically ripped to shreds and a shocked Alicia comforts Elyza who is near hysterical in her rage and fear.

- she likes candy a lot but hides that fact cause it’s not badass enough. Alicia thinks it’s stupid because being badass is not about liking/disliking things, so she always makes a point to get some chocolate and sweets every time they raid a supermarket for supplies. Elyza grumbles she has to eat those sweets now since Alicia just couldn’t keep her hands off of them (she secretly fucking loves her for it)