Rachel Weisz (Evanora The Wicked Witch Of The East) & Mila Kunis (Theodora The Wicked Witch Of The West) In Oz The Great And Powerful (2013).

Witchy books selection

* This is just a personal selection, and I only put the first book of a series if it was part of one. I really tried only to put books with actual witches, people with magical powers, and not just magic. I volunteerly put aside fairy tale like books. This will be for another time. All the books bellow are books I read or want to read.*

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Ghosts of the Past

Summary: You’re West’s little sister, who had survived the beast forever. You and West along with East were extremely close, but when the Wizard banned the practice of magic, you stood up to him. He banned you form Oz, making West think he killed you. His guards dumped you somewhere and you lose your memory. Years later, Glinda is revealed to have found you. West will now do anything to get you back.

Word Count: 1665

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West felt like she was the one who needed to die.

She’d caused so much destruction around her–led so many people to their deaths that she should’ve been slaughtered herself. 

She’d led those cardinal witches to certain death against the Beast Forever.

She didn’t protect East when she was killed.

She’d lost Dorothy.

And now–now she’d killed Tip.

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