• MIW Appreciation Post. So a lot of people have been asking me recently why I like this band so much and why I have such a strong connection with them. It’s because of lyrics like these that I feel less alone when I feel down, and when I’m upset and dejected, listening to Chris screaming that he won’t watch me burn or that I’m not alone really fucking helps. I relate so strongly to the lyrics of songs like Puppets and Sick From the Melt, and it’s so nice to see that despite everything the guys from this band have been through in their lives, they are still here fighting. They provide me with a renewing sense of hope in everything and seeing them live made me refrain from killing myself. They have saved my life, and listening to them keeps me going. I’ve been an avid fan since Creatures came out, and I will continue to listen to them for the remainder of my days.