sooo… i watched that power of four special, even though i don’t think the ppg reboot is worth the time of day. but i was curious about bliss. the special itself was … ambitious, i suppose you could say. very obviously just a promotional cashgrab, but had some good ideas that were bogged down by bad execution.

the same could be said for bliss as a character, too. after all, an older powerpuff girl, a black powerpuff girl … possible inspiration for the powerpuff girls creation! those are interesting concepts to explore! maybe not a great idea for those concepts to all be packed into one character … and her flaws were interesting, if awkwardly executed. i did find myself somewhat attached to her, despite it all.

but the episode and her character were bogged down by clumsy writing that didn’t care about any lore established in the original series, or the integrity of any character outside of bliss - whether the others were in character didn’t matter.

so i’ll take matters into my own hands. redesigning her so she doesn’t look so out of place in contrast to the other powerpuffs, and rewriting her story.

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The Powerpuff Girls were created with female empowerment as a theme in mind.

For fucks’ sake, they were originally called “The Whoopass Girls.”

The original show took to the theme of female empowerment like a duck to water.

It got the point across in a way that was entertaining for all ages and genders, and wasn’t preachy to the point of toxicity.

I’d go so far as to say the Powerpuff Girls helped mold myself into a feminist from childhood.

It helped me see things from the female perspective habitually: I saw what it felt like for females to be objectified, bullied, excluded and so on due to their gender.

And I still put myself in females’ shoes daily.

99% of my tumblr mutuals identify as female, and whenever they come to me to vent or seek advice, I try to see the world through their eyes.

How would I have handled this situation, had I been female?

How much does the factor of gender change the situation?

What makes the situation harder or easier for a female than for a non-female like myself?

When I first heard about a Powerpuff Girls reboot, which mostly didn’t involve the old crew, I was cautiously optimistic, but at the same time, skeptical.

And from what I’ve seen, I was right to be skeptical.

The first episode of the reboot hasn’t even premiered yet, and I already know that the reboot has lost a key charm of the original series (and no, it’s not the animation.)

This new Powerpuff Girls still holds true to the original theme of female empowerment, yes.

But what it lacks from the original series is the subtlety.

Compare the villain from the first reboot episode to past villains.

Yes, like past villains, he represents those fighting the progress of gender equality.

But that’s it.

He has no charm or redeeming qualities or special quirks.

He’s literally just a buff, flannel-wearing, woodworking chauvinist, who, ha ha, is short.

I get that chauvinists have to be taken down, I’m all for it in fact.

But do we really need to take down short people in the process, by reinforcing the age-old trope that short stature is a comedic sign of weakness and pugnaciousness?

You may say that this character needs to be easily seen as a chauvinist because the target audience wouldn’t be able to see it otherwise.

Well, you’re wrong.

The original series easily used chauvinistic villains that weren’t so blatantly anti-female.

What’s more, these villains had redeeming qualities, imaginative designs, and a sense of personality.

What do we have now?

A perfectly normal-looking, bearded, human lumberjack with a beard with a Napoleon complex.

Is that it?

You’re not even going to make him into some sort of symbolically sexist animal?

Do you really think our brains couldn’t handle anything a little more understated?

Do you think we’re stupid or something?

Did any heart whatsoever go into this series, or did the execs just say “Fuck it. Nostalgia cash.”?

Bottom line: This series has to stop spoonfeeding us, otherwise it will crash and burn in the space of a season.

Cartoon Network, please.

You have a historic opportunity here to make one of your past series even better using what you’ve already learned.

Do you really want to blow it?

Do you really want to prompt Craig McCracken to log onto some social media website one day, and say “The Powerpuff Girls reboot was a mistake,” and watch as your reputation collapse as a result?

So buckle down, shape up, and put some effort into making series that provoke thought rather than dictate it.



While the series itself didn’t premiere on Cartoon Network until 1998, the trio of crime-fighting toddlers first appeared on Cartoon Network, TNT, and TBS in the pilot The Powerpuff Girls in: Meat Fuzzy Lumpkins exactly twenty years ago, on February 20, 1995.

The girls will come back in a new series set to premiere next year.


I am shock, is this an actuall pilot? are the Powerpuff girls caled the whoopass girls?

Tree Forts
The Whoopass Girls
Tree Forts

and with your mouth full of coffin nails, burning ships’ masts set to sail. on september 9th we put you in the ground. and when my voice cuts off so quick as i’m choking on my own spit. well my hands feel empty when i think of you.

so think of me as a distant ghost, think of me like i’m low and broke and i’m always wondering “why wasn’t it me?” and when i see you in my dreams smiling, sober, and set free. well i can’t help but feel my blood in my broken teeth.

and when i finally said goodbye, there were no tears left in my eyes. i must have lost them in your corpse’s stare towards god. so when i walk down our old street, i can’t but stare at my feet where your bright blue converse used to stand next to me.

so think of me as a distant ghost, think of me like i’m low and broke and i’m always wondering “why wasn’t it me?” and when i see you in my dreams smiling, sober, and set free. well i can’t help but feel my blood in my broken teeth.

at nights i can’t sleep, forever haunted by the shattered glass and the torn skin, and your 98 mazda drowning in our glacial lake. i swear sometimes i still hear your voice, frail and tired, optimistic and sweet. and when i turn around and you’re not there i feel another sentence of yours lost to memory. well i remember you, i remember your laugh and your face and the way you said we’d be alright. we’d be alright. we’ll be alright.

nothing will be alright now that you’re not alive.

This album/ band fucking rules. Listen to them.

The Whoopass Girls

failures // the whoopass girls

do you remember walking down your road? our stomachs were hungry, and my hands were cold, and your heart was a stone. do you remember feeling so dead? do you remember that feeling trapped inside of our heads and the places we’ve been?
and it’s sad to think about it now
but we can still be failures, we are still failures, and i hope you can forgive me.
we were just 15 years young with voices in our throats, and air in our lungs, and words on our tongues. but it seems so long ago now, past places and buildings torn down and left on the ground.
you and i? we are failures.

Let's Get Insecure
The Whoopass Girls
Let's Get Insecure

Well every word I write feels like one big lie.
And with every song I sing well i wish it were my last.
And lately I’ve found myself toying with the end,
And like my wisdom teeth growing in maybe I don’t fit.

And I swear I’m doing fine behind half-hearted eyes.
So kid don’t be surprised when I’m gone.
Because I haven’t spoken a word that I’ve actually meant since you’ve focused your eyes anew,
But I’m happy,
I’m happy for you.

And if time moves so fast, how will I ever catch up
And if time moves so slow, how will I ever live enough