Y'all gotta learn to give ppl they space. You can’t expect ppl to have unlimited emotional energy to be able to help you and always give you advice when you need it. Ppl got they own baggage to deal with without having to help you sort through yours too


time slows. i remember this. time slows and fragments. how long until it blows up? zemo would be sure it’s the same as the last time… when i should have died. maybe he’s right. maybe this is what i deserve. time fragments and i see it all again… slivers of the winter soldier in my mind…   
—captain america #610. 

You know what you deserve? You deserve so much better. So many things have happened to you whether its a bad break up, family issues, friends, whatever it is.. you pulled through. You have made it this far and I’m proud of you. You truly deserve the world and since no one can give you that now, find someone that will, apologize, forgive but don’t forget, find new friends. Ones that make plans with you and free their time to give you attention. You deserve all good things and don’t for a second think you’re not worth it because you remind me of the sun, you hide away but always come back even more beautiful than before.

❝The world might have just enough heroes, Jason. Maybe we can do with a few outlaws.❞

red hood and the outlaws #6 - dark trinity pt 6: darker days


So i started reading On Thin Ice by Minadora on ao3 after seeing some animation drawn of these two skating. So my hand slipped. I just had to draw them myself because after reading the first chapter this is how i see these two dweebs.


The Dark Knight (2008) & Batman: Earth One (Geoff Johns)

I’ve noticed that we have many teenager followers that are right now struggling with a lot of problems and I just want to let you guys know that it will get better

Maybe it will take a month, maybe one year, or maybe even a couple of them, but things will eventually work out. 

You are all  incredibly brave boys and you all deserve the best that life can offer you.

If you ever need anything, from advice to just venting, please know that our inbox is always open for you.

pro-tip for people who can’t tell/constantly second guess themselves:

if you do the thing alone in your room, even if you catch yourself or feel like it’s a voluntary thing, you’re not faking it for attention

if you don’t do the thing by yourself, but you can’t stop yourself around other people, you’re not faking it for attention

if the belief that you’re faking it for attention is causing more stress than whatever issue is causing you to do the thing in the first place, you’re not faking it for attention

okay, thank you all, you may continue