Over the past year or so I’ve managed to condition myself to react to stress by going out and working on fixing whatever is the issue.

So far today I’ve managed to hopefully clear up why my loan application to stay on my course was turned down (the bank didn’t bother reading my uni’s website!) and have had a very helpful phone call with someone from the government helpline to work it out and come up with a plan to make sure the next time I apply it goes better.

I’m feeling so much more optimistic now because I actually feel like I can stay on my course! Without that loan I can’t afford to and it had been looking like I would never get it so I’m feeling better now.

I’m still stressed about my PGCE application, a summer school workshop I’m running, and the state my room is in but I’m working on all of those over today/the next few weeks and months.

This attitude is such an improvement on my old method of just hiding from whatever is stressing me out and pretending it doesn’t exist!

12 am thoughts

I’m genuinely worried about the show. Season 4 as a whole was AWFUL and the ratings really showed. Maybe excluding a few episodes but the season was really badly written and disjointed. It had a very good pace and anticipation factor in 4A leading up to the climax of the heart storyline but once it got to that, it fell flat on its face. There was no emotional payoff or character development whatsoever and characters like Belle, Henry and Killian were sidelined so they could quickly introduce the QOD. Maybe it was space in the episodes that was an issue or whatever else, it just didn’t get anyone excited whatsoever.

4B was a pile of shit. Literally. Nearly all of the episodes were fillers and you could probably skip about half the episodes in that part of the season. You could tell the writers didn’t plan the Zelena coming back thing and the whip Lily/Darkness storyline was so rushed. There was WAY too many guest stars/old characters returning which meant it took away from the main cast and CS (yes I know I’m being biased but still) In order to keep the CSers watching the writers thought it would be good to throw some kisses in there so we’d shut up. The finale was alright, although you could probably skip the first hour as literally nothing happened. Anyway, the CS development was done very well, Jared’s acting really shone through, as did Gosh’s. If you cancel out all the Regina/Rumpel/OQ/Zelena bullshit it was actually decent.

ok but some skinny ppl it is a struggle to be around when they are being really negative about themselves and I know they do it because like all girls have a fucked up sense of self but hearing someone 20/30kgs lighter than u complain about looking ‘fat’ in a photo makes me want to :V

I’m so tired Black Tumblr. Like damn my nigga,like we know Black people still out here dying, we know shit it fucked up rn but like if there’s a post about marriage equality and people are celebrating and being happy,let them be happy. We know there’s a long way to go for the LGBTQ community as well and that there are obviously queer people of color who still need to take into account black issues a well (or whatever other issues if they aren’t black poc), but shit if you really an ally, let queer folks be happy about their damn victory. We get angry when people derail our, black tumblr, posts and I’ve seen so much derailing on these gay pride posts and it’s like, if it bothers you, make your own post for that, but there’s a time to be angry and there’s a time to celebrate. I’m not saying that black folks don’t have to perpetually deal with their issues in this screwed up system, but damn you can’t be happy just a little bit? Not even for someone else? Don’t get caught up in romanticizing your anger. Breathe.

Hmm  maybe. Maybe Tyler’s apology only feels fake and not genuine cause you all forced it upon him and guilt tripped him into doing it. And you were all sending him death threats if he didn’t say anything?  And now you’re all making fun of it. Hm maybe. Congrats on making someone feel awful and being bitter. 

  • It’s okay and if you’re transgender (FtM, MtF, and maybe agender).
  • It’s not okay and if you’re demiplatonic genderfuck queersexual frogkin with neb/nebs/nubulaself pronouns.
  • It’s okay and normal if you’re black, white, latino, indigenous, etc.
  • It’s not okay if you’re white, and you claim to be ‘white passing’ but actually some other race.
  • It’s okay to be LGBT
  • It’s not okay to make up names for sexualities and gender that don’t exist
  • It’s okay to take a stance on women’s issues, where they need standing up for
  • It’s not okay to harass men and make them feel like shit
  • It’s okay to take a stance on a social issue, whatever that stance may be
  • It’s not okay to dox people, send death/rape threats, and harass people

Hope this helped people.


John Romita Jr. is wrong. Lois Lane has expressed anger at being lied to, and it’s to be admired that she and Clark work through their issues with love and empathy. [x]
This was a highly inauspicious moment for the two of them, Superman and Lois Lane. There are a lot of inauspicious moments in the course of such discussions between people who are momentarily insecure and in love. The purpose of such discussions is to slide headlong at these moments, bump around a bit, deal with them, and eventually resolve whatever it is at issue.” Miracle Monday (Elliot S. Maggin)


GUARDIAN: You know that you’re good looking?

GILLIAN: Yes. I think I’ve come to that realization late. [Laughs]. Because there’s so much documentation of my growing up, so to speak. I do think, God, what was I worried… The different obsessions over the years of feeling less than or fat or whatever issues I had with myself…


I think I’ve come to that realization late [laughs]. Because there’s so much documentation of my “growing up” so to speak, I do think: ‘god, what i was worried…what was I obsessed…’ you know the different obsessions over the years, of feeling less than, or fat, or whatever issues I had with myself. 

fyi: I’m sick of this website, I’ve been considering leaving for a while and I think I’ve finally had enough

you’re all a bunch of whiny babies who need to grow the fuck up. bandmembers don’t owe you shit. Tyler and Josh literally NEVER tweet about social issues/politics/whatever and lmao I’d be so surprised if they did. “waah I’m scared and I feel unsafe cause my fav hates my sexuality!!” are you even aware how stupid that sentence sounds…. same with fans feeling scared because Tyler Joseph prefers his own (transphobic, true) BROTHER over them. like. his brother. one of the closest people to him. dear children, please leave the internet and come back when you grow up……… thats my contribution as a very gay person goodnight

how fucking sad does your life have to be to make you send hateful anonymous messages to a person you don’t even know? who the fuck do you think you are and why do you think you’re entitled to pressure someone, who never did anything to you, into committing suicide?
sending anonymous hate and death/rape threats is just highkey creepy and obsessive. maybe instead of worrying about how others are living their life and what happens to them, you could worry about sorting out whatever kind of issues you have? if you hate on innocent people/ANYONE you have reached such a low point in your life and you should look into getting therapy or at least changing your perspective because the way you live your life is just fucking sad. really, your hateful messages say way more about you than they say about the person you’re hating on.
i’m sorry about whatever happened to you that made you hate everyone but trust me, hating everyone and trying to ruin their lives isn’t gonna make ur life better boo. it’s just gonna make you a bitter and disgusting person.
how fucking dare you tell someone that they should die, get raped, etc? mind your own fucking business and stop being so creepily concerned with other people. // iva

cornowl asked:

Your SU fanfiction was so wonderful!! It's the exact type of sadness that I love reading about! Like, I can't even figure out the right words to describe how well your words fit together perfectly, to form the story perfectly, just, oh my gosh, it was perfect! I love your writing!

Thaaaaankkk youuuu!

I’m honestly so angry that Darren was bullied into an apology for, while in character, saying something that was 100% within character.

He is an actor. He is playing a fantastic character who is an awful person.

People who are overly critical and/or overly self-righteous need to start looking at the full picture and stop acting like they’re the police on whatever subsection of an issue they choose to care about because it’s topical.

Anyone who truly had an issue with that ad-lib to the point of demanding an apology should really have had an issue with the scripted line that came before it too. And anyone with an issue about that scripted line has no business seeing the show because they obviously can’t fully comprehend this character.