My company is re-designing its website and we’re hiring one of my FAVORITE design firms to work with, and I’ve done a few web projects with them already (I’m not a web designer/developer so I can’t do the actual site myself lol) and we’re kicking off on Monday I AM SO PUMPED

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In your opinion what are some of the most iconic dances in the fandom?

dance precisions - single ladies

club dance studio - big doll house 

canadian dance company - lost love

club dance studio - bang bang

kaylee quinn - hallelujah

ocpaa - wizards of ahhhhhs

mather dance company - california girls

mather dance company - body love

kaycee rice - werk

briar nolet - dangerous

autumn miller -titanium

avery gay - tragedy 

these are just some ones that came to mind! feel free to add on!


Him, Chahun from N.flying and Doni were filming a show in Dublin (ma hometown).It seemed to be about busking in Ireland.
Junhyung was eating in a restaurant and me and a few others waited outside. He came out briefly without a coat and I asked for a picture and he was like (in Korean obv) “Aw, It’s cold” and I said “Oh it’s okay!” and he said “I’m sorry” (with a sad face hewassocuteffffff)
But after he came out he met up with Doni and Chahun and they started filming. They went into a Halloween shop and dressed up. Chahun and Junhyung wore scary monster masks and Doni wore a blonde wig and they posed. Honestly Doni werked it haha I shouted that he was pretty lol. But yeah… basically it was an awesome day. I wish I could’ve spoken to Chahun and Doni too but I wanted to respect their space. I am so freaking lucky!! :)))

p.s Chahun is beautiful how is he human???


model!yoongi, this will always be one of my favourite things