Hullo darlings. Ages ago I was tagged by @celestialgoddesslucy. Much thank for the tag Crys.

I’ve only gotten around to this due to the fact that I realized that I have attained a new wave of mutuals and so here is le face bebs.

Not too big of a tag fest rn I’m only tagging @tweekay because she is a more-than-sufficient beb of mine.

Also @itschildofthefairies bc she is gr8. and finally, @melichamaa. Bc ily. That’s all from me bebs. Ah and you dun have to if yah really dun wanna.

Get it chick! 🐓🐥#werk (at Dutchess County Fair)

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PollDaddy PollDaddy yaasss yass fleek realness shading freshness slay that Poll werk that Daddy werrrkkk it bitchhh!!! yasss 💯😚💯♥️👏😘💅💅 slay that daddy vote in me daddy, polll daddy thas some gooooddd shitt thats what i want thats what i need 💓💋👌🙏💧💦bae succc polllDADDDYY work those chaaaachaaaa heelssss!!!! mmmm yass renn PollDaddy realnneesss servvvveedd!!!! Roast ha drag ha, PollDaddy on fleeeeeeëkkk!!! Mmmmmmm, stares in PollDaddy, fleek that shit!!! 😍🙌💥👀❤️ Pollll Dadddyyyy

are you okay

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You're the reason I started running again and want to join a gym now. Jsyk you're goals AF

I look like a pregnant turkey when I run keep up the good t'werk :’)

Category Is: RuPaul for Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program!

One Host. Two Jobs. No one werks as hard as “The SuperModel of the World”.

The time has come….to. REBLOG. THIS. POST! 

Let’s help Mama Ru snatch some trophies, squirrel friends! #LetsGetRuPaulAnEmmy


Zoroaster - Alchemical Illustrations, “Clavis Artis”, 1236 AD.

The Clavis Artis is an alchemical manuscript believed to have been produced in the late 17th or early 18th century. The text is attributed to “Zoroaster (“Zarathustra”) the rabbi and Jew” who claimed to have written the book over “a dragon skin”.

Zoroaster’s manuscript details various rites and practices relating to alchemy. It has been suggested the text may have been lifted from an earlier work, while its author “Zoroaster” may have been Abraham Eleazar - an occultist who wrote another alchemical text “L’Uraltes Chymisches Werk” in 1735. However both these manuscripts contain imagery to be found in an even earlier alchemical manuscripts by Nicolas Flamel - the man who allegedly found the Philosopher’s Stone. Whatever the book’s provenance it is fair to say these illustrations from Clavis Artis are quite beautiful and strange.