I had a weird dream last night

I was staying at a friend’s in L.A. and I did not have any clothes.  I was naked and I needed some clothes desperately.  I saw in my room there was a newspaper stand and in the display part was that plaid pinafore dress Taylor Swift wore at the airport.  I had to pay 50 cents for it and opened up the stand and saw they were in several sizes.  I was glad here was a size large so it would it fit me.  I also saw that there was a blond wig to go with it–had the same hair style as TS’s.  

Make of this what you will.  Here is the dress I am talking about 

somekangarookid replied to your post “ohhh what if i called her taegan since it is another unisex name that…”


lkfdjlsakf i don’t wanna use my real name!! but yeah, that’s why i like picking out unisex t names for self-inserts because that’s…. what the name taylor is….

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You don't think its weird your dating taylors ex?

Everyone is someone’s ex. Is it weird? I don’t think so.
I didn’t know taylor well enough to even consider her a friend, acquaintance possibly she would just ask me about vegan recipes really is all and talk about how when she was in the punk scene in my area.

I think its dumb, people won’t let the past be the past. I’m happy, ethan is obviously a lot happier. LIke can ya’ll quit this shit.

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diplo's so weird about Taylor though lol

i know haha he is obsessed with her… she could send her the demo and never have a face to face meeting… i feel like he would lock her in his basement if he ever got the chance lol 

Soldier! Final track on In a World Like This… at least on the US version of it… that you didn’t buy on iTunes. Or at Target. This song is good cheesy. It’s like an updated version of The One. I like it, tho. It was one of the few songs I liked at first listen off the album, the others being Make Believe, Try, and Breathe. I often play it really loud and sing into a hairbrush while my boyfriend’s dog watches me like “my human’s female is weird.”

Writers: Morgan Taylor Reid, Mika Guillory, Nick Carter, Howie Dorough
Producer: Morgan Taylor Reid

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For that weird anon. Taylor was shady against Calvin over the media with lie stories . Her way to say she co wrote was highly unprofessional . Calvins Tweets and IG comments were not shady,same for his likes. He only told the truth . Her Fans need to focus on her Showromance as long as it alive . When it's over hope they are going Hiddleston on his nerves

very classy…

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i could just imagine tom naked, acting all sexy performing that weird ass song for taylor. And she's just laughing her ass off. Damn. I need me a freak like him.

lol, so you want someone you can pour honey all over and stick money to?