someone left a comment in their tags on my last drawing of the DA girls that just said ‘i love arm’ and ive been thinking abt it for days….. like same… i love arm too. heres some more arm sketches for you

sango and kagome in the rain!

I planed on finishing this drawing for @kagsanweek​ arghhhhhhhh- I’m really sad to be late but happy because it gave me an excuse to draw those ladies!

hey! I forgot to mention this but I have my finals now from may to june (I take some of my subject this year and rest next year) I do have time from test to test so I won’t be taking brake from drawing but it might be the reason why I’m less active and posting and I wanted to say sorry for that T^T

good luck to all of you who are taking them or finished~! and congratulation to all of you who graduate~!