I just want to keep portraying Lee Kang-Sheng with my camera, documenting him. It’s not even important which roles he plays in my films, as long as he is consistently there. Because I always use the same actor you can watch him slowly grow, and that is what Lee Kang-Sheng embodies for me. I just want to film him even if he gets fatter and older. And now we get to the question of “What Is Film?”. For many people, film is just a consumption article, something you buy. But in my opinion, when you think that is true, you are selling film short. Film has the potential to also be a lot of other things. And for me, Lee Kang-Sheng is a bridge towards that question: “What Is Film?”. Through him I discover what film is and what it can possible become.

I’ll go as far as to say that if Lee Kang-Sheng dies, I will stop making films.

Tsai Ming-liang on his twenty-year relationship with Lee Kang-sheng