Life and games are not about who reaches the finish line first.
It’s about having fun along the way and that’s absolutely everything I live by.
I don’t have to be the best at everything I do, I will try my best, but I don’t have to be the best, but as long as I have fun doing it and I’m happy my effort and my outcomes, then nobody else can take that away from me.


That’s so true, why people can’t understand that?

shout out to my Pearl blanket for keeping me warm through the chills from this illness I have right now. Thank you, Pearl, for protecting me (from being cold)

okay do you have just that one harry potter movie that brings you so many warm feelings compared to the others even if it isn’t your favorite book, and it just makes you feel at home when you watch it?


🚨🚨 2 TO BOSTON // 3 TO BETHEL 🚨🚨

Who else is excited for Rockstar TVEIT?! 🙋🏼

So. Excited. Words don’t even. Like, I can’t.

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What blacks will never know: How to functional human beings

I have a problem with this statement, considering that according to historical records, White people were nearly wiped out by diseases before y’all starting bathing and y’all pretty much went to war using God as an excuse the majority of the times. 

All we’re asking for is the right to be seen as human beings. So if we’re being honest, y’all don’t know how to be functional, but that’s why we’re trying SO DAMN HARD to be patience with you, regardless of the fact that y’all are lazy and made a complex system of trading just to avoid “hard work”.

If anything, you should be happy that y’all still living and breathing at this point because the way White people do a lot of people, and not just Black people, it’s amazing that People of Color didn’t wipe you off the face of the earth yet. 

So, we know how to be functional. But thank you for your question. 

You know what’s good? Listening to other people’s opinions and respecting their right to have that opinion. You know what’s not good? Refusing to listen to anyone who challenges you so you can live in a bubble free from any criticism. You cannot learn or grow as a person if you live your life that way. Whether you are a feminist, an anti feminist, pro black lives matter, anti black lives matter, pro life, pro choice, conservative, liberal, or whatever, refusing to listen to the other side and dismissing any opinions different from yours makes YOU the ignorant one.

is it weird to message people in different timezones and just straight up tell them that i want them to raw me? I mean come on it’s not like we’ll ever actually meet irl what’s the harm

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I set my school alarm to the middle of guns and ships so this morning I woke up to Burr shouting "EVERYONE GIVE IT UP FOR AMERICA'S FAVORITE FIGHTING FRENCHMAN!" and tbh it scared me so bad but I'm a heavy sleeper so best not to take any chances aha.

OMG that’s sure the way to start your day! :’D My alarm is currently “My Shot” and the first time it went off I had a very similar experience, ahaha!


Trans Men Open Up About Their Experiences With Male Privilege

The Huffington Post writes:

In this new video from MTV, a group of trans men open up about their experiences with male privilige and the unique perspective they have on the topic, having experienced the world and in a multitude of different ways throughout the course of their lives.

“A man can just walk down the street and no one is going to bother him,” Tiq Milansays in the video. “No one is going to ask him to smile, no one is going to ask him where he’s going, no one’s going to ask him if he’s married, no one’s going to ask him if they can walk with him. But this is something that I know women experience every day.”

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A friend of mine told me that he believes that living with guilt is living in a selfish way because instead of righting the wrong, fixing the issue, or focusing on the other person, you are redirecting your attention back towards your feelings toward you as a person. I experience feelings of guilt and shame quite often. I know that they are not productive emotions, but by that theory, would that make me narcissistic or self-absorbed?

The two of you are at opposite ends of the same issue, neither of which is entirely ideal. Emotions like guilt and shame are natural and should not be judged positively or negatively. Emotions are simple messages informing you that a change may be required in the way you do things, no more, no less, so don’t shoot the messenger by calling it selfish or narcissistic or whatever. Without sensitivity to guilt and shame, you would not understand that you have done something wrong nor would you understand that you are very out of sync with the people around you. You should not try to bury or rationalize away your negative emotions under the guise of “selfless” or “productive” action, nor should you overindulge or wallow in emotions to the point where you feel guilty about being guilty - in both cases, the actions are tainted by the wrong intention. The emotions themselves are not the problem and treating them as such means that you will have a dysfunctional emotional life where emotions are never properly acknowledged and processed. When you experience any emotion, you must understand it and its purpose and its source, whether it is warranted or unwarranted or a reasonable reaction to what has happened. You must fully acknowledge it and let it find expression without resistance or defensiveness. You must then reflect on the information the emotion is conveying and how best to adapt your thinking/attitude/behaviors so as to make fewer mistakes or poor judgments in the future.

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Hello , can I try to reguest a gif reaction of EXO members hearing their girlfriend talking with her boy best friend & telling him she loves him ( in a friendly way ), but EXO members missunderstands that ?

Exo gif reaction when you say I Love You (friendly way) to your boy bestie and they misunderstand.

y/f/n= your friend name. Hi anon sorry for the wait I hope you and everyone else likes it though; I tried! -Ocean

Exo K
You are on the phone talking to your guy bestie
“Aww I love you (y/f/n)!!”
y/f/n? that sounds like a guy’s name…
Would look at you worried trying to convince himself that you truly only love him

Already planning your friends’ death only to later discover that you meant it in a friendly way
“As long as it remains that way he will live”

Would just stare at you wondering just who you are talking to
“So do you just say I love you to me or to everyone jagi?”

Wouldn’t really do anything if he heard you say I love you to your guy friend but when all three of you are together he will give you so much attention to show your boy best friend that he is yours and you are his…even though your friend already knows that. (you are d.o)

“I thought you only loved me”
*Sad puppy activated*

Wouldn’t worry nor misunderstand because you honestly love him and only him. Why? Because he is Oh Sehun! (I’m sorry I just had to!)

Exo M
“I love you!”
“I love you too babe-“ “Not you Kris I’m talking to (y/f/n)”
“Wait what?”
Would start question everything and questioning why you would say I love you to your friend and not him. (ignore xiumin)

“Aw (y/f/n) I love you so much!”
“Say what now?”
Would instantly try to eavesdrop on your conversation to see what the hell you’re talking about.

Judging you from a distance ft Lay.

Lost and confused unicorn

You were on the phone with your guy buddy “Thanks again (y/f/n) I love you!”
Grabs your phone and starts talking to your friend. “Why hello I’m (y/n) boyfriend; who are you and why is my girlfriend saying I love you?”

“You would rather love him than me?! Look at me I’m fabulous!”
Would be dramatic not even letting you explain anything.

anyways….. i w oke up from this dream and i rly hope i scheduled this for an OK hour… i tried to time this post but anyways. like. i had a dream i was at the nepal map w the slightly elevated shrine thing and i wasnt a hero, i was just me, and there were a reaper and a mercy on a team (i was teamless) and reaper was abt to ult and we could tell, somehow, and mercy went

“No!!! It iz LIVE, LIVE, LIVE!!” in a very heavy accent like way heavier than it should be

and reaper was like LIVE LIVE LIVE and both teams got full revives on the point and mercy was clapping like a proud mama at a soccer game and reaper had Confusion on his face bc a swirling shotgun man firing should kill ppl, whether or not he is screaming die or not

it is 3 am goodnight again