「The Powerful Characters」(From Tv Shows)

「Harold Finch」
“I’m going to kill you.
But I need to decide how far I’m willing to go…
how many of my own rules I’m willing to break
to get it done.”
“The streets aren’t made for everybody,
that’s why they made sidewalks.”
「Raymond Reddington」
“There is nothing that can take pain away,
but eventually you will find a way to live with it .”
「Frank Underwood&Claire Underwood」
“We don’t submit to terror, we make the terror”
「Diane Lockhart」
“You can slice an opponent to shreds,
smiling the whole time,
and they come back thanking you”
「Bobby Axelrod」
“Well then, it’s a good thing I’m a rich fucking man.”
「Annalise Keating」
“You call it crazy,I call it winning.”

Imagine Stiles goes blind.

It takes a while for the pack to adjust but they do, making sure to say things out loud instead of nodding or shaking their head, and making sure that Isaac stops Stiles before he walks into something that could hurt him instead of sitting back and watching on for a few laughs. They still occasionally slip up and ask him “Did you see that?” to which his only reply is to blankly stare at them.

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A lot of the time he makes the best of it, often teasing Derek about how he can just imagine him naked all day every day and he doesn’t have reality to break that illusion.

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Stiles adjusts to his new way of living, learning how to memorise things in his house and walk about them and when he needs to read something, Derek reads it to him (stories, case files, the latest supernatural research, everything).

On their wedding day, Derek forgets his tie and has to run to Scott’s to get it (Because Scott was in charge of the suits and Cora was too busy trying to get into her dress to make the run for him). When he gets there, Scott tells him to wait in the door while he runs to get the tie. Stiles hears him and shouts hello. Derek tells him “It’s bad luck to see the groom before the wedding.” To which Stiles teasingly replies, “Then it’s a good thing I can’t see you.”

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During their wedding, Stiles and Derek wrote their own vows about how they don’t need to look at one another in the morning to know that they’re waking up to each other, they don’t have to see one another to know that the other is there for them and they don’t have to share loving gazes at the alter to know they are standing before the man they love.

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When Stiles and Derek adopt a baby, Stiles is terrified and heart broken. He’s scared that because he can’t see he won’t be able to care for the baby but he does his best. And he’s heartbroken because he never gets to see their child. Except for one day, when Scott heals his sight just long enough that he can see the smiling face of their baby and then look up at Derek’s loving gaze. The vision doesn’t last long, but that’s perfectly okay because now he can hold onto that image forever.

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A hobby my friends and I have had for a while is caving. We don’t get to do it very often, because there’s not much in the way of caves where we live: just a few systems here and there that we’ve explored thoroughly, and a couple of abandoned mines, which isn’t the same thing. The rest of them are all blocked off, and it’s useless trying to get into them. Believe me, we’ve been trying since we were kids. We try to get out further afield whenever we can, but it’s difficult for us all the get time off work and money can only go so far now a few of us have families. Sometimes we would gather round and complain that the whole thing was boring, but I don’t think we’ll be saying that any more. Caves are full of surprises, but the kind of thing we were wary off – sudden drops, unsafe structures, etc… it was nothing like what we actually experienced. Or, I suppose, specifically what I experienced.

We were in a system we had been through many times before, and we were so familiar with it that we could travel light. There were a few large-ish caverns down there that we would stop for lunch in, and all we ever needed were the head lamps on our helmets. We each carried some emergency equipment – flares, rope, etc, just in case something wild happened, but nothing ever did. That’s always the way, I think. These things lure you into a false sense of security and then they get you when your guard is down. We won’t be making that mistake again.

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i had all my clothes on and still i stood naked. that was something she always knew how to do.

when her eyes were on me i never knew how to keep a poker face on – i always showed her too much too quickly. the first time we kissed i went back to my bedroom and i grabbed a magic marker and i wrote it across my forehead: I AM IN LOVE WITH APHRODITE. what is subtlety? I’ve heard of it, but i only know it distantly, like a wolf knows the moon.

her eyes strip me bare every day, so that the only skin i have around her is deep: secrets and dreams swirling like constellations. it is a dangerous way to live.

that is probably why i continue to love her.

- abby // prompt for anon

About the event

So as I said last week I’m going to have another “bringing back the dead” event where the cast from DR1 comes back.
I was thinking of having it for only one day at first but then I was asked to make it last the whole week end so I’m going to do that, that way, people who live in different timezones will still be able to participate.

My question is…Are you there right now? Or should I wait a bit before starting it x)

-mod lili

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Hi, love your blog! Could you do some headcanons about Ja'far adopting a little boy who was previously abused by his parents? (+ how the other generals and Sin feels about this/acts around his adopted son)

Thank you! (:

> The decision to adopt a small boy would be purely reflex. After getting to know him, Ja’far would ask how is current way of living was and after hearing it he just couldn’t resist the urge to help him anymore, being reminded of himself a little

> He’d make sure to give the parents a small notice. He wouldn’t talk about the thing he didn’t have to, sparing all participants the emotional part, only offering them to take their son in and raise him for them, promising a prosperous future for him, which would make it easier for them to allow their son to leave

> At first it would be a great change for Ja’far. Suddenly he’d have to be home more, take care of himself so he could take care of his child and provide him a caring home. But eventually Ja’far would get very accustomed to the situation and even start to enjoy the time with his new friend. Ja’far is a very reliable father figure and works out the hardships coming up as a single dad very well, which honestly surprised no one, considering his past with Rurumu

> Sinbad would probably be delighted. Ja’far’s son would be the first person being officially allowed to call him Uncle Sin and as his ‘Uncle’ he’d make sure to teach the little one all the ‘important’ things in life, very much to Ja’far’s disapproval. Ja’far didn’t expect that Sinbad would actually be pretty helpful, babysitting the child if Ja’far really couldn’t make it home, his opinion about his friend raising a little when he finds the two of them slumped on the couch with the open storybook in their lap

> Hinahoho would get to be Ja’far’s new information source in all terms. The two would sit together often, talking about things to keep children busy or how to ensure that they get all the nutrition they need. Hinahoho would also help Ja’far in times of need, for example: If his son gets sick for the first time and the new dad struggles with what to do

> Masrur and Sharrkan don’t dislike the new member of their castle and are always in, if the little one finds them and asks them to play with him. Sharrkan even teaches him the basics of swordplay when Ja’far isn’t around, preparing a small wooden sword for his new sparing partner. Masrur is like that big brother everyone wants. The one climbing trees with you or carrying you around, the two get along very well and have some cute little adventures together

> Pisti is the only other general who has a lot of contact to the kid, playing things like hide and seek or go and pet some animals, when she got the time for him. Sometimes they spent so much time running around that Ja’far finds them a few hours later, resting in the shadow of a tree.

> Yamraiha wouldn’t have much contact to Ja’far’s son but wouldn’t dislike him, taking him shopping a few times, when she got the time to not think about new magic spells. Drakon and Mystras would tolerate him but wouldn’t be directly involved with him, if anything maybe just talk to him on the dinner table

WW2 bio

passato :

  • grace entered the world the way she intended to live, kicking, screaming and seizing as much attention as she could. with two attentive parents, showering their daughter with love, affection and a high standard of living, she received just that.
  • whilst other families might have resented having three daughters (especially with a family company to consider), the daly parents felt blessed to have their children - each more beautiful than the last (grace, of course, would contest this). given any and all equal opportunities, the girls were provided with the highest standard of education and encouraged to make their own mark on the world. naturally, grace took this to heart, refusing to let her gender hold her back and became determined to be the best and the boldest at anything and everything. 
  • still kind of a bitch tbh - but like a bitch with a heart for a select few
  • to this day, she’s been engaged three times - and has broken it off before she can get down the aisle, feeling that no one is an equal match for her.
  • she joined the resistance in its early stages, in 1943. after witnessing a fight between an Italian soldier and a man who would turn out to be not just a  resistance fighter, but one of its founders, grace decided to join up. as she watched the rebel stand victorious over his opponent, knuckles bruised and palms coated in blood, she felt a sirens call towards the violence. it was an inexplicable need. she had to throw herself into the center of it all. she had to not just be a part of it, but be the one leading the charge.
  • direct in her approach to the man, she was initially laughed away - leave the fighting to the men, little girl. so, she kicked him in the balls. then he listened.
  • since then, her life has been dedicated to the resistance - and she hasn’t looked back. she even recruited her sisters to the cause.


  • since she joined the resistance movement when it was in its fledgling stages, grace has managed to rise quite far up the ranks and now leads brigades. whilst she occupies herself mainly with strategy and planning, she’s known for being active in the field - almost greedy in the way she steals lives.
  • yeah, surprise, she still loves murder.
  • she has a high price on her head and is wanted by the germans/ Italian Fascist puppet regime of the Italian Social Republic. but that doesn’t stop her living her life…i mean…she’s grace daly.


  • Regina and Catherine Daly: sisters. she might not say it much, but grace loves her sisters an incredible amount and abides by the ancient motto - blood is thicker than water. whilst circumstances could have driven them apart, war has brought the trio together, allowing them to become closer. no doubt, the fact all three of them are resistance fighters helps. grace does her best to protect them both - scaring away anyone who seeks t question catherine’s status and making sure regina is on the front line, at the heart of the action, where she  belongs. they even go on killing sprees together.
  • i need more connections
  • like an ex-fiance (or two).
  • and friends/partners/comrades - maybe someone who is pretty high up like she is?
  • but she gotta have an enemy too. and they have to be forced to do the jitterbug together because the image of that makes me laugh.
  • maybe even someone she saved?? 
  • or someone she recruited/mentored?
  • idk man

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What do you like about Azula the most??

for me, the complexity of her character, and the way that she is a living contradiction, which makes her fully fleshed out, are the things that do it for me.

azula is there to teach us a lesson: not everyone gets a second chance. not everyone gets their happy ending. not everyone gets their redemption story. and that a confident, and strong-willed person can be broken in the saddest of ways.

azula’s mental breakdown in season 3 is a painful reminder that despite everything, she’s human, and she’s insecure, and has hopes and dreams like everyone else, a person with a twisted perception of the world. and where most of cartoons would write her off as just a villain in their black-and-white rhetoric, atla never does that - the show never reduces her humanity.

yes, she’s a villain, and yes, she’s done bad and unspeakable things, and she’s strong and confident and powerful and cunning, but when it comes down to this, she never, not even for a minute, ceases to be human.

also, the fact that the show does all this, and is making me sympathize with azula without excusing her actions is a nice bonus, for sure.


All the hard work and dedication is for living fully his last year as a high school student 

I love how the two exhibitions are completely different but both explains so well how humans’ approach of Love and seduction changes growing up.

With Viktor and Yuuri we have a self conscious kind of love

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they are calm, take their time to appreciate themselves,
caressing each others, watching directly their lover in the eyes.

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A kind of love that is more mature, built on compromises. Not frenetic but at the same time passionate.

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While Yuri and Otabek in my opinion are the exact example of “frenetic” first love… typical of teen years

(N.b. Based on my experience)

When you are young and in love you feel like living in a battle.

it’s everything angsty, more extreme and exaggerated.

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They act rapidly, more rock and roll, like they’re fighting each others in a seductive way.

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A love lived like they don’t have time.

it’s in or out

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life or death.

Yes, accept that you have flaws. Accept that you have sins. Accept that there are bad things about you. But please, I’m begging you please don’t think accepting these means you get to keep them.

You shouldn’t keep them. Work on your flaws. Repent of your sins. Kick those bad traits to the curb. Acceptance doesn’t mean you don’t have to change. Please understand that.


You have lived a thousand lives before, and darling, you will live a thousand more.
So remember as you lay in your bed at night, you will live without him.

happy birthday @sansaregina! ♡

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