the “this twenty one pilots lyric hits way too close to home” compilation
  • my trial was filed as a crazy suicidal headcase
  • i’m lying here, just crying
  • fridays will always be better than sundays cause sundays are my suicide days
  • sometimes to stay alive you gotta kill your mind
  • your bones are held together by your nightmares and your frights
  • we find our worth in giving birth and stuff
  • honestly, we’re probably more suicidal than ever now
  • please don’t think about why you can’t sleep in the evening and please don’t be afraid of what your soul is really thinking
  • we all know somebody who knows somebody who’s doing great
  • i’ll kindly enter into rooms of depression while ceiling fans and idle hands will take my life again
  • we get colder as we grow older, we will walk so much slower 
  • i won’t fall in love with falling 
  • you’ve stolen my air catcher and i don’t know if i want it back
  • shadows will scream that i’m alone
  • i’m trying to sleep but i can’t
  • haven’t you taken enough from me? won’t you go torture someone else’s sleep?
  • i was told when i get older all my fears would shrink but now i’m insecure and i care what people think
  • i know i’m emotional
  • you will die but now your life is free, take pride in what is sure to die
  • the sun will rise and we will try again
  • truce in general
  • i can feel my death 
  • i’m fine. i’m lying, i’m so very far from fine 
  • you say that you’re fine but you have lost your sway and glow
  • petrified of who you are and who you have become, you will hide from everyone denying you need someone to examinate your bones
  • the only difference between life and dying is one is trying, that’s all we’re gonna do so try to love me and i’ll try to save you
  • won’t you stay alive? i’ll take you on a ride, i will make you believe you are lovely
  • what kids are doing is killing themselves
  • our brains are sick but that’s okay
  • i put my socks on my feet just so my soul won’t fall through my toes
  • we’re going too fast, save us now
  • leave me with the razor just in case i fall face down on the ground
  • i just don’t wanna be so many things, and now that i see i just wanna breathe
  • i just wanna run and murder my care, i wanna believe that i will be free elsewhere
  • we’re dying with every step we take, we’re dying with every breath we make
  • rain down and destroy me
  • you are tired. you are hurt.
  • i haven’t found a drop of water
  • nothing kills a man faster than his own head
  • we had to steal him from his fate so he could see another day
  • don’t be afraid, we’re going home
  • does it bother anyone else that someone else has your name?
  • my tree house is on fire and for some reason i smell gas on my hands, this is not what i had planned
  • the windowsill looks really nice, right? you think twice about your life, it probably happens at night, right?
  • are you searching for purpose?
  • no one else is dealing with your demons, meaning maybe defeating them could be the beginning of your meaning, friend
  • why won’t you let me go? do i threaten all your plans? i’m insignificant.
  • i will set my soul on fire, what have i become? i’m sorry.
  • i don’t believe my ears and i’m scared of my own head
  • my shadow will grows taller along with my fears, and my frame shrinks smaller as the night grows near
  • there’s some people and i who have a really tough time getting through this life, so excuse us while we sing to the sky.
  • we’re broken people.
  • tonight, i’ll need you to stay
  • i’ve been thinking too much, help me
  • if it wasn’t for this music, i don’t know how well i would’ve fought this
  • even when i doubt you, i’m no good without you
  • i see a whole world better off without me in it
  • goner in general

Love Will Find A Way.

First things first, it’s been a long time since I’ve written for this project - however I have some VERY exciting things to share with you in the coming weeks - stay tuned for more news soon!!

Today’s been a wonderful day. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, and it was perfectly warm - not too hot, just right!

The day was evidently filled with joy and laughter, but more importantly I was filled with an overwhelming sense of hope and delight from the Lord.

One thing you have to understand about me…I am a “Throwback Thursday” freak. Even when it’s clearly not Thursday, I just adore old songs. It’s no coincidence that the song that resounded deep in my spirit was a hit from 1985.

“Find A Way” was written by Amy Grant, and remains one of my all time favorites songs from her Unguarded album. This song speaks of undeniable hope amidst the hardships of life.

The reality is that with Christ, love WILL find a way.

His love flowing through us, is the power to change our relationships, friendships, and our interactions with the world around us. But also, capital Love is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

He’s already won it all, so sit back, relax, and let Jesus (love personified) find a way…

Isaiah 43:16-19 “This is what the Lord says—He who made a way through the sea, a path through the mighty waters, who drew out the chariots and horses, the army and reinforcements together, and they lay there, never to rise again, extinguished, snuffed out like a wick: “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”

* * *

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