• EP=NOVA/, (translyrics)
  • Aria

this is incomplete and most likely off-key too, but the desire to adapt Ep=Nova to english hit me last night and uh…here’s some of the results? ;v; ahah…

Please, won’t you stop fighting!?

A handsome black cat and a lovely white cat
Every day they bicker and fight.
Endlessly they quarrel and together they snarl
Over who has the best coat around.

‘Like a panther, dark and black, my coat is my pride,
won’t you all agree that it’s a delight?’
‘Fluffy-fluffy lovely like the clouds in the sky,
You’ll agree my coat is divine.’

Why can’t you two just stop fighting and get along?
Oh no, they’re ready to fight…
Oh boy, just look, soon it’s a big scene with scratching and bites-!

Oh, won’t you stop this fight? Don’t compete, it’s not a race!
Everwhere across the world there’s lovely coats of every kind!
Oh, won’t you stop fighting? Don’t compete, it’s not a race.
‘Everyone you’re all as great’ oh, isn’t that enough?

tune in tomorrow for deep analysis of gerard way’s lyrics part 2: why burn bright is the thematic antithesis of how it’s going to be