If you still continue to think 5sos has their fame bc of who’s in their fan base gender wise I’ll fucking fight you these boys are so talented and deserve all the good that’s headed their way their lyrics are beautiful and their rhythm/beats/melodies/harmonies/solos/EVERYTHING are what draws the attention of fans worldwide. So what if most of their fans are females, at least we can appreciate how musically inclined these boys are.

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Ok so I'm really stupid sometimes with song lyrics and for The Girl who Cried Wolf I love the song and I love how the boys sound but like what's the deeper meaning lol I mean I get it's supposed to be really lyrical and deep but I'm just really dumb for these type of things :(

I’m not sure the way they wrote it, but the way I perceived the lyrics is that it’s about a girl who’s alone and she doesn’t tell anyone but you can tell she’s alone and she’s refusing to reach out to someone and she tries to run away and the other person is kind of trying to help them by saying they’re not leaving,

“It’s just lies, the girl who cries wolf everyday” crying wolf usually means lying so I guess that’s kind of warping it, saying she’s not lying, she feels alone And maybe even people don’t believe her when she’s sad and tries to tell them

“the truth is spelt out in your eyes, why don’t you just reach out and make it clear to me” they know she’s sad but she won’t tell anyone

And the repetition of is anyone there at all, cause I’m not leaving is kind of saying, hey I’m here for you don’t worry I’m here

idk you’re not dumb at all some people just don’t pick up on things and I could be 100% wrong but this song is just telling me even if I feel sad and alone that there’s someone there and I really needed that