This became longer than I wanted to, but here it goes - my take on the friendship triangle of Archie, Betty and Jughead:

I don’t doubt at all that Betty loves Archie and will always love Archie or that she had this monumental crush on him because he will always represent that comfortable piece of her life when things were easier and simpler and they didn’t have to worry about such things as parental manipulation, sexual abuse, neglect or the general pitfalls of becoming an adult.

Betty probably thought Archie could still fulfill that role of childhood companion into their adolescence and young adult life with the extra benefit of also being a lover, but unfortunately Archie was not there yet. And it is okay. I think the story the show is trying to tell this season, which combined with Archie’s and Jughead’s friendship, is that there is a point in our lives that our friend’s experiences and our own diverge to a point which can result in either the perpetuation of that friendship because we still relate to it all or we end up drifting in opposite directions, becoming a mere fond memory of a increasingly distant childhood. And I repeat, it is natural and it is okay.  Betty and Archie’s experience are both still validly difficult (his parents are getting a divorce after all) but vastly different.  Archie still has a lot growing up to do while Betty has been navigating a troublesome family with mental health issues for quite some time which he must know about btw but can’t quite relate, just like Betty couldn’t quite relate with Archie’s experience of being a victim of Ms Grundy. 

And here is where Jughead comes in.  Betty’s and Jughead’s stories fit in a way I don’t think either was actually counting on. It was a nice surprise. They can empathise with each other because they are both struggling with parental abuse: her with overprotection and gaslighting, him with neglect and abandonment. Again, I am not saying Archie’s life doesn’t have valid struggle in it, because it does, but it is a different kind of struggle while Bughead’s is fundamentally similar.  

But imagine this: from childhood these three lives went in parallel lines to each other, each their own with different colours and different shapes, but running next to each other and going in the same unavoidable direction that is adulthood.  But at some point they start taking different turns. Jughead’s father starts to drink, Betty’s sister runs away from home and Archie’s parent are fighting at home. And this goes on and on and each turn they take their lines sometimes cross each other (Betty promises to marry Archie when they are 18), sometimes move in different direction (Jughead never tells any of them his father is a Serpent), and sometimes they go back to run in parallel (Betty is still Archie’s best friend, who in turn is still Jughead’s best friend).  

But at some point in time and space Archie’s line just went one way, while Jughead’s and Betty’s went the other.  Archie might have been oblivious, but I believe Betty has been fighting this whole time to try to keep those lines close together while Jughead is also doing the same from his end with his obsession for the Riverdale of old and the “American Dream”, Archie being the archetypical character in his nostalgic dreams (that knife in his back bears so many connotations).  In both cases, Archie is still the centre piece.

But then everything that summer comes to a head, Jughead is planning a trip with ‘Archie and Betty finally decides to take their friendship to another level… but both of them fail. Big time. He is snubbed and she is rejected while Archie continued to be clueless about any of the implications.

When Jughead finds out that Archie slighted him for Ms Grundy, I think it really put a fissure in their friendship.  The same way I think what really crushed Betty’s expectations of a romantic happy ending with Archie was his “You are so perfect” speech. I think that really broke her heart because how could this boy who lived next door, who was her best friend and knew her their whole life not see her. Truly see her. And it was the first time she realised their paths might not be going in the same direction after all.  

They will always be the best of friends, but they are definitely drifting apart and on her way there she found a kindred spirit in Jughead, another cast away of friendship’s tortuous ways, when before she was sure Archie’s was the right path for her. How far will they drift away from each other, and how much will Jughead’s and Betty’s line become intertwined, is what we will have to wait for.  

It had taken Douglas far longer then he would care to admit to realise the other person had actually been talking to him. That was ruder then he had meant to be. “Sorry, I was worlds away. If it isn’t an inconvenience, could you start again?”

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Ok clearling confessions was soo cute but is there gonan be a part three? Cause what happens between them? Does the reader end up going on the double date? What happens with Lisa since Jimin said they got her to go on the double date?

Clearing Confessions Part 3 (Jungkook Super Fluff Fic (Unrequited love))

Part 1

Part 2

We walked out of the forest, hand in hand, drenched from head to toe together towards Jungkook’s house. 

“My mom is out of the house right now. You can shower and I’ll get you some home clothes.” I mumble a thanks through my chattering teeth and was grateful to be greeted by the warm air if Jungkook’s house when we got inside. I quickly ran upstairs, already knowing the exact layout of Jungkook’s house. In a way I basically already lived here with me coming over breakfast lunch and dinner some days. I grabbed a towel from the linen closet and Jungkook chuckled behind me. “What?” I asked holding the towel to my chest for warmth. “It’s just nice. You know your way around and you know you don’t have to ask.”

I smile and turn into he bathroom but not before I call, “I also know your phone’s password so watch out Kookie.”

Under the hot water and steam surrounding me, I massage m hair and my body trying to rid myself of the cold the rain water brought upon me. My hands brush my lips and I immediately think back to the passionate kiss Jungkook and I had just shared. I shake my head trying to calm myself down as I am just about to hurts thinking about him saying he loves. Never had I ever thought I could be this lucky. 

I step out of the shower and tie the towel around my body and step out of the bathroom. I go to Jungkook’s room to ask for the clothes and walk in on him completely shirtless, towel wrapped around his bottom half. 

“Jungkook do you have my clothes-” I stop halfway, trying to collect my thoughts and prevent myself from turning red. I try not to gawk, it’s not the first time I’ve seen Jungkook shirtless before but with todays atmosphere, it’s a lot more intense. When i look into Jungkook’s eyes racking down me, it is only then that I realize that I am only in a towel. Meeting each other’s eyes we both turn away. “I-I can give you some of my own.” Jungkkok approaches me and hands me a pile of sweats and a sweatshirt. I take them mumbling thank you. I’m about to turn away but Jungkook grips my arm and turns me back around pressing me into them. He looks into my eyes as if asking for permission until I nod and he leans into kiss me. This kiss isn;t as passionate as out first one but it is a lot more heated. I hold Jungkook’s face and caress his cheeks as his hands travel up and down my body. I can feel the tension, the pressure and the-

Jungkook’s phone rings and he pulls away. Over his shoulder I see the caller ID. It’s Lisa.


Hey there! SO THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR BEING SO ENTHUSIASTIC ABOUT CLEARING CONFESSIONS! AHHH! Its actually the first imagine I’ve ever written so thank you :):)

Okay so I wasn’t really going to write another part because I didn’t think anything could end as cutely as part 2( with them in the rain and all) But like this here is just for you <3 Haha. I know I ended sourly but I promise I’ll make this better.



You Don’t Own Me (Sabo)

So just let me be myself
That’s all I ask of you
I’m young and I love to be young
And I’m free and I love to be free
To live my life the way I want
To say and do whatever I please 


Don’t tell me there’s only one way to live.
Because I won’t choose to live if that’s the case.
Don’t tell me you can only find peace in one place.
Because love I won’t want peace than.
Don’t give me absolute truths.
Because honey I can’t live and accept that.
Don’t tell me what to believe.
Because dear one I won’t be able to believe anything if you do that.

Brother For Brother Interview

Ft Nigel & Dameon Lane PT 1

Q: So tell me a little bit about what it was like growing up with Nigel ?

A: It was cool I mean, I only got to see him on the weekends when I was little because we have different moms and I lived all the way in California at one point. That was when I was like a little baby though, when I got older like…11 and 12, then I lived with my dad for a few years in Miami and Me and Nigel became best friends.

Q: Did you guys fight a lot ?

A: Nah, we rarely got to see each other so spending time with each other was always a good time and we would always chill.

Q: How is he as an older brother ?

A: He can be a dickhead sometimes like when he takes my hats without asking (laughing) but other than him playing swiper; he’s chill as hell, I couldn’t ask for a better brother to be honest.

Q: Describe his style.

A: He’s real GQ and a pretty boy. Not like me but like a super clean cut dude, he likes to wear designer boots and hats and he’s always in the mirror. He lines up his beard every morning and gets his teeth whitened every month, he’s like squeaky clean, but it’s dope too.

Q: How is he with the ladies ?

A: Nigel is a player for real…He’s a real pretty boy, high fashion type (Laughing). Like he thinks he can take any dudes girl, any girls girl, like he don’t care, as long as you down he’s down. But he’s real honest with these girls, they know wassup off the rip, he just be chillin’ (laughs).

I think he got them under some kind of spell to be honest. No matter what, they keep coming back.

Q: What’s one secret he wouldn’t want you to tell ?

A: He waxes his eyebrows (laughing hysterically).

Q: If you could change one thing about him, what would it be ?

A: His over protectiveness. Even after all these years, he treats me like I’m 15.

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Hi!! I live all the way in Philly, I was wondering since you're a Sharks fan, if you know how I can stream Sharks games? I've asked like four other people and they don't know lol

the legal way is get nhl tv, which is what i did because.. idk im impulsive and i decided to lmao BUT there’s generally good quality streams on nhlstreams, yoursportsinhd, or onhockey,

at least that’s where i watched last season so if i’m wrong and those places suck now lmk


//My Chemical Romance Album Aesthetic// 

| I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love | Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge | The Black Parade | Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys | 

fave beauty and the beast (2017) things

  • the prince’s fabulous make up
  • “if he could earn their love in return”
  • belle’s blue dress
  • “hmm… ‘je ne sais quoi’?” - “I don’t know what that means”
  • even the freaking ducks are singing
  • “it’s never gonna happen ladies”
  • gaston asking belle if she’s busy and belle saying “no”
  • otp gaston x mirrors
  • belle’s disgusted face when gaston gestures from his lower body to her when saying she should only be concerned with her own children
  • “no one can change… that much”
  • “madame gaston, his little wife, uGH
  • the whole scene with maurice in the castle
  • m a u r i c e
  • philippe, everyone’s hero
  • belle smashing lumière with a stool
  • “the east wing, or as I like to call it, the only wing
  • ‘G A S T O N’
  • gaston lifting both lefou and a lady onto his shoulders
  • “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it”
  • “he’ll blame me!” - “yes I will make sure of it”
  • “maestro, play quietly please” - “oh quietly, sotto voce, of course. are there any other tasteless demands you wish to make upon my artistry”
  • be. our. guest. be our guest put our service to the test
  • maurice trying to remember the way to the castle
  • “you really wanna marry into this family?”
  • “gaston, stop it. breathe. think happy thoughts. go back to the war! blood… explosions… countless widows…”
  • the nose boop
  • luke evans’ acting in that scene… hilariously creepy
  • “romeo and juliette fucking sucks here’s my huge library full of much better things to read” basically
  • beast is making jokes now
  • beast knocking out belle with his huge ass snowball like chill man
  • beast walking around the castle grounds with philippe and talking to him
  • belle watching that from the window and looking beautiful as hell like wow I knew I was gay but that was a solid reminder
  • “no? too touristy?”
  • the way lefou says maurice’s name and smiles when seeing he’s alive
  • waiting heeere. fooor. eee.ver.mooooore
  • luke evans singing
  • “there’s a beast running wild there’s no question, but I fear the wrong monster’s released”
  • stanley rocking that dress and owning it that’s my boy
  • lefou teaming up with mrs potts
  • “I am. not. a beast.”
  • L E F O U 
  • “turn back into a clock, turn back into a clock”
  • human plumette is so beautiful I wanted to cry
  • “how would you feel about growing a beard”
  • rawr
my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit
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