Do ye say it of me, Sassenach?“ he asked suddenly. He sounded shy, and I turned my head to look up at him in surprise.
 "Do I say what? That you’re beautiful?” My mouth curved involuntarily, and he smiled in return.
 "Well…not that. But that ye can bear my looks, at least.“
I traced the faint white line of the scar across his ribs, left by a sword, long ago. The longer, thicker scar of the bayonet that had ripped the length of one thigh. The arm that held me, browned and roughened, the hairs of it bleached white-gold with long days of sun and work. Near my hand, his cock curled between his thighs, gone soft and small and tender now, in its nest of auburn hair.
 "You’re beautiful to me, Jamie,” I said softly, at last. “So beautiful, you break my heart.

Claire and Jamie Fraser, The Fiery Cross.

Just the way she’s always loved every single part of him unconditionally, sees no imperfections, just beauty. He hides nothing from her and she sees all of him in every way. 

And a moment later, you see his love for her is absolutely no different. Every single part of her is profoundly cherished. Always growing stronger, never fading with time or familiarity, there is always something new for both to learn and love about the other - making Hearthfire an all-time favorite passage of mine, from the entire series, let alone just TFC.