Do you know what DYAD’s done to her? What she’s become?
                                                       Back on your feet again thanks to Ira’s help.

Do you think Stiles realized that Derek was in love with him when Derek handed him a cup of coffee that was made exactly that way Stiles likes it after a long night of researching at the loft?

Do you think that he took one sip of the coffee and smiled a little to himself before looking up at Derek who was watching him with a soft look on his face?

Do you think he leaned forward and kissed him right there in the hazy light of morning, surrounded by old books and notes written on scraps of paper, the cup of coffee still in his hand?

Do you think Derek was a little shocked, but went along with it because Stiles was kissing him

I like to think so. I also like to think that the rest of the day involved slow, sweet kissed, cups of coffee forgotten on the counter, and a lot of making out on the couch.

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BTS reactions to you randomly getting really horny and acting really sexy (;

Jimin: Would burst out in laughter.

 “What has gotten into you?”

Taehyung: Would be oblivious on how you’re acting. He wouldn’t pay much attention until you actually tell him.

Yoongi: Would look at you in confusion, chuckling quietly on how you’re acting, even though he likes it.

Jungkook: Would tell you how beautiful you are–his way in trying to show affection back (poor on trying to make a move first).

J-Hope: Would kiss you, what seems a million times, and see where it goes from there.

Jin: Would ask you to hold off, depending on what mood he is in. If in the mood, he would start making a move on you first.

Namjoon: Would love it, and would immediately try to take care of your needs to your satisfaction.


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Ohhh a Jikook backhug but with Jimin behind ! It's adorable... he looks so tiny ;;;

I c a n n o t!  God I honestly didn’t realize how much I missed them. Jimin’s chin on Kookie’s shoulder, his light grip on the ruffles of his shirt, the way Kookie’s leaning into him slightly…This screams ‘back off bitch he’s mine’ but it’s like when your new puppy bonds with you and then growls at everyone that tries to come into contact with you.

Idk maybe they finally lifted the ban, maybe they made up after a fight, maybe they just started missing each other, idk, but I’m so happy to be getting these moments again ^.^ 

im making myself cry harder but imagine going through all of that and the things he’s left unspoken and having these people who have known you so intimately for four or five years just fucking desert you like that and erase you from a band you used to be a part of and ignore you when you congratulate them or try to keep in contact with them and lie about talking to you when they haven’t even looked your way and know they made jokes about you and racist actions against people like you and encouraged all their old fans to hate you and never ever defending you or being compassionate towards you like zayn is so strong he is so incredibly unbelievably strong and he deserved so much more than his world has given him thus far 

Jeon Jungkook ~ Please me [SMUT]

Group: BTS
Member: Jeon Jungkook
Type: Smut [Contains roughness?]
Word Count: 

His fingers slowly make their way down my neck, his nails grazing my skin as he goes. The clock ticking above the door the only clear noise you hear. Your heart races rapidly, making you think it’s about to burst. His lips turn into a sexy smile as he looks at you, his thumb lifting your chin. ‘It’s funny how you think you can play with me so easily and get away with it.’ He whispers, giggling lightly as his words come out. He wraps his arms around your back and pushes you closer to him, his strawberry lips only a hairs breadth away from yours. You part your lips, your breathing quickening as he licks along your bottom lip, making you moan in arousal. ‘I’ll show you how much it can hurt to disobey me, kitten.’

He forcefully pushes you back inside the room, making you fall to the wooden floor. A quite groan escaped your lips as the pain shoots through your entire body. Jungkook slams the door shut behind him, chuckling at you before twisting the key in the lock. He slowly walks over to you. Your eyes wander from his black shining boots over the black suit you bought him for his birthday and meet his. You gulp as he smirks down at you, the pain deep inside you replaced by arousal. His eyes are glistening with anger, his pupils’ dark as the night. His fingers slide underneath the straps of your black cocktail dress and pulls you up with all his strength, the veins on his arms popping up.
He walks closer, untying his tie as he goes, pushing you against the wall. His hands land on either side of your slim body. ‘Did it hurt?’ He said and runs his thumb over your lips. You breathe against it as you nod, the pain still vivid in your mind. Suddenly he takes his thumb away and gently slaps your cheek. ‘Good.’ He says, winking at you. He takes a step back and unbuttons his shirt slowly for your entertainment. It lands somewhere to your right, along with his blue tie and jeans.
He pulls you away from the wall and slams your body against the desk in the middle of the room. He hectically kisses up your neck, sucking marks into the skin above your collarbone along the way.
His lips lock with yours, pulling you into a heated kiss. His hand trails under your dress, cupping your butt cheeks as he presses you further into the desk. You moan at both the pleasure from his hand massaging your cheeks and the pain of him pushing you into the wooden desk with all his weight. His tongue enters your mouth, battling yours for dominance. He explores your entrance, your teeth collide as he pulls you closer to his body. He squeezes your cheeks apart, earning a satisfying moan from you.

His fingers slowly make their way down your neck, his nails grazing your skin as he goes. The clock ticking the only clear noise you hear. Your heart races rapidly, making you think it’s about to burst. His lips turn into a sexy smile as he looks at you, his thumb lifting your chin. ‘It’s funny how you think you can play with me so easily and get away with it.’ He whispers, giggling lightly as his words come out. He wraps his arms around your back and pushes you closer to him, his strawberry lips only a hairs breadth away from yours. You part your lips, your breathing quickening as he licks along your bottom lip, making you moan in arousal. ‘I’ll show you how much it can hurt to disobey me, kitten.’
You moan at his words, your panties dripping with arousal. His hand moves from your butt to the front, ghosting over your lazed underwear.
‘Tell me, what am I going to find if I keep going?’ His fingers inch closer to your core. Your heart races. ‘Are you damp,’ He furthers another inch up your thigh, ‘wet,’ he smiles wickedly and you gush from the inside out. ‘Or will you be drenched, kitten?’

Without warning he slides a finger along your clothed folds, your body trembling under his touch. He traps your body in between the furniture and his as he slides your panties aside to feel your wetness.
‘So wet from such little touch.’ He says as he pulls his fingers away, leaving you feeling empty. You bit down on your lower lip as you watch him wrap his arms around your back. The sound of your zipper being pulled down rings through your ear. He pulls down the straps laying on your shoulders and lets your dress pool around your ankles. When you want to step out of it, Jungkook digs his nails into your thighs, making you still your moves. He moves closer to your ear, his breath hitting your skin. ‘Let’s ruin your dress, kitten. It’s part of the punishment.’ He whispers into your ear before kissing your earlobe, making your body shiver. He places his fingers in between your thighs, his thumb rubbing up and down as he tilts his head to the side and places harsh, painful kisses in between your breasts. He rubs his finger along your folds, collecting your juices before easing it inside of your entrance. You moan at the feeling, your head dropping against his shoulder as the pleasure overtakes you. He slowly pushes his finger deeper inside of you. Pumping out of you slow enough to hear you squirt from the pleasure. He adds another finger, angling upwards to hit the right spot. Your knees become weaker with each thrust, your fingers digging into his broad shoulders for support.
‘Please…daddy. Fuck me.’ You beg in between moans. Suddenly his thrusts come to a hold, he quickly pulls his fingers out of you. He breathes heavily against your skin, slowly lifting his head to look at you through his black bangs. He bites down on his lip, his eyebrows furrowed as he pulls away from you completely. His fingers run through his hair, pushing it back.

Before you can react, his hands wrap around your neck, chocking you lightly as he looks at you with his dark, angry eyes. ‘It’s not daddy…’ He whispers through gritted teeth, his eyes fixed on yours. ‘Nor baby and when my hands are in between your legs, it’s not ‘Oh God’ either.’ You feel his grip around your neck tightening. The heat raises to your cheeks. You lightly panic but his arousing dark expression, makes you feel so much more attracted to him. ‘It’s Jungkook. My name is Jungkook and next time you address me, you had better use it. If you don’t, I’ll swear, I’ll bend you over my knee and give you that hurt between your legs a real good reason to ache.’
His grip around your neck loosens and you drop back to your feet, panting heavily. He grabs your ponytail and pulls your head up. His eyes lock with yours as a tear escapes from your lips. Jungkook smirks as he wipes it away with the back of his thumb. The gentleness you think appears on his face by the sight of you crying is quickly replaced by a devilish smirk tugging on the edge of his lips.
‘Maybe next time, you shouldn’t have obeyed.’
He lets go off you and tugs down his jeans along with his white Calvin’s. His half-hard cock giving you a pleasing sight. You silently moan at his pulsing shaft, the pain long forgotten.
He places another harsh kiss on your lips, the taste of medal floating your mouth. He bites down on your bruised lip, making you moan into his mouth.
He pumps himself a few times before placing himself in front of your aching core. ‘Please Jungkook…’ You moan out. He teasingly slides it along your folds, coating his shaft with your juices as lubricant. A heavy groan escapes from his lips. He grabs both your hands with one of his and places them above your head.
‘I want to fuck you. Hurt you. Take you in every way possible until you can’t walk straight anymore. I want to mark your pretty skin and make you scream as I dive deep into your pussy and make you come all over me. I want you to know what it feels like when you disobey to someone like me, kitten. I want you to always think about the punishment when you do it again.’

Without warning, he pushes inside of you. You arch your back at the sudden feeling of being filled up by his perfectly sized cock. He doesn’t give you time to adjust and starts to relentlessly pound into you, his cock hitting you at a perfect angle. His grip around your hands tightens as his thrusts become more rhythmically. ‘Jungkook…’ You moan out, squeezing your eyes shut at the feeling. Your back is being pushed into the desk with each thrusts, covering it in blue marks.
The pain of him hitting you without mercy causes tears to escape your eyes. Jungkook’s chuckle makes you look at him. His devilish smile making you realize that it was his intend from the beginning. His hips slap against yours with each thrust, the sound adding to the feeling.
‘Jungkook…I’m close.’ You murmur, tilting your head back. His free hand moves up to your breast, massaging it as he watches the other bounce up and down with each thrust. He locks his lips with yours, devouring you in a more passionate kiss.
You feel your core tightening as the orgasm rips through your body. You cum with screaming out his name. Jungkook’s thrust become sloppier, hitting your g-spot even better as he rides out your orgasm. You breathe heavily as Jungkook hits his own orgasms, releasing his seeds into you.

He pulls out of you immediately and places a gentle kiss on your forehead. ‘Did you learn your lesson, kitten?’ He asks gently, the anger disappearing from his face. You nod, holding onto his shoulders for support. He quickly helps you back into your dress before taking your hand into his and exiting the room together.
‘What did you do in there?’ Jungkook’s eyes wander up quickly to meet Jin’s terrified expression. He grips your hand tighter, grinning at the older hyung. ‘We had something to discuss.’

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Jackson got so bold in got2day basically declaring his feelings! So much eye contact, laughter,smiles,arms around each other.That i love u just the way you are 2 each other.He is getting bolder lately. shimkungs ,can i sleep with you? skinship, this!





wjhat is this

i feel like im interrupting a couple’s moment the HECK

they almost touch their heads :((( look at jaebum I HATE HIM HE GOES INTO JACKSON’S SPACE LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW




HE LIFTED THE FAN :’))))))))


u okay jaebum. btw jackson talking about jaebum’s mom i just I JUST. CAN I JUST. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA



Listen….there is literally no way you can convince me that Ed does not feel something towards Oswald. You just can’t. You can see it in the way he acts around him, talks to him, and in his facial expressions. Sure, he might feel things for Isabella, but that doesn’t mean his feelings for Oswald just suddenly disappeared. Of course Ed is gonna be entranced by Isabella, she looks exactly like Kristen, and she spoke to him in a riddle! There is still something off about her, though. I mean she just happens to show up at the exact time Oswald is gonna confess his feelings, looks exactly like Kristen and gives Ed a riddle? Come on, that’s extremely suspicious.

Promos can be deceiving, and even interviews can be deceiving. They can’t give away their whole master plan, then the show would be no fun. There has to drama, there has to be conflict; it can’t always be smooth sailing. (See what I did there?) I’m not ready to abandon all hope just yet.

Everyone’s still saying how Eren and other characters are so madly in love and are meant to be but let me kindly remind you, my good sir, that Eren went and got his teeth knocked the fuck out by the great Mr A over here, for the sake of saving Armin’s life. He was begging for him to save Armin.

P.S: the way Levi looked at Erwin in that same chapter when the guy passed away

I don’t think we’re reading the same manga here buddy my pal

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Post-Yuuri's performance of On Love: Eros, Victor takes Yuuri to bed, they have awkward, nose-bumping, embarassingly cute, but still hot sex for the first time. Yuuri discovers he's pregnant, he goes through the stages of horror, disbelief, joy, and anxiety, but Victor's there with him all the way. Yuuri still desperately wants his last season of the Grand Prix, and Victor is protective and hesitant but agrees. (Omegaverse, and reference to THAT line. I'm drowning in gay skating boys.)

What if the newspapers find out about the pregnancy? What if the skating board finds out?

But what if they don’t? What a beautiful end to the season. 
“Mr Nikiforov, Mr Katsuki, what are your plans for the next season?”
“To stay at home and look after our child.”

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Despite Davekat, there is another thing that kind of rubs me the wrong way. It's about John. It's pretty clear that he isn't like his usual self, but everyone else looks so happy? I mean don't get me wrong I'm so glad they are, but for the fact that all are good friends with John (especially Dave & Karkat too) it kind of looks like no one really notices it or isn't "bothered" by it? I actually hoped they & others would hang around with him a lot but he is so secluded while everyone else so happy

I’m guessing this is gonna be addressed in whatever is coming next in some way but here’s my hot take. I think everyone is just so busy doing their own thing and living their lives – they all have clearly developed new hobbies and passions and shit on the new earth, except John, who is languishing away at home and not even taking down the birthday banners year to year – they straight up havent realized how unhappy John seems when you have the context of seeing him in his actual life. Which like, is actually pretty realistic and relateable, imo. 

Ppl who are depressed often do have a lot of really good friends who they would die for and who they know would die for them who just dont notice how bad the situation is b/c they are so busy with their own shit and John is clearly communicating with them a lot thru snaps at the very least so they get like, snaps of John being like yeah its cool guys!!! and just assume he’s doing his own thing like everyone else is. 

Like have u heard of that phenomena where social media makes everyone’s lives seem way better than they are to observers, because people tend to share things that MAKE their lives seem better than they really are? If they’re mostly communicating through snaps and not visiting in person as often it’s actually really interesting that things have went this way and they’re showing this. I’m actually baffled (in a GOOD way) about how John is suddenly getting a real continuation of the character arc he was kind of displaying at the end of the first yellow yard boat trip (the one he was on the whole way) when davesprite made fun of his dad’s notes and he flipped out about it. Like I’m amazed we’re getting a continuation of that? That’s awesome to me.

And I don’t think not noticing the extent of it makes everyone else BAD FRIENDS!!! it’s just like – it happens a lot. I actually really LIKED the depiction of it because it’s just one of those things that never gets talked about or portrayed realistically and I felt that this hit pretty close to the mark. And again I think it’s going to be addressed.

Dinner with friends


~T.O.P x Jiyong x reader~

The chatter in the room became a low murmur as you swayed in your seat to the smooth jazz and sipped on a glass of red wine. you could feel your entire body pulsating as the alcohol made its way through your veins.

You were brought out of your trance when you felt a hand gently skim across your knee and come to rest on your exposed thigh. you lifted your heavy eyelids to see your boyfriend Seung Hyun smirking back at you. He slowly leaned in nuzzling his face into your hair.

“You’re drunk” Seung Hyun chuckled.

“No you’re drunk” you slurred back poking an accusing finger in his chest causing him to chuckle again.

“You’re so drunk that i bet i could do this…” Seung Hyun whispered as his hand caressed its way up your thigh under your skirt stopping before your panty line.

You looked up at him shooting him a warning look only to have him chuckle once again before turning to the conversation of the dinner table as if nothing had happened.

His hand moved further down your inner thigh and a knot formed in the pit of your abdomen. why was this turning you on? you knew it was wrong to do this in front of your friends and Seung Hyun ’s band mates but you couldn’t bring yourself to deny this man.

Feeling flustered you looked around the table making sure no one could see what was happening. luckily everyone was to engaged in chatter to notice.

You took another sip on your wine when Seung Hyun’s pinky brushed against your panties causing you to cough as you choked on the wine.

“Are you ok noona?” you heard Jiyong ask from across the table.

You looked up to see everyone looking back at you. you instantly felt your cheeks heat up with the intensity of a wild fire.

“I’m fine, the wine just went down the wrong way” you replied with a squeaky voice. the entire room erupted into laughter. you noticed Seung hyun laughing particularly hard so you elbowed him in his side.

“Yah! i’m sorry jagi, did we upset you?” Seung hyun asked as he leaned in and firmly pressed his lips against yours. he pulled away and stared longingly into your eyes. he did it on purpose, he knew it drove you crazy.

“So _____-ah when will your next exhibition be open?” Taeyang asked.

“Well I’m still not decided on all the pieces yet…” you paused as you felt Seung hyuns pinky slowly moving up and down your clothed slit.

“Why is that?” Jiyong chimed in.

“Umm…. I’m ah… not entirely convinced by them.” you couldn’t concentrate, Seung hyun knew exactly how your body worked and took full advantage of it.

“What do you mean?” Taeyang asked again.

You could feel the cloth of your panties getting slicker and slicker with each stroke his pinky made. you could barely think but you knew you had to answer soon or they would start to get suspicious.

“I guess….. you could say that I’m…… just being a typical artist….. never happy with my work” you giggled nervously, thankfully the other diners all laughed with you.

You flinched as a rush of cold air hit your warm core where Seung hyuns large hand used to be. you swore you saw Jiyongs eyes narrow at you for a moment but your suspicions were swept under the rug when you felt Seung hyuns hand once again.

He hooked his fingers under your panties and gently pulled them to the side and you bit your bottom lip in anticipation. he ran his index finger up and down your wet slit.

Everyone seemed to go back to talking amongst themselves and you couldn’t help but let out a small sigh in relief, but just as you did Seung hyun stuck his index finger inside you. you had to grip the table just so you wouldn’t let out the moan that was hanging in the back of your throat.

Seung hyun picked up the momentum of his finger gliding in and out of you, your breathing became erratic and to no avail you sucked on your bottom lip to try and calm yourself. you were sure that you two would be caught at any moment, but as your eyes darted between the other diners no one seemed to notice, until you saw Jiyong.

Sitting back in his chair with his arms crossed he smirked at you with a glimmer in his eyes. there was no doubt that he knew what was going on under that table.

Seung hyun slowly lent into you. “I can tell you like him watching you jagi, i felt you clench around my finger as soon as you noticed him. I want you to keep eye contact with him” Seung hyun said breathing down your neck.

Seung hyun then placed his thumb on your clit and started to draw circles around it while his index finger continued to move in and out of you. You did as he said and kept eye contact with the man sitting across from you. His cat like eyes boring holes right through you.

Seung hyun started to speed up his fingers and you let out a whimper, Jiyong bit his bottom lip at the sound. He looked around at the other dinners, they were all to busy giggling at another one Seungri’s stories. Jiyong then uncrossed his arms and picked up his fork from dinner, he looked up at you and winked as he threw the fork under the table. keeping his eye contact with you he slowly slid under the table. you could feel yourself get wetter with the thoughts of him watching you down there.

Seung hyun used his free hand to grab your chin to face him, he stared into your eyes for a moment before he pulled you into his lips. just as Seung hyun pushed his tongue through your lips and against your own tongue he removed his fingers from you and slowly slid his hand down to your knee, opening your legs wider.

hot air rhythmically danced its way over the skin of your inner thigh, making its way towards your core painfully slow. you grasped Seung hyuns shirt in anticipation and he chuckled into your mouth.

Suddenly Jiyong put his lips against your swollen clit, you moaned into Seung hyun and gripped tighter into his shirt. you felt jiyong’s hands caress your thighs as he sucked and lightly nibbled on you. you began to lose control as the knot in your abdomen got tighter.

You moved your hands to Seung hyuns face so you could pull him deeper in to the kiss earning yourself a low growl from him. Jiyong stopped for a moment and you pulled away from Seung hyun, you looked up at him panting in a hot mess, Seung hyun smirking back at you.

Just when you felt you were safe from the two mens desire to make you squirm, Jiyong used his thumbs to spread your lips open, then ran his tongue up your slit and flicked your clit. your mouth dropped open, before you could make a sound Seung hyun captured your mouth with his and quickly rammed his tongue down your throat.

Your head was starting to spin from the attention from both men. you knew it wouldn’t be long before you completely lost yourself in all the stimulation. Jiyong picked up his pace flicking your clit with his tongue. you ran your hands up Seung hyuns pecks, over his shoulders, to his back, clawing at him through his shirt. Seung hyun moaned, returning your rough kisses.

You felt a finger push through your folds, into your hot core. he curled it up slightly, hitting just the right spot. your body began to shake as you felt your release getting closer. you pushed your nails harder into Seung hyuns back causing him to growl.

“Oh get a room you two” Seungri shouted. you quickly pulled away from Seung hyun and felt Jiyong slowly slide his hands down your thighs.

“What? you dare talk to your hyung like that?” Seung hyun growled back at him.

“Hey where did Jiyong go?” Taeyang asked looking around the room.

Suddenly Jiyong popped up from under the table, holding his fork high in the air.

“I found it” he proclaimed as he sat back in his seat. not taking his eyes off of you he slowly reached down to pick up his napkin and slowly dabbed the corners of his mouth.

“Hey hyung, i’m hungry. is there anything for dessert?” Daesung asked.

“There’s some ice cream in the freezer, help yourself" Jiyong replied.

“Thanks. would you like some hyung?” Daesung asked walking past you into the kitchen.

“No thanks, i’m full” Jiyong purred smirking at you.

-To be continued-

As fate would have it - Chapter 17

It´s been about twelve years since Hiyori last saw Yato. Twelve years since he cut ties with her. With tears in his eyes he explained that it was all for her sake so she could finally start to live a normal life.
What he didn´t know back then was that their ties could never be cut.

Hiyori remembered everything about him, Yukine and the far shore.
At the time Yato and she parted ways Hiyori was already pregnant with a baby girl that grew up knowing nothing about her father.

Chapter 17 - A day at the pool

Words: 2490

| Read on AO3 |  ,  | < previous chapter |

Main characters:

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kidsxinchinn replied to your post:“Hey, I’m over 18. It’s perfectly legal.” - Tohru

“Why not? The one I was looking up online sounds legit and everything, and in my price range. Why shouldn’t I go?” It wasn’t like he was going to have any luck getting with anyone any other way.

                    “What if you get a disease? You shouldn’t have to pay for sex, gimme that!” Leaning over him, she quickly closed the laptop. Her breasts resting rather perfectly on his head. “No brothels, promise me!”

Paper Planes - Monsta X Wonho scenario

Genre : fluff, angst
Characters : you, Kang Eunyi (OC),  Wonho, Hyungwon, Changkyun, WJSN Dayoung
Word Count : 2446 words

warning ; cursing + very corny and shitty

Originally posted by won-hoseok

Shin Hoseok was way out of your league. He was an angel, and you’re just a commoner that can do nothing but look up to him. Okay, that was exaggerating, but still.

Hoseok isn’t that popular but he has a long list of admirers. You, of course, was in it, but nobody knew. Being the ultra shy exchange student from (y/h/c / your home country) didn’t really give you much attention from the cool kids.

It also didn’t help that you’re on bad terms with his younger sister, Dayoung. Something about you just makes her hate you. 

“Now, now, (y/n), are you still lovesick over Hoseok?” Your best friend, Eunyi asked with a teasing smile. Eunyi was very kind, understanding and not to mention, very gorgeous. It’s a shock he doesn’t have a boyfriend yet.

“Yes.” You sighed, taking a bite from the sandwich Eunyi gave you. “I’ll confess soon, though.” You said with a bright expression.

Eunyi chuckled, “Please tell me this isn’t another anonymous confession.” You scratched your neck. “Well…”

“How will he notice you if you keep confessing the cowardly way?! Leaving stupid notes in his locker with ‘your secret admirer’ written on it doesn’t help, boo.” She said, scolding you for your cowardliness. You groaned and shook your head. The bell rang, “It’s time to go to class, Eunyi.” You said and stood up. “Let’s go.”

After school, you sat at the bleachers of the open field, waiting for Eunyi’s class to end. She won’t be out for another hour so you just stayed there and watched Hoseok playing soccer with his friends, Hyungwon and Changkyun. 

Changkyun is your only source of information of Hoseok because he knows about your feelings (you didn’t tell him though, he caught you putting love notes in Hoseok’s locker– you had to bribe him to shut up and help you

You took out the love letter you wrote in class earlier. It had little information about you but it wasn’t enough for him to figure out it’s you. You smiled to yourself and looked at the three men playing at the field. You stood up and ran behind a tree, waiting for Changkyun and Hyungwon so you can carry on with your plan. 

Changkyun hit the ball a little too hard and hit Hyungwon in the face, causing him to fall, you felt bad for laughing. Changkyun decided to take Hyungwon to the clinic while Hoseok patched up their stuff.

You smiled at the opportunity and aimed for Hoseok. You took the love letter and folded it in a paper plane before throwing it in Hoseok’s direction. The paper landed next to his bag and he looked at it curiously. You giggled at his cuteness and hid behind the tree.

Once the coast was clear, you looked back at him and saw him reading the letter with a smile. “Strawberry, huh?” You saw him mouth.

Yes, you did put ‘Strawberry’ as your ‘clue’ because you love strawberry so much it’s unhealthy. You smiled to yourself before running back to the school building.

“We need to talk, (y/n).” You were surprised when Changkyun appeared in front of your house at 10 in the evening.

“Wow, Changkyun, couldn’t you just message it to me or wait till tomorrow?” 

“No, your payment is in demand today.”

“Payment for what?”

“Did you honestly think I’d hit Hyungwon’s face like that?” He crossed his arms. “Huh, strawberry?”

You gasped, “You did it on purpose?! He told you about it?”

“Yes, I did. Plus, he wouldn’t stop talking about the strawberry girl, which I assume is you. He was so curious and giggly in our group chat, I cringed so bad, we all left the group chat.”

You smiled to yourself, “Okay, big guy, get in, I’ll make you bulgogi.” 

You were in a good mood due to what Changkyun said. A part of you says that he might be disappointed once he finds out you’re the one that threw the paper plane but you didn’t want to be a pessimist. 

You saw Hoseok enter the school gates and the smile on your face turned upside down once you saw his face. It was filled with bruises and the lip under his lips caught your attention. He looked fucking hot but that wasn’t the point.

“Got into a fight last night because someone harassed Dayoung.” Hyungwon appeared next to you, scaring the hell out of you.

“Excuse me?”

“I said what I said. That’s why his face is full of bruises. His parents wasn’t very happy about it so he’s in a bad mood.”

You were thankful for the info but… “Why are you telling me this?”

“Just because.” He shrugged and left. Man, Changkyun and his friends are weird.

You looked at the direction Hoseok walked off to and sighed. You were very worried about him. 

You went to the library to write him another letter. You told him to cheer up and stay strong and that you’ll always be behind him even if he doesn’t notice you. It’s cheesy but it’s the least you can do to make Hoseok feel better.

You looked for him everywhere and found him sitting under a tree with his eyes closed and headphones in his ears. You smiled at the sight of him. He looked fast asleep. Did he even sleep last night? You sighed and walked slowly to him, placing the paper on his lap before quietly walking off to class.

Once you entered class, you saw Eunyi, sitting next to your assigned seat. You smiled and quickly sat next to her, ready to tell her about your cowardly confession when blabbermouth Dayoung blocked your way. 

“You got some guts, shorty.” She crossed her arms. “What do you mean?” You asked, genuinely confused but with a hint of annoyance. 

“You’re so dumb. Do you honestly think my brother would like you back? Stupid.” She whispered, so that only the two of you could hear and simply went away, leaving you dumbfounded. Eunyi, who witnessed the situation, glared at Dayoung’s back. “What did that tiny mouse say again?”

You shook your head but still gave her a big smile. Dayoung was right though. For a second there, she actually believed she had a chance to be with Hoseok. Stupid (y/n).

The following days, you kept giving paper planes anonymously to Hoseok and according to Changkyun, he keeps on getting excited each letter he gets. It made you happy but Dayoung’s words still lingers in your mind. Does Dayoung know about the letters?

You weren’t expecting what happened in gym class.

Shin Hoseok. Actually noticing your existence. Oh my god. 

“Hi, (y/n)!” He said with a very bright smile. It made your heart race and throat dry up.

“Hoseok-ssi.” You said, gaining your composure. 

With a very charming smile, he inched up towards you, “My strawberry.”

You gasped, “W-What?” He knows? He knows? He kNOWS! 

“Oh, don’t look so shocked, (y/n)! Changkyun told me!” 

Your eyes widened. “That little shit told you? Oh my god, you know that I’m—”

“I know that you know that my strawberry is Kang Eunyi!”

You opened your mouth slightly and gaped at him, “Come again?”

“Kang Eunyi!” He said with an eyesmile.

You looked around the room, searching for Im Changkyun, the little shit that should be burned in hell.

He was looking at the two of you with a sheepish smile. You mouthed a curse at him and turned back to Hoseok.

“E-Eunyi… right.”

He nodded and held your shoulders. Although the act made your heart race you were blinded by the fact that he obviously likes Eunyi, your best friend. 

“Please, please, please help me with Eunyi. She doesn’t know that I know that she’s my confessor. So please help set us up! I really like her a lot! Ever since we were in middle school, I knew she was special and oh my gosh, she’s so kind and lovely!” 

Hearing him talking about how much he likes another girl hurt—especially when the girl he’s talking about is your best friend.

“I-I’ll try.” 

“I had no choice! He saw our convo! I had to, (y/n)!”

You didn’t listen to Changkyun’s excuse because you were sobbing to much. “No, screw you! I hate you! I never should have trusted you!”

“I’m telling you, he likes you, not Eunyi!”

“Oh, bullshit! Cut the crap, you little shit!”

You ran elsewhere and Changkyun kept chasing you. It was until you ran into Dayoung, who was exiting the laboratory. She cursed and glared at you.

“Oh, (y/n).” She dusted off her bum and smiled sarcastically at you. “I’ll be nice since you’re already dealing with enough pain. Hurts that Hoseok oppa likes your best friend, doesn’t it?”

“Dayoung, shut up!” Changkyun shouted from the end of the hallway.

Dayoung chuckled. “You don’t deserve him, (y/n). He doesn’t deserve someone who keeps on leeching herself onto other guys. A whore, perhaps. My brother deserves someone like Eunyi, who is sophisticated, mature and… classy. Unlike you trashy bitch.”

“Dayoung, that is enough!” Changkyun pulled you behind him.

“Truth only.” Dayoung shrugged and left.

You sighed and lightly pushed Changkyun before leaving the school and in to your house.


My Eunyi 💞 : (y/n)~! hoseok messaged me omg i think he wants me to set u guys up! fingers crossed~!

You smiled bitterly upon reading Eunyi’s message. You can’t help but feel a little angry at her, even if she doesn’t have anything to do with it. It hurt your pride a lot, and here you are, getting mad at the person who really cares for you. Childish.

To My Eunyi 💞 : Don’t expect too much, Eunyi~ He’ll never like me.

Because he likes you.

My Eunyi 💞 : What’s with the negativity, boo? Anw, he wants to see me at lunch tomorrow! dincfihvnhf maybe he wants to confess to you w my help omG

You turned your phone off before you send something you’ll regret forever.

“They’re both so frustrating!” Changkyun told Hyungwon.

“I agree.” Hyungwon replied, sighing. “He’s really pushing himself.” He added.

“I just don’t want (y/n) to get hurt anymore.”

Eunyi walked to the meeting spot Hoseok sent her with a grin on her face. She was excited for Hoseok to tell her that he likes her best friend.

“Hoseok!” She called out. Hoseok turned around, holding a bouquet of flowers.

“O-Oh, what is this for? For (y/n)?”

“What do you mean? It’s for you, silly.” He handed it to her with a cute smile.

Eunyi took it uncertainly. “Okay, thanks. Is this how you pay people to help you?”

“Stop, Eunyi. I know it’s you.”

“It’s me? Me what?”


Eunyi looked at her. He knows about (y/n)’s feelings?

“So, you do know her feelings?”

“If you were pertaining to yourself then yes. I know about your feelings, Kang Eunyi.”

(y/n) watched the scene from the window of the hallway. Tears fell from her eyes but she couldn’t move away.

“What?!” Eunyi was confused.

“You’re strawberry. You left me those messages. Those paper planes. I know it’s you, Eunyi.”

“What the fuck, are you kidding me right now?!” Eunyi’s eyebrows scrunched up together. “Are you messing with (y/n)?” 

(y/n) quickly fled the scene, unable to watch the scene she created.

“(y/n)?” Hoseok said her name. “What does she have to do with this?”

“Oh my god, corny as it sounds, she’s your strawberry! Dear god, I hate strawberries! (y/n) sent you those letters. She likes you. I don’t know why you’d ever think it was me!” 

Hoseok stared at Eunyi, dumbfounded.

“You’re kidding.”

Eunyi glared at him. 

“You know…” Hyungwon appeared next to you, handing you a handkerchief. You looked at him before slowly taking it, wiping your tearstained cheeks.

“Hoseok’s a dick.” Hyungwon finished his sentence. “And you’re pussy.”

“I don’t appreciate your dirty language right now.” You say. 

“Well, since Hoseok has no plans of telling you this, I’ll tell you instead.”

“He liked you a lot in the past, when you first moved here. You shared a lot of classes and it wasn’t impossible for him to fall for you, because like he told us you’re so charming and sweet. He’s so lovestruck, it’s annoying. But someone told us some rumors about you. They said you had a lot of boyfriends back in your home country. There was also a picture of you and a sunbae at a motel. Hoseok was beyond heartbroken but he never hated you, Dayoung hated the fact that your broke his heart without knowing, explains why she hates you so much. Hoseok… even if he’s dumb, I know he still likes you. I think he thinks Eunyi is the solution to get your attention.”

You were dumbfounded at what he just said. 

“Don’t lie to me, Chae!”

“You guys are the perfect match! Both so stubborn and irritating!” Hyungwon rolled his eyes. “You give Changkyun and I headaches. Let us live and just date!” You scoffed and ran off to where the two were.

Eunyi was still glaring at Hoseok.

Hoseok caught a glimpse of you and quickly ran towards you, “(y/n)!” He called out and you ran, suddenly being a coward again.

You ran and ran and reached the open field where you played and endless game of hide and seek.

“(y/n), I caught you.” He said, grabbing you by the waist, spinning you around to face him. “Why didn’t you tell me?” He said in a vulnerable voice.

“B-Because—I thought you didn’t like me and—Why did you believe those rumors!?” You shouted.

From afar, Changkyun, Hyungwon and Eunyi watched the scene. 

“I can’t believe that shit almost made me a rebound. Did he really think he could use me as an excuse to get closer to (y/n)? A rebound?!” Eunyi scoffed but deep inside, she was glas that the two are finally coming to an understanding.

“Shut up, you hag!” Hyungwon hissed and turned to the two. “You’re ruining the scene.”

“Cue to water sprinklers for a dramatic effect!” Changkyun said and the sprinklers came on, making the scene of two look like a scene from a movie.

“(y/n)-ah…” Hoseok said. “I never did. I knew you weren’t that kind of girl but seeing you with Seungwoo sunbae broke my heart. Because I thought I could never have you. You preferred someone like him and I am nothing compared to him.”

You hit his chest, “I bought him there because he was supposed to meet Seola sunbae for a party!” You started crying like a baby. “I hate you, Shin Hoseok! Why are you being so insecure right now?!” 

Hoseok held your arms. “I wanted to be good enough for you.”

“Stop saying that! I’m the one that’s not good enough for you!” You said. 

Hoseok wiped your tears and kissed your forehead, “You are perfect for me. And I hope I am to you. Let’s start again.” He stuck his hand out, “Hi, I’m Shin Hoseok, and I love you.”

You never imagined this to happen to you. I f this was a dream, you never wanted to wake up.

“I’m (y/n) and I want to be with you, Shin Hoseok.”

jan31 replied to your post:Ok, so I understand that Kurt is not in a good…

I love Kurt and always will, no matter what. Having said that I was disappointed when Nas was asking her why she did not download the chip and rather rescue Roman. Jane looked at Kurt for support and he just looked away. I realise he took Nas to task afterwards but Jane did not see this and must feel more and more isolated, especially from Kurt. It must hurt so much

Yes, I agree, Kurt obviously is not showing Jane the support that she needs, the support he is providing behind her back. That is … not healthy. That is messed up. And yeah, Jane is not seeing that part of him. But I guess in a way he is not ready to show her? Not ready to let her know that his walls are yet again cracking when it comes to her because the wounds are still raw, the pain is still real and he is not ready to deal with them properly.

The RFA as doctors

Yoosung (Pediatrics)
- He’s always had a way with children.
- He keeps a jar of different flavored jelly beans on his desk.
- The nurses always call him when they’re having trouble calming down a particular child.
- He makes the funniest faces when he’s trying to make his patients laugh. The kids love him for it.
- He has a weakness for babies. Especially their feet. “OMG look at his feets! SO CUUUUTE”
- He once convinced Dr. Choi, Dr. Kang, Dr. Ryu, and Dr. Han to dress up as the Avengers with him on Halloween, to cheer up the kids at the Oncology Ward. He hangs a large photo of them during the said event in his clinic.
- He’s currently on his first year of Neonatology fellowship.

Jaehee (Psychiatry)
- Her clients are mostly overworked employees who are under extreme amounts of work-related stress.
- She just recently published a self-help book entitled, “F*ck You, Boss! - How to Cope with Stressful Working Conditions”.
- She also regularly visits the local mental health facility, where she manages one of her long-term patients, a blonde-haired schizophrenic young woman.
- When she’s not seeing patients, she operates a small online baking business. Her chocolate cinnamon rolls are divine.

Seven (Forensic Pathology)
- They call him “Eagle Eye” for his unparalleled ability to spot the most minute details. Nothing ever escapes his scrutiny.
- This also makes him the best in his field.
- He works closely with law enforcement, often handling the most confidential as well as high profile cases.
- He has a habit of pretending he’s in some primetime crime drama.
- He often talks to the dead bodies that he’s examining, which creeps the hell out of the rest of the laboratory staff.

Zen (Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgery)
- His good looks serve as advertising for his practice, despite them being all natural. He just rolls with it.
- His incredible patient transformations have been featured in numerous TV spots.
- He’s highly sought after and has pretty much reached celebrity status.
- However, Zen still operates pro bono on patients who have been victims of hate crimes, as well as disfigured veterans.
- The public is so interested in his romantic status and he’s been asked numerous times in interviews if he’s still single.
- He just smiles and jokes that whoever holds his heart must have hands that are more gifted than his.

Jumin (Trauma Surgery and Emergency Medicine)
- He’s the youngest doctor to ever complete both fellowship programs.
- The ER staff affectionately call him “Dr. Robot” because of how calm and precise he is at all times, that and the fact that he never even naps during his 24-hour shifts.
- He owns a sizable amount of shares at the hospital, and his father is the chairman of the hospital board.
- Yet he refuses to take on administrative duties full time, preferring to work at the chaos that is the Emergency and Trauma Department. It makes him feel alive and fulfilled.
- The only time he’s ever showed any emotion while on duty was when a 5-year-old girl died at his table. He’d been too late to save her. It was his first year as a resident then.
- He has pretty much been working miracles since then. Saving even the most hopeless of cases.
- He hates taking credit for it though and brushes off most praise as him only doing his job correctly. But he allows a rare smile whenever a patient thanks him for saving their life.


Both gifs are mine

Imagine Pride and Torres arguing over your affection 

Requested by Anon~

Bishop stayed with you at the back of the ambulance as the paramedic checked over your wounds. They said you wouldn’t have to go to the hospital, as long as you took it easy for the next couple days-

“Y/N, are you okay?”

Torres had rounded the corner of the ambulance, his eyes wide with concern. He would have gotten closer, in the paramedic’s way, if Pride hadn’t shown up right behind him. The older agent stood in front of Torres, giving him a look. “I think you should give Y/N some space. Been through a lot, just now.” Pride commented, looking to you with a worried look in his eyes.

Torres gave a cross snort, but stayed where he was. “You think Y/N can’t handle a little fight?”

“Now, I didn’t say that. I just want her to get better as soon as possible.”

“Funny you’re saying that, considering you let her run off alone.”

The two agents stared at one another, the sense of hostility growing until you glanced over to Bishop helplessly. She gave a nod and smirk before padding over to Torres. “C’mon, I’m sure Gibbs is looking for us.”

He was quiet for a moment, and Pride almost looked triumphant until Torres replied; “can you tell him where I am?”