things i miss about harry (alternatively titled: constantly weeping)
  • his voice :(
  • his dorky laughcackle thing he does when he finds something really funny
  • the weird things he does during interviews that make my insides feel all smushy!!
  • painted fingernails :DDD
  • Middle Aged Dad Dancing
  • stage harry
  • floral print suits :/
  • his BIG SMILE!!!!! where his cheeks are all scrunched up!!!! and he looks like an absolute cherub!!!!!
  • (he! put! his! nose! on! a! microphone! oh! my! gosh! cutest! boy! ever!)
  • the way he makes everyone feel included at concerts
  • when his voice gets all raspy when hes singin wow
  • his normal laugh when he thinks something is Mildly Funny
  • his sense of humor ?!?
  • everything
  • i miss harry 
  • sos pls return my son

ok but consider this:

  • lance with dimples
  • every time lance makes a terrible pun keith gets ready to roll his eyes but then he looks up and sees that cheeky grin and those goddamn dimples and he just dies
  • that’s it keith is dead rest in fucking pieces keith
  • and then he tries to retort but just ends up stuttering and stomping away out of embarrassment
  • of course being the sharp dudebro he is lance puts two and two together and realizes that puns!!! must be keith’s true weakness
  • so lance gets all up in keith’s bidness i.e. his face esp because keith is trying to avoid looking at him at all costs, and when keith mutters “i can’t even look at you right now” well he’s not lying it’s just not in the way that you think lance
  • 1000 puns later and keith is just exhausted from the torture of lance’s really bad puns and really adorable dimples
  • so finally he decides he has to shut him up somehow and so when lance is in the middle of delivering his punchline about chocolate bars or something keith grips lance’s cheeks, squishes, and plants a clumsy flustered kiss on him
  • when he pulls away the smile is successfully wiped off lance’s face which means so are those fuckcing dimples ha take that you fucking lance
  • except cue a big dazed goofy grin spreading across lance’s face that made his dimples eVEN MORE NOTICEABLE ABORT ABORT “fffuck” they’re both messes
  • a giggling lance: w what was that for
  • “your puns are unbearable and you needed to be stopped”
  • “hheheehhhe u know what else ‘s unbearable”
  • “don't—”
  • “that i can bearly make a pun without you making a face”
  • “lance”
  • “oh come on just bear with me”
  • “uuUGGghHH”
  • “♪but you still wanna kiss me♪”
  • well he’s not wrong
  • “i can’t bearlieve this is happening right now”
  • “that’s it I’m leaving”
BTS Reaction to walking in on you naked

Seokjin; i feel like he would get all flustered and hurriedly close the door without a word, only to apologize the next time he sees you which would lead you to embarrassingly telling him it was fine. just to shut him up bc 

Yoongi: he barely speaks, so i can see him just walking in, let his eyes travel ngl and just silently walk out, probably unnoticed.

Hoseok: one word; extra. the screech and the face hiding and the dramatic exit, yep. all of it.

Namjoon: this perve would probably let his eyes linger before saying some dirty comment and walking away.

Jimin: i feel like he would be such a nervous lil baby and immediately look down at the ground and stutter out apologies and ramble as he tries to side step his way out of the room. aw imagine tho

Taehyung: i don’t think he’d be flustered or have anything pervy to say. he isn’t your average boy so he’d probably be like “wah, y/n, i didn’t know you had a birthmark there!”

Jungkook: literal mental break down. this kid can’t even make direct eye contact with a girl, seeing you naked would make him have all kinds of break downs.

lmao this isn’t good but it was entertaining ngl. requests for reactions (gif/written), scenarios and imagines open! request in ask box ♥

- breathlessmin.

lurkdusoleil  asked:

Zimbits, sphallolalia

[flirtatious talk that leads nowhere. alternate universe.]

Jack slides into his seat at the far end of the counter the same way he’s done every day for the past week.  He’d told himself when he first stepped through the door of Martha’s Inn and Café that it was just another stop on his round of the town he’d call home for the next month, and that had been true at the time.

At the time, though, he hadn’t yet met Eric. He’d sat at the counter and taken his time with the menu set in front of him, shoulders hunched and head ducked beneath the brim of his hat.  Jack had done his best to look as small as possible—a feat—and decided that he liked the overall atmosphere of Martha’s—warm, welcoming, laid-back, full of soft chatter and laughter that filtered in from the kitchen—as well as the simple menu. Coffee had been poured and cream and sugar offered.  Jack had eaten and been ready to pay and leave when the door to the kitchen had tipped open and Martha’s had gotten much brighter.

Eric slips through the kitchen door now.  Jack’s heart skips.

Eric’s wearing shorts this morning beneath his apron. There’s nothing particularly scandalous about them, but Jack can see the light catch on the golden hair at Eric’s calves, can see the tender skin at the back of his knees.  Paired with the t-shirt whose collar dips just low enough to reveal the soft hollow of Eric’s throat and Jack’s a goner.

This is the reason he’s been back at Martha’s every day for the last week.  This right here.  Eric Bittle turning to him with wide, warm eyes and a flashing smile and a dusting of summer freckles that make Jack’s fingers itch.

He wraps them around his coffee mug instead.

“Morning,” Eric says, sidling along the counter until he’s standing in front of Jack.  He leans forward, forearms braced.

“Morning, Eric.”  Jack sips his coffee, forcing himself to take his time, reminding himself to return Eric’s smile but not too eagerly.  “Something I can do for you?”

Eric’s smile widens.  “Isn’t that my line, Mr. Zimmermann?”

“Is it?” Jack asks.  “I thought yours was, ‘Have you tried the peach cobbler yet?’”

“Have you?”  Eric straightens, fingers on the counter instead of his forearms.  Jack breathes a little easier at the added space between them and pretends he isn’t disappointed.  “I made it fresh this morning, and I swear to all that is good on this green earth, Jack, you will never taste anything better.”

Jack hums, eyes following the way Eric’s bangs slip across his forehead and the easy flick that flips them back.  “Never been much for peaches.”

“Never been much for—”  Eric gapes at him.  It makes Jack chuckle, which earns him narrowed eyes and a carefully pursed mouth. “Shut up and drink your coffee.  I’ll be back with the cobbler.”

Doing as he’s told, Jack settles into his seat and does his best to ignore the way his heart races when Eric mumbles something about luck and how pretty Jack is.

It’s been a week.  Jack only has three more.

And yet…



WARNINGS: mentions of death and torture

Bucky locked eyes with you. He wondered if he could trust you and wondered if he told you the truth, would you still be willing to be his friend. Maybe one day more than friends.

He sighed out of nervousness, “Because I killed his parents.”

You froze. Your natural reaction was to do so.

Bucky killed Tony Stark’s parents.

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History Lessons Part 3

Originally posted by luekhemmings

a/n: thank you all so much for the support of this little series, your messages make my day brighter :-)

part 1 | part 2 | masterlist | feedback/request

It was now two weeks since the last time you’d been sexual with Luke. The promise you’d made him the last time was more and more intriguing to you the more time you spent thinking about it. Luke would be easy to teach; he was already great at everything else and you’d only taught him once. He knew where to place his hands and when to kiss you properly, and even when you were about to fall apart underneath him.

Every time your eyes met Luke’s you thought about the way he looked when he came for you. When he was in that state, the darkness outshone the light blue of most of his eyes, and it was a marvelous sight, one you wanted to see as often as you possibly could. Even sitting in class with Luke was hard, all you could think about was the way he kissed or the way he tasted when you had your lips wrapped around him.

Little did you know, though — Luke was having these exact same thoughts about you.

Once or twice in class he’d gotten completely dazed in class, thinking of your subtle scent and the way your hands always knew where to touch him to make him go crazy with desire. Once or twice he’d accidentally gotten hard in class thinking about you and your activities of late. It had been too long since they’d happened, and Luke was about to make a move. In class, it was approaching the mid-semester exam, and that meant you’d be willing to study with Luke, and he decided he’d make his move then.

Sure enough, a few days before the final, Luke received a text from you inviting him over to study for the final. You’d ended the text with a wink face, hoping Luke would pick up on your suggestion. He did; and the thought made him a little crazy. He took a collective sigh and redressed, in his usual attire for when he hing out with you — since you’d admitted to liking it a lot more than his school clothes. It wasn’t his fault though, his mom made him dress that way, and sometimes he resented her for it.

Luke finished up the rest of his homework and you did the same thing at your house. Luckily, it was a Friday, and you were home alone for the evening. Your parents were out at a concert and your siblings were at their friends’ houses. Luke didn’t know that fact yet, but you had a feeling he’d be excited about that fact. You were sitting on your bed, same as always, when you heard the doorbell ring. You rushed downstairs in your socks, sliding slightly on the hardwood. You caught yourself on the door and opened it to Luke, who was currently sopping wet because of the rain.

“Luke! I’m so sorry, I didn’t even realize it was raining!” you exclaimed, and Luke smiled his million-dollar smile that you secretly fell in love with more every time you saw it. You ushered him inside, watching as he removed his shoes and looked around your home.

“Where is everyone, Y/N?” Luke enquired, and it brought a slight smile to your lips.

“We’re alone, Luke…that means you can scream my name as loud as you want when I make you come later,” you said, and Luke’s eyes darkened under your constant gaze.

He opened and closed his mouth many times, almost like his brain was trying to process the words you’d just said. He took a step closer to you, and placed his hand on your hip. He pulled you closer to him, a whoosh of breath falling from your lips in his change in attitude and demeanor. You didn’t like where this was going so soon, so you placed your pointer finger on Luke’s lips and pantomimed “shhhh”.

“Please don’t say things like that, Y/N. It makes me h-hard,” Luke stuttered from around your finger. You merely smirked and pulled him by the hand up the stairs.

“Cmon, Lukey. Let’s go study. That’s what you’re here for, right?” you taunted Luke, and you heard him dramatically sigh behind you. You bent over to pick up your backpack when you were in your room, and Luke audibly groaned. Your shorts were a bit short and apparently you gave Luke a little show when you were retrieving your backpack. He bit the inside of his cheek to avoid saying anything that he might regret later.

You opened your book on your bed, and Luke went about reviewing with you. He did it the same way he always did, quickly but so that you understood it. He started at the beginning of the book and hit the important parts of every chapter; things that would likely be on the exam. He asked you questions that you answered, but after a while, neither of you could deny the building sexual tension in the room. You were wearing shorts and Luke’s skin-tight jeans were getting tighter with every glance he took in your direction. Currently, your lips were wrapped around the barrel of your pen, and with every glance you sent Luke, the gazes were turning longer until neither of you had any intent of studying about the House of Tudors.

“Y/N, a-are you thinking about what I’m thinking about?” Luke slowly blinked and took his eyes away from yours.

“Well, Luke…that depends. What’re you thinking about?” you drew his eyes back to yours and sucked on the end of your pen teasingly.

“I-I’m thinking about you, Y/N. What you told me last time I was here…” He drug out the end of the sentence and stared at your wall in front of him. There it was. Those were the words that you wanted to hear from Luke’s lips. With that, you leaned over and shut your book on your bed, and slid into the floor with Luke, straddling his hips and catching him by surprise.

“I haven’t stopped thinking about this moment since you left my room the last time, Luke. The way you looked when you came for me, and the way you said my name, like it was the last word you were ever going to speak. I want that again, but I want more. I want you to make love to me, Luke.” your lips were at his neck, tracing gentle patterns with your lips and tongue. He shifted to look into your eyes.

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rivers22s  asked:

www*instagram*com/p/BIWwgOuDTfL/ their body language it's so crazy, but ksoo eyes make me feel aside, he really cares and knows how ji feel on this moment.

Hey there!

A video posted by @alvabear94 on Jul 26, 2016 at 11:54pm PDT

Yes! This video is so precious. All those small things KS did especially his eyes gave a very deep meaning. One of the thing I like about this specific moment is KS’s feelings showed on his face maybe not that much but a glimpse of it. We hardly see him show any reaction but when he does, we can see it very clearly because the differences are there.

The way he looked at JI. I don’t know if they were looking at each other when JI leaned on one side and KS glanced at him because the fancam was quite blurry. KS kept on looking then look away but then he looked back at JI. Look at the way he eyed JI when JI sat next to BH TT 

Then, when JI changed seat with BH, BH’s eyes moved from the right to the left. I mentioned this before about the movement of the eyes from one side to the other indicates that the person is alert of the surrounding. Yes, kai_baek moment when BH’s held JI’s waist but what so secretive about it anyway? Why was he being so alert? He was the one initiated the contact yet he was the one that scared of it? Who knows. KS touched JI’s thigh TT Reminds me of the time he did that in the showtime. Do you know that the area of the thigh especially inside of the thigh is the 2nd sensitive body part of the men?

It really showed how much KS cares for JI. The way he looked at him when he felt like JI was sad. It’s like their body are just so well aware of the other’s presence. Besides the point that they are real or not, no one can deny that KD really is close. They were seen leaving together in the same car (maybe like for the first time ever bcoz there was a rumour once they left tghtr as well but then it is a rumor. KDxrumor is really shippable too) after the concert, 24th.

These small things spoke volume tbh. It might be little and no words were used, but it means a lot then you might think. Kfans also mentioned that KS kept on looking at JI too! I acknowledge their friendship with the other members as well. But I believe, KD is the closest :)

Thank you for sending this!

He watched her fall for boy after boy,
And he couldn’t help but think,
He doesn’t love you,
He doesn’t care for you,
Like I do.

She watched him fall for girl after girl,
And she couldn’t help but think,
She doesn’t love you,
She doesn’t care for you,
Like I do.

Everyone could she how he looked at her,
And everyone could hear how he cared in the way he spoke to her.

Everyone could see how she acted with him,
And everyone could tell she loved him by how fondly she thought of him.

Everyone new but them,
And timing was wrong,
Secrets were kept,
And their feelings were left unsaid

—  A.P

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Percabeth falling into Tartarus where there roles are switched and Percy is begging Annabeth to save herself but she doesn't listen. Also this is the difficult choice the gods weren't sure he'd be able to make. Letting Annabeth fall with him hcs

  • Percy could see the panic in Annabeth’s eyes as she held onto the ledge that kept the both of them from falling.
  • He stares up at her for the longest time, deciding if he wants to let go of her or drag her down with him. 
  • In the end he decides that he rather just lose his life than hers as well.
  • So he tells her to let go of him and save herself. 
  • But she shakes her head, with tears dropping off of her face and onto his shoulders and face. 
  • Her eyes are frantically looking around to find a way to save them. Any possible chance that they can get out of here.
  • He tries to let go of her, himself, but that only tightens the grip she has on him. 
  • “Let me go! Save yourself!” He shouts, begging for her to let go.
  • “I’m not letting you go! Not again!” Her grip falters a bit, sending pebbles towards the pit.
  • “We could both die.” Percy told her as her hand starts to get closer and closer to the edge. 
  • “I know.” She whispers. “But at least we’ll die together.” 
  • Percy looks up and spots Nico. “Doors of Death! Meet us on the other side!” 
  • Nico stands there shocked for a moment before slightly nodding.
  • Percy looks at Annabeth. “Let go.”
  • “What? Are you crazy? We can find a way-”
  • “Trust me, let go.” Percy told her.
  • She takes a deep breath and lets go, letting them fall.

Gif source:  Spencer

Imagine Spencer getting jealous when he sees someone flirt with you.

——— Request for anon ———

He loved the way you laughed. The perfect combination of your smile and the ring of the sound that made you look adorable in a way he’d never really appreciated on anyone else before. At least, not the way he appreciated it on you.

But in this context, your laugh was a reminder that he wasn’t the one causing those giggles to erupt. It didn’t bring him happiness this time to watch you laugh with another man, who had been flirting with you for the last five minutes without being sent away by you. Instead, you were a pillar of politeness, taking his flirtations with jokes of your own, all the while making Spencer’s jealousy grow as he watched from the sidelines.

His courage wavering, he was on the brink of resigning himself for the night. Heading home alone and hoping that the unnamed man didn’t coax you into his. That is, until you looked towards where Spencer stood uncertainly near the door, and sent him an inviting smile upon realizing he’d actually accepted your invitation to catch a drink after work.

anonymous asked:

I saw the tweet yesterday from shatner responding to someone who said Sam should just come out and say I'm dating "blank" and he said why so they can go and stalk that person? Is that what you were referring too? I just don't get him. He says all this shit trying to imply he knows all this secret shit about Sam and then when someone called him out and said oh so you're speaking for Sam? He said no I'm speaking for myself. He's freaking psychotic! Idk why Sam still engages him?! Frustrating!

That’s the one I was referring to. It’s completely hypothetical and reveals nothing about any possible relationship- and also completely avoids acknowledging wether there is one. As to why Sam engages with him, if you look he is only engaging with him in the least possible way. When a tweet must be acknowledged for courtesy he will engage but there is no banter and no further visits have been arranged. Sam is a spokesman for many brands and also has his personal reputation and his reputation as an actor to uphold. Internet brawls with other public figures are not the way to go to in his situation. He bordered on rudeness with the “no one speaks for me” tweet but a rude cut of another public figure- however deserving- would not be a good look. He is taking the high road and letting the other person’s behavior speak for itself. Always the best strategy in the long run.

Trust Issues [Yoongi]

Genre: Angst

Part One //

Word Count: 1,484

Summary: Yoongi’s heart was closed to the whole world, including you.

You giggled as you looked through the stuff ARMYs said about BTS, eyes focusing specifically on things they said about Yoongi- or the famous Suga. 

“His cute gummy smile is my favorite thing in the world!” one fan commented, earning a quick nod of agreement from you. You loved seeing his cute smile, always trying your best to get him to smile and laugh. 

“His passion for music is honestly so inspiring,” another fan stated. You smiled as you continued reading through the comments, agreeing with all of the fans. You were glad they saw his good points and were so supportive of him. It made you feel relieved since his whole career depended on these adolescents.

“He’s so mysterious though, like you never know what he’s truly thinking! I attended a fan meet and while I was talking to Yoongi, he looked so emotionally drained but wouldn’t say anything about it. I feel like he never really says what he’s feeling, leaving us to decipher it through his music but it’s so hard!” Your finger hovered over the screen as you re-read the fan’s confession, upset with how quickly your heart agreed. 

You loved Yoongi and everything, but it hurt to know that you also felt that. It wasn’t something his girlfriend should feel, and you couldn’t help but feel the wall between Yoongi and you. 

Glancing at the time, you remembered that Yoongi had said he’d be working on a song today. Knowing how dedicated he was to his music, you knew he probably hadn’t eaten dinner yet despite the late hour. 

‘I should bring him some food,’ you thought to yourself, already leaving your bed and getting ready to leave. ‘He’s probably been starving all day but too stubborn to go and get food.’

You slipped on your sneakers and grabbed the keys to your car, determined to go and get Yoongi’s favorite foods to surprise him. 

‘I’m probably being paranoid. Yoongi loves me and is just bad with expressing in words how he feels,’ you tried to convince yourself, ignoring the ache in your heart. ‘He definitely loves me, right?’

The heavy bass line resonated through the whole apartment, sending minor vibrations through your body as you unlocked the door. 

‘He’s at it again,’ you thought to yourself as you stepped into Yoongi’s apartment, feeling the vibrations increase in intensity. He was always blasting his music which always resulted in one of his neighbors complaining to you to get him to stop. It was pointless though- Yoongi never changed.

 Closing the door, you discarded your shoes and coat and navigated your way to Yoongi’s studio room. Deciding to not knock since Yoongi probably couldn’t hear, you stormed into the room with a lecture on the tip of your tongue only to falter at how pleased he looked. 

The track sounded amazing, as per usual, but Yoongi was never happy with how his music came out. He was always nit-picking some detail that no one would notice but him. Yoongi was a perfectionist through and through, never letting anyone hear his music unless he felt it had reached its full potential. Even when it reached its full potential, it didn’t necessarily mean that it was perfect. It just meant it was as good as it was ever going to be.

And yet, Yoongi seemed actually satisfied with his newest track for BTS.

“Yoongi!” you shouted, catching his attention. “The song sounds amazing!”

Yoongi gave you a small grin, still not entirely comfortable with getting compliments on his work- even if you were his girlfriend. He didn’t seem to think his songs were that amazing, not truly believing what others said about them. You let out a giggle, rushing to his side to show him the food you had picked up. “Ta da! I figured you would be hungry so I brought your favorite foods.”

“Thanks,” Yoongi murmured, pecking you on the cheek before he grabbed the bag full of food. While his expression brightened, yours only darkened as his words replayed in your head and the lack of the one word you always wanted to hear from him. 

“Yoongi, why don’t you ever call me ‘jagi’?” Yoongi froze, mid-bite, eyes flying up to reach yours. You had always tried to convince yourself that it didn’t bother you- that a simple word wouldn’t change your relationship- but it always stung hearing other couples throwing the word around while you had never heard Yoongi even say it. 

“Y/N,” Yoongi began, eyebrows scrunching together as he thought of how to word his answer. “You know it’s just something I don’t do, nothing personal,” Yoongi tried to convince you, but you knew better. 

After dating him for over a year, you knew that Yoongi would not be that simple. He was a complex being, full of twists and surprises. He was great at hiding things and not many people really knew him. As much as it hurt you to admit, you knew you were included. Despite being his ‘significant other’, you felt just as lost as everyone else that had encountered Yoongi.

Yoongi carefully watched your face for a reaction. Assuming by your silence that you understood and the subject was closed, Yoongi resumed his eating and his eyes traveled back to his computer. 

“But you don’t say ‘I love you’ either. Never have, even though I say it to you,” you brought up, catching Yoongi by surprise. “You always find a way to change the subject.”

“W-What? Do I have to say the words for you to believe it? Don’t my actions show it?” Yoongi retorted, slightly flustered but still managing to avoid the ‘L’ word that he seemed to dread. 

“But that’s the thing, Yoongi! Your actions don’t, you always hold me at a distance. We’ve been dating for over a year and I still feel like I don’t really know you,” you confessed, suddenly pouring out all of your doubts and insecurities to the only man who could fix them- praying that he’d be able to fix them. “You never mention your feelings or talk to me about issues. I didn’t even know you had an emergency surgery a few months back until ARMY’s started tweeting about it!

The room fell silent as you tried to catch your breath after the sudden confession. Yoongi looked startled at the outburst, obviously not used to you being so angry. You were more of the person to hold back and only state your opinion on the issue in a way that never riled anyone up. 

“I just don’t want you to worry,” Yoongi replied with a shrug, only adding fuel to the flames that were raging around the both of you. 

“I’m your girlfriend! You’re supposed to trust me enough to share your problems with me and let me worry with you! Why do you always insist on shouldering those burdens alone? Do you not trust me?” you demanded an answer from him, refusing to let him slip away and change the subject. 

“I don’t.” Your breath hitched as you helplessly watched Yoongi continue to tear holes into your heart. “I don’t trust you, Y/N.

“T-Then all those times you never said ‘I love you’ back… means you never loved me?” Yoongi stayed silent, opting to gaze at his computer screen instead of your tears. “All this time, it was only me falling in love? Was I just a play thing?” 

Yoongi’s silence was enough of an answer. Even to the very last moment of your relationship, Yoongi still didn’t trust you enough to voice his thoughts- leaving you to fill in the blanks. “Fine, I’m done. I’m done with gunning after a guy who doesn’t trust me. I’m done with you.

Slamming the door shut behind you, you marched towards the exit. Once you had all of your belongings again, you hesitated at the door- wishing Yoongi would at least try to stop you and explain. But the door to his studio remained closed, just like Yoongi’s heart. 

‘Fine, he can continue to be like that,’ you murmured to yourself. ‘I’m done with a guy who can’t even trust his girlfriend.’

Yoongi’s fingers played with the loose thread on his shirt. The faint thump of the door slamming shut again thudded against his hearts closed doors like a knock- reminding him of what he let walk away. 

“I don’t know how to trust you,” Yoongi mumbled aloud, the words that he wanted to say finally slipping out once it was too late. He wanted to punch himself for not being able to admit that to you, his pride convincing himself to stay silent. “I don’t know how to trust anyone anymore.”

All of the words he wanted to say to you floated around his head along with the reason for his trust issues when it came to love. 

But you would never hear them.

love-and-hate-3  asked:

Hi. Excuse my nervousness, your majesty. I just wanted to politely ask for a story about how all the boys meet up and how Nogla gets more and more annoyed that Evan and Jonathan keep beating around the bush then how he one night snaps on them and locks them up somewhere together. (Comedy and fluff ensues.) thank you for your time, my liege. :3

Day one and David was already rolling his eyes. The first thing he noticed was the way they hugged each other. They held each other longer, squeezed a little harder. Their faces tucked against each other’s neck, probably smelling each other like secret lovers. Honestly, Nogla was tired of it.

“You know you guys aren’t fooling anyone.” He crossed his arms and they finally broke apart looking at him like he was crazy.

“The fuck are you talking about?” Evan gave him a dirty look and walked off to the car in the airport parking lot while everyone was ending their greetings. Nogla narrowed his eyes at Delirious as he watched him get into the passenger’s seat. Beside Evan, always.

They thought he was joking, but deep down he wasn’t. He knew that they had a thing for each other and it was getting on his nerves that they wouldn’t come out and say it.


Day two and Nogla was watching them like a hawk. He woke and heard them giggling to themselves in the kitchen before anyone else had got up. They were sipping coffee, shoulders pressed against each other, heads ducked down close. Jonathan caught Nogla’s eye when he came around the corner and tried to make it not so obvious as he moved an inch away from Evan. He used the coffee pot as an excuse to move even further away, filling up his still full cup.

Nogla just smirked and shook his head as he passed by into the living room to wake everyone else up.


Day three and they were all sitting on the beach as the sun was going down, drinking a few beers, laughing at each other. All of them except the two guys that had been skirting around each other the entire time they’d known each other. Evan and Jonathan were sitting closer to the water, side by side and David could see the way Jonathan was watching Evan’s face as the Asian told him a story.

He was looking at him with bright eyes, like he was mesmerized, completely taken with every word that left his mouth. When the story was finished they looked at each other and smiled. Jonathan snorted on a laugh and fell to Evan’s shoulder and that’s how they stayed.

Nogla wanted to slap them both.


Day four and they were going to the movies as a big group to see the new Star Trek movie and Nogla trailed behind them all, wanting to scream because Evan bought Jonathan three boxes of Bunch-a-Crunch and a large bag of popcorn because he knew he loved it.

They sat beside each other and Nogla looked over part-way through and saw Delirious slip his arm beneath Evan’s and scoot closer in his seat. He could see the small grin on Evan’s lips as they both got comfortable and continued to eat their popcorn and chocolate.


Day five and they were all leaving Dave & Buster’s and Nogla was losing his mind because for whatever fucking reason, he was the only that could see them practically holding hands as they walked through the city. Their hands kept brushing and at one point Evan caught one of Jonathan’s fingers with his own and neither one of them batted an eye or pulled away.

“It’s kind of cold out here.” Jonathan stated and Evan didn’t hesitate to shrug the jacket off his shoulders and give it to him.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me.” Nogla mumbled.

“What?” Lui asked.

“Nothing. I’ll deal with this myself since no one else can see how gay they are.”


Day six and they were all piled up in Evan’s living room having a LAN party over Call of Duty and Delirious was asking Evan if he had some pajama pants he could wear.

Nogla followed behind them and shut the bedroom door when they both weren’t looking. He tied a thick string from the doorknob to the knob of the hallway bathroom so when they pulled, it wouldn’t open.

“Nogla, what the fuck?” He heard Evan on the other side.

“Open the fucking door!” Delirious yelled and beat his fist against it.

“No, ye fucks. I won’t open it up until you admit your feelings for each other. Because I’m sick of it.” He said and without another word, turned and took his seat in the living room.

Lui giggled, “You are unbelievable.”


“So, what do we do?” Jonathan asked. “He’ll open it eventually, right?”

Evan shrugged and fell to his bed with a heavy sigh. “Maybe.”

“Oh! We could go all Mission Impossible and scale your balcony and climb through the other one.” Jonathan joked and laid down beside him.

“Definitely not.” Evan rolled to his side and smiled fondly. “I don’t want to die today.”

Jonathan faced him. They were close when he whispered. “We could just pretend. Just to satisfy him and get him to open it.”

Evan’s smiled faded. He took Jonathan’s fingers and threaded them together for the first time. Even though he knew it wasn’t the first time they’d wanted to. “I don’t want to pretend, because this is real.”

“I didn’t know you wanted it to be.” Jonathan squeezed his fingers. “I always thought you wanted us the way we were. So I never went any further.”

“I’ve just always been scared to go past that point with a guy. With you.” Evan admitted finally and Jonathan smiled at their stupidity.

“Well, I think we’re being pushed over that line by an angry Irishman. So I’d kiss me now if you value your life.” He hummed and felt his face heating up as Evan cupped his jaw and smoothly pulled him in until they were kissing like teenagers, until their hands were up each other’s shirts.

They both silently were thanking David for forcing them in a room together because neither one of them knew how long they would’ve kept up their act of pretending they didn’t want to be anything more than they were.


Day seven and Nogla was untying the string from the doorknobs as the sun was barely coming up. His heart was more than a little warm and happy when he saw them asleep under the same sheets. Jonathan was curled up against Evan’s chest, wrapped up in his arms, sleeping soundly.

Together at last.

Lui nudged him and whispered. “Good job, man. I think we’ve all been waiting for this.”

Nogla smiled and shut the door with a quiet click. “Yeah. I think they’ve been waiting the longest.”

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Calum: He stood there in all his glory, black leather jacket with a cigarette hanging from his lips. If looks could kill, you thought to yourself as you imagined endless scenarios of what you and him could be.

Calum had a habit of turning up out of the blue.

His visits were always fleeting and unexpected, the Maori boy seemingly materialising on your doorstep with his smirk in place. They all followed the same protocol; he came, you fucked, he left. You’d lost track of the amount of times you’d let him charm his way into your bed only to be gone again the minute you closed your eyes for too long.

This time, you were determined to put your foot down.

He stood there in all his glory, black leather jacket with a cigarette hanging from his lips. If looks could kill, you thought to yourself, as you imagined endless scenarios of what you and him could be. But you didn’t let your resolve falter, locking your arms over your chest instead of around his neck like you usually did.

“Everything alright there Angel?” His smirk was unwavering as he dropped the cigarette to the ground, one hand reaching out for you. Even when you flinched back, he didn’t drop the expression. “What? You playing hard to get all of a sudden?”

“I’m done with this Calum.” The words sound more confident than you’d anticipated them too, and it helps you stand a little taller, jutting out your chin as he finally becomes expressionless. “I want a serious relationship, and I accept that you don’t. So I’m ending whatever it is that we have for the good of our…friendship.”

“Friendship eh?” He mutters, eyebrows furrowed. “Tell me Y/N, how many of your friends make you feel like this?”

He steps forward then, lips hovering over yours. His hands find your waist as you almost stagger backwards, your own landing on his chest in an attempt for balance. You suck in a sharp breath when your eyes find his, subconsciously moving forward to connect your lips together before you realised what you were doing, shaking your head and pulling back.

“I can do relationships.” He insists, smirk returning. “Only if they’re with you though.”

“Well in that case…” You murmur, a smile forming on your own lips, tugging him backwards into your house. “What are you waiting for then Hood?”

“I had my first encounter with a mud dauber wasp not too log ago and was blown away by how narrow it’s waist was!

Sadly this guy didn’t make it out alive. My cats notified me of his presence and I was able to coax him out of the window. For whatever reason he decided he wasn’t finished in my house and found his way back in. Sadly my cats don’t give second chances.”- dickvonz

Oh they are so elegant looking huh?!   Darn cats.  

let me splain a thing

the way i see it the whole “it’s just a headcanon” defense doesn’t work when it’s a damaging headcanon like if i turned around and said “okay i headcanon that Magnus is white”, that’s fucked up, that’s called white washing, and the reason it’s bad is because, while yes it’s not the main focus of magnus’ story his ethnicity is an important part of his character and to erase that would be to erase a huge part of his history but more so it would be erasing the representation he brings, there are people who look up to him because all they ever really get to see in media is white people and never someone who looks like them and to take that away would be so gross

it’s the same thing with Alec’s sexuality, his sexuality is a huge part of him and he struggles alot with it and just like with Magnus people look at him and his story and relate to it and it just makes them happy to have some good representation so to completely disregard that and pair him with a woman is erasure and it’s not cool, just because you cant physically see his sexuality, doesnt mean it’s not there and it’s doesnt mean you can “headcanon” him as bi/pan/whatever just because you find him attractive and want to see him with a woman

He was my teacher in high school. Without him, I wouldn’t be alive anymore. He saved me in so many ways. And I know, he thinks it was nothing and he doesn’t understand how much this all means to me, but what he did for me meant everything. He was the one who gave me back hope, he was the one who told me I could do whatever I wanted and make my dreams come true. And even though nothing ever happened between us, I couldn’t help but fall in love with him. Through him, I learned what love really means and that you can love someone so much, but still not act on it. That sometimes it means that you just let them go and let them be happy. But even if I’ll never see him again, if he’ll never talk to me again, he will always mean the world to me and I’ll always remember his smile and his eyes and the way the time stopped when he looked at me. I just wish he would know.
Christmas Special

Ciel ran all around his room, digging through his dresser and rummaging through the clothes hung up in his closet. It was Christmas Eve and he was throwing a party at his manor; Sebastian had set up everything perfectly, and now the only thing Ciel had to worry about was actually getting himself ready. He picked out a few outfits, laying them on his bed before making his way over to one of the guest bedrooms where his friend Alois was staying. He peeked into the room, looking around for the blonde, then moving to the bathroom when he was unsuccessful in finding him. Ciel knocked on the bathroom door once before waltzing right in without a second thought. “Alois! Get out here! I need help picking an outfit to wear-” He glanced up, voice catching in his throat as he realized the mistake he had made. He immediately looked down at the floor, staring at his feet while bringing a hand up to cover his eyes. “Oh my god, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize you were showering…”