a few lance headcanons

these gt kinda heavy, whoops (tw for anxiety just to be safe)

  • lance usually doesn’t use his humor to cover up insecurities he’s genuinely just a funny guy
  • but then again…sometimes he does
  • he literally has no clue about how to talk about things that legit bother him. 
  • keith drinks the last bit of juice? he’ll pull out the dramatics and oh-woe-is-me’s for a solid 30 mins
  • but ask him if he’s okay even if he’s not? nah. he’ll make a joke about how “i’m fine! in more ways than one *wink*” and avoid talking about it
  • he actually really does love himself a lot and thinks he looks great and knows he’s got certain skills but that doesn’t seem to connect in his brain sometimes and he has genuine bouts of sudden intense insecurity
  • he tends to squash these down instead of riding them out or talking to someone about it, which just makes it worse tbh but hey who’s complaining not him he’s fine
  • he’s self-centered when it comes to small, surface level things, sure. he’ll steal pidge’s headphones or block your view of a tv screen or eat the last snack or demand your attention in some way, shape, or form
  • but he also is probably the most likely of the team to not hesitate to put himself in legitimate harm’s way to help someone (we see him do this for coran, keith, shiro, and hunk)
  • selfish but also selfless you feel
  • he’s very much an extrovert and probably was used to talking to or associating with a lot of people in different groups and would get his Attention Bar filled throughout the day in tiny bits and pieces but now he’s got like 6 people and 4 mice to talk to so of course he turned it up a few notches and needs a Lot of attention sometimes.
  • he’s used to his family and hunk being accustomed to how he is and his sense of humor and his inflated ego (which is actually kinda fragile: see point number 6) and humoring him, but now suddenly almost no one is and it’s Not Good for him
  • but he doesn’t talk about it goddamit lance (see points 3-5)
  • he’s actually not THAT bad of a pilot. really. was he originally fighter class? no. but the only reason he performs so badly at times is cause he’s overcompensating.
  • he likes to prove he’s good (or even better, the best) and so he ends up putting extra (read: too much) pressure on himself and it affects his performance
  • he really just wants someone, anyone, to see how hard he’s trying cause he really is. i promise you if shiro did that proud but silent shoulder touch thing he does to keith to lance just one time he’d be on cloud nine he could die happy
  • like of course he’s not just doing this for the glory and that certainly isnt his main motivation by a long shot, but he’s someone who thrives when people acknowledge him. he doesn’t need to be drowning in praise or anything, but a little sprinkle here and there certainly doesn’t hurt

all in all lance is really complex and multifaceted he’s not all insecurity but he’s not all confidence. he’s not all fake smiles, but he’s not all funny one-liners either. he’s not 

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I’m trying to fit this one into my schedule :) I just got Nick done atm ^_^; I need to work on other stuff


Enjoy! :D Pretty Nicky for your dash (ok ok, I’ll take a break from drawing Nick in dresses, I’m sorry…)

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i hope steven gets to talk to the gems about all this:( i loooved that episode but i didn't really feel like his problems are resolved, just that connie/stevonnie/garnet has helped him realize that it's not bad to think upon it all. i was totally heartbroken for him when all the "bad" things he's done (bismuth, ruby and jasper) all meld into rose's face looking stern and angry :( steven nooo

oh, of course his problems aren’t resolved. These issues are pretty big, no way they could be resolved in just one episode. I’m sure he’ll talk to the Gems about it in time, but its a tough thing to talk about. Typically, kids talk to their close friends about stuff that bothers them before their guardians, especially if it involves their guardians in some way (Steven is afraid of letting them down, he likely thinks talking to them about how he feels in regards to Rose and the things she did and the things he’s done and that he feels bad about it all would be letting them down)

This show is pretty good about growing and developing character relationships and conflicts and emotional struggles between, so they’re not just dropping it. But its not something that can or should be resolved all at once, its going to have to build and change over time. I’m eager to see how the show does it

That One Anonymous

I was that person who asked about the M!Countdown Encore Lotto Stage and I was just wondering about this

External image

Chanyeol goes to his dongsang (who I believe is Jaemin from NCT Dream) and here you can see Baekhyun dancing the Lotto dance but he abruptly stops when he sees Chanyeol and Jaemin (it looks like he’s sucked in by a magnet hehe)

External image

Baekhyun follows quickly (a little too quickly in my opinion) and Chanyeol’s doesn’t really look at him like he usually would

External image
And then Chanyeol leaves in the next second and makes his way to the other side of the stage in a few

What do you think about this? Thanks for answering, anyways :) 

I might be acting like one of those over analyzing Firelights that everyone gets annoyed of, but I just couldn’t help but feel that Chanyeol/Baekhyun wasn’t acting like usual :/ I’m not trying to force my opinion on anyone I’m just saying my point of view…


(here I am still don’t know how to reply to a submit like a pro… if anyone knows how to reply to a submit please let me know..)


i do noticed that chanyeol definitely did it again.. he definitely noticed Baekhyun, and walk away.. i get your point..

but again, like i always said, but i dont know why, i felt like they avoid each other but they actually are not willing to do it.. you know - like they NEED to avoid each other but they don’t want to actually.. 

this is their initial position, when the song starts.. Chanyeol went all the way to the end of the stage (or the center of the stage) to be with NCT Dream members, and ask them to join the encore stage.. 

suddenly their distance get smaller and Baekhyun was just few steps away from chanyeol..

and then your gifset moemnt happened.. Chanyeol went to Jaemin(?) and Baekhyun went to Jaemin, and Chanyeol’s face suddenly get nervous.. 

but after that, Chanyeol didn’t actually totally leave the area.. he lingers for few seconds around there.. in your last gifs, Chanyeol went to his right and he seems like he left but he didn’t.. he turn back and stay for few secs.. 

after that they suddenly so far apart from each other.. lol.. 

ok, i need to emphasized that these are my opinions.. it could be wrong so please don’t take it as facts and think it is actually what chanyeol and baekhyun were thinking and doing.. 

in my opinion, like i always said, they look like this avoiding game is not something they want to do willingly.. because if you said, they chanyeol is mad at baekhyun about something, thats why Chanyeol is so obviously avoiding Baekhyun, shouldn’t chanyeol supposed to look mad or angry before he left Baekhyun at the spot..? 

from what i see, i don’t see anger or annoyance in Chanyeol’s face when he walk away from Baekhyun.. what i see was nervousness and cautiousness.. he noticed Baekhyun’s presence and he always look hesitant before he walk away.. am i the only one seeing that..? its the same in Dream Concert, in SMTown, and here.. 

and for Baekhyun,some people see guilt in his face whenever Chanyeol avoids him.. but to me, i see such grieve and sadness.. he looks disappointed.. for the past few weeks/months i bet you all can see that Baekhyun is the one making his move towards Chanyeol.. if you guys a Firelights, you must’ve noticed that before this, Chanyeol is the one who always start making moves and do something with Baekhyun.. but now, its Baekhyun who did all that.. from secret stares, to initiate closeness, all made by Baekhyun.. 

i might be wrong but thats what i saw.. yes theres no denying that Chanyeol did obviously avoiding Baekhyun, but its also obvious that Baekhyun not complying.. 

i think something or someone might be the influencing factor for Chanbaek behavior lately.. i don’t know what or who but i strongly believe so.. maybe the rumors going around about their shared apartment and all other stuffs are finally get to them.. and to avoid further damage they need to make drastic decision.. 

anon, i know that Chanbaek’s behavior lately is very concerning, but please believe in them.. this pull-and-push game between them might continues for quite some times i’m sure of it, but please just keep holding on.. like i always said, Chanbaek never disappoint me.. NEVER..! whenever i’m in doubt, they will be out there making me believe in them again and again.. 

stay strong nae Firelights.. 

love -Ai-

p/s: sorry if there’s any grammatical or spelling error in this post.. its 1am here when i wrote this.. hehe… Good night my Firelights Fam..!!


I don’t write enough angst, so here’s this. All the thanks to @iriswestthings for looking over it!

She slams the door with vengeance on her way in and he thinks he’s really messed up this time. But he’s too angry to look at her point of view because she could’ve gotten herself seriously injured…or worse.

He doesn’t want to think about the worse.

Or about how reckless she was or about her risking her life chasing leads that get her in dangerous situations time and time again. He doesn’t wanna think about any of that.

Luckily her voice stops him from doing so altogether and he recognizes her anger, daunting and loud.

“You had no right.”

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“I want to go home.”

It’s not a sentence John has ever said. He still heard it, obviously, back when he was a kid, and home never felt like home. He would hear other children whine on and on about it in the playground. He couldn’t understand what the fuss was about. 

In Afghanistan, he almost came close to saying it, only ever in his mind. He could never quite finish it.

Now, it is all he ever wants to say. Sherlock has sent him off to an interview with the Victim, but the details of the case are rapidly unraveling in John’s mind. It’s all too close to the bone, the way she looks and sounds like Mum did, and the carpet, even the bloody carpet smells the same, and he can’t understand why, but he doesn’t want to think about it anymore, sorry, Sher- 

“John. Breathe.” 

And John still marvels at how Sherlock has that perfect tone: firm, but not accusatory; concerned, but not condescending.  

John holds his phone, and just breathes. And then the words come: “I want- I want to go home.” 

There is a pause. “Alright,” Sherlock replies. His voice is hushed. “Alright.” 

John doesn’t know if he even made his excuses to the poor woman before he left. All he knows is he’s suddenly standing outside in the cold, and a taxi pulls up, and Sherlock, glorious Sherlock opens the door. 

John gestures at him to say inside the cab- he’ll catch his death. 

They drive off and Sherlock holds his hand and squeezes tight, and kisses him. 

“You’re so brave,” he whispers against John’s skin. 

They are not in 221B yet. But, John knows he is already home.

some mutual pining klance scenarios for my heart and soul:

  • they like to get each other’s attentions a lot. no matter in which way. you think they’d be subtle but i honestly picture keith being very… blatant abt it?? “hey LANCE lOoK WhAT I’m DoINg HEY LANCE I SAVED YOU YESTERDAY HEY LANC–” and it still looks like they’re arguing cause Lance would not acknowlegde Keith’s actions on purpose but causes a misunderstanding cause Keith thinks Lance is just angry bc of their rivarly!! but the truth is he wanted to be the one to impress him first. (He succeedes anyways eventually). It gets worse when they actually get together. I picture them joking a lot about their attempts of impressing each other and how they fell in love. 

Like on their very first date (they just decided to pick up their lions and go somewhere outside)

“I liked you first!”

“No? I did!" 

"I’m still pretty sure I like you first”

“I thought it was clear I was trying to impress you!”

“No it wasn’t!”

“You were the one who created the rivarly!”

“That was back at the Garrison don’t dwell on the past Keith!”

  • my kind of shit is them getting mistaken for a couple by strangers they meet on mission!! and they get so freaking flustered at the thought they forget to deny it!! they just stare at each other speechless while the others are snickering in the back bc oh boy is this FUN
  • they start noticing slowly a change in their bond. the insults become genuine compliments, the glares become intense gazes, and the smiles become warmer. One day they’re talking to each other and smiling and laughing like old friends would. They turn around grinning at each other in a whole new way, fingers brushing and something HITS THEM INSIDE. their stomach twists. they don’t know what is happening, but suddenly the air is heavy?? hearts are beating slower? cheeks are reddening? what the fuck is this feeling? ehh that sudden realization the person standing next to you might feel the same way as you do, but fear prevails, and no one says anything further.
  • the rest of the squad thinking they’re acting weird. “How come you two don’t argue anymore? I haven’t heard you yelling at each other in weeks” and they tease them about finally getting closer and they wanna deny it so badly but at the same time… they don’t?? Cause they’re both glad their friendship progressed??
  • Keith tries hard to get out of the friendzone, like in canon, and Lance is unsure if his pickup lines could work on Keith? He thinks about gifts but he doesn’t know when his bday is?? And he’s too nervous to ask?? So he asks Shiro cause he thinks he might know it and takes advantage of the situation to also asks about Keith’s general tastes. Keith goes to Hunk for advices as well. “So… you want to make Lance a gift for his bday?” “Uh…yeah… you know… as a symbol of our… friendship” #Hunkknowsalwayswhatsup and finds the situation amusing.
  • Keith and Lance denying they’re flirting (clap emojis). No one believes them not even a second. “I don’t flirt with Keith?” “Lance that’s all u do??” he doesn’t know Keith is hearing this discourse but he actually really likes “"flirting with him”“ so that he provokes him on purpose at times.
  • They find themselves losing concentration cause they picture themselves dating. They act like middle schoolers who have a diary in which they scribble cute things about the person they like. ”PRIVATE ACCESS, ESP FOR U KEITH“ can be seen on the cover of Lance’s journal. ”PRIVATE ACCESS, ESP FOR U LANCE“ on Keith’s. They both keep them under their pillows convinced it’s a good hiding spot. ”You wouldn’t handle the things I write about you Lance that’s why you can’t read my journal“ ”Pfft I’m sure your handwriting sucks anyways i wouldn’t understand a thing“ "yeah…but maybe you could understand the hearts all over your name” “did you say something?” “NOPE”
  • Keith and Lance admiring each other??? Being amazed by each other during missions?? Sharing heartfelt moments that make them just fall deeper in the pit of love??
  • (I have this cute headcanon about Lance writing letters to his family telling them about his days in space and I picture him reading them to Keith while he’s staring at him so intently, he forgets the rest of the word around him)
  • CATCHING STARING AT THE OTHER. at dinner they would purposelly sit opposite to each other so they can see… and immedialy divert their gazes when they feel their cheek flustered
  • being very protective of each other?? some baddie is insulting one of them?? “How dare you insult him like that?? I won’t tolerate ppl talking abt my bf like this!!” Lance eyes are twitching from the shock, congratulations keith u fucked up
  • subtle jealousy??? like the “my stomach is twisting bc i wish i could be like that with you” kind of feeling. I feel like it’s the best type of jealousy to portray? In fics it’s usually Lance not being confident enough in himself or a triangle is involved?? like come on.  What about the simple desire of wanting to be closer with someone you like??? And the sense of denial that torments you??
  • I could go on and on but i’ll stop here for now. most of them are more of keith pining bc i see more fics in which lance is the ones who falls in love first so yeah………..

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Maya, this night out is reminding me of when you were speculating months ago about how Douis came to be and you said it was unnecessarily rough to put him into a second stunt on top of the first. As glad as I am he's gotten some distance in babygate, it feels like between that, D, and the stalkers... they've always got him performing. I guess I don't really have a question, it just looks exhausting to do this hand-holding each time when it more and more makes them look like miserable strangers.

Oh, I remember, anon, and I totally stand by that, still now. 

As I said, I don’t pretend I have half a clue about what they do, why and how, I don’t have answers most of the time, but I know what isn’t what. And I really really don’t think Danielle was brought in as a scapegoat from babygate by the Azoffs or whoever is supposedly out there to help Louis. Has her presence possibly been used by them, and possibly going to be used again in the future, as a tool in the narrative that should free Louis? Yeah. Was she deliberately called in to be of help to Louis’s situation (while obviously been offered some profit on her part)? In my opinion absolutely not. Unless we’re here discussing the possibility of Louis willingly choosing this. Which I’m not. 

It’s enough to see whose projects she’s been attached to, what events she’s followed Louis to and the MO through which she was introduced. It’s also very likely that her original contract contemplated very different terms and limits, but the “she’s there to keep Briana away and let him live better” excuse has stopped making sense more than 6 months ago, if you ask me. 

Sweet Treat

SO its Sin’s birthday today!! I hope you’ve had a fab day and I hope you enjoy this fic, especially for youuuuu *puts party hat on* HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Originally posted by bovaria

Three quarters of the way through dinner, you look around the table and thank your lucky stars to have friends like these. This is quite possibly the nicest birthday you’ve ever had, organised and surrounded by these shmucks you call team mates. You sigh to yourself, your thoughts are disturbed by a nudge in the side. You turn to face ice blue eyes and a dazzling smile. You thank again for having been blessed with such a beautiful boyfriend.

“You ok doll? You looked kinda out of it” He chuckles, his eyes flicking back and forth from your eyes and your lips. You laugh back at him as you wipe a remnant of mayo from the corner of his mouth.
“I was just thinking how lucky I am to have you idiots in my life.” You wink at him, and he shakes his head, laughing again; a sight you never get sick of seeing.
The waiter comes to remove your plates, and you all order desserts, everyone laughs at Thor when he orders 2. That man can eat. Just before the desserts come out, you thank everyone for the amazing day, and give a dramatic courtesy when they applaud, attracting everyone’s attention in the restaurant. When the puddings arrive, your eyes widen at the size of them. So. Much. Chocolate.
“I bet you $10 you don’t eat all that” Sam challenges you from across the table.
“You’re on.” You scoff, never one to back down from a challenge, especially with food. Taking a spoon full into your mouth, you moan slightly, enjoying the sweet taste.
“Nat you gotta try this its amazing!” You say, spooning some into her mouth when she obliges.
“Damn that’s good.” She agrees.

“You know my mum used to make something like that, I’ll have to see if I can remember it. She was an amazing coo-“ Sam starts talking to you about his mum’s cooking skills, but you’ve stopped listening. You feel Bucky’s hand on your thigh, tracing patterns and squeezing gently. You nod along with what Sam’s saying, shifting in your seat as his fingers graze the skin higher to the edge of your dress, playing with the hem, his fingers barely brushing your skin. He leans over, whispering against your ear.

“I bet you taste sweeter than that dessert, darling.” His fingers brush the lace of your underwear and your breath catches in your throat at his words. You bite your lip, turning to face him. His eyes are dark and he’s doing that stupid fucking smirk that kills you so much.
“Hey, are you even listening?!” You’re drawn back to Sam, apologising, but he’s already started another conversation with Steve.
“Y/N you should try this cocktail I think it’s your kind of thing!” Wanda leans over and offers you the straw. You take a sip as Bucky puts pressure on your clit, grabbing the table edge, you use the taste of the cocktail as an excuse to make a pleasurable sound.
“That good huh?” She laughs, and you laugh back, trying to act cool. You can see Bucky smirking by the side of you as his hand works under the lace, pushing his fingers inside of you. Your grip on the table tightens and you purse your lips trying not to make any noises. You nod along and try and listen to whatever it is Wanda and Nat are talking about but you can feel a knot forming in the pit of your stomach as his fingers rub your wetness in circles around your core. He leans over and leaves a wet kiss on your jaw and your hand leaves the table to clench around his wrist instead, biting down hard on your lip as you sit out your climax. You try and control your breathing as he wipes his hands on a napkin, offering you one, a shit eating grin on his face.
“Asshole.” You mouth at him, and he winks at you as you excuse yourself to go to the bathroom.

By the time you’re come back, the bill is settled and everyone is ready for home. You get in a mini bus outside the restaurant and head home, singing along with Tony’s crappy songs. He’s always one to have too many cocktails, although Bruce wasn’t far behind.
When you get home, everyone tumbles out the cab and heads to the lounge, throwing themselves on the sofa. Natasha heads behind the bar, setting everyone up a drink. You head off towards your room, gesturing for Bucky to follow.
“You guys want a drink?” Nat shouts after you, holding up the cocktail shaker.
“Yeah I just need to get into something comfy, I ate wayyy too much!” You laugh, throwing off your heels.
“I feel ya” Tony groans from the sofa, his pants unbuttoned, clearly bursting at the seams.

Bucky follows you to your room, and you drag him in, shoving him against the door. He grabs the back of your neck and kisses you feverishly, his hands winding round your waist. You run your hand down his chest and kneed against his pants, feeling him already hard beneath his trousers. He groans into your mouth, his grip on you tightening; you pull away, breathless.
“We’re not going back out there till you finish what you started James.” You whisper, leaning up to drag your lips up his throat and nibble on his jaw.
“Oh I plan on it doll.”

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a little calum/ pregnancy blurb for you all x

“shit.” I groaned throwing my head back against the end of the sink counter. I sat on the bathroom floor, tears slowly pouring out of my eyes. Holding the pregnancy stick in my hand I through it across the room hitting the bathtub. I quickly wiped my tears hearing the faint, ‘I’m home’ from Calum. 

How was I supposed to tell him? Do I? He doesn’t want kids now. Standing up I looked at the mirror. My eyes were tinted red and swollen. There was no way of hiding that I was upset. I leant my hands against the counter sighing, what do I do?” 

“Hey, baby! What’s up?” Cal wrapped his arms around my stomach pressing his front side to my back side. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing out of my eyes- I didn’t want him to leave me. 

“Can you not get mad at me please?” 

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At first, my bias was Jungkook. Then Jimin came along. Then Suga. Now Jin (i don't want to even think about Namjoom). My question is, Hana, how the heck do you stay normal with these boys always ruining your bias list (and life in general)? Lol. Help

Bruh. I tried stanning Taehyung  during Boy in luv era  and the longest I lasted was 1 month.

Originally posted by exo-chanyeollie

Idk if you’re aware of my love/hate relationship with Jeon Jungkook, but I used to push him away in the past.

Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

I refused to acknowledge him but Jungkook stole the spotlight when Vkook happened.I didn’t had the choice but to look at them together as a combo while slowly melting.


Originally posted by 2suga

After vkook happened, I couldn’t look at the other members when jungkook was THERE WITH THEM.

Kook be like : You’re my new fangirl, I see you

Originally posted by chimchams

I used to try ignoring him, but It was stronger than me . He stole my heart without conscent.

Originally posted by jamless-vibes


Originally posted by chimchams

Moral of the story : My ultimate bias wrecker is Jungkook even tho he’s already my bias

Originally posted by kths

Side note : Jimin and Hoseok have been trying to hurt my heart with their blonde hair.

SOMEONE STOP THEM. *whispers* please

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43- rucas

43. I like the way you look in my house.

sorry this took so long! 

Riley stood on the counter top of Lucas’ newly bought apartment, and he just had to laugh at her as she danced around to the music that was playing from the living room speakers.

“You’re such a goof! And your feet aren’t even clean!” he exclaims, pushing his hand through his hair. She stops abruptly in her tracks and looks down at him, throwing a hand over her heart in mock pain.

“Lucas Friar I wash my feet every day, I’m horrified that you think I’m not a clean person!” she over-dramatizes. He takes a deep breath and steps forward, reaching up for her. She puts her hands on his shoulders and allows him to help her down, smiling as he does so.

“Oh I’m sorry, darlin’, can ya ever forgive me?” he asks, emphasizing his Texas accent. She just laughs at her humoring him and kisses his cheek.

“I guess this one time,” she gushes, as his grip loosens on her hips, but pulling her closer to him. Her eyes are beaming and you can tell that’s she’s so in love with the boy standing in front of her. She gently takes the front of his shirt in her hands and smiles. “A big kid apartment, all to yourself.”

“Eh, you’re forgetting Zay is moving in next weekend,” he chuckles, their lips almost touching. Riley playfully rolls her eyes.

“Yeah yeah.”

“You know, I like the way you look in my house,” he whispers, pressing his lips to hers. Riley wraps her arms around his neck and leans into the kiss, playing with the tuffs of hair at the back of his neck.

“Would I look better on the couch? Or,” she gasps, “Maybe in your room.”

“Oh, now there’s a thought,” he smirks. “When did you get so devious?” She just grins at him and kisses him briefly.

“The day the Riley Committee died.” She has a cynical smile on her face but Lucas frowns. “It’s just a joke, Lucas. Just a joke.”

“Okay,” he murmurs and she kisses him again. His hands grip her waist as she plays with the hem of his shirt.

“So, about your room?”

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I think we all can agree that Mads is beautiful in not common, masculine way. Not like pretty cheeks, pretty smile. But he has charm and charisma behind his appearance which makes him very attractive!

for sure! I actually find most celebs that top the sexy lists regularly pretty boring to look at. Mads really has a perfect face for film/photography/painting/everything/anything and luckily for us he knows how to use it so incredibly well! I’m glad he has a fantastic personality and oozes charisma to boot :’)

godly tbh


Rucas Week 2016 - Day 5

Day 5:  The Moment You Think Is Most Underrated - 2x07 Girl Meets Rules

Other scenes in this episode were a bigger deal for other shippers but this little moment is so special to me. It’s so unbelievably sweet that Riley goes out of her way to take care of him. The look on his face when she did was even better. Their bit of banter was just the icing on the cake but the simplicity of this scene is what makes it great. I also loved that he had to crouch down to be face to face with her, but that’s more of a behind the scenes thing. It’s hard to pick an underrated moment because we all love ever moment between Rucas but this definitely is referred to less than most. I can see Riley taking care of Lucas now that they are a couple, but who knows if we will see that. I’m so glad we got this at least.

Dating Leonard Mccoy would include....

- he’s a really good dancer. he can use those hips of his, if ya know what I mean ;)

- hes protective. But not in a possessive way. But he’s already so paranoid about catching space diseases, he’d always remind you to wash your hands and be careful around the new people and don’t go outside of the ship before him so he can test the air and for God’s sake don’t share things.

- he can actually be really romantic at times, when he’s in the right mindset.

- he’s scared to be in a relationship again. His last one ended horribly, but he really likes you he might even love you, but he thought that about his ex too, and look how that ended up.

- his dirty talk would be mostly doctor stuff that you didn’t understand.

- but on that note he knows a lot of the body so he’s good at the sex

- you’d give each other massages after a long day. His shoulders get particularly sore.

- eventually you would get to meet his daughter. She thinks you’re a space princess and she really likes you because you make her daddy happy and that’s something her mommy doesn’t do anymore

- both of you willing to risk your lives for the other

- Jim ships you two so hard (hahaha get it? ships cuz its space and theres ships… sorry its nearly midnight so sorry)

- he trusts you to fix him up when he goes on missions with Jim.

- so there’s him and Jim sitting in med bay getting lectured about being reckless for no reason by you

- your caring heart and selflessness is what he really falls in love with about you

- when you don’t have anything to do, you go help him with his patients, doing bedside care, basically be his nurse. 

- he’d be one of the most caring partners ever, because he’s been hurt so much and he just has so much love to give

- so many forehead and temple kisses

- you wouldn’t go near him when he’s really pissed. you’d just tell him to go walk it off, and then when he wasn’t so worked up, you would sit down and talk about it with him. 

- the precious baby tries so hard to be the perfect guy for you so he doesn’t fuck it up again.

- if you’re getting really worked up about something irrelevant, he just starts spouting off random body facts to distract you like “what the hell are you talking about?” “ idk but its irrelevant just like your worrying so just chill and come cuddle.”

- when he’s tired he’s either the grumpiest bear ever, or he just wants to cuddle. mostly it’s cuddles.

- oh ho and when he’s drunk he gets so flirtatious but always with you and sometimes Jim but never other women

- and like honestly somehow he gets so smooth when hes drunk

-lazy mornings in bed with you are his fave. and you like them too because for once he’s really relaxed and hes open and it’s just you two and nothing else at all.

- Jim teased you about your relationship for a super long time before Bones kinda beat him up a little bit for interrupting a bit of an intense makeout session.

- so now when Jim playfully flirts with you, Bones just roles his eyes because he trusts Jim with you and you with Jim because you two are his bestest friends in the entire world.

- sometimes he has trouble keeping things separate. Like when he gets a chance to talk to his doctor buddies, he once told them all about this weird space measles thing you had and he mentioned some rather intimate parts, and well, that only happened once, because you threatened to tell your friends about some of his parts. 

- he wouldn’t be much for PDA because ew germs and you could contaminate him and dammit he’s a doctor

- but when you two are alone he gets handsy

- but he would totes be the best when you get sick or hurt I mean he would practically smother you and at first it would be cute but then you’d be like “ bONES YOU GET OUTTA MY FACE I NEED TO GET OUT OF BED DON’T TRY AND STOP ME OR ILL BREAK YOUR PRETTY LITTLE FACE AND CRUSH YOUR PRETTY LITTLE FINGERS”

-also he’d be a big James Bond fan. 

When They Have a Crush On a New JYP Solo Artist (GOT7)

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Author: Taebaby

JB: He’d keep it smooth and discreet, not wanting to come off too strong. He’d start creepin in on you real slow, trying cement his presence in your life and get you to notice him

JR: He would just extend his ‘mother umbrella’ (the one he smothers the other members with) over you as well. He’d go out of his way to look out for you and give you advice on music or anything else any time you needed it. He might be too shy to come out just say he has feelings for you

YOUNGJAE: He would become a constant in your life before you knew it. He would be your sunshine, cheering you up anytime your were down (like any time) He could be eating, showering, sleeping (maybe even performing) and he’d stop what he was doing to talk to you. He’d just like being there for you

JACKSON: He’d be kinda like Jaebum, but much more obvious. Even when he first meets you he’d act like he’s known you for years. Like you have important performance? He’d be there. You need a partner for WGM? He’d be there. Like he’d pop up so frequently that you’d get used to it. He would just be in your life without question (he would start dropping some heavy hints after a while though)

MARK: I think he’d have more traditional approach to it and just flirt and ask you on a date. He wouldn’t wanna come on too strong but he wouldn’t beat around the bush either. He’d let you know exactly how he feels so there wasn’t any confusion

BAMBAM: You know he’d be extra. Like if he had feelings for you, no doubt he’d just be on you (but like in a cute way)

‘Ay girl you look good today’ 

‘I’m (y/n) number one fan. No, don’t fight me on this.’

‘(y/n) can I marry you’

Expect a lot of that shit.

YUGYEOM: I feel like he’d be the shyer one at first, but then start coming out little by little. He’d prob do something super cute like leave you little anon messages like ‘u look rlly pretty 2day’ or ‘thers some1 who luvs u’

I can see him doing something like that

I get that people want Dean to become more open, but deconstructing the walls Dean built over the years is not going to be helpful for Dean in any way or shape or form. Not unless Dean leaves the hunting life or gets the support and therapy he clearly needs. Even then, I am not sure that Dean’s hurts can heal, because things Dean has seen, done, experienced are way above the normal PTSD area. In fact, like Jensen brilliantly observed, Dean’s walls are actually helping Dean to survive and function in an essentially hostile environment.

But lets not talk about that. Instead, look at what happens when Dean lowers his defenses, look at what happened when Dean trusted Sam with his secret? Sam threw back Dean’s hell trauma at his face and mocked him for it. Look how Sam took Dean’s “I’m poison” remark and twisted it to destroy his self-worth in S9. Look how often Dean gets betrayed or left back from his family. Look how often Dean’s trust gets broken. If you were in Dean’s place, if you were betrayed as often and as thoroughly as Dean was, if you were mocked for being weak, if you lost everyone you loved, if your worst nightmares about yourself are reinforced by your family, if you were left behind by your only family, then, how would you react? Would you start lowering your emotional defenses or would you start building more mental walls to safeguard yourself? Is it any wonder that Dean tries (tries but often fails) to emotionally detach himself?

Dean’s life is already full of horrors, betrayals, sorrows. These walls, this emotional detachment is Dean’s way of coping, it’s his only way of shielding himself from further attacks. True, it doesn’t always work, because Dean has a big heart and feels for others, but, it helps him survive.

Everybunny, look who is coming home soon…
Jay holds a very special place in our hearts, and gap in our lives left by him can never be filled. But he left so many happy memories, and a space for a fuzzy fur ball to keep Effie company.
We went to visit him this week and he is SO FLUFFY! He’s absolutely gorgeous & so sweet. Let’s hope he & Effie feel the same way about each other! We are adopting him from the RSPCA after he was found abandoned. His next home will be forever ❤️

Arioch padded around in bare feet, looking around at everything. He’d never seen a place like this when he was angel and was allowed to travel throughout earth. He made his way to the front of the building, wandering to one of the windows to look out of it. The cars outside perplexed him, he didn’t understand why the monsters willingly ate and just spit out the humans with no fight. Arioch’s face was smooshed against the glass, trying to see around to what else was on the sides of the building. He backed away, trotting away from the window so he could continue to wander around. What was his room number again? 450. That was his room. 

A door that seemed to lead outside caught his attention and he immediately turned as fast as he could to go examine it. Slowly, he opened the doors and sucked in a breath of air at what he saw. The flowers. He loved flowers. She had loved flowers. Arioch squatted down in front of a bush of blue flowers, tracing his fingers along the petals and he couldn’t help but smile. It reminded him of his angel form. The smile faded quickly, turning to a deep frown as shame and disgust washed over him. He turned his head toward the sky, squinting at it. He wondered if they knew. 

The doors opening again distracted him from his thoughts and his head immediately snapped to the area. Arioch’s shoulders hunched, almost trying to hide himself. His heartbeat started to quicken, wondering if the other was going to hurt him. 

“Who are you?” his voice was softer than even he himself would have expected it to be.