i was about to make a post like “the way by ariana grande ft. mac miller came out FIVE years ago” but  then i looked it up and it has only been 2 years

timeruns-out asked:

Hi! If you were able to travel anywhere in the world with any member of 5sos, where would you go and with who? I have a face page if that helps :)

Hello there:) I would go to Dublin with Michael because I want to get to know Michael. He just seems like such an interesting person.

Ship: Ash | Cal | Mikey | Luke

  • Because I can see you guys actually together. You seem like you’d be his type.

BFF: Ash | Cal | Mikey | Luke

  • Because I think you guys would have a lot to talk about and just be really friendly around each other.

Icon: 100/10

Compliment: Your teeth are straight as fuck omg

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Random Song: The Way- Ariana Grande ft Mac Miller

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