So, what does a repost look like?

Some of you may have complained of reposts recently, or seen people complaining about it on their dash. I know I have both complained and seen other doing it too, so it’s got me thinking. Maybe some people just don’t know how to spot a repost.

Regardless of your opinion on it, I thought it’s always good to know more about stuff, so here’s a little  “how to”. Sorry if it looks horrible, I’m not skilled in photoshop writing and stuff. I love fushia.

So. first thing. 

A repost is someone making an original post using a picture they saved on their computer that was edited or made by another person. How you may know it’s the case when you see it? Easy, if the reposter didnt take the time to remove the watermark of the original creator. 

Here, I “reposted” a picture edited by the ever so lovely Duskybatfishgirl:

So here, the source (me) is not matching the watermark on the picture (Dusky). It means I saved dusky’s pic on my computer and made a new post with it. It means Dusky will not have credit for her edit, nor the notes. I’m the person who will get the notes. Sucks for Dusky, eh? (don’t worry, she gave me permission, but I also deleted it right after capturing the screenshot)

Second thing: “But,” you’ll ask me “what if theres no source next to the tags, like on your picture down there, Luna?” 

Again, easy.

If there’s a watermark but no source, like it does on my edit here, the name of the watermark should match the very first person on the list of notes of the post.  Here is an example:

If there’s a match, like in this case, it’s an original post made by the creator of the edit (me), and all the notes “belong” to that person (me again.yay!). If they don’t match, it’s a repost.

Simple as that. 

Don’t worry about how long it’s going to take to verify this, notes on reposts are normally below 100, so it goes rather quickly. 

To help you make an opinion on reposts, here are Tumblr’s community guidelines.

Hey so about my art...

Hey guys! So I’ve been drawing your requests recently and I love them, keep sending them in!

Just a quick note about my art and about me completing your requests. Even if I draw something FOR you, it’s still my art, and I’d absolutely love it if you guys could credit me if you re post it anywhere/use it for anything. I don’t want to put horrible watermarks all over my work, and no one has done it so far (That i’ve noticed anyway) so just nipping it in the bud before anyone does decide to. 

On that note, if I draw your character, then it’s fine to re post but still credit me. While if I DON’T draw your specific character and it’s just a generic request, please please please ask my permission before you use it. This is so people don’t get the wrong idea about me if you are going to be using it for, say, role-play purposes in which I might not want my art to be used in

On a more positive note, HELLO NEW FOLLOWERS. HELLO OLD FOLLOWERS. HELLO ME. If you have any burning questions for me send me an ask, anon or off IDC. 

If you want to request something just click here. I don’t draw everything that comes into my ask box so don’t be disheartened if you don’t see me draw your request! 

I’ve a few pieces to upload today, and all my stuff is queued so I may not be online when it’s posted. Thanks for understanding stay awesome you guys, you da best. 

is2g this image just keeps going, it’s been retweeted multiple times by historyvikings and now by clive, it’s been going around for so long that it isn’t even a gif anymore and the worse is that it was ugly in the first place bc i didn’t even have the viking font back then so i just cut this out from an image and the quality is horrible bc of tumblrs 2mb limit and i didn’t watermark it either and I’m pretty sure it’s been everywhere in the fandom by now

anonymous asked:

Can you make me some icons or gif-icons of Sheri Moon Zombie's character (Heidi Hawthorne) from The Lords of Salem? It's a really hard to cap movie for me so I won't mind if you say no. No watermark needed. Do them either 100x100 or 120x120, whatever is easiest as well. I use both sizes.

i feel really awful about this, but i am going to have to decline this request. not because of finding the caps, but because, i cannot handle zombies. i know it’s silly, but i have a really horrible fear of them. i even cried & hid behind my friends back when i was forced to watch zombie land (which to some, is a comedy thing).          again, i am reallllllly sorry. but i just… i can’t bring myself to look for caps of any form of a zombie…                       please forgive me.