Warrior Nightmare Moon (bottom left photo) and Warrior Fluttershy (bottom right photo) from My Little Pony (Becka Noel Studio's original “Warriors” design)


  • Chubear Cosplay [TW | FB | IN] (Warrior Nightmare Moon)
  • Lyz Brickley [WW | TW | FB | SE] (Warrior Fluttershy)

Photographer: Sorairo-days Photography [WW | FB]

I had a dream where Volga likes to hoard colorful and shiny things so he steals people’s jewelry and has huge mountains of rupees in his room and he basically kidnapped Fi and Wizzro’s ring (and therefore Wizzro) cause they’re colorful and shiny. They didn’t really care so they were just chill and playing cards

Wow there are not a lot of good references for Volga’s dragon form.