Superb Celtic Silver Kroisbach Reiterstumpf Coin

An exceptional example of abstract Celtic artwork on a coin, this heavy silver tetradrachm was minted by the Danubian Celts of Pannonia (Burgenland) in the 2nd Century BC.  The obverse has a remarkable portrait of a Celtic warrior, in the very finest Danubian style. The male head is shown staring to the heavens, with a long, sweeping brow, crooked nose and exaggerated cheeks, reminiscent of helmet cheek pieces. He wears an ornate diadem, his ear, ponytail and eyes are rendered schematically. The reverse has a Celtic warrior on horseback, galloping left. The rider is composed of a torso and head, his long hair tied into a topknot, with three locks fluttering in the wind behind. The horse is shown powerfully built, with a short mane and large hooves.

We know relatively little of their history but, through objects like this, we can admire their artistic creativity. On each side of the coin we see Celtic warriors, brilliantly transformed into fine, playful and yet striking works of abstract art.  One of the very finest and most pleasing examples of this charming coin type.


wowie zowie i just realized its 1am oops i’m gonna post these ocs then go to bed :D so lol since im not in the right headspace for rping rn I thought I’d just do a personal spin on my oc clans :O

These guys are the leadership of StreamClan, Ottersplash is deputy and Bristletail is medicine cat.  I really dig their dynamic hahah Shardstar and Bristletail are both really old and super chill, while Ottersplash is young and headstrong and wants to prove himself and his clan 24/7–so their slow, easy going pace frustrates him to no end.

Bristletail is also Twoface’s foster dad and he’s super great.  He lost his tail as an apprentice and requested his medicine cat name because he thought it’d be silly

How is Xena: Warrior Princess queerbait?

Prepare for a long rant because I don’t fucking care. I NEED to address this! 

I do not understand how in the Universe anyone could consider Xena queerbait. Is it because Xena also liked men? Is it because she was bisexual? From what I gathered, “queerbait” is when you lead people who watch the show on. Make them think the characters are gay but they end up getting together with the opposite sex and come out as straight. Basically fooling the LGBT community for ratings. Am I wrong about that? Have I missed the point? So someone tell me, how can Xena be a queerbait show when both characters in question (Xena and Gabrielle) started off straight (or at least appeared to be as both had male love interests) and then ended up together? Xena was the opposite of queerbaiting to me. The LGBT community caught on to the show and saw that there was a romantic relationship there between the lead characters and the producers, writers and actors went with it. They accepted and embraced it. There was no manipulation. There was no convincing them otherwise. They agreed that Xena and Gabrielle were a couple or at least friends falling in love with one another. And they made that relationship between them a prominent part of the show through subtext so that people who didn’t want to see it didn’t have to but the people that did were catered to. They left it down to interpretation. 

For those of you who watch the show and call it queerbait… Yes, Xena still had male love interests all the way through the show, but Gabrielle did not. She had FEMALE love interests. But no males. She had an attraction to females only. However, she made it abundantly clear that Xena was who she was meant to be with reguardless. It was a running joke on the show that “everybody loves Gabrielle” but that Gabrielle only loved Xena. Even Lucy said it herself. Xena was bisexual all the way through the show. They were not trying to pass her off as straight at all. She had female love interests before she even met Gabrielle. I’d advise you to watch the show over again and pay close attention to the last two seasons in particular because that’s when it becomes much more obvious. If you think the cast and crew did that purely for ratings you’re sadly mistaken. Because if they did they would not have the LGBT community’s backing 16 YEARS LATER after the last episode aired. What does that tell you? That you are WRONG! Xena: Warrior Princess was not a queerbait show. It embraced and encouraged a genuine loving relationship between two female characters and it is an INSULT to think of it as any kind of queerbait. I hate queerbaiting with a passion. I have been a hardcore fan of Xena for 20 YEARS now. Believe me, if I saw queerbaiting in Xena, I would have abandoned the show years ago. 


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