My love/my lord

Since I’ve been havin Quinn feelings lately, let’s ramble a bit.

I’ve played SoR shortly after it was released, so of course I didn’t get the romanced line in the Rishi intro ( bless swtor potato for uploading it here ). I’m not sure if the Empire side is still bugged.

Quinn’s whole my love/my lord mixup is nothing short of amazing  His father was also in the military, which means that he was probably taught how to act around his superiors from a young age. Even if that wasn’t the case, he’s been serving long enough to always address those higher in chain of command appropriately – especially Sith. And his whole demeanour is stiff, rigid and purely professional. The whole ‘perfect Imperial Officer’ behaviour is never dropped – I mean, you can even see it in the way he addresses Wrath even when talking about a personal relationship early on. You rarely ever see any actual emotions when talking to him, as he’s awalys doing his best to follow the most logical course of action and act accordingly.

He tells you that he isn’t used to juggling business with pleasure and is detached from his feelings when doing his job. Every single pixel of that man’s body is screaming this.

And then the 'my love’ line slips.

Why am I rambling so much about this, you ask? Because he definitely doesn’t strike me type to openly show affection in public, even when surrounded by the crew he’s been with for years now. Because in that line he is addressing The Empire’s Wrath, not his lover, and dealing with a situation which requiers his skills, not emotions. Now to the good part – in such a situation, he actually had some emotions slip.  I ask you, how many times do you think he called Warrior 'my love’ to have it associated with them immediately, like second nature? How much time has he been calling them 'my love’ that it overrides the whole 'Sith are addressed as my lord’ which he’s been taught from an early age? How many times has he referred to them as 'my love’, not out loud, but while watching them sleep or during their free time on the ship or in the stronghold or any other time they weren’t either out in the public or on a job. How much time has it been since he stopped thinking about them as 'my lord’ and started thinking of them as 'my love’? How freaking much must he love Warrior to, just for a second, forget about behaving professionally and actually have something like that slip?

Oh my GOD. I’ll just be rolling here on the floor screaming about this.