Warner Bros. is making an Adventure Time movie

Oh my glob! Mathematical! Bacon pancakes! No, we’re not having a stroke, we’re referencing Adventure Time—the popular kids TV show that is secretly for adults (but it’s barely a secret). And we’re not just referencing Adventure Time because everyone on the Internet constantly references Adventure Time, but because Warner Bros. and Cartoon Network have announced that they’re making an Adventure Time movie. Like, a real movie. It’ll be in theaters and everything. We’ll give you a minute to calm down.

Are you OK? Good. This comes from Deadline, which reports that the Adventure Time movie will be produced by Chris McKay and Roy Lee, both of whom previously worked together on another big-screen kids’ movie that was also adult-friendly: The Lego Movie. McKay has also been announced as the director for Lego Batman, and Lee is producing that spinoff, so it seems clear that WB is hoping for Adventure Time to be as much of a hit as The Lego Movie was. Deadline even points out how much “franchise potential” it has, which is the sort of corporate language that seems especially inappropriate when talking about something as delightfully weird as Adventure Time.

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where did you go?
Drowning in the water,
fresh from the river of your sorrow?

I was drowning too,
and danger saved me anyway.
In an ocean polluted with evil,
I am drenched by the ink of sin.


You cannot touch me,
yet I am prepared for it.
Let your skin brush on my skin,
and your fingers sink into my flesh.

Let me help you, my love,
I can tell you a sliver of my secrets.
A surprise might even escape from your gasps,
while your eyes shimmer with beautiful regrets.


I desired you so well,
I thought you might deserve me.
But I might be already in hell,
when our love came to be.

—  his first thoughts about the brunette with deadly skin

Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is a show that’s trying its hardest to get your attention. It put itself on the cover of the Animation Magazine, it’s been talked about on various sites likely to report it and it’s been through six half-hour broadcasts so far. One creator has spent years working at Walt Disney Animation Studios, while the other is co-writing Zootopia. It takes on many genres, from superheroes to space opera, from Valley of Gwangi to Dawn of the Dead.

But nobody cares about the Penn Zero. Everybody wants what they’re bringing the girls.

Disney’s other cartoon, Star vs. the Forces of Evil so far is a lot of fun, but while Penn Zero might be a bit typical in comparison, it still shows some potential despite attempts at being hip and disgusting (they had an entire episode devoted to toilet humour), benefitting from jokes that work, really fluid Toon Boom work and some surprising heart. It’s scored pretty good ratings with its target audience, but not with the audience already enjoying Wander Over Yonder and Gravity Falls. The show has gotten some support overtime, but only one website reviews each episode and it’s not AV Club. The amount of ratings given to the whole series on and IMDB is miniscule. The creator of each character page on the Disney Wiki won’t let me make them as informative as Star Butterfly’s. Eh, just see what you think.

I’d taken on this topic before in a Tumblr post which compares the popularity of the two to SpongeBob and Squidward, but with this drawing I went as far as to take on Daffy Duck’s “final performance” from Show Biz Bugs. Hope you’ve already seen that.