I need to post this picture because I have seen it on IG (credit: @fiftyshadesgeorgia) and I am literally oogling these two. It’s so beautiful to be in love and to show it to the world. There is so much negativity and bad things happening on a daily basis in the world that seeing two people in love who don’t feel the need to hide it (pun intended) is refreshing! Love is something beautiful, love gives you strength and courage. Show it, own it. Don’t hide it. Whomever doesn’t appreciate the genuine sentiment two people in love share, then they’re missing the best part of life. #lovewins #always


Me, being the Scooby-Doo fanatic I am, decided to make a complete timeline of all the Scooby-Doo content that include the animated series, animated movies, live action films, and possibly the worst Scooby rendition which was the puppet movie all in chronological order. I wanted to show how the gang and the animation style had changed throughout the years, so enjoy!

Daffy Duck's Rhapsody (1950)
  • Daffy Duck's Rhapsody (1950)
  • Mel Blanc
  • Looney Tunes, Warner Bros Entertainment Inc.

Mel Blanc is a Jewish-American voice actor credited for more then 1,000 roles. He is best known as the voice of Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety Bird, Sylvester the Cat, and numerous other characters from Looney Tunes, Merrie Melodies, and other theatrical cartoons produced during the Golden Age (1928 - 1949) of American Animation.

In addition for voicing characters owned by Warner Bros, Mel Blanc also provided the voices for many Hanna-Barbera, Universal Studios, and MGM Studio cartoons. He was the first voice actor to ever receive on screen-credit.

He has become known as “The Man of a Thousand Voices” and is often renowned as the most prolific voice actor of all time, inspiring and “paving the way” for current talents from the likes of Billy West (The Ren & Stimpy Show, Futurama, etc.) to the likes of Tara Strong (The Powerpuff Girls, Fairly Oddparents, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, etc.) and countless others.

Mel Blanc was born in May 30, 1908 in San Francisco, California to Russian-Jewish parents and began his career at the age of 19 as a comedic radio performer. Mel Blanc also became the youngest orchestral conductor in the country at the time (1927), and performed shtick in vaudeville. He died at the age of 81 on July 10, 1989 of heart disease and COPD. May he rest in peace.


This is some of the best character acting I’ve ever seen in animation, period.