Late Night Adventures || Jeff & Derek

Jeff had quickly changed into Black leggings and a black hoodie slipping on some sneakers and grabbing his glasses he wasn’t in the mood to wear his contacts. He slipped out of his dorm putting his keys in his hoodie pocket and making his way down the stairs quietly it’s a perk of being a dancer is that you can be as quiet as a mouse when sneaking around. He didn’t know why he was even meeting Mr. Hart, he was upset that he was stood up. He didn’t know if he should forgive him. He made his way out the door and looked around and made his way towards the teachers parking lot towards the fire bird that he had spoke about in his text to him. Jeff looked around for the teacher in question wondering how long he’d be standing out here in the freezing waiting for him. 

“Well well well, if it isn’t a young Barbra Streisand and an old Betty White. Where’s Gay Cyclops? Still trying to stumble his way in?”

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My birthday is coming up

An excuse to have a bash at the penthouse - this Saturday, Sept 5th. Booze shall flow after 10PM. Hiring a live band to back karaoke and a Warblers onstage revival. lesebastiansmythe, nickmichealduvalmd, jeffxsterlingx, @trentnix @thaddddddd davidwarbler westhewarbler, start planning your set list. santanainnycbitches and brittbrittlopezpierce you two have to duet, too. If you aren’t dressed appropriately you shall be banned at the door. Hiring a bouncer to enforce this. Who’s in?  Should be amusing to see my b-school friends and my high school friends collide.  Literally. 

Going to the Club || Jam

Jeff had parked Herbie among the cars that dotted the parking lot of “Club Jungle” He locked Herbie once he was out of the car and pulled out his ID as he walked to the entrance showing the guy the ID he walked inside and stuffed it back into his pocket where he had put the wad of cash for Sam in his pocket. He ordered himself a beer and made his way to the stage where he new Sam would be performing among the many women and a few men that seemed to occupy the club like regulars. He sipped on the beer and waited for his beautiful blonde ex boyfriend to grace the stage. 

After Practice || Dreff

Jeff had been sweating as he moved from the opposite side of the room to grab his bag and move closer to Andreas who had stayed true to his word and watched him throughout practice. Jeff felt flattered and special that he would pay that much attention to him. He moved closer to Andreas and dropped into the chair next to him and pulled out his water bottle and smiled. “Hi” He turned his head to look at the boy next to him. “Like what you saw during practice?” he teased him.

Sending love to @bcingnicesucks. They are truly my best friend online and have helped me through the toughest week I’ve ever had. We met through the GRPC and I don’t know what I’d do without MARCEL. Either chatting at any hour or writing with his amazing Sebastian or reading his wonderful threads. He’s just a treasure in this community and should be appreciated!

❝ The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. ❞ ✨

❰ SATYR ; Age ; Student ; OPEN. ❱

re·nown. (n):
the condition of being known or talked about by many; fame.


The life of the party, this Satyr has acclimatized to the modern world well. Back in the days, satyrs incited crowds into pleasure and madness through their panpipes. Nowadays, it’s all about spinning that record, baby. Enchantment’s outlawed but whose to say music doesn’t make one sway? One of the hottest DJs this side of Manhattan, the Satyr is a permanent fixture if you want your party to be unforgettable. They have lived their life in indulgences. Always smiling, the Satyr would say that laughter is the best medicine. And also weed. Their carefully cultivated psychoactive plants can cause such strong hallucinations that people swear that they can see the future. However, the joyride is short-lived when the Satyr accidentally sells his magical kush instead of dried cilantro (what? Commons don’t know nothing) to a Common. What turns out to be a simple error while high ends them at NYADA, now having to buckle down and be serious for once in their life. Dude, how lame.

po·ten·tial. (n):
a latent excellence or ability that may or may not be developed; power.



�  RECOMMENDED FCS: STONER BRETT BUKOWSKI (Ryan Heinke), SUZY PEPPER (Sarah Drew), ALISTAIR (Finneas O’Connell), CHANDLER KIEHL (Justin Castor), JEFF (Riker Lynch), or any minor character in Glee outside of those listed in our masterlist. We do not accept FCs not in Glee.




“I always thought NYADA was a school for witches.”