*-*rambling self-indulgent speculation fic thing*-*
(in which I enjoy thinking about Ignis and Regis and their weird as hell relationship)
(and also about how the whole Kingsglaive engagement announcement went down)
(and also about Ignoct in general)

Ignis hasn’t been formally summoned by the king in years, much less in the middle of the night.

He squints at the alert on his phone, then sits up and puts on his glasses to read it. Meeting the king in his personal chambers? Has something happened?

He tries to stay calm as he gets out of bed. He sends off a quick message to Noctis, in the vain hope that he’s awake and can reassure Ignis that he’s alright. 

He keeps checking his phone as he dresses. No answer.

That’s no cause for concern by itself: it’s late, Noctis is probably asleep.

The Imperial envoy earlier today was probably nothing to worry about.

Everything’s probably fine.

…It’s too bad probably has never been a particularly comforting word for Ignis.

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Hey guys! :)

I’m not a big fan of NSFW items, and no matter how old I am they’ll always make me somewhat uncomfortable, no matter what. (Not even on certain online chats do I try to access the NSFW servers. That’s just me.) I’ve stated this before but I wanna let you know:


Please!! I’m not mad, it’s just sometimes I’m tagged in these posts and don’t really know how to…respond. I don’t like it, and I surely won’t reblog it. So just don’t send me these, whether it be posts or images or whatever. 

I guess you can reblog if this applies to you as well, but I wanted to get this out there for myself! 

Have a good day! <3 

“Aoyagi, we’re finally captains. All of our tears and blood and pain has been worth it, we’re in fucking charge now”.

“Yes, Junta. What should we do with our time as captains? Do you think we should give inspirational speeches like Kinjou-senpai?”

“Nah, just’s just flirt with each other in front of the kids”


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Hey guys! (previously andreea7485 here) I said a few weeks ago that I would change my URL so here I am. I had many reasons for this change but the main one is that I wanted a Queen related one.

In case you havent noticed I get 90% of my stucky content from @iamnotsebastianstan because Brianna is an actual real life saint who blesses my feed every day and I’m lowkey in love with her??? Go follow her she’s fab

anonymous asked:

with all these 'call out' post you're making, you're really the one making most of the drama in the phandom tbh

plz tell that to the people making vague posts about me and the people sending me anons tellin me to kill myself! im just tryna quell the drama i literally keep 99% of it off of my blog you don’t even know half of what im dealing with

((So I kind of want to see Yurio and Chris showing each other pictures of their cat-children and talking about their beautiful coats and having a kind of cat-off because “my girl has the cutest toe beans” “but have you seen my ladies coat?!” but both are so overwhelmed by the beauty of their cats that they end up begrudgingly becoming friends.))

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hey everyone !  i want to indulge a tiny bit once i get paid, and i’d like some ideas to add to my little / regression wishlist. if you’d like , link yours and/or suggest some ideas to add ! please no nsfw.