This half season is some of the most dark, scary, twisted stuff. I think the characters themselves go to some very dark places, but at the same time, we go to some of the lightest places. We actually attempt a comedic episode. Intentionally comedic. So there is comedy, there’s actually down sweetness, and then it’s interspersed with this incredibly dark stuff.
—  Scott Gimple on second half of The Walking Dead. (Sounds good)
I know there’s the foil of Morgan to Carol but there’s also this beauty in the sense that Carol and Glenn have floated around each other the entire time and developed these very different philosophies on how to survive and both are effective, but they are also so counter-intuitive to each other or maybe the perfect yin to yang, and it’s…
That’s what’s so interesting about the show like you said, people survival on the show has to do with the fact that they were lucky enough to meet each other.
And I think Glenn is aware of that.
—  February 8, 2016 - Steven Yeun on ‘Carol and Glenn’