Alycia Debnam-Carey talks Clexa and her new role on “Fear The Walking Dead”

“I didn’t expect everyone to be so excited!”

Those words came from actress Alycia Debnam-Carey when asked by AfterEllen about the explosion of excitement when it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con last month that she would be returning to The 100 in its third season as one of half of Clexa. We caught up with the actress while she was at the Television Critics Association Summer Press Tour promoting the new AMC series, Fear The Walking Dead.

“It’s wonderful because The 100 has a small but powerful and passionate fan following and I’m so humbled to be a part of that,” Alycia said. And despite Lexa eventually turning on her love, Clarke (Eliza Taylor), before exiting, Alycia admitted to being pleased that “even though Lexa can be a little bit difficult that people really do like her.”

We also asked her about her thoughts about why Clexa clicked so strongly with the lesbian fans as well as everyone else. “I think it was also because it was real,” the Aussie actress said. “It wasn’t overdramatized; it wasn’t this big dramatic thing. It was actually quite real between two people in very difficult circumstances but sharing similar roles of leadership.”

The actress also appreciated the fact that The 100 writers didn’t make a big deal of defining either character or their relationship. “The wonderful thing about The 100 is it doesn’t label anything because it’s a whole new world,” she said. “There’s no label so it is whatever it is, people love people and that reflects so greatly on the fans showing that this younger generation is accepting of anyone.”

She added that she was very aware of the fan base for the CW hit series. “It has such an LGBT following and that’s liberating,” Alycia said. “It’s great and it shows such intelligence for a young generation and I’m happy to be a part of anything like that.”

Did the actress notice a spike in her lesbian following once Clexa locked lips? “Yes! I absolutely did,” she said, smiling. “I had someone come up to me and say, ‘You’re a bit of a lesbian icon!’ I said, ‘I kind of am!’”

And while Alycia is clearly happy about the warm reception for Clexa, she’s still getting used to the constant attention on the web. “That world is a little overwhelming for me, the whole social media world,” she admitted. “It’s an aggressive form of social media; it’s there all the time. [The 100 fans] are very passionate. But, as I said, it’s a great thing to be a part of. I did suddenly see a lot more of that [online] and I remember Eliza saying, ‘Did you see this? Did you see that?’

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