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'The Walking Dead': The Most Romantic (and Bromantic) Moments Ever

Ah, love in the apocalypse. Be it supercouple Maggie and Glenn or the ongoing bromance between Rick and Daryl, even those whose lives are spent mostly trying to avoid becoming zombie chow take time out to get all romantic once in a while. In honor of The Walking Dead’s midseason return on Valentine’s Day, here’s a look back at the sweetest, most romantic moments that have unfolded in five and a half seasons of life among the walkers.

The Walking Dead returns Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9 p.m. on AMC.

Maggie and Glenn’s First Time (Season 2, “Cherokee Rose”)

It wasn’t the first time we saw a couple having sex in the apocalypse… remember, or don’t, Shane and Lori’s awkward romps in Season 1. But this is the first time a couple we were rooting for got busy in the new world, and it was all the sweeter that Maggie made the first move with a shy, but oh-so-willing and eager Mr. Rhee. 

(Credit: AMC)

Daryl, Carol, and the Rose (Season 2, “Cherokee Rose”)

With her beloved daughter Sophia still MIA, Carol was comforted by an incredibly sweet gesture from Daryl: After looking for Sophia himself, he presented Carol with a Cherokee rose, explaining it’s a symbol of hope for people with missing loved ones. “I’m not fool enough to think there’s any flowers blooming for my brother, but I believe this one bloomed for your little girl,” he tells her, sparking the friendship that may or may not someday become the Caryl romance so many fans wish for, and revealing himself to be the sensitive man whose potential demise has caused fans to threaten riots.

(Credit: AMC)

Hershel, Glenn, and the Watch (Season 2, “Judge, Jury, Executioner”)

In this bromantic moment, Hershel officially gives Glenn his seal of approval to be with Maggie by giving him a pocketwatch that had been in the Greene family for several generations. “You become a father someday, you’ll understand, no man is good enough for your little girl… until one is,” Hershel tells Glenn. It’s a bittersweet moment now that Maggie is pregnant, and her dad isn’t alive to meet his grandchild.

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“Wanna Screw Around?” (Season 3, “Seed”)

It hasn’t happened — yet — but Carol certainly made the playful, frisky offer to Daryl, after he massaged her aching shoulder. “Wanna screw around?” she asked. They both giggled, until Daryl added, “I’ll go down first.” “Even better,” Carol joked, knowing full well Daryl was actually referring to returning down into the bus they were taking refuge in. 

(Credit: AMC)

Prison Love (Season 3, “Arrow on the Doorpost”)

When a crowd of growling walkers gives Glenn a case of stage fright, Maggie comes up with a quick solution: Take the romance to a prison storage area, where she and her man kick the action up to hot ‘n’ heavy. We always wonder why there isn’t more of this kinda thing happening on the show; sure, we know, constant threat of death, but isn’t that exactly why it should be happening more frequently?

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A Dead Ring-er (Season 3, “This Sorrowful Life”)

And about that constant threat of looming death… it makes shopping in the apocalypse extra challenging, so Glenn can’t be blamed if a quick trip to Jared or Zales wasn’t on his agenda. Instead, after securing Hershel’s blessing to wed Maggie, Glenn had to snag a ring right off the finger of a walker at the prison fence. In his defense, it was a pretty ring, and he so sweetly put the jewel in Maggie’s hand that he didn’t even have to ask the question before she said yes to marrying him. (Credit: AMC)

Sleeping Beauty (Season 4, “Infected”)

So little about life in apocalypse is simple, which makes this sweet moment between Glenn and Maggie so memorable. She’s sleeping, and he decides to take an instant photo of her. When she wakes and sees it, she wants to destroy it, but it’s already a treasure for Glenn, who refuses to let it go. And as he leaves to check the prison perimeter and bring back breakfast for his love, she just as sweetly kisses his hand. Again, it’s one of the simplest, yet swooniest moments in Glenn/Maggie couple history.

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Daryl Admires Hershel, Daryl Style (Season 4, “Internment”)

It’s all about the bromance, and the respect Daryl has for Hershel, in this great scene. After Hershel fights off walkers and keeps several members of the prison community from dying of a deadly virus until Daryl and pals return from a supply run with medicine, Daryl acknowledges him for the hero he is, Daryl style. “You’re a tough son of a bitch,” he tells Hershel, who has more than earned the right to say in response, “I am.”

(Credit: AMC)

“It’s for You” (Season 4, “After”)

Hands down, one of our favorite moments of the series, and easily one of the greatest TWD episode endings, came in the first episode after The Governor’s devastating attack on the prison. Carl doubted his battered dad, went on an independent journey, ate the mother of all containers of pudding, and finally acknowledged how much he still needed Rick, while Michonne had her own epiphany about how she didn’t want to be alone again. In the episode’s final moment, she tracks down Rick and Carl and knocks on the door of the house they’re hiding in. Rick takes one look out the peephole and laughs before telling Carl, “It’s for you.” A lovely, lovely moment that epitomizes the affection this trio has for each other, and the way Rick’s group has forged a family bond as strong as that of any one formed biologically. 

(Credit: AMC)

Burning Down the House (Season 4, “Still”)

That Bethyl romance never got the chance to fully play out, but this moment gave Bethyl shippers more hope that it eventually would. After breaking down and confessing he felt responsible for Hershel’s death (because he didn’t kill The Governor when he had a chance to), the usually stoic Daryl later opens up to Beth about his lonely, violent childhood. She tells him he’s better than the treatment he received as a kid, and encourages him to put the painful past behind him. As a symbol of that, they torched the abandoned shack they were staying in, laughing and flipping their middle fingers at it as they watched it burn.

(Credit: AMC)

Not Alone (Season 4, “Alone”)

Bob — R.I.P. — had been the sole survivor of two groups in the apocalypse, and he’d decided as a result that it was probably best for him to remain alone. But when Daryl and Glenn found him and invited him to join their crew, Bob agreed, and eventually came to value his new cohorts so much that it changed his outlook, and his commitment to helping keep the others safe. Sasha was one of the main appeals of the new group, and after arguing about the best plan for reuniting with the rest of the gang after The Governor’s attack on the prison scattered all of them, Bob kissed Sasha, softening her stance towards him and eventually convincing her that the most important thing in the world was keeping their friends and family together.

(Credit: AMC)

Brotherly Love (Season 4, “A”)

Oh, Daryl, taking the weight of the world onto his shoulders. In the Season 4 finale, he blames himself for the Claimers’ attack on Rick, Carl, and Michonne, the one that ended only because Rick bit Claimer Joe’s neck off (out?). Daryl felt guilty that he had thrown in with the Claimers after Beth was kidnapped, but a traumatized Rick pulled himself together enough to assure Daryl he wasn’t guilty of a thing. “It’s not on you, Daryl,” Rick says, leading into the most bromantic of all TWD moments. “You being back with us, here, now, that’s everything. You’re my brother.”

(Credit: AMC)

Hugs for the Heroine (Season 5, “No Sanctuary”)

Again, their affection hasn’t turned into a romance yet, but there’s no mistaking how much Daryl and Carol care for each other when they’re reunited in the Season 5 premiere. The two had been apart since Rick banished Carol from the prison after she killed two of the early victims of the deadly virus Hershel eventually squashed, and the reunion came on the heels of badass Carol nearly singlehandedly saving all her friends from the cannibals at Terminus. Just to savor their interaction, Daryl first runs to her, hugs her so hard he lifts her off the ground, then lays his head on her. If that isn’t enough to draw some salty discharge from your eyes, the Rick/Judith/Carl reunion that follows certainly will.

(Credit: AMC)

The Friend Zone (Season 5, “Them”)

This is more of a friendship moment for Caryl, but it’s still sweet and romantic, as she tells him the recently murdered Beth saved both of their lives, and encourages him to grieve whatever Beth was to him. A brush back of his bangs and a kiss on the forehead just another expression of how the duo shares a bond with each other they share with no one else.

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Rick Gets His Flirt On (Season 5, “Forget”)

Flirtatious is certainly not the first word you’d use to describe the usually uber-serious Rick Grimes, but the relative security of Alexandria — at that point, anyway — allowed him to turn his mind towards things other than walkers and finding enough food and water to keep his crew alive. Namely, a pretty woman, Jessie, who’d caught his eye the moment she came to his new Alexandria home to offer him a free haircut. In this ep, Rick hung with Jessie at Deanna’s welcome party, making nice with her son, Sam, and looking all kinds of interested in her when she was holding baby Judith. He was so interested and appreciative of his new female friend, in fact, that he planted a kiss on her cheek… even though her porch dick of a husband was also at the soiree.

(Credit: AMC)

Morgchonne? (Season 6, “First Time Again”)

That portmanteau may not have caught on yet, but we’re sticking to our belief that there could be a little somethin’ somethin’ brewing between Morgan and Michonne. In the Season 6 opener, Morgan, Michonne, and Rick were waiting for the pit walker herd to come their way when Morgan asked the katana-wielding one if she’d swiped one of his protein bars back in Season 3’s “Clear,” when she, Rick, and Carl visited the then-delusional Morgan. She denied the theft, but Morgan forged onward, saying he thought he had one more peanut butter bar left before her visit. “That’s how it is, isn’t it? You always think there’s one more peanut butter left,” she tells him, answering his flirty chatter with some of her own.

(Credit: AMC)

Morgrick? (Season 6, “First Time Again”)

If bromances got nicknames, that’d be the one we’d give to Morgan and Rick, who finally bond again in this episode after Rick approaches his reunion, three seasons in the making, with his first new post-apocalypse friend with great caution. Rick finally feels comfortable enough to not only invite Morgan to move in with him and his family and friends, but he also introduced him to Judith and let Morgan hold her for the first time. Bonus: Morgan holding the baby was witnessed by Michonne, who watched the scene unfold with great interest. Morgchonne… just sayin’. 

(Credit: AMC)

All Life Is Precious (Season 6, “Here’s Not Here”)

The Morgan backstory episode was an instant classic, as we learned what, or rather who, helped him find his way back from the brink of madness. It was Eastman (played by Emmy-worthy guest star John Carroll Lynch), whose own tragic losses just before the apocalypse led him to Morgan-level anger, and then redemption and a switch to a more peaceful philosophy. He inspired Morgan to embrace the same beliefs, which may not be working out so well for Morgan in Alexandria so far, but which certainly helped lead Morgan back to a state where he can potentially contribute to a community once again.

(Credit: AMC)

Muchas Smooches (Season 6, “Now”)

In the aftermath of the bloody attack by the Wolves, two potential new couples found locking lips was the best way to remain hopeful about this crazy life: Denise planted a kiss on a surprised Tara, after Tara’s encouragement helped her diagnose and treat a very sick Scott. And after Jessie had to kill a walker, who was once her Alexandria neighbor, she and an always tasked Rick reaffirmed there was still reason to be hopeful by making out in her garage.

(Credit: AMC)

The Dolphin Smooth Words of Abraham Ford (Season 6, “Always Accountable”)

Trapped in an insurance office while they awaited a reunion with Daryl, Abraham and Sasha found a way to pass the time: He let her know he was interested in getting to know her “a whole lot better.” Never you mind that he’s already got a girlfriend back in Alexandria, something Sasha pointed out to him. Abraham was simply celebrating getting past his recent death wish phase by looking ahead to new possibilities. “I like the way you call bullshit, Sasha. I believe I’d like to get to know you a whole lot better,” he tells her, prompting her to ask why he thinks she’d be interested in him. “A man can tell,” he answers confidently, and, as per her expression, correctly.

(Credit: AMC)

'Walking Dead': 18 Burning Questions for the Rest of Season 6

[Warning: This story contains spoilers from The Walking Dead comic series on which the AMC drama is based.]

AMC’s The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its sixth season on Sunday with the show’s central group of survivors in an extremely dangerous predicament.

Following the massive cliffhanger in November, the midseason return picks up after Deanna’s death with Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Carl (Chandler Riggs), Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and her sons, Ron (Austin Abrams) and Sam (Major Dodson), as well as Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) covered in walker guts trying to make their way out of Alexandria.

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Elsewhere, Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) group is holding Daryl (Norman Reedus), Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) at gunpoint; the Wolf has Denise (Merritt Wever) hostage; there’s still a rift between Morgan (Lennie James) and Carol (Melissa McBride); while Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) are trying to save a pregnant Maggie (Lauren Cohan) from her shaky, walker-surrounded tower.

Here, THR looks at some of the biggest burning questions to look forward to seeing when season six resumes on Sunday.

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1. How deadly will the midseason premiere be? Without spoiling anything, we’ll just reiterate that in the comics, the hand-holding brigade fails to make their way through the sea of walkers without a casualty (or more). Also look for one of the best montages the series has ever featured in the return hour that looks similar to this season-six promo — only with way more action.

2. Could Carl lose an eye? In the comics, Carl doesn’t make it out of the hand-holding sequence in one piece, as a stray bullet from Douglas (the leader of the Alexandrians) catches him in the eye. We’ll have our eyes peeled looking for this scene — and if (and how) AMC might possibly remix it.

3. Can the Alexandrians learn from Jessie and defend their community from the outside threats (both human and undead)? This is the biggest question facing the group following the walker attack on Alexandria. If Jessie were to die and the group fail to learn how to defend itself, her death would be in vain. However, if everyone can successfully defend their community, Jessie would have a lasting legacy in Alexandria.

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4. Will Rick lose his hand? One of the many things overshadowed by Glenn’s dumpster dive in the first half was the injury to Rick’s hand and the nasty gash he experienced when his RV was attacked and subsequently surrounded. While showrunner Scott M. Gimple previously told THR that “Rick’s hand is safe,” we wouldn’t be surprised to see one of the former sheriff’s hands be savagely chopped off this season after AMC skipped over that reveal during The Governor’s arc.

5. Will Deanna return? Producers love Tovah Feldshuh’s Deanna and while the character was killed off in the midseason finale, there wasn’t anyone around to put down zombie Deanna. Our bet is we’ll see Undead Deanna one more time, if for no other reason than to twist the knife already in Michonne and son Spencer’s (Austin Nichols) hearts.

6. How will Michonne respond to Deanna’s death? The katana-carrying Michonne was among the most impacted by the leader of Alexandria’s passing. Will this make Michonne fight even harder to defend those she holds dear? Or could she go the other way and emotionally retreat from Rick and company?

7. Is Enid really a remixed version of young Sophia? Our theory is yes, the young character was introduced to the AMC series to give Maggie a family member to care for in the event that Glenn does indeed meet Lucille. (As diehard Walking Dead fans remember, Carol’s daughter was killed off earlier on the AMC show than in the comics when the youngster was revealed to have been a zombie locked away in Hershel’s barn.)

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8. Will the Saviors pose an immediate threat to Daryl, Abraham and Sasha? They’re outnumbered by Negan’s well-armed cronies. Everyone at Alexandria has their hands full. And Abraham and Sasha almost seem happy — a true kiss of death on this show.  

9. Will Carol and Morgan ever see eye to eye? The comic book originals have become very different characters than they are in the graphic novels. Right now, Morgan thinks anyone can redeem themselves but Carol isn’t having it. After their clash allowed the hostage Wolf to escape with Denise as a hostage, will Morgan see Carol’s way? Is there room for any sort of compromise here?  

10. How deadly will Negan’s arrival be? The writing for the smooth-talking, f-bomb-dropping villain has been on the walk for multiple seasons but the character, played by Morgan, is expected to arrive in the season six finale. So should everyone start worrying about Glenn’s fate now? Well, yes. While there’s no telling if AMC will take a remix approach to Negan’s arrival — the character kills Glenn in the comics with his barbed wire covered bat named Lucille — doing so would help to explain all of Glenn’s near-death experiences.

11. Is the guy who stole Daryl’s crossbow and motorcycle really Dwight? The midseason finale stopped short of confirming our theory that Austin Amelio is the comic book character from Negan’s group, but it’s a safe bet that he is given that he already knows how to ride a motorcycle — a key fact for pretty much everyone in Negan’s group. (Right, Daryl, Abraham and Sasha?)

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12. Should we worry about Denise? Emmy winner Wever’s Denise has only just begun to come into her own as an untrained doctor — and Alexandria desperately needs someone with her skill set. But she doesn’t know how to fight and she’s being held by a crazy person.  

13. How different will Gregory (Xander Berkley) and Jesus (Tom Payne) be? Plus who is Alicia Witt playing? Prepare to meet a whole new group of characters as Negan’s arrival signals the introduction of neighboring communities including The Hilltop (where Gregory is the boss) and The Kingdom (where the uncast Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva, keep watch). While details about who Witt is playing have been kept mum, we’re going to bet that she’s Sherry, one of the many women Negan takes as a wife. But in reality, she’s Dwight’s wife.

14. Can Father Gabriel transform himself? Is there a character more disliked on this show than Father Gabriel right now? How can he redeem himself? If he can get Judith out of Alexandria in one piece, that might be a good start.

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15. Can Eugene make himself more useful? While Josh McDermitt’s Eugene has become the show’s comic relief, he’s still a liability to the group. In the comics, he figures out how to manufacture ammunition — which will be to the group’s forgiveness of the guy who lied about a cure.

16. What will happen to Heath? Corey Hawkins has just been cast as the star of Fox’s 24: Legacy. And while that’s only a pilot right now, it’s in first position to Walking Dead, meaning Heath — whose character is still alive in the comics — may be exiting the AMC take.

17. Will Michonne and Morgan find love? In the comics, Morgan and Michonne have a meaningful romantic relationship — something that the AMC series has yet to portray for either character. There’s already a flirtation — he knows she swiped one of his protein bars — and their respective emotional turmoil could lead them to one another. Or the show could really appease fans and romantically link Rick and Michonne since Andrea, who becomes Rick’s romantic partner in the comics, is no longer around on the show.

18. What about other love in the apocalypse? Sasha and Abraham really shared a spark, which could pave the way for Eugene to make a move on Rosita; plus Tara and Denise have already shared a smooch. If Alexandria can rebuild itself, the back-half of season six could be a good time to add some hope for the new world.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC. Stay tuned to THR’s The Live Feed after the episode ends for extensive coverage.

Yeah, so we saw that prologue scene of Daryl out in the road, and he’s meeting Negan’s group and they’re saying, “Hey, you’re stuff belongs to Negan now.” Coming right off already having his bike and his crossbow stolen, what’s Daryl’s reaction going to be to that?

He takes it really personally. These are people that he’s trying to protect. And he’s trying to protect himself. I feel like there’s a lot of vengeance happening in the second half, and a lot of payback on Daryl’s mind. He’s headstrong now, and he’s kind of turning into the same sort of aggressive person he was in the first part of the show, going back to his roots. I think he would definitely be making Merle proud right now.

—  February, 2016 - Norman Reedus