The 30 Day Walking Dead Challenge

Day 8: Favorite Scene

The Reunion after Terminus (The reunion between Daryl and Carol, the reunion between Rick, Carl and Judith and the reunion between Tyreese and Sasha) (Episode 5x1- No Sanctuary)

I love this scene…especially the way Daryl hugged Carol…


The Walking Dead 30 Day Challenge Day 10:

Scene that made you cry: Season 3 ep. 15 The Sorrowful Life

The scene that made me cry would probably have to be when Daryl finds his brother Merle as a walker. For Daryl’s whole life hes been by Merle’s side. Everyone sees Daryl as the character who never shows his emotions or even opens up to any at all, but after seeing his brother the way he was he finally was able to let everything out. Norman Reedus, the character who plays Daryl, explained filming this scene as emotionally exhausting. 

30 Day Walking Dead Game Challenge

  • Favorite Male Character

Come on, was I really going to pick anyone else? Every likes this guy to some degree, despite that he did a whole lotta nothing in the game. Besides the tanker and some (very few), very little things, he kind of just hurt his leg and sat around and almost died. 

But, I’m always going to love this dumb ass. He was witty, reserved, and had a soft heart. Well, unless it came to the stranger. (Who he pretty much told Lee he needed to murder) He hated that he got hurt and tried his best to pretend that he was alright so he wasn’t just dead weight, and kept on smiling just for his girlfriend. (Not wife, not sure why people keep saying they’re married, cause they’re not.) He’s so committed to her it kinda hurts my soul, because all he wanted to do was take care of her. (Even though she was the one who took care of him.)

I wanted to keep this short so all I’m gonna say now is that it still baffles me beyond belief that people think he’s comic relief. He tried to lighten the tone a few times, but he was more serious/upset than Christa. I think that’s all I gotta say about this piece of work.

30 Day Negan Challenge:

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