I Write To Forget My Woes MASTERLIST


Who’s Not Worthy Now Asshat?

Age of Ultron Mjolnir scene rewrite.
No pairing.
Just some nonsense.

Star Spangled Man With A…
Avengers Team x reader.
kinda platonic!Steve x reader if you squint.

I’ll Always Be Here For You
Bruce Banner x reader
Stressful fluff piece
Reader can control emotions and helps him deal with The Other Guy

Cupcake Part 1
No pairing yet.
Just a nice action piece for now, but it will get more fun
Enhanced!Reader (strength and cat-like reflexes and agility)

It’s okay, You’re okay…
Peter Parker x reader
Idk why I wrote this but I cried when I did. Peter gets hurt on a mission and freaks out because he could have died.


Chapter 1: Isolation
Peter Parker x Reader
Reader is trapped in a place that shouldn’t exist. She can see and hear everyone but to anyone you ask, she’s not there.

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Cupcake part 2!
Reader becoming acquainted with the Avengers team members.

Stunning (loki x reader) one shot
Reader doesn’t shy away from Loki’s true face. In fact she thinks he’s stunning.

Sure thing Daddy (team x reader + Peter Parker x reader) one shot
Reader, with the help of F.R.I.D.A.Y, pranks the rest of the team. Including her boyfriend Peter.

Untitled series (peter parker x reader)
Reader has shape shifting abilities. She lived in the wild with a pack of wolves until the age of 15. She finds herself oddly attached to Thor (maybe because he’s a giant teddy-bear-man).

Walkin’ after midnight (Bucky x reader one shot) Third person p.o.v
Reader is a busker and sing a song from Bucky’s past. When she’s suddenly not at her usualy spot, Bucky goes looking for her.

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thanks kids byeee

Got it bad

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Hiya! Can you write a songfic w/ happy to the song Got it Bad by ZZ Ward? Maybe a tough reader with her own battle scars? Thank you so much!!!

Happy Lowman x Reader
Words:  1401

Set Season 2 Episode 12: The Culling
I’d not heard this song until now and I really like it!

We could be on a park bench,                                                                           Make it make sense in the middle of a crowded room,

We could be 30K up, up in black skies,

Make the skies shake and watch it go boom,

Boy, you’re no good, make my heart ache,

Why’s the wrong thing gotta feel so damn great?

Oh no, he’s just no good for me,

“You know, I didn’t have you down as the ass beating type.” You laughed at Tara in your passenger seat.
She harrumphed, folded her arms and straightened herself as she glared out of the window, “Yeah well, I’m a healer and she was trying to stop that.”
You snorted a laugh, “That sounds like Gemma advise if I ever heard it.”
She scowled more and stared out of the window; you considered the conversation over and turned up your tunes. Metallica, Tara didn’t approve but you didn’t care, this was the CD that you and Happy listened too when you drove around town getting into trouble and crashing bars or clearing up after other Sons.
Not that it was in your official remit as clubhouse Bar Staff to go drinking with the most troublesome of The Sons but neither was going to fetch The VP’s Old Lady and yet, here you were picking her ass up from the hospital fresh from her beating her colleague’s ass.

Not that you blamed her, woman sounded like a real bitch.

“Jax doesn’t need to know about this, okay?” Tara snapped as you neared the TM.

“I practically had to sneak out to come and get you, you realise Tig was going to be sent out to get you. Imagine him coming into the hospital to get you, do you know how much shit I’m going to be in with Happy and the guys because I had some consideration for you? So don’t be telling me to lie.” You told her straight and she opened her mouth once before snapping it shut because she knew you were right.

As Happy’s Old Lady you’d earned your place in the club moreover than most of the Old Lady’s that had been and gone through your time with The Sons but you supposed it was partly due to your initial friendship with guys before your relationship but also the fact that you’d always had a hard life that had made you strong and that strength was what made you and Happy work so well.

That boy is trouble,

Yeah, he’s trial, charge and wanted,

That boy is trouble,

It was a struggle not to wince at Happy’s hard expression when you pulled into TM, Chibs gave you both a disappointed look as you approached the guys.
You held your hands up as you approached and beat them to the punch by speaking first, “In our defence, don’t you think that we have enough on without Tig getting Tara in the shit at work? And let’s face it, when it comes to cars I’m the best tactical drivers here.”

None of their expressions softened at you light-hearted jabbing but Jax did counter, “On that note, we were wondering if you’d be able to take your truck to get the kids from school, we’ve got stuff to …arrange.”

“Oh no, who will serve you lot all your beer.” You mocked already digging your keys from your pocket.
Jax smirked, “Hap, go escort your woman.” He clapped Happy on the arm and Happy stepped around them to slap your ass with his large hand as you stepped up into your truck, you threw a wink back over your shoulder at him.

Yeah, his call girls haunt him,

That boy is trouble,

Lets his lies do the talkin’,

That boy is trouble,

Like a dead man walkin’,

The drive to the kids school wasn’t long but it was enough for the one of Weston’s crew to try to fuck with you - in Charming’s borders, no less. True to your word, you were the best tactical driver in a truck around the TM, let’s just say it was a survival skill that you’d adapted. You managed to pull the truck out of town and off of a dirt track into a clearing. You skidded to a halt and the next moments moved quickly.

I’ve got it bad, so bad,

I’ve got it bad, so bad,

You were yanked free from the car and slugged the guy straight in the face, you swung back to hit another before being tackled to the floor. He managed one hit before Happy, who had just skidded to a halt, kicked the fucker straight in the face. Between you and your lover it took only a few swings and Happy pulling his shotgun out of his bikes satchel to get the stupid Aryan bastards to scatter.

Happy’s arm found your waist pulling you close to him, he rested his gun against his leg and used that hand to pull your face so he could inspect the damage. A busted brow and lip were definitely not the worst that you’d had in your life before Happy but he was always caught with silent devastation whenever you got hurt.

We could be under street lamps in a rainstorm in the middle of a dirty fight,

Let it pour now, tearin’ me down,

You’re so left-field, but you feel so damn right,

Your devilish eyes, you whisper like wine,

Your tongue is like sin, you always get in,

Oh no, he’s just no good for me,

Your eyes roamed his face before you bit your lip, “Jeez Hap you know what it does to me when you’ve been fighting.”
He made a deep noise of agreement before pulling your face up to his, his fist curled tightly in your hair, his other hand down and to grab your backside harshly as you groaned and pushed back against his kiss.
You pulled away breathlessly, “Come on Hap, we don’t have time, that’s not far.”
“Who said anything about being fair.” His deep voice rumbled as he tugged at your hair and your backside with his callus hands.
“I hate you.” You groaned when his breath caressed your neck.
“You wait until I get later, I’ll fuck that hate right out of you.” He rumbled and pulled your body even closer.
“You better kick some bitch ass tonight.” You hissed out and he kissed you hard in response, “I can’t have you not fulfilling those kinds of promises.”
“You got it.” He grunted before releasing you.

That boy is trouble,

Yeah, he’s trial, charge and wanted,

That boy is trouble,

Yeah, his call girls haunt him,

That boy is trouble,

Lets his lies do the talkin’,

That boy is trouble,

Like a dead man walkin’,


The annoyed looks you received about your appearance upon your returned stopped when Happy pulled The Sons to one side to explain that Weston’s lot had tried to jump you before you’d gotten the kids.

Just one more reason to beat them to death tonight.

I’ve got it bad, so bad,

I’ve got it bad, so bad,

You stood with Tara and Gemma when the boys began to file out to their bikes, Happy came to you when the others went to their Old Ladies.
You leaned up to play with his Cutt, “You remember your promise old man.”
He leaned down to give you a hard kiss before rumbling, “Help Gemma keep a handle on this lot but keep your energy for tonight.” He slapped your ass as he walked off and the other guys filed out.
Tara gave you a dubious look at your encounter, she didn’t understand how someone could be so content to be with Happy and his twisted mind but you simply shrugged, “I got it bad.”

I’ve got it bad, so bad,

I’ve got it bad, so bad,

Gemma came up to your side and slipped her arm around yours and Tara’s shoulders to watch the boys ride off.

God you couldn’t wait until your Old Man came back.

I’ve got it bad, I got it bad,

I got it bad, I got it bad.

I’ve seen your face in the shadows
I’ve seen your face in the places I wasn’t meant to be,
I’ve heard them whisper about you
I’ve heard the men in the bars
I’ve seen the women lock their doors at night
They say your eyes are on fire
They say you’d kill a man for walkin’ the wrong side of the line
But men, they say a lot of foolish things
In the end, the only words I can find to believe in are mine

They say this city, she’s been dead for years now
So death is not something that scares me
There’s worse things than death here

They tell me, “Keep Quiet

I will not be told where to stand!
I will not be told what to say
Not by man or machine
Not by you, not by anyone tonight
You’re gonna have to do better than fear
You’re gonna have to step out of the shadows and fight!

And when they see your face again
They will know what it means
To have fear dragged out into the light

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Summary: A guy at the prison is bothering you and Daryl finds out and gets mad.
Warnings: Angst, swearing, fluff.

You were a naturally quiet person and didn’t like making a fuss, the dead people and the governor was enough drama for everyone, so when Ben, one of the new guys from Woodbury, started to harass you, you didn’t tell anyone. It started off with him just flirting and you thought it was harmless, but when you turned him down, he got scary and aggressive. He would find you when you were alone and threaten you, touch your face and hair and make you feel uncomfortable. You often thought of telling some one, mainly Daryl because you knew he would stop it, but Ben said he would kill you if you told anyone and you honestly believed him. Daryl had noticed you acting a little differently since the arrival of the new people, you’d become even more withdrawn and quiet and seemed miserable. He thought it was just perhaps the fact you were a bit of a loner like himself and being around so many people was too much for you.

You were on the way to the library to get some books to keep you occupied as you locked yourself away in your cell, when you were pushed into the wall roughly. You knew who it was before you even looked, Ben. He had both arms on the wall either side of you, trapping you there.
“What?” You asked annoyed.
“I think its about time you just gave in and fucked me.” He smirked. You looked at him repulsed and turned your face away. He grabbed your face to hold it there and started to roughly kiss your neck, making you push him. He wouldn’t budge though, he was way too strong.
“Make a sound and your dead.” He spat as he started to undo his pants. Your eyes went wide with the realisation of what he was going to do. You took the opportunity whilst he was busy to run but he grabbed you by the hair and threw you to the floor. He punched you in the jaw, making you cry out and your head spin. He started fumbling with his jeans again so you kicked him in the balls as hard as you could and made a run for it. Luckily the cell block seemed empty as you ran through and dashed to your cell. You looked in your mirror and your cheek and jaw were already starting to bruise, you sat on the edge of your bed and just sobbed. You didn’t know what to do anymore, you couldn’t live like this. You were startled when Daryl walked in your cell without knocking with a plate of food in his hand.
“Ya missed dinner, thought ya might be hungry…” He trailed off as he noticed you were crying. You quickly turned your head away from him so he couldn’t see your bruise.

“Y’alright?” He asked suspiciously. You nodded and wiped your tears, wincing when you made contact with your bruise. He put the plate down and crouched in front of you.
“Don’t seem like ya alright.” He said softly as he turned your face to him so he could see you. His eyes picked up the bruise instantly, his eyes went dark and his jaw clenched.
“Who?” He seethed. You looked away from him deciding if you should tell him or not.
“Who hurt ya sunshine?” He asked this time with a softer voice.
“Ben.” You choked out before you started crying again. It took everything Daryl had not to fly out of the cell and gut the man right then.
“What happened? Is this the first time?” He asked as his thumb stroked your cheek.
“It’s the first time he’s physically hurt me. He’s been threatening me for a while and doing things to make me uncomfortable, like touching my face and hair. But today I was on my way to the library and he grabbed me. He wouldn’t let me go and…He tried to…You know…” You couldn’t even bring yourself to say it.
“He tried to fuckin’ rape ya?!” Daryl growled. He bit his lip so hard it nearly bled and his anger was flaring ridiculously. How dare he hurt you like that, how dare someone lay their hand on his fucking sunshine. He was furious.
“I managed to get away before he had the chance but he hit me first.” You explained.
“Stay here.” He demanded gruffly. He didn’t give you a chance to respond, he was out of your cell quicker than you can blink.

Rick and Carol were outside with some members of Woodbury when Daryl came flying through the doors, before they had a chance to react Daryl had punched Ben and knocked him off his feet. He grabbed him by the collar and pushed him against the wall.
“Ya like hurtin’ women? Huh? Ya like tryin’ to fuckin’ rape ‘em?! I’m gon’ fuckin’ kill ya, ya piece of shit!” Daryl roared as he gripped Ben around his throat so tight Ben was spluttering. Tyreese and Rick managed to pull Daryl away and Ben fell to the floor. Daryl was pacing trying to get past them to pounce on Ben again.
“What’s going on Daryl?” Rick asked concerned.
“This assholes been harrassin’ y/n and he hit ‘er today when he tried to fuckin’ rape ‘er. He’s a dead man walkin’.” Daryl growled, still pacing like a wild animal. Rick had no reason to doubt Daryls or your claims, he trusted you both with his life.
“Alright, Ty can you take him to a cell and lock him in?” Rick asked. Tyreese nodded and picked up the bleeding and shaking man.
“What the hell Rick?!” Daryl fumed.
“Look Daryl, I get it, but you can’t just kill him.” Rick tried to reason.
“Well he ain’t fuckin’ stayin’ here! Not nowhere near y/n!” Daryl bellowed swinging his arms about to emphasize his point.
“I know he’s not. We will drive him out somewhere far and leave him.” Rick explained.
“He ain’t gettin’ none of our supplies neither. Fuckin’ prick don’t deserve nothin’.” Daryl spat.

After going through the plan Michonne, Tyreese and Sasha had a blindfolded Ben in the boot of their car and started their journey. Daryl went back to your cell and saw you laying down in your bed. You weren’t asleep, just lay there thinking.
“He’s gone.” He said as he sat on the edge of the bed. You looked at him and smiled.
“Thanks Daryl.” You said sincerely. He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear.
“S’nothin’. But I wanna know…why didn’t ya tell me? Bout what he was doin’?” He asked confused. You were so close and normally told each other everything.
“I was scared. He said he would kill me and I believed him. I wanted to tell you, but I was just too scared.” You admitted sadly.
Daryl toed off his boots and climbed in bed behind you, wrapping his arms tightly so your back was to his chest.
“Ain’t nothin’ to be scared of now sunshine. I’m here and I’m gon’ keep ya safe. But if anythin’ ever happens ‘gain, ya better tell me.” He said softly. You just nodded and gripped his arms, you felt safe like this. Daryl kissed your head and then nuzzled your neck, getting comfy. It didn’t take long for you both to drift asleep and for the first time in a long while you were actually able to sleep because you felt safe.

малышка Part 5

Hello! Here’s the next part! Don’t hate me I’ll fix it, we get into some action soon! Also, to make it up to y’all I’m working on some seriously fluffy deleted scenes. If you would like to see anything more just send me an ask! :) Happy Thursday! 

Warnings for the overall series: Fluff, angst, violence, enemy death,

Summary: You worked at HYDRA under your father for most of your life. You met the Winter Soldier when you were young. This story takes place 17 years later.

малышка Masterlist

Word Count: 583

The next morning you flipped over on the tiny mattress expecting your hand to land on your human pillow. When it made contact with nothing but the bare mattress your eyes flew open in panic.

But before you could scream his name you heard his voice across the room.

“Dead man walkin’ has two bowls. And how many does the prisoner have?”

He crouched down to hand you your bowl and spoon before joining you.

“Ah, I see you splurged on the gormet Cheerios,” you said, spooning some into your mouth and shooting him a wicked grin.

His eyes narrowed and he elbowed you, causing some milk to splash out of your bowl.

“Hey, watch it!”

A satisfied chuckle escaped his full mouth, but the rest of the small meal was enjoyed in comfortable silence.

When you were both finished, you stood and grabbed his bowl from him and made your way over to the sink to wash them.

You felt his presence behind you and smiled. “I may only have one bowl but it’s a pretty bowl.”

He took the clean one from your hands and dried it with a towel. “My bowls aren’t pretty?”

You splashed him as your answer and he playfully whipped you with the towel. Before you could retaliate, a kiss landed on your forehead. You heard him sigh as he wrapped his arms around your body once again.

“I have so many questions and here we are fighting about cereal bowls.”

“I know you do” you breathed. “I’ll answer all of them when I get back.”

His body stiffened around you. “Where are you going?”

You pulled out of his embrace. “I’m just going to grab a few things. I’ll be back in an hour.”

“I’m coming with you.” His tone was suddenly dark and demanding, but you knew it was because he was afraid.

“No, that’s not a good idea. I’m just grabbing a few things-”

“You better grab all of your things. You’re staying here.” You tried not to smile at his protective side coming out.

“James, I just don’t think that’s a good idea.”

“Hiding out together is safer than constantly walking across town to see each other.”

He had a point there. “Okay. I’ll be back in an hour.”

“Half hour” he challenged. He wasn’t joking.

“I’ll sprint there and back. Time me.” You laughed and his seriousness broke into the James you knew.

And he kissed you. It was quick, but he finally kissed you. You felt his warm and soft lips on yours for the first time in three years. It was like you could finally breathe again.

He pulled away and sent your mind spinning with his grin before you turned and walked out the door. Before you closed it behind you you heard him shout, “Don’t forget that pretty bowl!”

“Jackass” you mumbled. But you couldn’t shake the wide smile off your lips the whole walk home.

You shook your head, thinking about his teasing as you opened the door to your room. And the smile finally fell off your face.

Your room was completely ransacked. The few things you kept in there were completely ruined. Newspapers all over the floor, the stuffing ripped out of your sleeping bag and you recognized the blue bowl in pieces all over the floor.

But what made your stomach flip was right in front of you. A stool was placed right in the doorway with a note on it.

“We’ll find him.”



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Hole in is head, he a dolphin

You aint tryna get it, I aint wit it stop talkin

See us and run, up the gun now we hawkin

Get away? Now I’m in yo gangway stalkin

Stop it

Young hot head gon pop it

Team 600 takin off like a rocket

Big XD, cant fit it in the pocket

Bank roll shawty, can’t fit it in the wallet

Whole team lurkin, everybody want a body

We do this, do that, they copy

Tell yo bitch I only want top

And if she bite, she gon think I’m Rocky

Fast life shit doin hits out a Mazi

Foreign lil bitch, she a walkin Ferrari

Killed yo mans? Well damn, I’m sorry

I don’t remember I was off that Molly


малышка Part 4

Hello! Here’s the next part of малышка! Please check out my next post, it’s about an experiment that would be cool to do with this series if anybody’s interested. Hope you enjoy! Happy Tuesday!  

Warnings for the overall series: Fluff, angst, violence, enemy death,

Summary: You worked at HYDRA under your father for most of your life. You met the Winter Soldier when you were young. This story takes place 17 years later.

малышка Masterlist

Word Count: 496

He sat on his mattress on the floor and waited for you to come. He stared at the small picture in his hands and couldn’t help but smile.

It was the first time you helped him escape the facility. He sat behind you in the snow, his arms wrapped so tightly around your waist they overlapped. His long hair had been brushed by your fingers into a bun, the misbehaving strands propped behind his ears. He kissed you on the cheek, his eyes happily closed.

Your hands rested on his arms, a huge smile on your face that pushed your rosy cheeks into your soft eyes. Your hair was down and pushed to one shoulder, you had sacrificed your pony tail for his bun.

It was the most beautiful picture he had ever seen. He had been staring at it for an hour waiting for you to come. He wished he could think of that time and not remember what happened after the picture. When both of you were caught and brought back to the HYDRA base and punished.

He sensed the shift in the air and grinned.

“If I live like a prisoner, you live like a dead man walkin’. Look at this place.”

He set the picture on his pillow and stood, chuckling at your mocking his room.

You braced yourself as he walked over to you. He paused before ever so gently placing his hands on your hips. After some hesitation, you let your hands rise to his chest. It felt like you never left.

You felt him sigh beneath your hands. “малышка.”

“We can’t do this, James-”

“Say it again,” he interrupted you.

You were confused. “We can’t-”

He chuckled softly and rested his forehead against yours. “My name.”

You sighed, “James.”

His arms opened and enclosed again around your shoulders, holding your cheek against his chest in a warm embrace. You let yourself clutch him around his waist and breath him in.

With him holding you, it felt like time stood still but you knew the minutes were ticking by. You backed away but kept your fingers on his torso. “I have to go.”

“No, you don’t.”

“Yes, I do! James, if they find you because of me, I’ll never forgive myself.” You started to walk away, but he pulled you back into him with a force that told you he wasn’t letting you get away this time.

“малышка, I’d rather get caught tomorrow than be without you another minute.”

Even if you knew what to say, you were sure your body wouldn’t produce the sound. Tears that you had been pushing down for years finally made their way to the surface.

He simply held you and sushed your cries, but you felt his body quake with his own tears. He finally had you back in his arms, he was overwhelmed with love and joy. But like you, fear was also pushing the streams down his face.

“My малышка,” He whispered.



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The signs as Leslie Jones's commentary on the presidential debate
  • Aries: they walkin' around, man, with these mikes..i want them to fight so bad
  • Taurus: why didn't i get invited to this
  • Gemini: you is a ♫ LIIIIAAARRR ♫
  • Cancer: .............YAANSWE RTHE QUESTIO-
  • Leo: this motherfucker is thinking about call of duty
  • Virgo: i can't believe this is where the fuck we are right now
  • Libra: she doin' stand up comedy right now
  • Scorpio: he looks like a big DUMMY DUMB DUMB
  • Sagittarius: oh god i wish this were a rap off
  • Capricorn: she is drowning in a SEA OF LIES that that motherfucker is dishing out
  • Aquarius: look at hillary..just chillin'
  • Pisces: she won't even touch this motherfucker- I WON'T TOUCH YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT

meet me on the bridge - a sometimes sad, sometimes sweet, and ever hopeful mix for the man who would wait a thousand lifetimes to bring him home.

silver moon - roo panes // rubber & soul - ane brun feat. teitur // open season - high highs // these days - lucy rose // simple twist of fate - bob dylan // hold me, thrill me, kiss me - she & him // moonlight serenade - glenn miller & his orchestra // note to self - jake bugg // walkin man - seasick steve // halo - lotte kestner // the longer the waiting (the sweeter the kiss) - anna ternheim & david ferguson