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Axel was taking a small walk through the forest. it was around the time he would take this stroll through. wearing his red jacket and bag

Open rp...again!!

Your oc was walking through the forest when suddenly they are attacked by men in armor. Your oc drops the their knees after getting hit with a dart the last thing they saw was the men walking closer…. a while later you wake up with blurry vision what you saw was grey walls and bright lights. “Hey! Get up sleepyhead!” A voice squeaks from close by. “What..where am I?” You ask before sitting up looking around now being able to see more clearly. “Your with me!” The voice says moving in front of you.

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[@habits-habit] HABIT walked around a forest, his knife in hand. He had spotted a girl, probably around Evan's height and age, and quietly made his way over toward her. "Y'know, the Rake could getchya out here. Or something else. That being me." (Ay)

Having not heard him coming, Jessica jumped and yelped when she heard him speak, turning around to face him quickly. Taking a moment to register what he said, she looked him over, confused by his appearance. Who the hell dresses like that for a trip into the woods?

“The what?” Great. Perfect response to this creep.


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Misty walked through the forest, giving growls as she felt her body protest with the fact she was trying to stay human, her eyes widening under the power of the moon above, she could change into her beast form when she pleased at night, but with the moon there was no choice in the matter, the blonde fell against a tree panting, feeling her teeth sharpen before she then turned her head noting something in the clearing, a group of men, looking like they were dragging a woman, the messy haired girl tilted her head and crawled forward, wanting to get a better look.

I still feel bad for Faybelle a little. “You are overbearing and no one wants to deal with you!” is a pretty shitty thing to hear.

But it’s also shit to fool people into walking into a dangerous forest, so my sympathy is limited.

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(Mk) bo was walking around in the forest when he stepped on a thorn, the thorn got lodged in his large paw, he sqeaked and sat down on a tree stump. The large fluffy brown bear whimpered.

Jeremy was cosplaying “Tweedledum” from “Are You Alice?”. He was going to a photo shoot somewhere in the forest with some of his friends but now as he wandered around it seemed as if it was hopeless. He sighed. “Aish; I think I’m lost now…”

Sophia rolled her shoulders for a couple seconds, and eventually, she moved onto stretching her arms across her chest. Taking in a deep breath, she slowly exhaled until it ended with a content sigh. Today, she woke up particularly early with the sun barely peaking out of the horizon. She decided to go on a morning walk before breakfast began, and so there she was, standing alone near the forest to begin her trek. Just as she was about to take another deep breath, she heard footsteps behind her. No longer by herself, she turned to acknowledge the individual. “Morning. Nice day for a walk, don’t you think?”

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Shard: Hellooooooo?

Toad was walking around the forest trying to find his way back to the mushroom kingdom when he came across the voice calling out. This startled him and he quickly jumped back and bumped into a tree. He soon recovered and stood up dusting himself off. He looked around his surroundings to see where it had come from. “H-Hello…?” He called.

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*ghost was in the throne room sitting by the throne*

a dragones was walking inside the forest arround his castleon the middle of the night she was lost and scare