Here, have some Polish talent.
Natalia Sikora singing Janis Joplin’s ‘Cry Baby’ (The Voice of Poland).


i can’t even.

A Eurovision 2017 Overview

Israel: Hot, shit voice tho

Poland: forgettable

Belarus: Cute, PDA

Austria: brought the moon. nice

Armenia: Powerful, strong, but bit scary

Netherlands: Sparkly, powerful, moving

Moldova: Saxophone and brides

Hungary: interprative dance and a pot

Italy: Gorilla eurotrash

Denmark: YAB (yet another ballad)

Portugal: bit damp, bit hairy

Azerbaijan: emo ballad power 

Croatia: emotional struggles

Australia: who?

Greece: naked wet dudes

Spain: or maybe California, who knows?

Norway: Daft Punk/Ed Sheeran

UK: YAB (power ballad)

Cyprus: Sounds like Human

Romania: yodel + rap = eurovision

Germany: YAB (+ wind machine)

Ukraine: token rock entry

Belgium: YAB (17 y/o)

Sweden: hot guys in suits + treadmills

Bulgaria: he is 12

France: YAB (she hot)

Eurovision 2016 running order
  • Belgium: fleur east fan writes upbeat song for a boots campaign advert
  • Czech Republic: woman makes history for her country at eurovision by qualifying, gets fucked over in the running order
  • Netherlands: he has a bar
  • Azerbaijan: gonna take a miracle to get over this qualifying over Estonia/Iceland
  • Hungary: -youtube comments voice- wow can already see so many people falling in love song should be renamed to the pussymelter
  • Italy: wiwibloggs said this is "serving taxidermic poultry"
  • Israel: shines brighter than my future
  • Bulgaria: chicken dance and light up warrior outfit, actually works really well
  • Sweden: 17 year old kid threatening to rob a bank and post office if he's ever sorry, calls you the devil in disguise
  • Germany: and on this episode of broadcasting your weeb phase to an entire continent
  • France: -sweden 2013 voice- yOoOoOOOOoOOoOUuUUUUuuUu
  • Poland: Conchita's little brother sings about colours and philosophy
  • Australia: they snuck back in. europes chill.
  • Cyprus: cages and on all aspects expect physical, the lead singer is a wolf
  • Serbia: real life queen steps on you. you are ok with it.
  • Lithuania: young boy has a fun party on sta- wait what do you mean hes nearly thirty and has a daughter
  • Croatia: girl in interesting dress encourages sailors to find their lighthouse
  • Russia: "were pissed off sweden took our title so were doing what sweden did last year but bigger just fUCKING FIGHT ME SWEDEN"
  • Spain: everyday im shuffling
  • Latvia: PewDiePie really wants a career as a doctor so he can feel peoples heartbeat
  • Ukraine: another queen steps on you. you are very ok with it.
  • Malta: floating head sings for a few second. you are left confused and afraid
  • Georgia: that windows movie maker youtube poop you made in 2006
  • Austria: trailer for the next disney princess movie
  • United Kingdom: "cheeky nandos trying to be coldplay" "cheeky nandos is amazing, so this song is amazing"
  • Armenia: no you have not had too much to drink she is genuienly multiplying at that part
You’re the Color of My Blood (1/2)

Pairing: Lithuania/Fem!Poland
Rating: M
Warnings: Discussion of sex, mild violence, so much angst
Word Count: 2412
Note: Takes place during the Polish-Lithuanian War. Filled on the Kink Meme. Special thanks to kerrygethere for looking over this thing!

After regaining independence after WWI, Poland and Lithuania have very different ideas about where their political and personal relationship will go. War is their last - and only - choice.

Horse carriages pass Lithuania’s office on the ground floor. The clock above the door ticks a little past two in the afternoon. The walls are thin, and Lithuania hears and understands the mix of Polish and Yiddish outside his window. Rarely does he catch his own Lithuanian being spoken. Despite being his capital for over 500 years, Vilnius has become a center of Polish and Jewish and even Belarusian—not Lithuanian—culture.

But the city is his. Even under Russian rule, he felt the pulse of Vilnius. The cooling waters of the Neris flow through his veins, and the bells of the Vilnius Cathedral ring to the beat of his heart. The people are his too. Yom Kippur is in a few days, and his Jewish people are bustling to get preparations completed before Wednesday. The Poles are slipping from his consciousness—many want to be reunited with Poland, but a few are loyal to him and they sound in his mind as clear as any ethnic Lithuanian.

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“Ściany się burzą, szyby pękają na raz.
Lecę w dół przez błędy wszystkich lat.
Widzę wyraźnie pełne rozczarowań twarze.
A w oczach ból i gniew uśpionych zdarzeń.”

Miazga <3