When skeptical about the prospects of a successful Resource Based Economy, many bring up the point that humans would simply have no motivation to pursue goals and to be inventive without the reward of capital.  This at first seems logical, many people in today’s capitalist world pursue goals in the hope that they will have a monetary reward for their labour. 

Why is this? Well it is a well known fact that monetary reward only serves as an incentive for doing mundane labour, creative and inventive jobs on the other hand, are not motivated by monetary gain.  We already know the potential machines have to free humans from being wage-slaves, to free them from dead-end and brain-numbing jobs which only serve to hold back the latent potential of our world. 

Today’s system hold back human development and free-thought. Humans from an early age are yearning to learn and be creative, yet as soon as they are able to walk and talk, we suppress those urges to create and beat it into them that they must be a drone for capitalism. 

An RBE would free the human mind to wonder, create, ponder, invent, and live. We invent machines to make our lives easier, why do we still insist on making humans carry out monotonous tasks that can be easily, and more efficiently, done by machines? Only to keep the current system of drastic inequality, wastefulness, and self-destruction of our planet going? 

It is time for humans to start living more intelligently and more creatively. Take away the need for humans to carry out mundane labour to scrape a living, and the latent potential of our species will explode.