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12. ideas of a perfect date
-Honestly, a road trip to no where in particular. A whole day of enjoying freedom, finding adorable little towns with good food, deep and silly conversations on back roads, frolicking in flower fields and eating wild berries warmed by the sun. And finally, cuddling in the back of the vehicle with tons of pillows and blankets and good books.

16. favorite movie
-I don’t know if I can say I have one favorite movie, so I’ll list the few off the top of my head.
-Just about any Studio Ghibli movie
-Lord of the Rings
-The Hobbit
(Just to name a few)

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After the outreach we gathered back at the church for fun, fellowship, food and ELF!! The seats were set up in “stadium seating” and I brought a bunch of pillows and blankets for a cozy little bed on the floor. Nothing beats watching a funny Christmas movie on a large projection screen all bundled up in blankets with your friends. The perfect ending to a great day!

This morning I slept in and it was WONDERFUL! I woke up in a panic, and quickly realized that I am on Christmas break - so I went right back to sleep. I attempted to renew my vehicle tags, but ended up getting completely lost downtown Franklin, so I turned around and went to the mall. I did a bit of shopping then met Stacey and Adam for a brief “hello” before doing more shopping. I had never met Adam before - incredibly nice guy. I left the mall, got a haircut, then hooked up with my girl Brittany, and headed to the village for some hot cocoa at Fido’s. We chatted over cocoa and outrageous orange muffins (that’s what they were called, and they were good!), then did some shopping in the quaint stores of hillsboro. Afterwards we headed back to my place, made homemade pizza and cookies, and watched a movie. After that we hung out and talked until about 10:30, then we hugged and said our goodbyes. A fabulous first day of vacation ‘fo-sho’!