me, begging this incurably obtuse garbage conglomerate of a website on bended fucking knee with tears streaming down my face: please for the love of god consider that ur tendency to subconsciously categorize lesbians as being uniquely prone to meanness and oversensitivity might be partially because u are trained, socially, to see us as shrieking unfeminine caricatures rather than full fledged people with complex emotional lives 

a rando, stumbling across my humble post with their eyes blissfully closed to the vast and terrifying world of context-appropriateness: but what about my great-uncle’s nephew’s brother-in-law’s first cousins “roommate” from her time at vassar, who showed up at our family reunion wreathed in foul black smoke and shorn of hair and spent the evening spitting poison onto the hors d’oeuvres and calling my great great grand-papá a cuck

Being Autistic

Being autistic is doing nothing
In the face of infinite choices.
Being autistic is seeing the infinite angles
And the unlimited potential in everything.

Being autistic is not taking everything literally,
Because that is kleptomania and while not mutually exclusive, are still different things ok?

Being autistic is experiencing the world so vibrantly,
And sometimes not able to stand it.

Being autistic is mindless repetitive behavior.
Being autistic is mindless repetitive behavior.
Being autistic is mindless repetitive behavior.

Being autistic is laughing at jokes only you think are funny.

Being autistic is wondering
When the mothership returns for you.
Being autistic is weird compulsions,
And a system you can’t explain.

Being autistic is a vast strange world
For which you have no map.
Being autistic is feeling like the smartest person in the room,
And the stupidest being in Creation.

Being autistic is “because you never asked”
Being autistic is “you need to show initiative”
But it’s also “why didn’t you tell me you were lost” and
“dont do it if you don’t know how”.

Being autistic is a labyrinth
That changes for unknowable reasons.

Being autistic is an outside perspective,
And an earnest heart.

Being autistic is being terrified of the world
And dipping your feet anyway,

Being autistic is organizing thoughts
In piles that make no sense to anyone but you.
Being autistic is organizing thoughts
In piles that make no sense to you either.

Being autistic is innately understanding
The convoluted matrix of causality
While not knowing how to eat salad.

Being autistic is being calculating and aloof,
And having panic attacks over the shape of food.

Being autistic is loving others intensely
But never being able to exactly say how.

Everything starts with a single Instagram post.

A couple lounging together on a hotel bed, their faces out of frame. Two pairs of sweatpants-clad legs tangled together - feet bruised and battered, the focal point of the image.

v-nikiforov: When you and bae have matching feet 💖💖💖 #movienight  #cuddles #figureskaters #FukuokaGPF

The internet explodes.

At 25, Viktor Nikiforov is already a notorious commitment-phobe.

Though his list of casual hookups and one-night stands is a mile long, the man has yet to have a serious romantic relationship.

(One that has been made known to the public, at least. There is, of course, no shortage of “anonymous sources” claiming to have visited him at his house in the countryside where he supposedly lives during the off-season with his secret wife and three kids.)

Not even two hours after the picture is first posted, his fans have already compiled a list of who this mysterious significant other could be, using the only thing they know (probably) for sure about them - that they’re a figure skater.

Christophe Giacometti, for some odd reason, is pretty high up on the list, despite the fact that he’s been in a committed relationship for the past two years now. Cao Bin is another notable name, along with TWO of Viktor’s own rinkmates, Georgi Popovich (something which he’s sure is going earn the two of them a good amount of light-hearted teasing from their rinkmates), and a girl named Evgenia that Viktor has known since they were 5, and whom he regards as nothing more than a good friend.

And somewhere near the middle of the list is Viktor’s longtime bitter rival, Katsuki Yuuri.

It’s something of a mystery that he had even made it onto the list, given that the vast majority of the world seems to be of the opinion that the two hate each other. But fans as a whole tend to have a strange fascination with enemies to lovers stories, and it doesn’t hurt that Yuuri is good-looking, talented, and just about the sweetest person ever (to anyone other than Viktor, that is)

By the time the next picture is posted, just over a month later, people have mostly given up hope on another.

A dining table laden with delicious, home-cooked food. A slender young man sits in a chair across the table from the camera person. The top half of his face is cut off, showing only an indulgent smile as he spoils the excitable brown poodle begging for scraps next to him.

v-nikiforov: When bae flies halfway across the world to surprise you with a home-cooked meal after you get back from Russian Nationals 😍 #luckiest manalive #loveofmylife #bestsurpriseever

This time, it doesn’t even take an hour for the fans to update their List. All the female skaters are removed, while a few more male skaters are added on. 

The man has a soft jawline and slender shoulders.

A few suggest that it may be Lee Seung Gil, while others shout that “he’s just 19!,” and how “that’s basically pedophilia!”

Katsuki Yuuri inches his way slowly up the list, while others demand that Christophe be taken off, given the man in the second picture is clean-shaven, and everyone knows Christophe wouldn’t be caught dead in public without some stubble.

There aren’t many more pictures of The Boyfriend after that.

Instead, there’s an endless flow of melodramatic selfies and black and white landscapes with captions that don’t make sense, of Viktor constantly complaining about not being able to see bae more often.

He does occasionally drop little tidbits - The Boyfriend has a dog as well, he does ballet, they’ve known each other for several years.

But he’s careful not to say anything too revealing about his significant other, playfully dodging the question whenever he’s asked about it in interviews and choosing his words carefully on his social media posts.

It’s a maddeningly long five months before Viktor finally makes the fatal mistake.

An excited brown poodle standing near a door, leash in his own mouth. His tail is a wagging blur, restless excitement seeming to roll off his image in waves.

v-nikiforov: Going to pick up bae from the airport. I think Makkachin’s somehow figured out where we’re going. He’s been waiting impatiently at the front door for the past hour. #offseasonisbestseason #beentoolong #reunion

Viktor turns off his phone after that, and so it isn’t until he arrives at the airport, only to be welcomed by a horde of screaming fans and reporters that he finally realizes the mistake he’s made.

All the blood drains from his face, and he quickly whips out his phone to send his boyfriend a warning message before he’s suddenly swamped.

His plane should have already landed by now, and Viktor prays that he’d sent the warning in time. He knows how much his lover values his privacy, and neither of them are very eager to have their relationship become public knowledge quite yet.

Viktor spends the next ten minutes trying to make his way through the overenthusiastic crowd while still trying to be as nice to his fans as possible.

Makkachin is having the time of his life, shamelessly begging ear scratches and cooing from the crowd of fangirls. He looks quite content to stay there for as long as possible.

That is, right up until he quite suddenly perks up, and barges right through the crowd, leaving behind a bunch of confused fans and a worried Viktor, trying to chase after him.

He doesn’t get very far though, before tackling someone with wet doggy kisses.

The man seems to expect the enthusiastic welcome, because he barely staggers as he catches the giant brown poodle in his arms, laughing and carrying him towards Viktor and his group of speechless fans.

He’s wearing a pair of sinfully tight skinny jeans, and a dark blue hoodie with the hood up. They can’t see his face properly yet, with Makkachin blocking their view as he continues to squirm in the mans’ embrace, tail thumping excitedly against his leg as he walks.

Before any of the fans can take a step, Viktor hurries to his lover’s side and immediately wraps an arm around his shoulders, using his body to hide the man’s identity.

“What are you doing here?” he asks urgently as the crowd surges forward to envelop them. “You could have snuck out another way and gone straight to the car!”

The man laughs, and turns to place a quick peck on Viktor’s cheek.

“It’s fine,” he says. “We’ve kept quiet long enough. I don’t mind letting everyone know about us.”

So saying, he lowers Makkachin gently to the ground, and the cameras finally get their first glimpse at the face of the man who had managed to steal the heart of the World’s Number 1 Bachelor.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

Time for a little reconnaissance. 

Our New Horizons spacecraft won’t arrive at its next destination in the distant Kuiper Belt—an object known as 2014 MU69—until New Year’s Day 2019, but researchers are already starting to study its environment thanks to a few rare observational opportunities this summer, including one on July 17. This week, we’re sharing 10 things to know about this exciting mission to a vast region of ancient mini-worlds billions of miles away.

1. First, Some Background 

New Horizons launched on Jan. 19, 2006. It swung past Jupiter for a gravity boost and scientific studies in February 2007, and conducted a six-month reconnaissance flyby study of Pluto and its moons in summer 2015. The mission culminated with the closest approach to Pluto on July 14, 2015. Now, as part of an extended mission, the New Horizons spacecraft is heading farther into the Kuiper Belt.

2. A Kuiper Belt refresher

The Kuiper Belt is a region full of objects presumed to be remnants from the formation of our solar system some 4.6 billion years ago. It includes dwarf planets such as Pluto and is populated with hundreds of thousands of icy bodies larger than 62 miles (100 km) across and an estimated trillion or more comets. The first Kuiper Belt object was discovered in 1992.

3. That’s Pretty Far

When New Horizons flies by MU69 in 2019, it will be the most distant object ever explored by a spacecraft. This ancient Kuiper Belt object is not well understood because it is faint, small, and very far away, located approximately 4.1 billion miles (6.6 billion km) from Earth.

4. Shadow Play 

To study this distant object from Earth, the New Horizons team have used data from the Hubble Space Telescope and the European Space Agency’s Gaia satellite to calculate where MU69 would cast a shadow on Earth’s surface as it passes in front of a star, an event known as an occultation.

5. An International Effort 

One occultation occurred on June 3, 2017. More than 50 mission team members and collaborators set up telescopes across South Africa and Argentina, aiming to catch a two-second glimpse of the object’s shadow as it raced across the Earth. Joining in on the occultation observations were NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and Gaia, a space observatory of the European Space Agency (ESA).

6. Piecing Together the Puzzle 

Combined, the pre-positioned mobile telescopes captured more than 100,000 images of the occultation star that can be used to assess the Kuiper Belt object’s environment. While MU69 itself eluded direct detection, the June 3 data provided valuable and surprising insights. “These data show that MU69 might not be as dark or as large as some expected,” said occultation team leader Marc Buie, a New Horizons science team member from Southwest Research Institute in Boulder, Colorado.

7. One Major Missing Piece 

Clear detection of MU69 remains elusive. “These [June 3 occultation] results are telling us something really interesting,” said New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern, of the Southwest Research Institute. “The fact that we accomplished the occultation observations from every planned observing site but didn’t detect the object itself likely means that either MU69 is highly reflective and smaller than some expected, or it may be a binary or even a swarm of smaller bodies left from the time when the planets in our solar system formed.”

8. Another Opportunity 

On July 10, the SOFIA team positioned its aircraft in the center of the shadow, pointing its powerful 100-inch (2.5-meter) telescope at MU69 when the object passed in front of the background star. The mission team will now analyze that data over the next few weeks, looking in particular for rings or debris around MU69 that might present problems for New Horizons when the spacecraft flies by in 2019. “This was the most challenging occultation observation because MU69 is so small and so distant,” said Kimberly Ennico Smith, SOFIA project scientist.

9. The Latest 

On July 17, the Hubble Space Telescope will check for debris around MU69 while team members set up another “fence line” of small mobile telescopes along the predicted ground track of the occultation shadow in southern Argentina.

10. Past to Present 

New Horizons has had quite the journey. Check out some of these mission videos for a quick tour of its major accomplishments and what’s next for this impressive spacecraft.

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See You Soon | Yoongi

Summary: In which you live in a world where one stroke of a pen against your skin is a signage of forever, and Min Yoongi just has really good timing
Genre: Fluff with a touch of Angst, Soulmate!AU where when you write something on your skin with pen/marker, it will show up on your soulmate’s skin as well
Word Count: 7,276
Author’s Note: I have officially joined the Soulmate!AU train of writers, and I hope this is worthy enough for that title. The original story was meant to be super short and super sweet, but of course I just kept adding more and more ideas into this and… this is the end result. Little warning, it is mainly Yoongi/Reader with a side of Jungkook/Reader so… take that as you will. 


The first time images appear on your skin, you are 12 and have absolutely no idea why. Questions spring up in your mind like wildfire—alarming and so completely out of your control that you perform what could only be politely labeled as a scream before you dash to the bathroom, rubbing roughly at the skin of your arm until the flesh turns bright red. The marks, however, do not fade away.

Taking in a few sharp inhales, you collect your thoughts long enough to carefully study the marks that have been embedded into your skin—ink underneath the flesh that you carefully run your finger across. The end product looks to be a night sky along your forearm. There is a half-crescent moon and lazy stars dancing across the way; twinkling lines and hazy shapes and thick lines like they had been drawn with a sharpie.

For some odd reason, the longer you stare at the drawing, you don’t feel the panic settling back into your nerves. Rather, you feel more calm, peaceful, as if staring at the face of familiarity, like these drawings of half-crescent moons and 6 pointed stars genuinely mean something to you. Or at least, they hold enough significance that you don’t scream or continue trying to rub away the spots.

Your mother comes bounding into the room shortly after, startled by your scream until she sees the source of your apprehension and her lips curl up into a soft and understanding smile. It is right then and there, when she takes your arm, soothingly running her thumb up and down the expanse of the night sky that she spins the narrative of fate, destiny, and the universe.

She tells you that the moment people are born, they are instantly bound with another, tied together by some predetermined string, gifting you with someone you are meant to spend the rest of your life with. Someone who fit against every curve, someone who loved you in every aspect no matter what. Someone who would look at you, and you could just feel the weight of their stares like none other—set all your nerves on fire with just a single touch, leave you knowing without a doubt that that person was the one you were meant to spend your life with.

Your soulmate. Your other half.

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Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world, it festers and spreads. A shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. 

                                                        So it ever was, so will it always be. 

In  time  all  foul  things  come  forth.

The Blue Princess and her Red Rose

Pairing: Jungkook | Reader
Word Count: 34.8k (ooops someone’s got a bit carried away hehe)
Genre: PrinceJungkookAU, Angst, Fluff & Smut.

A/N: This is the first story of the five “short” (if you can call them short lmao) stories about Greyria that I’ll be posting during summer. Probably I won’t be posting the next one until a couple of weeks from today, because I have the idea of them all, but none is completely written yet.
I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think of it! 
Because It’s really long, I fear you won’t be able to read it from your phone or tablet, sorry :(

Summary: After all, he was her red rose, while she was just another one of the many blue roses that grew in the dying gardens of Greyria. 

Tales of Greyria

The best stories - those that speak about past lovers, about untold stories and broken hearts, about beautiful promises of future and happiness that got lost in the wind; those that make you feel happiness, loss, hurt, love, hate, fear and sadness all at once; those that live in your heart for the rest of your days - always have sad endings, my love,” her grandma had always told her when she was just a little girl in a baby pink dress.

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10 Deathbed Regrets You Can Avoid By Taking Action Now

1. I spent too much time being angry. Anger is caused by many things, often times it’s because we’re living through the ego and reacting to what happens to us. Life is 10% what happens to us and 90% how we respond to it - we always have a choice when it comes to how we handle what life throws at us.

2. I wasted my life doing what was expected of me. Whether it’s society, parents, friends, family or partners - doing what others expect of us is how we neglect our true desires. This builds resentment towards ourselves over time and can result in the most painful of regrets.

3. I didn’t take care of my health. In the short-term we can neglect our health with minor consequences, but over the course of decades a lack of exercise and poor nutrition will result in the body breaking down and becoming less functional. One day it may be a struggle to walk up the stairs or even stand up.

4. I wasn’t happy in my relationship. Settling for less than we know we’re truly worth builds resentment towards ourselves because we are neglecting the relationship we have with ourselves. When we remain in relationships that don’t serve us we are reinforcing the message of self-loathing - rather than one of self-love.

5. I never travelled. Exploring the world broadens our horizons and allows us to gain perspective in our lives. Gaining a wider perspective of the world we live in allows us to adopt a global mindset, rather than a local mindset - which allows us to leave behind the opinions of others and live the life we dream of.

6. I didn’t spend enough time with loved ones. Quality time spent with the people who matter most to us does not consist of sitting in front of a glowing box in silence. Experiencing things together is what strengthens the bonds we have & creates fulfilling, meaningful relationships with those we care about.

7. The one that got away. Allowing our fears or pride to get in the way of something or someone we love will result in the burden of regret. When we know our heart’s desires it’s important to pursue them - if we allow them to pass us by while we wait for the “right time” it will never come.

8. I never found true love. Again, settling for less will be our greatest downfall. It may seem difficult at times but the pursuit of true love requires us to be true to ourselves & 100% authentic. If the relationship we find ourselves in is not what we’re looking for - we must love ourselves enough to walk away from it and continue the search for what we truly desire.

9. I lived in my comfort zone. Our comfort zones are places of perceived safety which offer no growth - if we live in them our entire lives we will realise that we spent our time living in limitation. We live in a vast world that demands exploration - if we allow our fears to dictate our behaviour, we’ll never know what we’re capable of and have the voice of “what-if” in our heads.

10. I worked too much. Work is a part of life, but when we take it too seriously we miss out on the other parts. Taking time to be with ourselves, to be still in nature and relax is essential for optimal mental health. Indeed, work may be necessary, but spending our whole lives working and none of it playing would be a pretty boring life.

This life can be whatever you want it to be - make it something worth living.

Peace & positive vibes.

i constantly cannot believe that we live in some sort of backwards nightmare hell world where the vast majority of the worlds population either a) believes that holmes and watson have always been straight platonic friends or b) recognize the romance but won’t let them be gay

Sour lies/Dark whispers

A trail of darkness is all that follows her around, through every corner, every step forward, every pause, every victory and loss, thicker than the wall of isolation surrounding her, darker than the life she’s been cursed with. It’s a ghost—or a collection of many, of those she stained her hands with their blood, of those she betrayed, and of those she left behind. It’s a soul that feeds off of death, that creates death and spreads it through her lungs and veins, consuming her body with every second that passes, and it’s the only reason she doesn’t look back. For all the waste and damage that have been done, it will render all of it pointless; her existence, her sad existence which cost the death of many, even for the sake of a single life that was never hers, and it’s a vague mixture of selfishness and selflessness all at once.

Cold is what she claims to be, but instead is what she feels, frozen in an endless loop of guilt and regrets, of mistakes and flaws she wishes to fix, but still she doesn’t look back—can’t look back.
It’s a vast world with many choices, none that were ever in her reach, for her path has been destined since the day she opened her eyes to that vast world, clear and straight, even if it weren’t empty of some small bumps on the road. Bumps like friendships she didn’t know she’d make, bumps like the truth behind all the lies she’d been told, bumps like a love that never blossomed, for its spring never came.

What remains are memories, of the loved ones who hated her, of the hated ones who loved her, of the clash of the two, the rise of one and fall of the other, but she doesn’t look back, even when failure is the only fate that awaits her, she won’t look back.

So even if her heart is weak and fragile, and even if she kills, hurts, and betrays, even if she doesn’t look back, her humanity is the sole thing that remains, with all her perfections, and all her imperfections outweighing them.
All the sins committed that tears won’t wash away, only a dying wish for a divine force to pull her out, almost nonexistent; or perhaps, at the heart of it, that force is human, one that is greater than her, one that she can never become, but one she can look up to and admire. And because of that, she knows… beauty exists even in an ugly world, even if rare to come by.

Sorry, she says to herself for she has no power to say it out loud.
I’m really sorry, and the words taste sour, a flavor that doesn’t go away no matter how many times she washes her mouth.

Please, forgive me.

Credits to @kenken-chan for the beautifull monologue.

Treating Sadness (Check Moon)

Aries: Physical Activity; though usually emotional dilemmas fade for them as soon as they appear, this process can be accelerated by exercise and activity

Taurus: Stick with what they know; Familiarity is often most easily achieved with stability, and since sadness often comes from a place unexpected, crawling into their comfort zone, either a favorite book, move, or show, distracts them from the pain

Gemini: It’s time for a little change; bolstered by its elemental association, they may try to keep busy and change the context in which they became sad in the first place.  This desire can manifest itself in reorganizing their room or impulse buying

Cancer: Walking through memories; These beings are not without their past, no matter how riddled it may be with agony and pain, their history is a cloth also weaved with spools of happiness and innocence.  Though an ephemeral cure, reminders of brighter days helps them forget the frown carved across their face

Leo: Hold me; Company and social facilitation is one of the tendencies they’ll gravitate towards.  The warmth and presence of peoples’ company allows them a reprieve from a suffocating sensation that comes with sadness

Virgo: Press Resume; Like a fusion of Taurus and Capricorn, they love both stability and adequacy.  Sadness is the entropy which threatens to dissolve the system of their lives, but by going back into the daily, scheduled grind, or by simply creating one, that newfound or again found sense of control is enough to help elude them from the stresses of melancholia.  

Libra: One on One; the scales, when made out of balance due to the weight of sadness, can often find equilibrium by being with a single companion who can console them.  Though it is always not best to comfort others when they are in need of the same thing, Librans may actually cure their tears by curing someone else’s.

Scorpio: Time for Yourself; a veteran of the ups and downs that come with emotional intensity, these people radiate a sense of independence and experience even if they do not truly have either.  Seeing weakness as a flaw, sometimes the last thing they need is company, and would rather spend time in introspection to retrieve they’re inner peace.

Sagittarius: Paint the town; seemingly an air sign reborn from the flames, these people crave both transformation and action.  In times of sadness, though the lethargy of a dolorous mentality may overtake them, it is important they spend time outside, rekindle that sense of adventure which sadness has replaced with despair.

Capricorn: Tie Up Loose Ends; Though rest may be needed for some, action is what they would need to elevate themselves to where they once were.  Finishing up a project, an assignment, or an errand could feed their ever-present hunger for competence, and satisfy the empty void melancholia has left in their soul

Aquarius: Stop and smell the roses; The water bearers have a perspective of the world which allows them to transcend their body, and become enlightened of a greater significance.  By simply observing the vast world around them, the weight onto their heart suddenly feels lighter, for the universe is infinite, and their problems feel like a speck of sand in the desert.

Pisces: Laughter is medicine; happiness realizes one of its truest and rawest forms in laughter, and can be exactly what they need.  Spending time daydreaming or back floating in the ocean of their conscience, becoming overwhelmed with anxiety, sadness, or general apprehension is not necessarily uncommon.  However, the right phrase or image could send them giggling, and can send them away, even if for a moment, away from sadness.


♥ it’s time to spread your podcast palette ♥

We’re late into July with August around the corner and the fall slowly but soon enough approaching us. Before the thrills that come with fun in the sun are washed away like sand in the sea, let’s settle under the shade with the best sounds I could find.

Survive, conquer, and stay underground as these picks will ease you through the remainder of your summer days with some style.

Looking for something fresh to please that sudden thirst for audio storytelling? Look no further as PodCake has six more podcasts you’ll certainly love. 

1. The Far Meridian

The Far Meridian tells the story of Peri, an agoraphobic young woman whose home starts to show up in a new location every day, as she searches for her missing brother. 

From the same people who brought you Ars Paradoxica comes The Far Meridian, a vastly different direction from their usual time crunching with the same sense of suspense, sarcasm, and psychological storytelling you’ve grown to love coupled with excellent writing and music composition.

Follow along with our darling heroine, Peri as she must fight against her fears to solve a pressing mystery that might be deeper than it seems at first glance. You can tackle this one in or outdoors to your leisure.

2. Liberty

Welcome to the world of Liberty – serialized sci-fi tales told in comic books and audio drama stories. The colony of Atrius has been cut off from humanity and endured generations of civil war. What remains is a gleaming city and beyond its walls, a lawless expanse known as the Fringe. Liberty features many tales from this world such as the harrowing Fringe expedition series Critical Research and standalone horror stories of Tales from the Tower.

From Critical Research to Tales from the Tower, Liberty comes with a couple of quality tales that may tickle your fancy and your ears. Start off first with Critical Research as we tag along with a special group sent to investigate the treacherous Southern Fringe. 

Though if this promising crew will be prepared for what’s the come is the real question. I’d say count your bullets, save your audio logs, and try to stay alive for this one. (It even has a blooper reel.)

3. Radiation World

Three thousand years since nuclear devastation has razed society to nothing, humans have moved underground to eke out a meager survival while outside the wild has taken over, mutating beyond anything anyone can remember or imagine. When a group of mysterious visitors arrive on a ship, our heroes must make a quest across the wild, encountering an abundance of adventures along the way.

For those who want to take their apocalypse stories a little less seriously comes Radiation World. When the world becomes inhabitable due to nuclear devastation, what better way to get by than passing time in the best bunker available and maybe setting up a sacrifice…if you have the time.

If you’re a fan of The Bunker with a bit of Wooden Overcoats style comedy and Our Fair City levels of world building, and still need your fill of catastrophic hi-jinks, this might be the best pick for your survival kit. In other words, it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.

4. The Orphans

A tale of survival on an unknown world. The Orphans is a cinematic audio drama chronicling the castaways of downed starship, The Venture - Stranded on a hostile planet, struggling to remember how they arrived and who they are. Mysterious creatures hunt them, and in this seemingly unpopulated world, a tower looms. 

When a group of survivors of a crashed ship are thrown into a vast alien world, it’ll take only their wits and teamwork to get by and get back on the track home. The Orphans comes with a cast of colorful characters all with witty banter and some fairly badass moments sprinkled in between some honestly sincere and sweet ones.

In this fast paced story of survival against the odds and a dangerous alien wilderness comes a podcast chock full of fascinating scenarios for those looking for the most out of their sci-fi. You’ll land safely with this one.

5. Hector Vs The Future

The world’s largest museum of obsolete technology is threatened with closure unless Hector - its cantankerous, turnkey-operated clockwork curator - can match the popularity of the cutting-edge Uptodateum across the road. Only George - the mild mannered in-house caretaker with the mysterious past - steps up to help him. 

Rev up your outdated technology and tune that dusty radio to Hector Vs The Future, a comedy podcast for those stuck in the good old days and just too hipster to pass up a show that lovingly revels in the past. 

Those who love their goofball science fiction comedies like Hadron Gospel Hour will enjoy the quirky sense of humor and the occasional musical number derived from situational gags and absurdity. Concluded at only seven episodes and last updated in the distant past of 2016, Hector Vs The Future will offer you just the right amount of entertainment in the present day.

6. Otherverse

Otherverse is a serialized science fiction audio drama podcast. The story follows the invasion of Earth by aliens from another universe, and an alien that wants to save humanity from destruction through their surrender. Invasion is not a simple task.

Hello and welcome to a radio frequency playing from another universe. A higher plain of life has taken over and has been kind enough to offer this nifty little show in our wake. From some of the same minds behind Jim Robbie comes a hefty dose of science fiction black comedy from the eyes of aliens.

Though early in production, Otherverse does make a good first impression with its fairly original premise and inspired narrative that is sure to blossom into some excellent stories in the future. It’s best to sit down surrender, and face the noise.

now, get to listening. 

Crossed Wires, Part 2 (Cole Sprouse x Reader)

Part 1

Imagine: You like a boy (Cole), who you think likes another girl (Lili), while he thinks you like another boy (KJ), who thinks he’s competing with the first boy for the same girl (Lili). When the boys are brought onto the Late Late Show with James Corden and asked about their love lives, things get real confusing real fast.

Acknowledgments: Special thanks to @jasmineladjevardi for being a great consultant on plot and characters! Couldn’t do it without you!

“So, how are the love lives of my two favorite Riverdale boys?” James Corden asked with a cheeky grin.

“Married to videogames and puffed corn snacks,” Cole replied with a grin of his own. The studio audience laughed. You, watching from the hallway to backstage, laughed as well.

You’d been preparing for your role on Riverdale for two months now, and had just began shooting. You and Cole were growing infinitely closer, but your friendship with KJ helped cope with any sadness about Lili. With Cole, you wondered over the vastness of the world, made cheesy jokes, and explored Hollywood in a way you never could alone. With KJ, you ate ice cream while venting over your unrequited loves, went surfing at the beach, and sang music together. Things were actually… nice.

“Oh come on!” James said. “There has to be some ladies in the lives of such handsome young men!” The audience oohed.

“Well…” KJ said with a blush. The oohing increased in volume. “There is someone.” The smile fell from Cole’s face, which he replaced quickly for the sake of the audience.

James put a hand over his mouth in exaggerated surprise. “Tell us more! Is she a celebrity?”

“Well… yes.”

“…a co-star perhaps?”

KJ eyed Cole uneasily. “Yes.”

The crowd rioted in laughter, some taking out their phones to begin avid Twitter speculation. You grinned from off-sides, knowing exactly to whom KJ was referring.

“Any more hints?” James asked, already basking in the hits this exclusive information would get his show.

“She is by far, the most beautiful girl I have ever seen.”

You smiled at KJ’s sweetness towards Lili. Cole did not fail to see this out of the corner of his eye, and his face reddened of its own accord.

“Looks like you have something to say, Cole,” James said. The audience reaction increased. Cole was a fan favorite, and they ate up any information they could get on his personal life.

“I too, am currently interested with a fellow Riverdale co-star,” Cole said matter-of-factly. The audience cheered. KJ eyed Cole in challenge, who eyed him back likewise.

Your heart began to hurt. It was easy enough to ignore Cole’s other involvements when Lili wasn’t around, but things like this just reminded you that you and Cole weren’t together, and most likely would never be.

“Tell us more!” James said with an interested smile.

“Well, I would agree with KJ that she is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. I would also say she’s intelligent, and kind, and amazing, and I know her better than anyone else on the set.” Cole said, raising an eyebrow at KJ’s increasingly reddening face. You bit your lip, holding back tears.

James looked between the boys. “Wait… so you’re talking about the same girl?”

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