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hi vrai! I was wondering, if it's not too much trouble, if you could expand on/talk about your belief that armand is on the spectrum? I'm on the spectrum myself and i LOVE the idea and would be really interested in reading any further thoughts you have. thank you!

YES, ANON, I WOULD LOVE TO TALK ABOUT MY FAVORITE HEADCANON (I do feel like I should add the disclaimer that while I’ve been treated for depression, anxiety, and OCD for most of my life, I’m not on the spectrum – so, corrections welcome if I say something out of line with this). 

OKAY. So, I brought this up as it relates to Interview in one of my recaps

  Armand is a character most often by detachment and a love of logic and processes (“difficulty understanding other people’s feelings, reactions, and nonverbal clues”/”takes what is said too literally”), a physical stillness that strikes Louis as uncanny, a constant sense of being separate from the other vampires (“comes across as aloof or detached”), and a lack of human social skills (his prolonged staring and blunt speech – “inappropriate social skills”).

Do I think Anne Rice set out to write an autistic character? Oh hell no. This is the woman who wrote about queer, blood drinking men in the 80s and NEVER BROUGHT UP AIDS (and no, I will not ever let it go). And the less said about how she writes non-white characters, the better. No, friends, we’re getting into that glorious realm of Death of the Author, where if the body of the text supports a reading, we can go ahead and run with it. 

On the subject of evidence, have a seat and get comfy. I brought quotes.

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Lestat is a Capricorn but there's no information on Louis' birthday. I always think that he's a Cancer or Pisces. What do you think? lol

What you’re asking is not written explicitly in canon, iirc, but fandom has generally accepted the following info, maybe bc AR told us over the years? I don’t remember when we were told…

  • Lestat’s birthday is November 7, the birthday of Anne Rice’s late husband Stan (whom she partially modeled Lestat after).
  • Louis’ birthday is October 4, which is Anne’s birthday.
  • Claudia mentions her birthday in her diary (in QOTD) as being September 21, but she’s not sure if that’s really her birthday and her dads won’t explain it further (it’s probably the day she was turned, given the context of the diary entry). That’s Michele Rice’s birthday, Anne’s late daughter.

So Lestat is a Scorpio and Louis is a Libra. I don’t know much about astrology, you’ll have to take it from there, anon!

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Oh, to think that I thought I was suffering before. Naive me. Favouring the doomed, as if tumblr didn't warm me. God do I love the book though, I can not thank you enough for keeping my interest alive by your blog until I could read on. ♥

You are so welcome! When encouragement isn’t enough I do throw grapes…

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