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jfc I look away from the fandom for two minutes - I usually make a habit of checking this blog every other day or so to soak in the VC love, but I was away all week without internet, and I come back to VAMPIRE MERMAIDS. The world has clearly gone insane and Anne Rice appears to have been pretending a little too intensely that EVERYTHING is wine (but God help me I'm actually super excited to see her take on Atlantis XP). I wonder if Lestat is revelling in our manic excitement/panic/craziness?

^@sheepskeleton has spoiled us w/ two vampire mermaids so far, and I put them in the same pic pretty badly but oh well… [X][X] They look like sirens on the hunt for sailors to feeeeeed on….

Ordinarily YES this is the place for VC fandom love! Much of the mermaid (merpire? vampmaid? *sigh*) excitement has died down by now, but yeah, until we get PLROA we won’t know definitively if there will be mermaids but we can still have fun w/ it as an AU *u*

Our manic excitement/panic/craziness thrills Lestat “Bad attention is better than No attention” de Lioncourt.

Does anybody else feel like they need a TV series based on Anne Rice’s vampire chronicles?

Because I do… Desperately.