Tribute To Poe

“Tribute To Poe”

I would read Poe to him every night.
Dark and dreary and everything’s dead.
I read the same poems over and over,
As he layed with machines on his lonely bed.

Tales of The Raven and beating hearts,
Buried deep under wooden floors,
And as I read I watched his machine,
For his heart would beat no more.

He loved the poem of Annie,
And The Valley of Unrest,
But I believe Annabel Lee,
Was the one he liked the best.

He wanted to hear about The River,
Or maybe The City In The Sea,
But a place called Dream-Land,
Was where he was going to be.

So tonight would be the night,
As he closed his eyes it seems.
Tonight I would read to him,
A Dream Within A Dream.