Boss [Part II] (Happy x OC)

Thanks to the uptake on the first part of this series, I’ve figured out where to take it! There will be 5 parts <3 I have the plot laid out and now just need to add in the details. Thank you bbs <3 

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3: Coming Soon | Part 4: Coming Soon | Part 5: Coming Soon

WARNINGS: Language and Violence

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“Let’s go.” I ordered my newest recruit.

She let out a tiny, muffled squeak at my tone. I sighed, forgetting that she was still jumpy. She was still too new to my folds. She wasn’t used to my curt tone. I meant nothing by it. It was my default, how I kept the upper hand. I breathed in deeply, remembering that she was still raw. Caruso did a number on her. I reached over the gear shift and wrapped her hand in mine. I waited until she was comfortable, and her eyes eventually lifted up to meet mine.

I offered her a soft smile, “I’m not mad at you. I’m here to protect you, keep you safe and clean.”

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(YoI spoilers ahead)

So did I misunderstand, or did yurio also fall for yuri at that banquet? I used to think he clearly had a thing for victor, but now everything he’s done seems(to me) to be to get in victor’s way and win yuri’s attention?? Or was this the case all along and I’m just slow on the uptake??

mynameiscloud replied to your post “servantofclio replied to your photo “I would like to capture this…”

Uh. Ok? Memes tend to fly right over my head. Um. Except for the breadsticks one

It depends on the meme for me. Like when there was the whole “crave that mineral” thing going around, I didn’t get it for the longest time. I mean, I could kind of infer generally what it meant, but I didn’t get the full context until I learned about the post about the goats. The breadsticks meme is pretty self-explanatory, though, and you don’t have to know origin to be in on the joke. I’m usually pretty quick on the uptake for jokes/puns/humor, but even I need at least some context.

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that’s the definition of an english nerd right there

I feel like my lit nerdery is pretty well-established at this point :P All future memes must therefore cater to my particular brand of nerdom please and thank you sorry I don’t make the rules

Clearly I am really slow on the uptake, because I just realized if you look at the buttons on Honey Lemon’s purse:

Those are the abbreviations for elements on the periodic table. Honey doesn’t just go into battle, push a button, and have it spit out a pre-made chemical ball. 

She literally encounters an obstacle, comes up with a solution in her head, and types up a formula for it on the fly. 

I always thought “I’m with you till the end of the line” has a wonderful ring to it all on its own and it’s meant in a metaphorical way anyway so I’ve never wondered WHICH line is actually meant by saying that.
Until I’ve realized that when cardiac arrest occurs while being hooked to an ekg it’s called flatLINE so the meaning is actually “I’m with you until my heart stops beating” and I think that’s beautiful.


You may feel like you are a ship lost at sea, but if you isolate like this, then you really will be. You’re cutting off your own anchor. And every minute that you spend standing, hiding in this suit of armor, the more separate you become from the very things that you wanna protect.


Tokyo Ghoul  + Kagune

Kakuja || Shining One 

Kakujas are a transformed kind of ghoul that rarely appear by repeatedly cannibalizing ghouls. Sometimes, the transformation is incomplete, and such individuals are called Half-Kakujas. Through cannibalism, a ghoul absorbs Rc cells, and this uptake of Rc cells increases their concentration within a ghoul’s body. If the concentration becomes high enough, it may trigger a mutation within the cells and lead to the formation of a new kagune. A kakuja can evolve their armor kagune further by continuing to cannibalize their kind.   

  • update your game
  • set the in game time to 12 am - 4 am, i set mine to around 1 am (or just play at that time)
  • walk around your town for a bit until someone says “E-excuse me… You, over there!” (i think you have to be in an area where there is room on the ground, so nowhere filled with paths or flowers with no gaps on the ground)
  • a lamp will appear on the ground and ask you to pick it up, agree to and press Y to pick it up
  • take the lamp to your home, put it down on a surface and interact with it, then wisp will appear! 

i hope this helps anyone who wasnt sure how to get wisp, if you have any trouble or questions feel free to send me a message


This is the most important video you will ever see.


Since the announcement of Gen VII means that my Sailor Moon x Pokemon team post will need updating, Pokemon Go has inspired me to come up with Gen I-only headcanon teams for the Sailor Guardians. It was very fun and challenging! Hopefully they make sense enough just looking at them, but you can also read my reasoning below.

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I think the most fundamental misunderstanding of depression comes from the fact people think we aren’t making enough “happy chemicals” which is why they think if we did things that produce these chemicals (excercise/nutrition etc) then we would be fixed. 

But the way depression actually works is that our brains do produce happy chemicals - it just soaks them all up before we feel the benefit. So no matter how many more chemicals we get our brain to make, it will never be better, because that isn’t the problem. There is no amount of willpower that will be able force our internal organs to learn how to uptake more serotonin. “Happy pills” do not create more happy chemicals, they allow your brain to recognise what it is already producing. 

Having depression isn’t a personality trait or a personal failure, it’s an illness that needs to be managed. 

Dating Sirius Black Would Include...

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  • PDA (and lots of it)
  • “babe”
  • him being crazy jealous
  • “you’re mine and everyone should know”
  • literally, so so protective
  • constantly needing to touch you, someway, somehow
  • “Stop leaving hickies, Sirius!”
  • The marauders welcoming you and teasing you
  • “Sirius did some work on your neck didn’t he?”
  • double dates with James & Lily
  • playing with his hair
  • “stop touching my hair”
  • becoming a badass, not letting anyone mess with you
  • him watching proudly
  • “that’s my girl” 
  • him dragging you into pranks
  • snogging, snogging, snogging
  • SEX (always on his mind)
  • “so.. what to do..”
  • “sirius!”
  • him being dominant 
  • rough, but passionate. 
  • him being the biggest cuddler
  • being there for him with family issues
  • talking to regulus
  • him getting mad at you for it
  • but eventually being the reason they make up
  • taking care of him when he gets drunk
  • you calling him “pet” when he turns into animagus form 
  • him licking your face endlessy for that
  • his constant need for attention
  • “babbbyyyyy…”
  • constant teasing
  • his bloody sarcasm rubbing off on you
  • getting into dumb arguments, and him teasing you to calm you down
  • “no, I am, you’re Y/N, silly.”
  • getting mad when he flirts with other girls
  • “i’m sorry.”
  • him being smooth as fuck
  • “that’s how I floored you, babe.”
  • being his best friend before his girlfriend
  • him coming to your place when he runs away
  • him being secretly obsessed with you, like low-key just loves watching you do things, like turn a book page, or laugh, or even sitting and listening to you
  • him always taking your face into his hands
  • him freaking the hell out when the first war comes around and your even a minute late to meet up with him
  • “i went to the bathroom, sirius.”
  • overall him just being super tough and cute and ugh, being the best bad boy boyfriend around

Jack is on a show with some other Falconers, answering questions about what it’s like to have the name “Zimmermann” when he offhandedly says “Well, I’m actually thinking of changing it soon.”

The interviewer is a bit taken aback but he’s being less of a douchbag than some interviewers have been so he’s asking follow up questions all politely and with interest but his friends are also surprised so Tater asks the more obvious question of what he’s changing it to.

And Jack smiles and says “Bittle.”

Now if there’s one universal truth about Jack’s friends, it’s that they’re all clueless and they know Bitty but they’re a bit slow on the uptake. So there’s a few moments when they’re all thinking that 110% Jack Zimmermann should chill a little and it’s Snowy who says “Aren’t you going to wait until you get married first?”

The others are nodding but Jack’s just looking at them with his eyebrows raised slightly, waiting, and then the Falcs… stop… nodding…

A few moments later the interviewer is watching in confusion while Team Tater are marching around the studio, singing off key, and holding Jack above them while he’s asking politely to be put down because Zimboni’s getting married!

Jack officially comes out three minutes later just so the interviewer doesn’t feel so lost

xfiles drinking game:
  • take a sip every time they call out each others name trying to find each other eg: fight the future cornfield scene “MULDER!!!! SCULLY!! MULDERRRR!!! SCUUUALLLLAAAY!” (not every time they say each others name in casual conversation)
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully call each other on the phone and scully starts w “mulder, its me” cue: “where are you?” from either one of them
  • take a sip each time mulder and scully gaze at each other / wordlessly understand each other 
  • take a sip every time mulder has a farfetched theory he pulled straight out of his ass and guesses right; cue: scully proceeding 2 roll her eyes so far back she can see her braincells dying
  • take a sip every time mulder and scully argue w/ skinner
  • take a sip each time krycek fucks up
  • take a sip each time one of them shows their badge / proves their identity / “agent mulder and scully fbi”
  • take a sip every time scully is typing up a report / field journal
  • take a sip each time mulder calls/meets up with/ sees an informant (deep throat, mr. X, well manicured man,…); this includes CSM
  • finish ur glass every time scully gets kidnapped/hurt/is the target of the guy theyre after
  • finish ur glass every time mulder runs away alone without warning scully and she has to save his musty ass
  • finish ur glass every time scully says “i’m fine, mulder”
  • finish your glass every time their computers do smth crusty 90s computer could not do 
  • finish your glass when scully’s right
  • take a shot every time mulder touches crime scene evidence and brings it to his mouth
  • take a shot each time mulder sees supernatural shit and scully arrives too late
  • take a shot everytime scully fills in for any science related job ever ie: superscientist and overqualified scully knows everything there is to know about science ( x )
  • take a shot when mulder or scully says “believe” in whatever context
  • take a shot each time someone whos not mulder impersonates mulder and flirts w/ scully
  • take a shot each time there are insects involved in an xfiles.
  • take a shot every time samantha mulder is mentioned / a reference is made to her abduction

EDIT: the opening isnt included in the drinking game + my advice: dont go pure
Attack on Canada's only surgery clinic for trans people elicits 'zero reaction'
Last Monday, an arsonist attacked Canada's only sex reassignment surgery provider, and no one is talking about it.

On the evening of Monday May 2, Canada’s only sex reassignment surgery clinic was subject to an arson attack. A man, armed with a machete, axe and gas can, set fire to the operating room.

Constable Abdullah Emran of the Montreal police has stated they are treating the incident as a potential hate crime “because this is the only clinic that does [gender confirmation surgery], but at this point we have nothing that confirms it is related to that.”

Press were remarkably slow to respond, with reporting coming in late and often with no mention of the work the clinic does. Social media has also been slow on the uptake with its reaction to this crime.

The Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie in Montréal offers sex reassignment surgeries, more often called gender confirmation surgery, to transgender Canadians. The arson attack caused an estimated $700,000 worth of damage and put the clinic temporarily out of action.

In a statement, the clinic said they were “forced to cancel surgeries scheduled between Tuesday, May 3, and Friday, May 6, 2016.” Other surgeries are currently being performed at an alternate location. Although the damage isn’t permanent, it is yet to be determined when the clinic will reopen.

For many gender confirmation procedures, the Centre Métropolitain de Chirurgie is the only clinic in Canada that accepts patients referred by provincial health-care programs. Sex reassignment surgeries are at least partially funded by eight of Canada’s provinces, although not all of these provinces cover all types of gender confirmation procedures.

The Montréal clinic is the only clinic in Canada that provides both male-to-female and female-to-male gender confirmation surgery. Trans people travel from both Canada and the U.S. for surgery at the clinic.

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1/11 12:27 PM. I’m back at school and it’s been a slow uptake on my study game but I am finally back. My Bose Bluetooth speaker I got for Christmas is my new favorite thing. This Python programming class is probably going to kick my butt but I’m ready for it. Protip: color code your highlights, it makes it much easier when you studying for tests. Spotify playlist: New Music Tuesday.