Brooke Candy - The Untitled Magazine “Legendary” Issue 7 - “Future & Living Legends of 2014”

Photography by Indira Cesarine for The Untitled Magazine

Fashion Editor: Indira Cesarine 

Hair by Gregory Russell

Make-up by Stephen Dimmick

Wearing a bodysuit by Alpana Neeraj

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Emily Kinney photographed by Patrik Andersson for Untitled Magazine

‘I don’t know that I loved New York the first couple of years. Everything was really different. I was pretty young and Nebraska is much more quiet with a lot less people! New York is such a big city to navigate and it was so different from where I grew up. My parents are not at all in the entertainment industry. My mom is an accountant and my dad is an agronomist, which is someone who sells seed and fertilizer to farmers. The whole thing was somewhat of a mystery to figure out. The first couple of years were definitely difficult but also exciting. Even before any sort of success or a job, its always exciting to just be doing the thing that you have been waiting to do. I remember being frustrated at times but I was never saying “I’ve got to get out of here, this is not for me.” I always felt like “This is is exactly what I want to be doing.”’