i asked you guys what you wanted to see in this update for afterbirth+, and the number one suggestion was “some music”. so i put an image in a video so you could see it! (IDIOTS!)

flux is a track from some place in afterbirth + that im not gunna talk about right now! 

and since ive been too busy to update more often here is a lil item tease, an effect that is long overdue. 

afterbirth+ is shaping up really nicely, i wish i had a date and price for you guys but things have grown a bit as per usual and we want the mod tools to be perfect.. so we are just not sure yet.

speaking of things im not sure the price and release date of…


fleshing out the menus for this game, james is doing a mighty fine job. hope to start showing actual gameplay soon, maybe even the games intro.

this vid is still wip, but i think it looks rad and wanted to show off the visual theme of the game a bit more.  


tyler is a powerup madman, maybe next update this thing will actually have a name so we can start talking about it like its a real thing..