Fanfic writers are the unsung heroes of the Internet

It always amazes me on how much effort and time fanfic writers will put into a story or even just a chapter. Just imagine writing an AU on something they know nothing about so they have to research the history of a different country, look up the rules and point system of a sport they have never played, or study and learn a subject they don’t know much about just because they wrote about a character who is good at marine biology or something.

It is amazing the amount of time and care that is put into writing each chapter just so other people can read their work for free. Fanfic authors don’t expect the readers to pay them for their work, all they would like is a comment and a like on their chapters to tell them that the reader likes their writing and story.

I wanted to write this as an appreciation post to all the amazing fanfic authors out there because without them people wouldn’t have countless hours of free entertainment.

concept: radio city music hall. i just won my award for best actress. i smile and thank my family, the atw and my fellow peers. i then thank my wife. i pause for a moment, then grin. my wife’s expression turns from glowing to scared. i take the mic and say, “finally, id like to thank the unsung heroes of musical theatre: those who sit and record bootlegs”. chaos erupts. my wife starts crying. the upper mezz is on fire. andy mientus and lmm faint in their seats. patti lupone shakes her head at me. my wife hands me the divorce papers. the atw takes my Tony and gives it to bette midler for her role in the tenth revival of dolly

happy star wars day! friendly reminder that marcia lucas edited the original trilogy and literally saved them from being a complete mess. these films would be nothing without her. it was nonsensical, with underdeveloped characters, and she worked tirelessly. she made them what they are, and gets no credit because she’s a woman, and she’s george lucas’ ex wife. so happy star wars day to marcia, the true unsung hero of these nerdy space movies 💓❤️
Florence Finch, Unsung War Hero Who Took On Japanese, Dies at 101
During World War II, Mrs. Finch quietly undermined Japan when it occupied the Philippines, and was tortured for it. Then she quietly raised a family in the United States.
By Sam Roberts

“Women don’t tell war stories like men do,” her daughter said.

Finch described her heroic feats - supplying fuel to Filipino rebels, sabotaging supplies, smuggling food to prisoners, and enduring torture after she was captured - with the utmost modesty. Almost nobody knew she was a Coast Guard veteran, or that in 1947 she had won the highest honor afforded to civilians.

She died at 101 years old, and was laid to rest with full military honors last week. She’d died in December, but didn’t want her funeral to ruin Christmas.

SJM Baltimore Book Event

Some notes from the questions portion of tonight’s event!

She is a proud hufflepuff bc of the common room, husband is Gryffindor

She would be in the Night Court bc she hates the sun

Cassian is Gryffindor
Azriel is ravenclaw
Elain hufflepuff
Nesta syltherin
Amren slyth/claw
Mor is Gryffindor
Rhys is slytherin
Feyre is hufflepuff (she literally said slytherpuff)

Unsung hero of acotar is Suriel!!!

Favorite power is Helion’s libraries

Mates can be same gender, as we saw in ACOWAR

Inspiration for Rhys is not her husband!!! They are both tall and handsome with dark hair, but rhys and Feyre’s bond *is* inspired by their relationship. Rhys also walked into her head like aelin and became Sarah’s second husband.

Lorcan vs Cassian, we win and they draw. They would fight to a stalemate then go get a beer and bond over lady problems. Then likely go to the Spring Court and start trouble.

Rhys vs Fenrhys are equally attractive, depends on preference.

Jamie (from Outlander) and Rhys would be friends but would be constantly in silent competition with each other.

(Always imagines rain clouds and white tee shirt contests with her guy characters, and abs)

She is more like feyre on her quiet days, more like aelin on most days, but identifies most with Fleetfoot.

Her deadlines are plotted out for years, so she has no option but to sit and write. Writing is a muscle that needs to be used and built. Her advice to aspiring writers is to not listen to the people who tell you to write something “serious or a real book.” If someone says “you can’t” tell them “watch me,” at least in your head. Keep your goal as your focus. Find the time and write. Do it!!!! Treat it seriously.
She would sit down everyday and write, even if it’s only 10 minutes a day. It’s the only way to get it done.

Quoted A League of Their Own, said that if it wasn’t hard everyone would do it. You have to hustle.

Each spinoff will be a stand alone novel and follow a different pairing in each. They will all eventually be connected in the end.
One might be a snow queen retelling. One might be a Russian/swan lake retelling but at this point she won’t give more details than that yet.

TOD runs parallel to EOS, it’s a “meanwhile on the southern continent.” Wrote 20,000 words in the first day and was chater 4. 193,000 words later and it’s the same length as EOS.
The timeline lines up perfectly. Nesryn, Chaol, and Irene plotlines and pov.
TOD never feels like work and is as close to her heart as HOF was. Is excited every time she reads it and edits. She was excited to expand on the TOG world. The southern continent is highly influenced by the Mongolian empire.
She is a huge G. Khan fangirl.

READ TOD BEFORE FINAL TOG. Major game changers and reveals, it all weaves together.

Editor who read TOD for review hated Chaol going into TOD, but she came out loving Chaol after.
SJM loves the journey and she cried a lot working on the book.

She reccomends Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Post ACOWAR read the Fever series (blonde southern girl tries to solve her sister’s murder). Star Touched Queen.

Her patronus (she wanted hers to be a velociraptor), she got an akami (sp?), the feathery-serpant creature from fantastic beasts.

While Jack’s dilemma gives The Nightmare Before Christmas its plot, Sally’s gives it its heart. Sally also gives everyone the best advice.
—  Caroline Thompson (The Nightmare Before Christmas, film’s screenplay writer)

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Well, no doubt you have more dashing heroes in your past. If there weren’t I wouldn’t be here. To heroes, then. And to the one as yet unsung hero who has saved me over and over again.

Okay but we need to talk about the fact that Lena carries a taser with her. Taking how badass that moment was aside she clearly feels scared enough to carry it around with her. She actively went against Lillian and Cadmus twice and the last time she got kidnapped and injured because of it. Lena carries it around and she clearly knows how to use it. Meaning that after everything that happened she felt that she needed to learn how to protect herself. she felt scared enough to do that and her portrayal is so realistic to how fear and trauma work. she wanted to protect herself, she is learning how to be her own hero. Lena Luthor is the unsung hero and I am so proud of her embracing that and standing up for herself. 

So for everything the CW is doing wrong, Lena Luthor is not one of them.

Nikola Tesla (1856 - 1943)

- Unsung hero

- Poor Serbian American inventor who was taken advantage of because of his trusting nature and immigrant status (I’m looking at you, you dickhead, Thomas Edison)

- Did not end up bitter even though people stole his stuff, he knew the future would tell the truth”

- Predicted internet/WiFi

- Asexual 

- Believed in gender equality and that women would eventually surpass men

- Believe in aliens

- Fine af

appreciation post for the under rated newsies.

yes I love jack, davey, crutchie, les and spot. but I would like to acknowledge some of the unsung heroes of newsies the musical.

the ensemble deserves just as much love.

race- nobody can tell me that he doesn’t have some of the most iconic lines in the show. also he manages to do everything the others do, with a cigar in his mouth. -Ryan Breslin, Giuseppe Bausilio, Ben Cook, Daniel Switzer-

specs- is the newsie that knows everything, he gave jacks sketches to Katherine and sparked the beginning of the children’s crusade. -Ryan Steele, John Michael Fiumara, Jordan Samuels-

buttons- possibly the saltiest of all the newsies, constantly calling everyone out, while still managing to look innocent and adorable. -JP Ferreri, Jess LeProtto, Damon Gillespie, Chaz Wolcott-

jojo- without a doubt, no matter the cast, always has the biggest smile, and best expressions on that stage. -Corey Hommerston, Thayne Jasperson, Hogan Fulton, Nico Greetham, Joshua Burrage-

finch- single handedly made slingshots cool again. -Aaron Albano, Julian DeGuzman, David Guzman, Iain Young-

mush- that kid can always tumble like nobodys business -Max Ehrich, Ephram Sykes, David Guzman, Jack Sippel, Nick Masson-

albert- one of the few newsies that can challenge race’s sass. -Garett Hawe, Daniel Quadrino, Sky Flaherty-

sniper- was played by a girl for the entirety of the tour. damn. -Scott Shendenhelm, Alex Wong, Jacob Guzman, Ginna Claire Mason, Kaitlyn Frank, Daniel Switzer-

mike/morris- it takes a lot of takent to make a bully likeable, and yet somehow they manage to do it. -Mike Faist, Adam Kaplan, Mike Ryan, Devin Lewis-

ike/oscar- both the delanceys have some insane quick changes, yet still never miss an entrance. -Brendon Stimpson, Jon Hacker, Anthony Norman-

smalls- get it kid, be proud of the bronx. -Laurie Valdheer, Molly Jobe, Josh Assor, Julian DeGuzman-

henry- is here to keep things real and will show you who’s boss. also can’t understand race. -Kyle Coffman, Iain Young, DeMarius Copes, Michel Rios-

elmer- pure comic relief, you can never have enough Elmer. -Evan Kasprzak, Jeff Heimbrock, Anthony Zas-

kenny- may have only been there for the filmed production but that doesn’t mean we forgot you. -Jack Sippel-

tommy boy- has possibly the best reactions onstage. -Tommy Bracco, Michael Dameski-

kid blink- another newsie only named in the filmed production, played by the one and only Andy Richardson, someone who’s been in every American cast of newsies. nobody deserves to carry the namesake of Louis Balett, the kid that inspired this all. -Andy Richardson-

romeo- oh romeo, you cheeky little charmer. -Andy Richardson, Hogan Fulton, Tommy Martinez, Nico DeJesus-

peanuts- only part of the paper mill production, but had one of the most developed backstories of any ensemble newsie -Jack Scott-

feel free to add your own ;)

(EDIT: this post was written before the live recording was released. you can find an updated list here )