Weird Backs Month #08 – Dimetrodon

Named for the different-sized teeth in its jaws, the sphenacodontid Dimetrodon is by far the most famous of the synapsids, and is all too frequently mistaken for a dinosaur. Living during the Early Permian (~295-272 mya), at least 13 different species have been identified – mostly from the southwestern USA, as well as one from Canada and another from Germany. The smallest, D. teutonis, was only 60cm long (2′), while the largest, D. angelensis, reached 4.5m (15′).

This particular reconstruction is based on a medium-sized species (D. grandis) which was around 3m long (9′10″).

Although traditionally depicted with a fully skin-covered sail, the bone structure of Dimetrodon’s neural spines suggests differently. The base seems to have anchored strong back muscles, much like yesterday’s Sphenacodon, with soft-tissue webbing only extending partway up the bones. Meanwhile the upper portions of the “sail” were probably free-standing, and many fossils show crooked bends where the unsupported spines didn’t grow straight.

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oh my goodness I can't believe you actually did Kars Saitama. That literally made my day, thank you for drawing that. I hope you rest lots today and know your art is literally the good shit meme times 10. oooh my goodness. best request ever. thank you.

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trust me, the more ridiculous a request is, the more likely I am to do it, either to prove the person WRONG OR TO GO COMPLETELY OVERBOARD. I’m glad you like it AHAHA!!!

Unexpected Encounter (A HTTYS Drabble, Part 2/3)

Charlie and Sawyer’s first meeting in the How To Train Your Saweyr AU. In this drabble Charlie is fifteen and Sawyer is sixteen.

“Um, ah,” Charlie stammered in nerves and confusion, his brain whirling between the impossibility of the situation and his fear of being near a creature so mind-blowingly large. He glanced around at the hand underneath him, noting fingers three feet long and a palm that could fit him neatly with room to spare. Then his wide-eyed gaze whipped back to the hill he had slid down. Charlie’s heart was already pounding, but it seemed to drop to his stomach when he realized that climbing back up would be near impossible. Starting to shake in indecision and a low fear about the giant that was currently holding him, Charlie turned around, swallowing thickly as the muscles shifted underneath him. It was just too strange.

A sudden thought struck Charlie of those huge fingers curling in and trapping him, leaving him absolutely helpless against the giant. He whipped his gaze up to the giant face, his eyes wide and starting to brim with tears. His fingers were twining together anxiously as he tucked his hands close to himself. He opened his mouth but no sound came out; he didn’t even know what he could possibly say.

The giant, who up until this point had simply been staring at him, moved forward slightly, bringing its face closer to him. Charlie squeaked in sudden alarm and instinctively threw up his hands, curling back and squeezing his eyes shut. They opened again soon enough, wanting to know what was going on, and Charlie’s breath hitched to see the giant so close. His eyes flicked over every part of it, almost automatically taking in details. Brown eyes, dark brown hair, brown skin, even brown clothes. The giant was all shades of brown, and Charlie had the fleeting thought that it might help him stay hidden in the trees. Even smaller details were shockingly evident to Charlie, who found himself feeling almost as if he were looking through some huge microscope at the giant. The signs of light, inconsistent stubble on the giant’s chin, the fraying of his clothing, the whorls of fingerprints that Charlie could probably trace with his own fingers. Everything was right there.

“Are you okay?” the giant asked, and Charlie’s eyes widened in shock as the voice not only reverberated through his chest, but vibrated up through the hand beneath him as well. Charlie couldn’t find it in himself to reply, still stunned by the situation. “I’m sorry,” the giant said, and Charlie faintly noticed that he looked almost sheepish. “I know I’m not supposed to bother the humans. But you were falling.” Those enormous brown eyes traced their way over Charlie, and the giant frowned. He reached towards Charlie with his other hand, moving faster than Charlie would ever have expected, making the boy squeak in surprise as a finger nearly as thick as his chest propped up his elbow. It had been scraped pretty badly on the way down, and was oozing blood from thin lines. “You’re hurt,” the giant said, sounding worried.

“I-I-I’m, u-um, I-I’m f-fine, fine,” Charlie stammered out, tucking the elbow close to himself and scrambling backwards. He found himself on the edge of the hand and the hill it was pressed up against, looking up at the giant with wide green eyes and a pounding heart. He didn’t know what was going on. The giant hadn’t done anything to hurt him yet, but those hands were huge, and the sight of one coming his way had sent poor Charlie’s heart leaping into his throat. The touch of the giant finger against his arm, so thin in comparison, had been a completely alien feeling. Charlie was struggling to even process the situation.

The enormous face in front of him looked concerned for a brief moment before it suddenly broke into a grin. Charlie blinked, taken aback. “You talked to me,” the giant whispered, and though it was still more than loud enough for Charlie to hear, the smaller boy got the feeling the giant was mostly talking to himself. “And you’re adorable.” Charlie gaped at that, knocked out of his fearful shock from pure surprise at the statement. Before he could even figure out what to say to something like that the giant kept talking, this time louder. “I’ve never had a human actually talk to me before! What’s your name? I’m Sawyer.”

Charlie’s heart was still pounding in his chest, his eyes starting to feel dry from being so wide for so long. His mouth was slightly open from surprise but he closed it, feeling how dry and dusty it was. It was a shame he’d lost his water bottle on the fall down. “I, um,” Charlie stammered, still entirely nervous seeing as there was a giant currently stopping him from falling even further. All the same, this “Sawyer” seemed nice enough, if startlingly exuberant for such a huge individual. “Ch-Charlie,” he said, his voice petering out so much towards the end that he doubted the giant had heard. Swallowing thickly he tried again. “I-I’m Charlie.”

The giant – Sawyer – positively beamed, teeth as big as Charlie’s school notebooks standing out against his tanned brown skin. “Charlie,” he said, the exhalation of breath rustling faintly through Charlie’s mussed blonde hair. He lit up suddenly before adding, “Oh, wait, I’ve got this! Umm… what is it…” Charlie looked on in confusion as Sawyer looking thoughtful about something. With a look of triumph the giant turned his eyes back to Charlie and exclaimed, “It’s nice to meet you, Charlie!” Charlie, a bit stunned by the amount of conversation being thrown at him, not to mention the source of it all, didn’t answer right away and Sawyer frowned faintly. “That… that is what you’re supposed to say when you see somebody new, ain’t it?”

Sawyer sounded so unsure of himself, and in a startling moment of clarity Charlie realized that though Sawyer was huge, he likely wasn’t that much older than Charlie. Take away the sheer size and he looked rather young. Charlie also realized that so far he’d been terribly impolite, and quickly replied, “No, yes, you’ve got it right!” Charlie flushed with embarrassment, feeling adrift. Giant or not, Sawyer was obviously just as much of a person as any human, and so far Charlie’s nerves had kept him from being polite like he should have been. “It’s nice to meet you too, Sawyer. I, um…” Charlie looked back and up at the slope he’d fallen down, various new cuts and bruises stinging to remind him of the experience. “Th-thank you, for, um,” Charlie looked at the hand below him, still entirely taken aback by the fact that it was alive and attached to a body of a similar scale, “for catching me.”

“You bet!” the giant replied cheerfully. “Though, it is making my arm cramp up. One sec.” Before Charlie could figure out what that would even mean the hand underneath him curled, sending him tumbling into the center of Sawyer’s palm in an ungainly tangle of arms and legs. Then Charlie gasped, his eyes widening quickly as the hand beneath him all but plummeted, halting what must have been twenty feet down. Once it stopped Charlie scrambled to a seat, looking up and around. The part of the hill he had been on was now quite a ways up, a horizontal line of crushed plants and still crumbling earth the only sign of where Sawyer’s hand used to be. Looking up the other way Charlie could see Sawyer’s face, now much higher than it used to be, resting above an enormous chest. In glancing around Charlie saw that the hand he was in was resting on one of Sawyer’s knees; the giant was sitting cross-legged, covering an area that had to be as big as their entire camping spot.

A light touch against his own knees made Charlie start and whirl back, his heart leaping into his throat at the sight of large fingers thicker than his legs brushing over them. Charlie froze as Sawyer nudged his legs, causing one of them to slip a little and knock into the other. When he looked up nervously he saw the giant leaning down, looking at him with awe and worry plain on his face. Charlie felt like he could relate. “Are you sure you’re okay?” Sawyer asked, large brown eyes meeting Charlie’s wide green ones. His thumb brushed over the large, red scrapes on one of Charlie’s legs and Charlie winced. Sawyer immediately drew his hand back, so quickly that Charlie was almost dazed, and looked even more concerned. “Sorry. Does it hurt?”

“Um. A little,” Charlie admitted, drawing his knees in closer. He looked down at them and frowned, noting that there was nearly as much dirt and rocks as blood covering them. He have to make sure to clean out the cuts before they got infected; he thought his mother probably had antiseptic wipes back at the campsite. Looking back up at Sawyer, who looked thoroughly distressed, Charlie attempted a smile. It wasn’t Sawyer’s fault; in fact, if the giant hadn’t caught him, he’d be even more banged up. “I’ll be fine, really,” Charlie reassured him. “Um,” he started, his heart pattering as Sawyer looked down at him expectantly. “Sorry if this is a rather rude or personal question, but… what are you?” Charlie had thought that a giant like Sawyer was scientifically impossible; but here he was and, well, Charlie couldn’t help but be curious.

Sawyer shrugged, the motion jostling Charlie in his hand slightly, and said, “Dunno.” He beamed down at Charlie, all bright eyed exuberance, and asked, “You’re a human, right? Are you camping here? Do you live here? Did you like the waterfall? Lots of humans like the little waterfall.” He stared down at Charlie with a smile, all attention on the small teen in his hand.

Charlie, taken aback by the slew of questions but also somewhat endeared by Sawyer’s innocent curiosity, smiled tentatively back up at the giant. The more they talked the easier it was to see past Sawyer’s size; he really was just like any other high school student, aside from the obvious. “I did like the waterfall, yes,” he answered, thinking that the streams of falling water must indeed seem pretty little to somebody Sawyer’s size. “And I’m camping here, we don’t live here. My family likes to come up to the mountains in the summer.” Now Charlie hoped that they’d stick with this campground whenever they came next; he’d have to make sure to let his parents know that he really liked it, even if Charlie knew he couldn’t plausibly tell them the reason why.

The briefest flash of disappointment crossed Sawyer’s face, but it was quickly replaced with the same enthusiasm. The giant looked positively like a kid on Christmas. “So, you might come back? How long are you staying this time?” Sawyer’s look quickly turned sheepish and he hunched his shoulders a little, putting his face a few feet closer to Charlie. “Sorry,” he apologized, though he sounded more embarrassed than repentant. “I just don’t get to talk to anybody all that often. Or, well, ever.” He laughed sheepishly, and a little sadly, avoiding Charlie’s suddenly pitying gaze. “So I’m just a little excited.”

Charlie stood up on Sawyer’s hand, newly determined to push past the weirdness of the skin shifting below his feet and his view being downright dominated by just one person. Sawyer’s life suddenly sounded terribly lonely, and though their meeting was an accident Charlie wanted to help the giant feel better as best he could. It was the least he could do to repay Sawyer for catching him. “That’s okay!” Charlie assured Sawyer, giving him the most genuine smile he could. “We’re still going to be here for three more days! So, we’ll have plenty of time to talk before I go back home.” About what, Charlie wasn’t sure, but he could only imagine that conversation with a giant would be something interesting regardless of topic. By this point it was obvious to him that Sawyer was hardly dangerous; just astoundingly big, and even that he seemed to deal with in a way that wouldn’t be harmful to humans like Charlie. Aside from a few lingering nerves, Charlie wasn’t afraid of him anymore. A little shocked still, certainly, but not scared.

He thought he could probably get used to Sawyer.