I made a v big mistake 

Like most of you know I live in Brisbane, but I study at a university on the Gold Coast. It takes me about 2 hours of travel to get to class (8am lectures are the worst) and it involves 2 train rides and a bus to get to my campus. I just started semester two a couple of weeks ago and during semester one I realised every Thursday morning a boy would get on the same train as me from Brisbane city all the way to uni. After a while we both realised it was a weekly thing and all semester we had a routine of him waiting at the train carriage door till I walked up, letting me go in before him then sitting on the seats diagonally to me on the opposite side of the train. Then when we got to the station at the Gold Coast we transferred to a bus to get to campus. He would wait till everyone was on the bus before he got on himself and stand up the entire 30 minute ride letting other people have his seat. 

One time the bus door stuffed up and wouldn’t close so the driver asked the boy (which by now my friends had nicknamed train bae - but had never seen him) to forcibly pull shut the door while he held some button on the dash. I was sitting right opposite the door, after a bit of struggle he managed to pull it shut (I stopped myself from clapping) and he turned around and smiled at me and went back to the front. I never had the chance to talk to him bc it was 5:30am when we got to the station in Brisbane and it was absolutely silent and we were both basically frozen (and incapable of speaking due to how bloody early it was), on the train we both listened to music and the bus was always over crowded. 

Once we got to campus he usually got off first bc he was up the front and I was usually near the back so when I eventually got out he would have disappeared. I only saw him on campus twice, once in the studios while I was working on a poster design and he walked in from no where and waved and then kept walking. My friend (who was freaking out after finally seeing the myth//legend that was train bae in the flesh) was with me at the time and said he walked back in 5 minutes later while I was busy, stopped and stared then left again. The other time was in the food court and I walked past him with his friends and he waved and we said hi to each other and I went and sat down with my friends. 

All my friends were really frustrated I never had an actual conversation with him, we always just smiled or laughed at each other from across the bus or train but never said more than two words to each other. I told myself this semester I would go up to him at the station, not think about how every other person would be listening or how wrong the conversation could go (considering my clear lack of social skills) but it’s been nearly three weeks now and I haven’t seen him at the station or on campus. So hoping he hasn’t transferred to a Brisbane university (because that was my mums plan for me after my first semester). Maybe our time tables are just really different and we’re not on campus at the same times anymore. I just wish I took the opportunity to talk to him before it was too late.