The signs in a murder case

aries: the murderer - killed cancer out of revenge

taurus: the witness - saw the murdering happen but was blackmailed by gemini not to say a thing

gemini: the lookout - kept watch while aries killed

cancer: the victim - murdered for trying to challenge aries and virgo

leo: the judge - held the ultimate decision on whether aries and gemini should go to jail

virgo: the brains - planned out the murder with aries

libra: get away driver - hid in car with scorpio at time of murder, ready to make a getaway with gemini and aries

scorpio: the sidekick - encouraged the murder to take place

sagittarius: the weapon supplier - gave handgun and knife to aries

capricorn: the defense - defended aries and gemini (capricorn’s fellow devil’s spawn signs) whilst they were being prosecuted

aquarius: hid the body - teamed up with pisces and buried the body deep in a field

pisces: insider - pretended to be innocent in court case but actually manipulated the situation so that cancer would be killed by aries without pisces having to do anything

The Ultimate Defense Is To Pretend

Chapter 1.

May 24. My first acting class.

Why did I even sign up for this?

As I look around, I see quite many blonde bimbos strutting around or putting more makeup on. This certainly isn’t a place for them. They look too stupid to even figure out how to act. And acting isn’t fucking making up believable rumors about some other people, if that’s what they think. Everyone can do that. There are also a few guys; a lot of them seem to have tattoos. They’re actually quite attractive.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 18.

More asleep than awake she pulled the blanket back up over her shivery shoulders and reached out to the other side of the bed, to grab…cold sheets. Her eyes fluttered open and really, the other side of the bed was indeed empty. Confused she straightened herself up a little to look around the room. Only to find out that it was empty as well. It was still dark outside and she wondered where he had gone.

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More things I have seen around the internet: I can’t believe they made up a wife and kids for Hawkeye. That stoic family guy is not who he is in the comics….

Look, I like to pretend that Ultimates doesn’t exist either. But Laura Barton is a comics character and not made up for the movie. MCU Hawkeye is pulled pretty much out of Ultimates and not 616, which is terrible. Because everything that’s not spider-man in ults is terrible.

And I’m terrified for her and the kids, because their sole reason for existing is to be fridged in an incredibly violent manner. 

So she’s already had significant character development in my books. She’s alive. Yeah, the movies could have dropped a line or two more to ground her as a person and not an accessory, but I walked out happy for a living Barton family.

tentative list of marriages for girls only run:

  • typhrie and subaki for that sweet hoshido noble caeldori
  • rinkah and silas so she can get aegis and luna
  • oboro and azama so mitama can be strong and have her father’s stat balance, and also maybe so we can make her a spear master and pretend it’s a great master which should not be genderlocked @ intelligent systems
  • sakura and hayato because of age groups and high magic stat for rhajat, and also because i don’t want to do hayamozu three times in a row
  • hinoka and kaze so we can have a faster midori with good strength and defense
  • azura and kaden because it will make selkie unconscionably fast and strong, making her a danger to society but ultimately making everyone’s lives more exciting for at least a little while

all other marriages will be decided later and will only be done for the purposes of Partner Seals (getting skills for first-gen girls, or creating a male child to provide skills for the second-gen girls)

the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 7.

“Let me guess” he started talking and licked over his lips. “One of those things is my dick.” His laughter made his body quiver between her legs. She straightened herself up and a cheeky grin darted across her face. “Good guess.” And she wouldn’t waste more time to get that. She moved backwards till she could feel his erection pressing against the inside of her thigh. A growl escaped his throat as she grinded herself against him.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 11.

For the rest of the dinner it was mainly Shannon who did the talking. She was too busy pondering about what he said to really contribute something to the conversation. He was right. She could have easily get up and leave. The problem was that she didn’t want to. But every minute she spend with him she could feel the wall she had built around herself crumble some more. And she was afraid she would let him get too close.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 10.

Standing in front of the big mirror in the hall of her house, she took a few deep breaths. In hope that it would make the fluttering feeling in her stomach go away. “Calm the fuck down” she told her own reflection. This wasn’t a date. No, this was just a man and a woman having dinner together. Right, that doesn’t sound like a date at all.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 1.

She was so sick of this. What used to be fun and exciting had turned into an unsatisfying routine a long time ago. Every weekend was the same. The same clubs, the same music, the same people. Once again she asked herself why she was here when she easily could have spent her night at home with a nice cup of the, watching Golden Girls reruns. Instead she was here drinking the liquor like water, watching the eyes of the people who pretended to be her friends turn blank. It was obvious that alcohol wasn’t the only substance that intoxicated them. It was only 1 am and she already wanted to leave. The music and the superficial conversations around her, made her head hurt. God, she needed a cigarette. Fuck that damn no smoking law.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 24.

Their bodies moved in perfect unison. To every move he made, her body responded immediately. Tilting her head back into the soft pillow when his lips caressed the skin on her neck. Arching her back to his long and deep thrusts inside of her. This was nothing like the sex they had before. Now she understood why some people called it making love. Because this right now was exactly that. Making love.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 15.

The heavy knock made her heartbeat speed up a notch and she quickly crossed the room to open the dark, wooden door. “Jesus Christ!” was the first thing he said when he saw her, scanning her body from head to toe, before taking of the sunglasses he was wearing, only to do it again. Exactly the reaction she had hoped for. “Thanks” She smirked and closed the door after he entered the room. Shifting her attention back to him, she softly pushed him against the wall. Astonished he looked at her while she stepped right in front of him, trapping him between the wall and her own body.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 8.

Two weeks later and she found herself sitting in his kitchen again. He had arrived back in Los Angeles only in the morning and she had to admit that she actually had been kind of surprised when he called. It wasn’t the fact that he had called, she had been sure that he would, but the fact that he had done it almost right after he arrived. Not that she would complain about that. She couldn’t deny that she had thought about him a lot in the last weeks. Too often for her own liking actually. And the way she had checked her phone for a call or text from him, definitely showed how much he was already messing with her head. And she hated it. But instead of saying no to meeting him she was here, her dark hair already a mess, her body only covered in panties and one of his sweaters, making dinner together. Well, he was making dinner. She was just sitting on the kitchen counter, watching him.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 5.

His lips so soft against hers, still his tongue dominant in the way it explored her mouth when their kiss got more urgent. With her hand on his neck she pulled him closer and with his fingers tangled in her long hair he did just the same, while their lips continued moving in perfect unison. She could almost taste the hunger in his kiss. It was obvious that they both wanted the same right now. And that was more of each other. Tracing his lips with her tongue she left his mouth, enjoying the way his stubble scraped against the skin of her cheek. “Do you think you can skip the rest of your dinner?” she whispered into his ear, slightly nibbling at his earlobe. Her hands now holding on to the cut out sides of his shirt.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 17.

This night she hardly got any sleep. It must have been long after 4am when her brain finally shut off and her eyelids were too heavy to stay open for one more second. Not even three hours later the alarm of her phone woke her up again. She would have done anything to spend the rest of the day in bed. Only the thought of having to go to that wedding made her want to throw up. But knowing her mother she wouldn’t let sickness count as an excuse for not being there.

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the ultimate defense is to pretend. part 12.

“You’ve just gotten so good” she said after a short kiss, trying to remind him how he wanted to make her forget about things. This wasn’t the time for serious conversations. Her hands wandered up to his shoulders again, where they pushed his blazer away. He helped her take it off completely and she neatly placed it over the backrest of the couch. “Let’s continue from there.” She lowered her head to his neck, kissing the skin behind his ear and right above his tattoo, while she pressed her lower body into his groin.

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