We lie with the Fates from our first conception; for it is said—and truly too—that flesh is built up over the ones at birth by the caresses of those star-guarding harlots whose pawed passage clings there like a cloth, just as the soul in our life is the silted delta of the sense, their accumulated fat; and it is Clotho whose touch becomes our tissue, and Atropos who trims it to the shape we’ll take, and Lachesis who then stitches it about us like a shroud; so when we go to ground, as eventually we must, we lose our lusts with our linens, arising on the last day as clean and shriven as the one on which we were begot.
—  William H. Gass, The Tunnel

I fell in love with  Britell’s amazing score in Moonlight and wanted to make a tribute video to the one and only Elise Wassermann - one of the two main protagonists in the joint British and French television series The Tunnel.

Footage: The Tunnel (2013)
Score:The Middle of the World by Nicholas Britell
Editing:Cathy Loudi

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How often is our life the elaboration of our disguises, of what we’re not and cannot really be…Man has invented a creature of culture and refinement which he then pretends to be…We become confused about our Being. We begin to believe we are our hypocrisies…We free the negative and let the positive go hang. We proclaim the ultimate value of man in the face of his palpable worthlessness.
—  William H. Gass, The Tunnel

“Some characters I do very little prep for because it feels like it would be easier. With Elise [Wassermann], we set very simple principals and traits of who she is. A very key thing is her relationship to truth; she just states facts. She has a relationship to truth that is as pure as a kid’s.”