Airlock is a new, multicultural Australian sci fi web series that’s available to watch right now. Now, if the phrase ‘multicultural Australian sic fi web series’ wasn’t enough to get you interested, here’s a few more things that might intrigue …

A drifting rogue spaceship docks with an isolated space station. Inside is a dead crew and a band of stowaway refugees. Tasked with the investigation, Security Officer Jonah Ashbrook (Mark Coles Smith) is thrown headlong into a series of events that will turn life on the station into a life or death crisis.

Okay, so this is the leading man is Mark Coles Smith, an Indigenous actor who’s becoming rather a big deal here in Australia.

He’s been in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Gods of Wheat Street and the soon to be released Last Cab To Darwin. Also, for those outside of Oz you might recognise him as the tour guide from Modern Family’s Australian episode.

We’ve also got Kristy Best as Sara …

… and Dan Mor as Dimi.

There are three episodes, each about 20mins long and all available now at

It was created by Enzo Tedeschi and Julian Harvey, the guys who were behind the smash horror flick The Tunnel, which was the first Australian film to be released via BitTorrent, rather than in a cinema and also one of the first crowd funded films. Now they’re attempting to do the same thing with Airlock.

You can watch the first episode for free on Youtube, and then afterwards you can choose to purchase the other two eps at for as little as $5 AU, or maybe pay a little more if you want to support Aussie films. I already purchased those eps, and was pleasantly surprised that they also came with a Behind the Scenes clip, music video, as well as a complete soundtrack and additional songs that were used in each episodes credits. Not bad for $5!!

So go and do yourself a favour, go and watch Airlock, support Aussie films, support diversity in films and support these amazing people who have given us such an incredible series!

(Also, if this gets enough attention and backing, we might very well be able to fund a second series!!)

I don’t have many followers compared to some, but I seriously encourage everyone to like and reblog, and to get this out there because I seriously don’t see anyone else talking about this and it is incredible!!!

Seriously, go check it out!!