Don’t say anything

Summary: When Gabriel puts a truth spell on Michael and you’re left babysitting the archangel, a certain truth is spilled.
Word counting: 350 something words.
Pairing: Michael x Reader

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“Okay, if he tries anything…” Dean pointed at you.

“I know, I know.” You interrupted your older brother. “Just go. The sooner you go, the sooner you’re back. Go.”

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Alternatives to cursing someone who means harm

This post is not intended as curse/ill-intended spell shaming. This is for anyone who is uncomfortable using a curse for any reason. In my case, I don’t like to curse people I live with, and the deities I worship are very specific about when curses are appropriate, so I have to have alternatives on hand.

All associations are based on my personal practice and research.

I do not write my spells down when I create them (I am a fountain of bad witchy habits), so most spell links are from natural-magics lovely collection.

1. Cast a protection spell

The first step to handling someone you cannot curse should always be to increase your personal protections. If you can’t interrupt the flow of harm, you can build up your protections to at least make it less painful.

Runes: Elhaz (to protect and maintain dignity without a fight), Thurisaz (to resist/fight passively), Dagaz (to hold back darkness)


2. Cast a ward

Protect your living space from them as well, particularly if they are likely to attempt to approach your home/room.

Runes: Inguz (the protection of the hearth), Dagaz


FOR THE NEXT THREE SECTIONS: I tend to work by feel on the fly, so I had a hard time finding written spells to accomplish these tasks. I encourage writing your own, but linked spells to give you an idea of what you’re working toward.

3. Cast a spell of understanding/teaching

If you don’t feel right cursing them, making them understand what their actions have caused might be more your speed. It’s important to the healing process or creation of remorse.

Runes: Sowulo (stark illumination in the dark), Kenaz (the light shed upon new knowledge), Ansuz (the truth)


4. Cast a spell of remembering

I especially like to have people who’ve harmed me consider their past, how much kinder they once were, and all of the good people they have left in the dust. I know such instances of rememberance make me more compassionate, and hope it has the same effect on them.

Runes: Gebo (gratitude/love for those that have helped you become who you are), Eihwaz (endings and beginnings, the doors of choice)


5. Cast a spell to call their better traits forward

This is what I go for when nothing gentler works, and there is no way I can remove them from my life.

Runes: Mannaz (support from shared experiences), Berkana (rebirth/revitalization). If they come from a tradition of service or goodwill, Othala (inherited cultural wealth) could also work.


Dean had been hit by a truth telling spell. He had been spewing his deepest darkest secrets without a care in the world. There was one thing you wanted to know, and as much as you knew it was taking advantage of the situation, you had to know what Dean Winchester thought of you.

You looked at him as he fiddled with his gun, taking it apart and putting it back together again to keep himself from talking.

“Dean?” you questioned, touching his thigh gently. “I’ve got a question.”

He looked up at you expectantly. “Shoot, princess. I’m a straight shooter today, so it’s your lucky day,” he smiled.

“What do you really think of me? Like why did you let me come with you and Sam? You have no ties to me. I’m not blood. Why me?” you sighed finally.

Dean narrowed his eyes at you before he opened his mouth.

“I love you,” he stated simply. He looked at you like it was the most obvious answer.

“What?” you breathed, staring at his dark green eyes.

“You’re awkward and weird, and I fucking love it. You exude a confidence that is sexy as hell because you don’t give two fucks about what anyone thinks about you. You like what you like whether I tease you about it or not. You stand your ground and that is a huge turn on. You don’t let me being an ass sway you from being you. And I love you and all your quirks. Shit, I love every damn thing about you,” Dean breathed out, staring into your eyes.

You stared at him, but before you could respond, Sam came through the hotel room door.

“Is it done?” you asked. “Is the witch dead?”

Sam nodded. He looked exhausted. “Yeah, about thirty minutes ago. I’m gonna hit the shower. Dean you alright?” Sam asked Dean.

Dean nodded as your eyes met his, a look of confusion spreading across your face. “I’m way good, dude.”

Sam nodded curtly and went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.

“Thirty minutes ago?” you breathed out.

“Yeah. I felt it,” he laughed softly, looking into your eyes.

“And everything you just said,” you barely whispered.

“The absolute fucking truth. I’m tired of pretending like it isn’t, sweetheart. That truth spell made me realize that I couldn’t keep it from you anymore. I’ve loved you from the minute you ganked that vamp,” he chuckled at the memory.

“I distinctly remember you telling it to ‘suck on that’ right after you separated its head from its body,” Dean smiled. “I knew right then you weren’t like other hunters. You’re different, and I love it,” Dean swallowed. “I love you,” he reiterated.

You stared at him, desperately trying to blink away the tears. Your weird awkwardness had always kept you in the friend zone with most guys. Most weren’t able to believe that a girl like you existed, a girl who loved video games, writing, rock music, and loved any movie that was quotable, so they always kept you at an arms length.

You thought Dean had been another guy to stick you in the friend zone, never getting any other indication from him, until now.

“You don’t believe me,” he mumbled, stepping closer to you.

“It’s not that,” you started but before you could finish, Dean’s hand landed on your neck and pulled your lips to his. He pressed his lips firmly against yours as his arm snaked around your back and pressed you into him, like he wanted the two of you to become one.

You wrapped your arms around this shoulders melted and into him. His lips and roaming hands confirmed everything his mouth had just confessed.

Dean Winchester loved you and all of you. How did a girl like you get so damn lucky?


TV TROPES »  dance of romance:  This often pops up during high school dances and fancy parties, the kind with hooped skirts and masks. For some reason, waltzing with a friend, or friend-of-a-friend, always winds up with one or both participants acquiring (or realizing) feelings of love towards the other, as though it were some kind of movement-driven truth/love spell.

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hi, i was wondering, is there any spell 'to find the truth' like is there any spell to help me find out an answer? i love your blog btw aha!

Truth Spell


  • Thyme 
  • A red candle 
  • An herb dish


1. Pour the Thyme into the herb dish and say:

Purification I do conjure
So that thoughts are spoken.

2. Light the candle and say:

Passion so red,
Set to the fire,
Let the truth be said,
As is my desire

3. Drop red wax onto the herbs and say:

Mists of thyme,
Fire of red,
Send the truth to my head

4. Now go to your front door and release the herbs to the wind. You shall let thyme fly and receive the truth.



💬 ‘Veritaserum’ Tea ☕

inspired by jk rowling’s “ Veritaserum “, a potion-drink to encourage someone to tell the truth when you share the drink with them, or to inspire truth to come to you in your future

“It is Veritaserum—a Truth Potion so powerful that three drops would have you spilling your innermost secrets for this entire class to hear.”

(obviously it’s not going to be that potent, but here’s a tea for spilling tea)

💬 recipe is for 1 cup of tea.

☕ heat cup of water

💬 add 1.5 tsp dried rosemary needles

☕ steep for 5 minutes

💬 strain rosemary needles out

☕ add the violet as a garnish.

💬 if you are afraid of the truth but still wish to hear it, add honey to the tea so that the words will be sweetened.


in honor of gaining another hundred followers on my twitter account @getsterREKT heres another rec list. 

This will just be made up of lots and lots of different types of fics. Make sure to read the warnings for each fic before reading. 

(fics with ** are favorites)

It Takes A Village by  Hypocorismm

Stiles’s used to yogurt handprints on his shirts from where he picked her up, and he’s used to snot on his shoulders and neck from where she cried after a bad dream. He’s used to her legendary tantrums when she doesn’t get her way, her eyes glowing ferocious gold. He’s used to being the village it takes to raise her, and the pack she longs for.

Except, he needs the pack’s help, and Derek’s protection when a particularly power-hungry pack wants his cub. And he isn’t used to sharing.

WORDS: 49227

RATING: Mature


WARNINGS: angst, kidnapping, mpreg.

Night Stroll by  Marishna

“Is it night there?”

Derek chuckled. “Yeah, it is. How do you know where I am?”

“I don’t, that’s why it’s weird it’s night. That puts you in… Europe?” Stiles asked after some quick math.

Derek raised an eyebrow. “Spain. You haven’t lost that…” Derek waved his hand. “Stileness.”

WORDS: 3276

RATING: Teen and Up


WARNINGS: derek has insomnia??? is that a warning??? idk

****Prince Among Wolves by  tylerfucklin (Deshonanana)

Looking for full day/evening sitter. 2 twin boys age 4. Must have exp. w/werewolves. Must be human. No pedophiles. No teenage girls. Pay negotiable. 

WORDS: 101,000

RATING: Explicit


WARNINGS: mild transphobia, derek learns acceptance, broken family, so much angst

Walking Into Darkness by  alenie

Derek hears Stiles before he sees him. There’s anxious, wheezy breathing coming from the next aisle over in the grocery store, accompanied by a racing heart and the smell of unwashed sneakers and hair gel. He turns the corner and Stiles is standing frozen in the dairy aisle, knuckles clenched around the metal of his shopping basket.

WORDS: 6342

RATING: Teen and Up


WARNINGS: panic attacks, anxiety, depression, post 3b, pre-sterek relationship 

****Ashes, Ashes by  ShanaStoryteller

The Sheriff gets a call at work - someone’s tried to burn down his home with his son inside.

“I thought of you coming here, and finding me dead, of another burnt out husk of a body, something else fire has stolen from you, of you having nothing left to grasp but ashes,” John can’t even call that a whimper, it’s clearly a whine as Derek’s hands tighten against Stile’s hips, as if his boy will shudder to dust at the mere mention of the possibility unless Derek’s hands can hold him into one piece, “and that thought was worse than dying.”

WORDS: 2699

RATING: Teen And Up


WARNINGS: so much angst, stiles nearly burns to death

Just Realize What I Just Realized by  literaryoblivion

He’s never noticed it before; it’s always just been second nature to him these days, does it out of habit, but it’s not until he stops to actually think about it that it becomes abundantly and embarrassingly clear to him that he is in love with Stiles and that they are practically dating without the actual dating part…

WORDS: 2529

RATING: Teen And Up


WARNINGS: a lil angst, (but mostly fluff)

The Potential Fatality of Assuming by  crossroadswrite

The hair, the buttons and the general happy and slightly tired disposition with which Derek came back from his secret exploits were as obvious as a glaring neon sign flashing the words JUST GOT LAID.

A sign that Stiles ignored because he had a seven year plan god damn it.

(OR: in which Stiles assumes things, gets accosted by the sister he never/always wanted, discovers he was horribly wrong, almost dies via Derek Hale with kids, can’t handle all that collarbone action, uses tickling as the ultimate mode of revenge, and gets a boyfriend. In that order.)

WORDS: 2196

RATING: General


WARNINGS: misunderstandings, because stiles is dumb, lots of pining

****If I Could Trade Mistakes For Sheep, Count Me Away Before You Sleep by  alisaj

“Thing is, Stiles,” Derek says, his voice hard and unfaltering. “I didn’t sign up for you. You just hung around until we got used to you being here.”

That stings. He hadn’t realised how Derek feels about him. They’ve been getting on quite well, teaming up on little missions and bantering back and forth without malice. Stiles sometimes lets Derek crash in his room after a big fight, trying not to let on how intriguing he finds the werewolf.

“Well now we can get used to you not being here. You’re a liability, Stilinski. You can’t protect yourself and we always end up having to help you when we’ve got more important things to do. You’re out of the pack.”


The one where Derek is a terrible Alpha and Stiles ends up walking into a big pile of shit.

WORDS: 33,383

RATING: Explicit


WARNINGS: stiles gets kicked out of the pack, derek is stupid, like, so stupid, stiles gets hurt, theres so much angst in this like wtf, stiles is sad, the pack sucks

Sour Kush (series) by alisvolatpropiis

Stiles mentally curses Erica, because in all of her warnings about how brusque this guy could be, she forgot mention that he’s also hotter than the fucking sun. If Stiles had any lingering questions about his sexuality, they’d be completely settled by what this guy is doing to him. In fact, he might not even be gay anymore. He might be in the midst of crossing into some yet-to-be-named sexuality that’s all about a scruffy black beard and alarming green eyes and muscles and tattoos and this guy’s everything ever.

The guy’s name is Derek, his lust-addled brain supplies distantly.

Well that settles it, then. Stiles is Dereksexual.


COMPLETE: it says no but they havent updated in like over 2 years so im guessing its done

WORDS: 15,392

RATING: Explict 

WARNINGS: everyone is stoned all the time, also in work 2 stiles is hurt because he thinks derek is getting it on with parrish, they’re dumb, age difference, derek has a beardddd 

I Just Want You For My Own (More Than You Could Ever Know) by  yodasyoyo

“What is with that sweater, dude?”

Derek ducks his head to look at it, abashed. “Uh- Mrs Hernandez knitted it for me. It’s an early Christmas gift.” He smooths it down self-consciously.

Stiles cocks an eyebrow.

“What? She’s my neighbor and sometimes I-” Derek trails off. Stiles’ other eyebrow rises to join the first, and Derek sighs. “Sometimes I help her carry her shopping.”

Of course he does. One day maybe Stiles will stop being in love with Derek Hale, but today is not that day.

WORDS: 16,065

RATING: Teen And Up


WARNINGS: pining, fake relationships, they’re both idiots. 

Baby You’re Beautiful by  supernaynay

“God you’re beautiful.”

Derek hadn’t even realized that the words had left his mouth until the whole room went silent, including Stiles, who until about five seconds earlier was busy yelling at him for putting himself in danger yet again.

WORDS: 1089

RATING: General


WARNINGS: derek is hit with a truth spell

****(Sacred) In The Ordinary by  idyll

The Pack, after college, graduate school and the starting of careers, comes back to Beacon Hills. Nothing’s gotten less complicated after all this time.

Based on a kink meme prompt that grew legs and got serious.

Note: This is a whole lot of pack!fic with a very slow build Derek/Stiles.

WORDS: 78,759

RATING: Explicit


WARNINGS: violence, slow build

Cause I Built a Home (For You, For Me) by  noneedforhystereks

Mechanic!Derek and Daddy!Stiles

Derek Hale is a mechanic in the sleepy town of Beacon Hills, where he has lived all of his life. He spends his day in a simple routine: wake up, fix cars, go home, sleep. It’s what he’s good at, and it keeps things simple and uncomplicated. Derek doesn’t let people in and remains emotionally distant from everyone except his sister, Laura, and her daughter. This all changes when Boyd tows in an old blue Jeep that needs a lot of work and Derek meets the owner of said Jeep.

Because once Derek meets Stiles and his kids, he can’t stop himself from caring. And he doesn’t want to stop.

WORDS: 59,719

RATING: Explicit


WARNINGS: angst, pining, emotional hurt, stiles has a lot of baggage. 

Waiting For Our Superman by  tearsandholdme

Derek knew the moment he opened the front door of his clean and pristine apartment to Stiles Stilinski holding a small boy, a cluster of bags, and a suitcase, he was screwed. In every way possible. Undone by the big brown eyes of a small child and his annoying, witty, and attractive father.

WORDS: 95,240

RATING: Mature


WARNINGS: angst, mpreg, emotional hurt, overprotective derek

Adding You to My Future by  NekoIzumi

“So, I’m Stiles.” he smiled warmly once he had put his unannounced patient down on the exam table. “I will poke and prod you a little bit to check for internal injuries, those that I can’t see because they’re inside you, and some of it might hurt but it will pass, I promise. I will tell you everything I’m about to do and why I’m doing it so just stay calm and this will go like a breeze, okay?”

Now, Stiles wasn’t stupid in any way, shape or form, he knew a were when he saw one… although he had obviously never seen a werecat before, and definitely not one as young as this one.

WORDS: 42,252

RATING: Explicit


WARNINGS: violence, like, lots of violence, slow build, gore, emotional comfort, bamf stiles

Stars Plummet: a Christmas Story by  Peckishdragon

When Stiles left Beacon Hills, he never thought he would be coming back. Eight years later, he is coming home for Christmas, with a small passenger in tow. Old feelings, never forgotten, are rekindled.

WORDS: 11,589

RATING: Mature


WARNINGS: a lil violence, like a tiny bit, 

All They Have by  Nival_Vixen

Single dads AU where Derek and Stiles meet because Derek’s daughter and Stiles’ trans son become friends at school.

WORDS: 4004

RATING: Teen And Up


WARNINGS: trans child, which leads to ignorant adults being ugly fucks, protective derek 

love comes in all shapes and sizes by  trilliastra

“Daddy says that when I’m in trouble I should get the police because they always help us. You’re going to help me, right?” Stiles smiles at her, happy that today he decided to stop by the grocery store to buy milk after his shift instead of going straight home. At least now he’s able to help the little girl, who knows what would have happened to her if he weren’t around.

“Of course I will.” He smiles again. “What’s your name?”

“Rebecca Hale.” She answers proudly. “My daddy is Derek Hale.”

WORDS: 2207

RATING: Teen and Up


WARNINGS: kate argent

When You Wish Upon a Dragon by  lupinus

Stiles is at the Hale house, lounging on the front stoop watching Isaac, Erica, and Boyd wrestle, when the baby comes running out of the woods.
Derek becomes instant father to a magically appearing baby and falls in love. Stiles can’t take the cute and worries Derek’s heart will break if he loses the kid. 

or, a dragon gives derek a baby, stiles is oblivious, steve just loves his bright pink rocking unicorn and his da and ma 

WORDS: 13,739

RATING: Teen and Up


WARNINGS: none, but so much fluff

****Lucky That I’m Yours Every Day by  stilinskisparkles

Derek doesn’t see how Valentine’s Day can get any better than a normal day with Stiles.

WORDS: 6772

RATING: Teen and Up


WARNINGS: fluff. just. all the fluff. its disgusting how fluffy it is really.

Relationship Status: It’s Complicated by  kellifer_fic

Okay, I know this is a huge stretch for you, but can you please pretend you’re like, into me?

WORDS: 4010

RATING: Mature


WARNING: mentioned stiles/omc 

***************Shot Through The Heart by  LunaCanisLupus_22

All they’ve given him is the guy’s head shot. And it’s terrible because now he is ridding the world of one more ridiculously attractive, instant pants dropping- take me now, if you please- regulation hottie.

Even if he has a scowl to rival Kirsten Stewart.

Or the one when Stiles and Derek work for rival assassin companies and are sent to kill each other. It definitely doesn’t go as planned.

WORDS: 64,833

RATING: Explicit


WARNINGS: so much violence, they literally try to kill eachother, enemies to lovers pretty much

will to follow through by  owlpostagain

“It depends entirely on how you look at it, I guess,” Stiles shrugs. “On the one hand, instant healing and the apparently inherited ability to pull off leather at all times. On the other, serious attitude problems and a suspicious disappearance of eyebrows.”

“Even Derek’s?” Danny snorts, “that’s a lot of eyebrow to lose.”

“I know,” Stiles agrees. “You should see, it’s so weird. Every time I want to ask him where they go, except he’d totally eat my face off.”

“There are worse ways to die.”

WORDS: 42,411

RATING: Teen and Up


WARNINGS: angst, mentions of violence, 

Professor D. Hale (series) by  har1ey_quinn

A series of outsider POVs on Professor Hale and his significant other (with some guest appearances from the pack)


COMPLETE: possibly

WORDS: 18,008

RATING: Teen and Up


go on without me!!!! (or the one where stiles is cursed by witches and overreacts to everything) by  day

Stiles is cursed by witches and he can’t react like a normal human being.
Scott is a terrible best friend and can’t stop laughing.
Derek just wants it all to be over.

WORDS: 1396

RATING: General



******For My Next Trick, I’ll Regret All of My Life Choices: a performance by Derek Hale and 80% of his eyebrows by  crossroadswrite

(978): I woke up missing my shoes and my left eyebrow. MY. EYEBROW.
“What’s wrong with my eyebrows?”

Kira gives him a sympathetic look, and climbs up to sit next to him, “You kind of… don’t have one.”

“I what!” he shouts, wincing at the volume of his own voice.

Kira pats him on the shoulder and shoves a piece of toast in his hand.

“It’s not that bad,” she tries to console him with a smile, then glances up at his left eyebrow and winces, “It could definitely be worse. It’s not all gone. Just. Half of it.”

Derek considers crying into his orange juice but decides that would be a waste and because his mother taught him how to be a good guest he opts to drink it instead.

WORDS: 2566

RATING: Teen and Up



Not My Sister

Dean Winchester, Sister Winchester 

2350 Words

Story Summary:  Dean and his sister are captured by the Steins. Dean wakes up to see his sister hurt, and the mark takes over.

Author’s Note: An Anon request. “Could you do a one shot where Dean is captured by the Styne family and his little sister is there with him? He wakes up to see his sister hurt and the mark takes over.

As soon as Dean came home with the mark halfway hidden upon his arm, you knew things would change and not for the better. It was only a matter of time before it would take over, with someone getting hurt, or killed.

At first things seemed okay. Sam and Dean continued to hunt, looking for Abaddon while you stayed back, like always, manning the bunker and staying on top of research. Due to your somewhat normal life growing up, your half brothers had decided to keep you as far away from hunting as possible. While teaching you how to handle a gun and knife, they never expected you to actually use one.

When the deed had been done, and Abaddon had been taken care of, you thought things would be better. That was as far from the truth as possible. Dean’s spells grew worse, fighting the bloodlust had become much harder. Many times you were afraid to even run into him in the bunker’s hallway, not sure what direction his mood would have taken. He had never hurt you, but the look in his eyes, was enough to have you scurrying to you room.

It was there you were still, long after they had gone to help Charlie, a woman you considered a friend. Wishing she was okay, you had been forced to stay behind, due to the dangerous men following her. Not wanting to argue this time, you stayed back, looking through the various books the men of letters had procured, trying to find anything that would heal Dean. So far everything had been a dead end, and you were growing hopeless that you would ever find anything.

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Imagine getting hit by a truthspell and the Winchester call Crowley for help. While under the spell you say some pretty interesting things.

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The hunt on the Witch went pretty well… okay it went good. Okaaay it went horrible. Yes she was dead but in this Case it was bad. Why? Because this damn Witch cursed (Y/N) with a truth spell. At first it was fun for Dean. He asked her many things just wanting to tease her and make her embarassed but it soon started to get annoying for all of them. The poor Huntress really answered on everything with nothing but the plain truth. It didn’t wear of for four freaking days!! She couldn’t even go outside anymore.. cause ya know people don’t like to hear the truth. Sam and Dean went over books and the Internet and even Called Bobby. But with no use… Normally the spell should wear off after a Day but this one didn’t. It really was the last hope as they called onto Crowley for help. Castiel was busy and well Gabriel and Balthazar weren’t on best terms with the two Brothers so Crowley was the best bet.
If (Y/N) and the boys had known how this would end, they would’ve send their lovely sister(not by blood! Sawwy!) to another room.

After they summoned him, the three of them waited at least for 15 minutes. Sam was on his Laptop and Dean eating his Pie. (Y/N) sat on a chair across from them lost in her book. “Hello there Kitten.” A sudden deep voice purred beside her ear, making the poor girl squeak and fall down from the chair out of shock. Sam and Dean shot up pulling out their Guns only to put them away again when they noticed who it was. (Y/N) glared up at the King of Hell. “Don’t do that!” She growled getting to her feet. Crowley only chuckled at her looking over at the Brothers. “Moose, Squirrel. What can I do for you on this lovely Day?” He asked as he sat down. Sam decided to speak up. “(Y/N) was hit by a truthspell… normally it should wear off after a day or two but this one won’t go away.” The Demons eyes the wandered towards you making her gulp. “Is that so?” The (H/C) haired girl nodded at that. “And why do you need my help?” He drwaled. “Because we won’t let you out till you help us.” Dean growled. (Y/N) really tried to keep it in but well the spell was stronger. “Because we really tried everything and it won’t work and I am slowly going insane so please will you help us?” She said in a begging voice surprising the three man. “Now if you ask so nicely.. I like it to hear someone beg.” Crowley smirked. “Oh I bet you do…” Left the young huntress mouth before she even could think about it. Dean furrowed his brows as Sam shot you a warning look. Crowley only smirked and got up taking a step closer. He placed a Hand on her cheek but barley touched her. A soft whimper left her as she took in his scent already feeling weak at her knees. But Dean pulled her out of her thoughts again. “Don’t touch her Crowley!” He hissed. A deep throaty laugh left him as he kept his eyes fixed on her. “I don’t think she does mind, am I right Kitten?” To fast and high for her comfort a ‘Yes’ left her lips. “The hell?! You know he is the King of freaking Hell?!” The young huntress eyes shot towards Dean an then the door wanting to run out here before some more deep secrets came out. And Hell… that wouldn’t end well. Crowley finally took a step away from her. “It is a stronger spell than the normal truth spell.. it’ll wear of in a few more Days.” He said with a proud smirk. “Get the hell out!” Dean growled making Crowley laugh. “What no thank you?” Dean gritted his theeth. “Yes thank you… now go to hell.” Crowley smirked at that. “Now now Dean… always being so Dominant.” (Y/N) bit her lip wanting to stop the words that wanted to leave her but it was to late. “I wouldn’t mind to Dominate you.” At that all eyes shot towards her and Crowley raised an eyebrow at her. “Is that so Pet?” Sam was the one now raising his voice. “Don’t call her Pet, Demon!” But (Y/N) cut him off again. “No I don’t mind, I like this nickname.” She clasped her hands over her mouth wanting nothing more than just disappear. Dean sent her a dirty look while Crowley appeared behind her whispering in her ear. “When your back to your normal self… I’m gonna come for you.” Her breath hitched in her throat. What left her mouth next terrified her. “Oh I bet you’ll do…” A last laugh left him as he disappeared leaving an embarassed Huntress and two fuming Winchesters.
One tought went through (Y/N) head over and over again..

’“This is going to be one hell of a long Week.’

Honesty Lip Scrub Spell

A spell to use to aid in being honest with yourself and others.

You Will Need:

  • Sunflower Oil (or Coconut Oil)
  • Sugar
  • Honey
  • 2 Blue Candles
  • Sodalite
  • Container to store


Light your candles and place them to either side of your work space. Place your sodalite near you as well. In your container mix your oil and sugar then add a small amount of honey and mix until it is the consistency you desire.

Apply to lips focusing on your intent to speak more honestly. Apply it in circles for 1-2 minutes then rinse off and dab dry. Blow out or snuff out your candles once done to finish spell. If desired you may also carry the sodalite around with you after the spell for an extra boost of honesty.

anonymous asked:

Mind if I request for a truth spell since I'm a person with major trust issues & sometimes it's hard to ask people certain questions. I don't own a lot of witchery tools and stuffs and I live in a college campus so could you create a spell with a paper and a candle. Basically a spell so that I get to know atleast a little truth about a question like is that person really consider me as a friend or not? I'm sorry if I sound confused to you

don’t worry, you don’t sound confused. here is the spell.

tiny truth spell

write your question and the person’s name on the paper. light the candle, and as you burn it, chant softly:

whisper once your word of truth
just one answer i wish to know
bring to me through tongue and tooth
i plant the seed and truth i’ll sow.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

just a warning though: all is not lost if they don’t consider you friends. friendship is a strange thing, it is unyielding and yet fickle at the same time. there are people i’ll drop everything to help out, but i’ll still hesitate to say the word “friends” because i don’t know if they feel the same about me, and i’ll be constantly worrying if they think i’m fun and cool enough to hang out with.

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For Weird Wednesday, Wanda seems to think Tony is lying to her so she uses he magic to put him under a 48 hour truth spell. Peter finds him in this state

“So do you have anything to say?” asks Steve and Tony looks down to his feet.

Its exactly eight months after the last time Tony saw the avengers. And now they are back in his tower. Thanks to Fury.

The last hour Steve tried to apologize but it sounded more like he just explained his actions to Tony without saying sorry at all. Tony sighs. Well he couldn’t expect more…

“Yeah… i shouldn’t have tried to hurt you and Barnes.” says Tony quietly and he nods at his own words. He isn’t angry at Barnes anymore. Mostly he is just sad.

“So you are okay with us here?” asks Sam and he looks skeptical. Tony nods again.

“Of course. Its your home, too.” Tony grins or he tries, too. It feels weird.

“Okay Fury told us there were new…people here.” says Steve and Tony nods again. He can’t do anything else.

“Yeah…uhm Peter, Gamora, Drax, Rocket and Groot.” says Tony and Friday shows them a picture.

“Well then i think we should all have a talk together. One hour?” asks Steve and Tony, who would have thought, nods.


“Thank you for coming. I just wanted to talk about how we are going to do this in the future.” says Steve when they are all in the conference room.

Tony gulps.

“Well i think you do your job and we do ours.” says Peter and shrugs. Tony knows that he doesn’t like the avengers…at all.

“And what exactly is your job?” asks Clint and he sounds annoyed.

“We are saving the fucking galaxy! And you only the earth.” answers Rocket and he looks up from his gun at that. Its a new one and Rocket always carries it around.

“Then why are you in this tower?” asks Barnes and Peter laughs.

“Dude! Why are you all here?” says Peter and Tony stay silent. Now his two teams are fighting great.

“I think we should all agree that you are going back to space and we are going back to our stuff.” says Clint and Steve nods.

“Yeah you want back on the team or do you Tony?” asks Steve and Tonys underlip wobbles.

“I…uhm…yeah sure.” says Tony and nods. Peter groans.

“Tony man we talked about this. You want to be on our team.” says Rocket and Tony nods again.

“Y-yeah.” he says and tries to breath.

“Well you can’t be on both teams!” says Steve and Tony starts shaking. He wants to go.

“Well he is still afraid of you, because of what you did to him.” says Gamora and she looks like she wants to kill a few avengers.

“T-thats not true.” tries Tony and shivers once more.

“I don’t think he says the truth.” says Wanda and Tony hides a bit behind Peter.

Oh no.

“What do you mean?” asks Sam and a moment later Wandas red magic is in the room. Tony gets nearly a panic attack and hides now behind Drax. But Wanda can round him perfectly.

When the magic hits him, it feels cold. So cold and then its over. Tony looks up.

“What did you do?!” Peter sounds furious. Tony doesn’t feel any different.

Gamora stays behind Wanda. Her sword on Wandas neck.

“I didn’t do something bad or did I Tony?” says Wanda and she isn’t scared of Gamora at all.

“Nothing bad? You scared me! Sometimes i still can’t sleep because i remember the vision you showed me before ultron! I see you all dead and its my fault! Whenever you use your magic i want to run a-away and you use it a-again on me!” says Tony and he surprises everyone in the room, even himself.

He claps his hands before his mouth. The eyes already bathed in tears.

“I used a truth spell on him. It lasts 48 hours.” says Wanda but now she sounds guilty. Tony doesn’t say anything he turns around and runs.


Tony sits at his workshop table and cries. He can’t breath so hard is he crying. Friday tries so soothe him, but it doesn’t work.

“Tony hey.” says Peter and Tony doesn’t even ask why Friday let him in, when he said nobody could visit him the next 48 hours.

“Are you okay?” asks Peter and then flinches. He is such an idiot.

Tony sighs and he sounds so sad, that Peter wants to hold him and cuddle him close.

“No…no i’m not.” whispers Tony and for the first time in his life he admits that. Tony sobs again.

“Nobody cares about me you know? I always try to make everything good and everybody happy but nothing works and they hate me! And i … i loved them so much.” whispers Tony sadly and Peter lays his hand on Tonys shoulder.

“I’m sorry.” says Peter and he means it. He is sorry that Tony always feels like that and he is sorry for that stupid spell. The last thirty minutes he tried to allure Rocket from killing anybody.

“Not your fault.” mutters Tony then and sniffles. He is still crying but not as bad as before. Peter starts massaging his shoulders. He wish he could do something to make that better.

“But you know i’m always here for you, right?” asks Peter and groans. Why is he so stupid.

“Wait you don’t have to answer that.” tries Peter but he knows Tony has no choice.

“Of course i know that! You and the Guardians are the best thing that happened to me in forever. And i know you are always here for me Peter. And i really appreciate that, but its not in the way i want and that hurts me even more.” babbles Tony and wait what.

Peter stops his contingencies.

He knows that Tony could easily hate him for this, but he has to know.

“What do you mean not the way you would like to?” asks Peter and Tony starts to cry again.

“Because i’m in love with you Peter! And your friendship has to be enough for me i know that, but i want so much more. And i know i’m not the best choice but…”

Tony doesn’t have to end this sentence. Because Peter kisses him. At the first sentence he had walked around Tony and is now right in front of him.

Tony doesn’t kiss him back, so Peter leans back a little.

“I know i don’t have a truth spell, but you need to trust me.” whispers Peter and he strokes Tonys cheek. Tony is so beautiful with his brown eyes, still wet and his now red cheeks.

“I love you, too.” says Peter and this time Tony kisses back.

Cas being cursed to only tell the truth.

Cas still mostly speaks freely with Sam as they work to unlock the spell, but he’s very careful about what he says around Dean. If he’s at all in doubt about what’s going to come out of his mouth, he keeps it shut.

“Why’d you even grab that damn necklace instead of me in the first place?” Dean says. “You must have been able to sense it was cursed.”

Cas says nothing.

“Why are you still hanging onto that bookmark I gave you?” Dean says. “I can buy you a better one.”

Cas says nothing.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Dean says. “They’re just glasses, I need them to read, now, okay?”

Cas says nothing.

Dean takes Cas out to a diner to try to take his mind off things, and also possibly try to get to the bottom of the fact that since the curse hit, Cas has hardly said two words together to him.

Cas keeps very, very quiet. He’s doing so well.

Dean picks a fry off his plate, and then another, and then reaches over and switches their plates so that he can do the job properly.

“Why d’you never complain when I do that?” Dean says, when the waitress has taken their plates away. “Take your food without asking.”

Cas thinks for a moment. Because I don’t really get hungry, anyway, is what he means to say.

“Because I love you,” is what comes out of his mouth.

Castiel only hates the curse for around thirty seconds longer. Ten for Dean to get over the shock. Ten more for Dean to really get over the shock. Ten more for Dean to say Cas, and reach over the table, and grab his hand.

Dean kisses truths out of Cas’ mouth all night, until every single one is spilled. I watched you raking those leaves. I killed a thousand copies of you in Heaven but I couldn’t kill you, the real you, not ever. I would have stayed with you as a demon, as the king of Hell himself. Because I love you.

The curse breaks by the dawn, all truths spent.

The magic, however, is only just beginning.

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Hey, I didn't really know who else to ask and you're one of my favorite accounts so, do you have any ficrecs for bottom!Sam?

so i was just gonna give you a short list of some of my favourite bottom!sam fics, but i figured what the hell and i turned into a little masterlist of sorts. enjoy!

long fics:

last outpost of all that is || 60k || NC-17: sam and dean learn to cope with being the last two people left on earth.

stranger than fiction || 50k || E: dean can’t stop wondering why people would write gay porn about him and sam.

the psychology of genetic sexual attraction || 49k: non-hunting au. sam and dean fall in love, but don’t know that they’re brothers.

west series || 49k || NC-17: if you haven’t read this, read it now because it’s pretty much bottom!sam heaven and is basically 40k+ words of the greatest smut you’ll ever read

everlasting light || 39k || E: au. sam creates a soul bond between himself and dean.

take a hard turn || 30k || NC-17: zombie apocalypse au. when the world changes, dean and sam struggle to keep up, but through all the twists and turns they’ve had one constant: each other.

in the name of the father, the son and the zombie spirit || 28k || NC-17: apocalypse au. dean gets sam pregnant in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, angst ensues.

behold, a pale horse || 19k || E: when sam fails to complete the third trial, he inadvertently opens a tear between earth and hell, and must kill his soulmate to correct his mistake.

hands away || 12k || E: i only didn’t put this under pwp because it’s pretty angsty, and there’s a plot hidden within all the glorious smut

stranger that i used to know || 12k || NC-17: sam and dean both wake up in a hospital with no memory of their lives or each other.


*note: all of these are explicit/nc-17. i’ve put warnings/kinks beside each fic.

act your age || ~15k: extreme underage, basically kinky as hell

obedience spell || 6k: vaguely sub/dom, comeplay

just called to say || 5k: phone sex, dirty talk, toys

love that’s gonna break me in two || 5k: drunk dean, rimming

loudmouth || 4k: dirty talk

the routine || 4k: rimming, dirty talk  

asking for it || 3k: (consensual?) non/con, dirty talk, rough sex

don’t say his name || 3k: underage, dirty talk

lay my hands on heaven || 3k: underage, rimming, virginity kink

playing house || 3k: underage, feminization

slow ride || 3k: comeplay, impala sex

take a good look || 3k: barebacking

and the truth shall set you free || 2k: truth spell, dirty talk 

gonna make you sweat || 2k: soulless!sam, first time

i feel it way down (way down) || 2k: dub-con, bloodplay

settle down || 2k: angst

something that’s real || 2k: possessive!dean

Truth about Spells

What is a Spell? How does it work? And why do we do them?

When you boil down a Spell to its roots, what a spell is and what it does is focus your will/intent. We add correspondences in attempt to boost our will with the energy from those items or actions, but when all is said and done, we’re really just using the power of our thoughts to manifest our desires. Simply put, it’s a dressed up version of “Positive Thinking.”

With that being said, we know that “Positive Thinking” can’t solve all our problems, and to be honest, neither can Spells/Magic. Sometimes it a matter of mind over matter. You can’t will you hair to change colors, but you can buy some hair dye and wish yourself luck that it’ll turn out the way you want. Other times it’s that there are too many forces/energies working against you. This makes your spell-work (or intent) take longer to manifest, and requires more groundwork.

This is why you’ll find in a lot of books the phrase “magic can’t exist in a vacuum.” You have to act on your intentions as much as you have to will your intentions. You can do a spell to attract money or a new job, but it sure would come sooner (or be easier for you) if you did the leg work too and applied for jobs you were suited for (or increased your training so you would qualify for the job.) Something can’t come from nothing.

That is not to say that magic and spells aren’t useful, because they are. The mind is a powerful thing. Your thoughts, your words, your actions carry weight. Spells are the purposeful use of those thoughts, words, and or actions to manifest a goal. There is power there, and it’s up to you to decide when and how you will work it.

Don’t under estimate the power of your words and your thoughts. Simple phrases can change lives. For example, think of the phrase “I love you.” That phrase can bring joy, pain, heartache, or suffering depending on whom says it to you, can it not? Word spells and focused intent is no different. 

Only you know your personal energy limit, and it’s up to you to decide how much you want to do spell work and for what reasons, but it’s important to be thoughtful of the costs of that spell-work.  (My energy is low, so I do spells that require little effort and have little energy forcing against it because I know the success rate will be higher and my energy won’t be wasted.) It’s your life and your path, you can do spells for whatever reason you feel like, and no one can tell you otherwise, but it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself these questions when considering doing a spell: Do I really need to do a spell to achieve this goal? Would my energy be better put to use in a different way? What are other ways I can achieve my goals if not through magic? What would be the path of least resistance to focus my intent?

Lastly, I just want to remind all my Witches that how many spells you do does not gain or lose any credit you have to be able to call yourself a ‘witch.’ You don’t have to cast x amount of spells to prove you are a witch. You don’t have to prove you are a witch to anyone! You don’t even have to call yourself a witch if you don’t want to! The pressure you feel to prove how witchy you are for the sake of being witchy, is all in your head. You are valid, your spell work is valid. As long as you realize that you have a magic energy inside  you, and that everything around you has its own energy, and you are conscious of your use of that energy to bend your will and intent, you are magic, you’re a witch. 

That’s just my two cents. -Keta

Noticing (Peter X Fem!Reader)

Characters: Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: None


Request: Can you do a fic where the reader is the youngest avenger and a witch and always helps T'Challa, Peter and Scott become closer to the team? Idk maybe she gossips with them or requests to go on a mission to make them feel included. Maybe some peter x reader stuff. Flufff thanksss

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When you were able to perform magic, the media labelled you a ‘Witch’, and you knew they meant it in a bad way, but over time you grew to adapt the name and decided to roll with it.

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