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This may be a stretch but are there any spells that can help you realize if someone is being dishonest with you?

[charmed truth spell] - For those who want the truth revealed. 

[caught you in my web] - This type of spell will let a person who had talked behind your back and told lies about you, tell the truth.

[eavesdropping spell]Focus in on certain voice(s) in a crowded place.

[eye of truth spell] - With this spell no one will be able to lie or hide secrets from you.

[more truth spells]

The True Shall Set You Free

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by spnsammygirl

Dean gets hit with a truth spell and panics when his feelings for Sam might be revealed. Sam unknowingly gets Dean to admit it and smut happens. So much smut.

Words: 5340, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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No, but we always talk about either Dean or Cas getting hit by a truth spell while hunting a witch, because that’s the only way they’ll ever get their heads out of their asses and confess their feelings for each other, probably. But now imagine Team Free Will on a hunt and Sam being the one who gets hit instead, just before they manage to knock her out.

The room going completely silent, Sam only sparing the unconscious witch on the floor a brief glance before looking at Dean, then looking at Cas -both staring back at him, his brother and the angel standing ridiculously close as per usual, as they’ve done for freaking years now, tension always crackling between them even though they never ever act on it and-, 

“Oh for the love of God, will you two hook up already?!”

✨ Reveal the Truth✨ Holy Oil

This spell is based on the episode Trial and Error of Supernatural where the Winchesters catch fire to Holy Oil and ran eyeglasses through the flames to enable them to see hellhounds.

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While this wont enable you to see hellhounds, the intent of this spell is to see things you can’t usually see.

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@k6034 and I made a Destiel Fanfic Drinking Game

  • “Hello Dean” - 1 drink
  • 1 drink for each family member Cas has
  • Cas’ last name is Novak - 1 drink, Collins - 2 drinks, Milton - 3 drinks
  • Drink every time flannel, pie, or trench coat is mentioned
  • Sabriel - 3 drinks
  • Past Calthazar, Denny, or Drowley - 1 drink each
  • Truth spell/potion leads to a love confession - 1 drink
  • Truth spell/potion done to Sam leads to him spilling the beans about someone’s feelings - 2 drinks
  • Cas loves bees - 2 drinks
  • Dean says son of a bitch - 1 drink
  • Bed sharing - 2 drinks
  • 1 drink for each year they pined over each other before getting together
  • Dean teaching Cas how to kiss/have sex - 1 drink
  • Cas teaching Dean how to kiss/have sex - 2 drinks
  • High school au where Dean is the popular kid - 1 drink
  • Mechanic!Dean - 1 drink
  • Cas’ job involves medicine or religion - 1 drink
  • Cas’ family is very religious - 1 drink
  • They forbid him to be with Dean - 2 drinks
  • Fic ends with them broken up or one of them dead - chug
A Taste of Truth

Kylux Fanfic 

Senator Amidala AU ~ Chapter One 

Inspired by the many great Kylux artists in this fandom <3 

Rating: M 


For no other reason than having to keep up appearances, General Hux was forced to attend the Senators party. Sure, he’d heard the rumors and seen a few holo-shots that were rather promiscuous, but the stoic General was not prepared for the hedonistic stage that he was about to step onto. 

The Senators estate on Naboo was one of the most lavish he’d ever seen and from the hanger, they could already hear the music. As per usual, General Hux traveled with a small squad of men. One being his personal assistant, while the others were bodyguards. It was more a show of power, versus the General actually needing protection. He was the best combat sniper within the First Order after all. 

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Truth Spell: Was there ever a fight you knew you couldn't win, but fought anyway?

“Of course not. Only that time a bandit crew dropped flaming barrels onto my ship as we were passing between a pair of cliffs. And of course that time a necromancer interrupted a sermon and began shouting ‘my ancestors will have their revenge!’ And how could I forget when a giant crab latched between the bottom of my ship and the port. We couldn’t leave until the court wizard ‘magic missile’d it until it let go… Yes, I think that may very well be the story of my life.”

[Podfic] Safety in Silence

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by readbythilia (thilia)

It’s perfectly understandable. Even Derek wouldn’t want to be Derek’s soulmate.

Podfic of Survivah’s Safety in Silence

Words: 93, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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Converted 3e Classes: Disciple of Baalzebul

image credit: Vinod Rams

Disciple of Baalzebul


  • 5th Level
  • Evil alignment
  • CHA 13
  • Deception, Intimidation and Persuasion proficiencies
  • Possible Requirement: Become the Disciple of Baalzebul by contacting him somehow and gaining his favor.
  • Possible Requirement: You must perform a profane ritual involving sacrificing an intelligent being in their own home
  • Possible Requirement: You must infiltrate a kingdom’s nobility and assassinate an important leader of the kingdom in Baalzebul’s name. 


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Truth Spell: "What do you think of the name Toffee for a cat? I knew a cat once named Toffee, and you kind of reminded me of him. Not because of how you look rather cat-like! Um, I should probably shut up." - Len

That seems like a cute name for a cat, also it reminds me of coffee.