Cas being cursed to only tell the truth.

Cas still mostly speaks freely with Sam as they work to unlock the spell, but he’s very careful about what he says around Dean. If he’s at all in doubt about what’s going to come out of his mouth, he keeps it shut.

“Why’d you even grab that damn necklace instead of me in the first place?” Dean says. “You must have been able to sense it was cursed.”

Cas says nothing.

“Why are you still hanging onto that bookmark I gave you?” Dean says. “I can buy you a better one.”

Cas says nothing.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” Dean says. “They’re just glasses, I need them to read, now, okay?”

Cas says nothing.

Dean takes Cas out to a diner to try to take his mind off things, and also possibly try to get to the bottom of the fact that since the curse hit, Cas has hardly said two words together to him.

Cas keeps very, very quiet. He’s doing so well.

Dean picks a fry off his plate, and then another, and then reaches over and switches their plates so that he can do the job properly.

“Why d’you never complain when I do that?” Dean says, when the waitress has taken their plates away. “Take your food without asking.”

Cas thinks for a moment. Because I don’t really get hungry, anyway, is what he means to say.

“Because I love you,” is what comes out of his mouth.

Castiel only hates the curse for around thirty seconds longer. Ten for Dean to get over the shock. Ten more for Dean to really get over the shock. Ten more for Dean to say Cas, and reach over the table, and grab his hand.

Dean kisses truths out of Cas’ mouth all night, until every single one is spilled. I watched you raking those leaves. I killed a thousand copies of you in Heaven but I couldn’t kill you, the real you, not ever. I would have stayed with you as a demon, as the king of Hell himself. Because I love you.

The curse breaks by the dawn, all truths spent.

The magic, however, is only just beginning.

Truth Spell

You will need the following items:

  • Thyme
  • A red candle
  • An herb dish 

Pour the Thyme into the herb dish and say:

“Purification I do conjure 
So that thoughts be spoke,
No be pondered" 

Light the candle and say:

"Passion so red,
Set to the fire,
Let the truth be said,
As is my desire”

Drop red wax onto the herbs and say:

“Mists of thyme,
Fire of red,
Send the truth to my head”

Now go to your front door and release the herbs to the wind. You shall let thyme fly and receive the truth.

Truth Tea Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ground Cloves
  • Rosemary
  • Ground Coriander
  • Ground Cinnamon
  • Thyme
  • A Coffee Filter
  • A piece of thread
  • A metal bowl 
  • A knife

1. Brew a pot of water.
2. Mix the herbs together.
3. Pour them into the coffee filter.
4. Tie the coffee filter shut with the thread, and make sure it’s tight. making a tea bag.
5. Put the tea bag into the bowl.
6. Pour the boiling water into the metal bowl.
7. Let it steep for 6 minutes.
8. Stir the tea with your dagger (Make sure it’s clean), and say:

As I stir,
three times three,
All who drink this magic tea,
Shall tell the truth,
None shall lie,
Let it be done,
So say I”.

Invite the person in, and pour them a cup of tea, and the truth will come pouring out.

  • Finny:Remember what Sebastian taught us!
  • Bard:He taught us that he’s better than us, and just follow him and he’ll do everything.
Simple Truth Spell

Just as the title suggests, this is a very simple spell to garner truth from the one who conceals it. This is very straightforward and requires few ingredients, though if you wish to delve deeper and put forth a bit more work, I recommend appealing to Rahab, who can find truth in any matter or a Pomba Gira Cigana.


  • Salt
  • White Fabric
  • An envelope (or bottle)
  • Solomon Seal Root
  • Violet Stems


Take your white fabric and cut it into a shape vaguely resembling a tongue and mark thereon the above symbol. While performing the following, proceed chanting the following incantation:

Through the mirror I see –
Through the cloud I see –
Through the mask I see –
Speak it.

Place half of the violet stems horizontally upon the symbol side of the tongue and the root atop the stems, then roll the tongue into a “scroll.” Tie it up and place it into a small envelope that has been primed with powdered Solomon Seal and violet stems as well as enough salt to cover the scroll once within. Allow this to “marinate” for 3 days, as which time retrieve the “scroll” and wear it about the neck as a visible charm. Use the remaining powder to dust the tracks of he/she you wish to be honest with you. 


Request: So I know you’re really busy but I wanted to send this in before I forgot. Can you do one where Sam gets hit with a truth spell on a hunt, but instead of confessing his feeling to the reader (as per usual) he accidentally confesses Cas’s feelings for the reader?

Request: Can you do one where the reader gets all embarassed and blushy when people wink at her so Sam and Dean tease her about it and wink at her all the time once they find out and they even get Cas to do it?

Request: Can you do a Casxreader fic where they both like each other, but they’re to dense and shy to do anything about it so Sam and Dean take it into their own hands? And please add in plenty of teasing from the boys about the whole thing

Request: Sam is exhausted and pushing himself way too far and he won’t go to bed and he’s keeping himself awake so dean and cas try to subtly make him fall asleep (music soft voices/singing blanket… Maybe some sleeping stuff..) thanks :)

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💬 ‘Veritaserum’ Tea ☕

inspired by jk rowling’s “ Veritaserum “, a potion-drink to encourage someone to tell the truth when you share the drink with them, or to inspire truth to come to you in your future

“It is Veritaserum—a Truth Potion so powerful that three drops would have you spilling your innermost secrets for this entire class to hear.”

(obviously it’s not going to be that potent, but here’s a tea for spilling tea)

💬 recipe is for 1 cup of tea.

☕ heat cup of water

💬 add 1.5 tsp dried rosemary needles

☕ steep for 5 minutes

💬 strain rosemary needles out

☕ add the violet as a garnish.

💬 if you are afraid of the truth but still wish to hear it, add honey to the tea so that the words will be sweetened.

The Honest Truth

Summary: Okay. So I wanted to write a threesome. @lovemydean-o-saur suggested a spell where everyone has to speak their minds, and it leads to confessions, which leads to a threesome. Thanks for the prompt, love!

Word Count: 6200 (Somehow, this is my longest fic ever. Oops)

Warning: ALL THE SMUT, threesome (no Wincest), oral, so much dirty talk, anal, double penetration…yikes.

A/N: So I had more fun writing this fic than almost any other I’ve written. I hope you guys enjoy it, too! Let me know what you think!

“How long until it wears off?” The leather of the Impala’s backseat stuck to your skin as you squirmed. Shorts had been a bad idea. Jeans next time. Or you know, stay home. Let someone else get hit by a truth spell.

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I don’t recommend that stab the poppet directly through the front of the eyes - this doesn’t fit with the spell’s mechanism of action. It is best to slide the needle in the back so that it pokes out of the eye in the front, for reasons that may be rather obvious. Be careful using St. John’s Wort if you are taking psychiatric medication, though this shouldn’t be much of an issue if you’re not consuming it (and in this spell, you aren’t). Still, if you want to explore this herb, use caution.

This is the seal of alchemy. It is actually a formula. The circle in the middle stands for the void (nothingness in a state of potential). the square around it represents thought…meaning that the thoughts activates the potential energy. The triangle represents intention (as added by universal energy or source mind) and the outer circle stands for manifestation. So it is basically a formula telling that thought creates reality… and the reason the inner and outer circle are the same shape, is because of the truth that everything-ness is nothingness. This symbol is from back in the day when it was a big secret that mind is actually what creates manifestation.

Dean X Reader: with a shitload of spells

Request: It’s monday, yay! can you do a funny Dean x reader where somehow the groceries they got for the bunker got cursed, so every time they use any of the products or eat anything, something weird happens? Maybe like Dean drinks a beer and he starts to feel the need to strip, the pie makes him say what’s on his mind, Sam’s salad makes him super clumsy, the reader’s tea makes her levitate? Various other things, whatever you want. Dean/reader cuddles too, thanks!

Request: Could you write one where the reader confesses to Dean that she is scared of him never coming back from a hunt and not being able to be without him? And it’s fluffy and he comforts her when she cries?

Request: Can you do a Dean x Reader one where the reader is put under a spell like Sleeping Beauty and they find out in the lore that the only thing that can break the spell is true love’s kiss and Sam and Cas try first but to no avail and then Dean try’s and she wakes up? Sorry, long one. And can it be really fluffy, too?

Request: May I have one where the reader is a shapeshifter and shifts into deans shape and messes with sam by kisses and then sam catches her turning back into her original form after he tries to find out why the hell Dean kissed him and she does the same thing to dean

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