The vintage character Etta Candy has been renamed Beth Candy and returned to her original curvaceous glory. “She’s major and she’s Wonder Woman’s pal. I wanted to get in as many relationships between women as possible – there’s Wonder Woman and her teacher, Wonder Woman and her mother, Wonder Woman and the girl she kind of fancies at school. I wanted lots of different female relationships to show that there’s not just one type of woman and she’s not representative of all women.

Grant Morrison: why I’m resurrecting Wonder Woman

I chat to Grant Morrison for The Guardian about Wonder Woman, Seaguy and Zenith. Grant is appearing at Stripped, the comics and graphic novels programme at the Edinburgh Book Festival, on Friday.

We spoke for over an hour, on a variety of subjects including the intricacies and ending of Batman Incorporate and Action Comics, the upcoming Annihilator, having his opinions taken as anything more than the fleeting opinions of one dude, more on that return of the Golden Age style Diana in his Earth One book, and much more. 

That will all come out later - this was for the mainstream audience and got edited accordingly. It seems to have been really popular so here’s hoping we get a) more comics in the mainstream media coverage, and b) more people picking up some comics collections to give them a try ^_^

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anonymous asked:

Morrison hasn't lost his touch, so why was that Wonder Woman story "The Trial of Diana Prince" such a letdown? It wasn't bad, it was just kind of... there.

Because, for all his many and wonderful virtues as a creator, he’s a 50-something man who was trying to explicitly write about feminism and social justice in the 2010′s while also admitting in interviews he literally never uses the internet. There’s lots of cool ideas in there - I loved its conception of Amazonia - but it’s 100-odd pages of him trying to participate in a discourse he’s fundamentally disconnected from, especially in its modern state, with a character he’s repeatedly admitted he doesn’t especially have a solid grasp on compared to some of her fellow JLAers. It feels less like a story he really wanted to tell so much as that he likely felt that after becoming the definitive voice on Superman and Batman of the 21st century, he should probably do something with Wonder Woman too, and the result is probably his worst modern superhero comic, if as you said by no means a particularly bad one. I should get around to rereading it sometime, it’s a fascinating failure if nothing else that I’ll be curious to see the followups to, and a stark underlining of how creators being forward-thinking in the 90s doesn’t mean they’re necessarily going to remain on the cutting edge of social progressivism, even if they try.

15 Lady Led/Created Comics to Look Forward to in 2015

A new year is about to begin and that means lots of new comics to look forward to. Last year was a remarkable year for comics and in particular for female led and created comics. This year looks to be continuing the trend and once again I have a 15 comics who have female leads or female creators to put on your pull lists.

So, in no particular order, here we go!

1) Where’s Gamora? Right Here, Baby!

Another big superhero megahit another chance to not buy lots of toys and figures with the one female character (although I was pleased she was on the Xmas wrapping unlike Black Widow who was left off of the Avengers  paper). Gamora may have not gotten the best treatment in the GotG movie but she probably will in her own comic from Marvel as the writer is the original writer for the movie, Nicole Perlman. The book, which is scheduled for Spring, has not yet announced an artist. One would hope Marvel makes an appropriate choice.

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I thought: that’s Wonder Woman’s condition,“ says the writer, who is this week appearing at Stripped, the sizeable graphic novel arm of the Edinburgh book festival. "She’s always on trial. It’s like, why isn’t she good enough, why doesn’t [the comic] sell enough, why isn’t she representative of this or this or this? And so I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to just base the story on an actual trial – have the Amazons put her on trial, and tell the origins story via that.

“I think Wonder Woman’s always on trial,” Morrison said. “Beyond that, women are always on trial. It’s always – ‘What do women want?’ It’s a constant pointing the finger. 'What do you want? Explain this!’”

That line of thought especially applies to Wonder Woman, according to Morrison, with observers asking, “Why doesn’t this work? Why isn’t this a franchise?” Wonder Woman’s fellow Amazons putting her on trial is Morrison’s way of literalizing those types of questions, the writer said.

The title of Grant Morrison’s forthcoming Wonder Woman graphic novel with artist Yanick Paquette is now “Wonder Woman: The Trial of Diana Prince.” Previously, the book had commonly been referred to as “Wonder Woman: Earth One.”

14 Comics to Be Excited for in 2014

It’s a new year and that means new comics to read and, hopefully, love. I did this last year and I actually did end up loving the majority of the comics that appeared. So once again here’s a guide of what to look forward to this coming year. Or at least what I’m looking forward to. 

These are in order of their debut dates.

1. Ms. Marvel from Marvel by G. Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona (Marvel)

Carol Danvers has a new title so that frees up her old title Ms. Marvel for a new character. And what a character - a young teenage Muslim girl from New Jersey.  Wilson’s written younger women before - I enjoyed her Mystic from CrossGen/Marvel from a few years ago. And the preview of Alphona’s art looks fantastic. This is out February 5.

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